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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 330

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[ (Side Story) Isn’t that a superhuman? ]

One morning in New Seoul City.


[Alert! Alert! A monster gate appears near Yeokmal Intersection in Eunpyeong-gu!]

[Citizens, please quickly evacuate to nearby buildings.]

Disaster warning speakers installed throughout the city blared loudly.

Office workers on their way to work, students on their way to school, and couples on a date threw away their holding hands and started running toward the shelter.

I even felt relaxed as everyone gathered together in an orderly fashion, as if it was something they had done once or twice before.

A street that empties quickly.

“Okay. “It’s already too late… I’m going to wake up to the manager again.”

A man got out of the car, pressing his temples, which were throbbing from a hangover.

The timid-looking man checked the time and let out a long sigh.

A tired face with a tired expression.

There were deep dark circles under the man’s eyes, like a sign of a long overtime shift.

[The superhuman team is scheduled to arrive within 5 minutes. We ask for your cooperation, citizens.]

“Superhumans. “Please hurry up.”

The man muttered softly and began to run, limping his left foot. Every time I ran, my expression became distorted as if I felt pain.


That was then.

As the man ran towards the nearby shelter building, he saw an old man in an electric wheelchair across the street.

“Oh, no, why is this suddenly…”

The old man seemed to have suddenly encountered some kind of problem with the electric wheelchair, which had stopped, and the old man whined and eventually fell to the floor.

“Someone help me!”

However, there was no one around the old man as he looked around. Most citizens have already taken refuge in shelters.

So Shin-han, a man limping across the street, stopped when he saw the sight.

‘Mana pulse phenomenon?’

A phenomenon in which the energy released when a monster gate occurs affects equipment powered by magic stone energy, causing a breakdown.

“But that only happens when the gate is quite large…”

Soshinhan muttered hesitantly.


A red gate began to spread like ink in the air dozens of meters behind the old man.

“Hey, there!”

“Someone save that old man!”

“When will the superhumans come!”

People who saw the fallen old man stamped their feet with sad expressions.

But none of them were brave enough to take the initiative and try to save the old man.

[Alert level raised! Citizens, please move to the underground shelter of the building!]

Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, citizens turned away from the window and went down to the basement.

Some people looked at the old man with sad eyes until the end, but eventually turned and hid underground.


Except for Soshinhan, who has not yet gone to the shelter.

“grandfather! “Stay right there!”

The body moved before the head.

Soshinhan took off his suit jacket and shoes and started running on all fours.


Soshinhan’s body swelled and hair grew all over his body. The snout became longer and the ears became pointed, like that of a wolf.

Soshinhan was a superhuman with a [wolf-like] personality.

He arrived at the old man’s side in an instant and spoke to him.

“Krrr…. Put it on my back!”

“Thank you.”

“I’m going to run, so hold on tight!”


Soshinhan, carrying the old man, ran until his feet were sweaty.

At the same time, the gate behind him opened completely and monsters poured out.



For a moment, I felt like the sky had darkened.

Soshinhan glanced back and screamed.

“Wyvern! “Fuck!”

And not just one or two, but dozens. A group of wyverns roared as they covered the sky.

The largest wyvern in the group found Soshinhan running away and the old man clinging to his back. At first glance, he was the leader.


With a single flap of the wing, the distance was instantly shortened. Soshinhan quickly looked around and gritted his teeth.

‘The automatic shielding system has already activated and the surrounding shelters are all closed. ‘You need to get out of this area!’

Soshinhan ran with all his might until his lungs burst.

However, due to a leg that was injured in the past, he was unable to gain speed. Even when using wolf shoes, he was limping.

‘If only his legs were fine…’

The shadow that covered the sky reached Soshinhan’s head in an instant.


A wyvern roared right above my head.


Tears streamed down from Soshinhan’s eyes, which were filled with fear.

From the beginning, there was no option for him to fight the wyvern.


There was a time when Soshinhan also dreamed of becoming a great superman like his idol.

When I awakened my abilities a year ago, I entered a superhuman guild under pretty good conditions.

And the first battle.

In fact, the moment Soshinhan first encountered the monster, his mind turned blank with fear.

A fatal mistake led to terrible injuries.

He was lucky enough to survive and recover, but the injuries he sustained at that time left him with a limp in one leg for the rest of his life.

‘I don’t want to die!’

Moreover, due to the trauma that occurred at that time, just seeing the monster made my breathing difficult and my body tremble.

Soshinhan carried the old man on his back and ran limping on his left hind leg.


The wyvern twirled in the air as if teasing its terrified prey.

This predator at the top of the food chain enjoyed watching its prey panic.

Soshinhan gritted his teeth and ran.

‘If you run a little further, either the police or a superhuman will come. If only I could hold out until then…’

However, after a while, the person he encountered was neither a police officer nor a superhuman.

“…What is that again?”

A young man trudges along, dressed in the world’s most comfortable sweatpants, dragging his slippers, with an expression of annoyance at everything, and shouts,

“It’s a huge dog!”

A girl so cute you could say she was a children’s clothing model in a yellow one-piece dress was looking at me with wide eyes.

Perhaps they were on their way from grocery shopping, but they were carrying a shopping cart with both hands full.

Soshinhan’s mouth dropped open when he saw the two people’s carefree appearance.

‘Those idiots! The gate alarm went off, so why are you outside?’


The wyvern, having discovered new prey, quenched its appetite and roared again.

The young man and the girl stood still in place, as if their bodies were frozen with fear.


“Ha. “Is there never a quiet day in this damn town?”

“mister! “I think the wyvern is trying to eat that dog!”

Aside from being so shocked, is there anything strange about it?

There was a moment of doubt, but the situation was so urgent that Soshinhan started screaming.

“Do do do do run away! “Hurry!”

But the young man and the girl just stood there blankly.

Seeing that they showed no will to run away, Soshinhan guessed what they were thinking.

‘Well, even if I turn around and run away now, there’s no way I can escape!’

For a brief moment, the days of Soshinhan’s life passed by like a flash of light.

As my name suggests, my school days were spent quietly, as if I didn’t exist, due to my timid personality.

Days when I awakened as a superhuman but suffered from serious injuries and mental trauma.

A small business that entered the job market late and barely managed to find a job.

However, even though I worked hard for the past few years, working overtime and all night long, the only thing that changed was my age and worsening health.

‘I haven’t achieved anything at this age…’

Before he knew it, tears like chicken droppings were flowing from his eyes.

Soshinhan looked at the young man and girl who were still staring blankly in this direction.

If this continues, all three, even the old man desperately clinging to his back, will die.

At that moment, a solemn aura appeared in Soshinhan’s eyes.

‘There is no need for all three of them to die.’


The wyvern’s roar got closer than before. The shadow on the ground was growing rapidly.


Soshinhan gritted his teeth.

‘If it’s just to kill time, just me is enough.’

When I thought that I was going to die anyway, I felt strangely at ease and my fear of monsters seemed to lessen a little.


Soshinhan grabbed the old man’s clothes with his teeth and threw them towards the young man. The old man screamed and flew into the sky.

“Huh oh oh!”

The old man flew in an arc and fell straight towards the young man with an annoyed expression.

The young man, perhaps with good motor skills, was able to safely catch the old man.

“hey. “If you suddenly throw someone…”

Soshinhan desperately shouted at the young man who looked at him in bewilderment.

“I’ll take my time, so run away quickly!”


“Mister! “A dog speaks human language!”

“Stupid kid. Just by looking at it, you can see that the person has transformed.”

“Don’t call me stupid!”

The young man and the girl were still bickering, unable to understand the atmosphere, but Soshinhan, who had already turned around, did not hear the conversation at all.

He raised his head.


The howling spread out for a long time. The wyvern, stimulated by the sound, opened its mouth wide and fell straight down.


The ground caved in and dust rose. Soshinhan narrowly rolled his body and avoided the attack.

“Huh huh huh…”

An avoidance that can only be explained as luck.

But it was difficult to expect good luck twice.

The wyvern flew into the sky again, this time carefully targeting its prey and falling.


Soshinhan, who had lost all strength in his body, had no strength to avoid the second attack.


Soshinhan, who was sitting on the ground, looked at the huge statue floating high in the sky over New Seoul.

There was an image of a man piercing the devil’s heart with a spear.


A name that has now become more than just a legend, it has become a myth.

The greatest hero who sacrificed his life to save dozens of dimensions from the threat of demon lords.

A name that will soon appear on the first page of a new space history textbook.


So Shin-han was such a fan that he memorized Leaseman’s biography and records of his numerous accomplishments before his death.

Soshinhan’s eyes were filled with tears as he looked up at his idol.

“It’s not something as great as you, but… I guess I helped the world a little bit before I die, right?”


Before I knew it, the wyvern’s teeth were right in front of me.

Soshinhan gave up everything and tried to close his eyes.

At that moment, two voices were heard whispering from behind.

“wow. “I guess that person is your fan.”

“I can’t listen to you because my skin is growing.”

With a sighing voice, an unfamiliar light suddenly blocked Soshinhan’s path.

“That damn statue. “I should tell them to get rid of it in Seoul or something.”

“You… why didn’t you run away!”

It was the young man who was standing with the girl just moments ago.

The young man glanced back at Soshinhan.

I don’t know why, but with a nervous expression.

“It’s not because they’re my fans… It’s because their house is in this direction.”

“yes? “What…”

“Oh, that’s it.”

The young man sighed and swung his palm from top to bottom as if swatting away a fly, and


In that trajectory was the head of a wyvern.


The wyvern on the ground trembled for a moment and then stopped moving.

“Ha, one shot?”

So Shin-han looked at the scene with his mouth wide open, and belatedly realized the situation and bent his waist to the young man at a 90-degree angle.

“Thank you! “I didn’t know that you were a superhuman, so I was arrogant…”

The young man waved his hand and told him not to worry.

“But I guess a monster gate opened nearby?”

At those words, Soshinhan nodded with a serious expression. He continued speaking quickly.

“We need to get out of here quickly. I know you’re strong, but there are more than a dozen wyverns that have come through the gate. It can only be sorted out if a guild-level superhuman team is dispatched…”



Soshinhan turned his head to follow the young man’s finger.

At the end

– bububububung!


A spectacular fireworks show was unfolding in the sky.

Just a few seconds later, the charred Wyverns fell to the ground.


While Soshinhan was looking at the scene with a bewildered expression, a girl with red hair came to the young man’s side, clapping her palms.

“Mission complete!”

The young man nodded indifferently, but Soshinhan opened his mouth so hard that he thought his jaw might fall out.

“Is that really this kid? “What exactly are you guys…”

“For some reason, can you pretend I didn’t see you?”

The young man said, putting his finger to his lips.

The moment Soshinhan heard that voice, his mind felt a little dazed, as if he was possessed by something, and he answered.

“Oh yes… of course. I won’t tell anyone! Please believe me!”


The man nodded with satisfaction and picked up the shopping cart that he had put down on the floor.

“Then let’s go. “The rescue team will arrive soon, so just wait a little longer.”

Soshinhan once again bent his waist to 90 degrees.

“Thank you so much, Superhuman! You are a lifesaver. If you tell me your name, I will visit you at the guild later and repay you! “Our company happens to be a related branch…”

Daein then said with a chuckle.

“But I’m not a superhuman?”

“yes? “Then…”

Lily, who was next to me, answered that question for me.

He placed his hands on his waist majestically and very proudly.

“My uncle is an unemployed man with a lot of money. “I don’t work, I just collect rent and play!”

“…It’s not wrong. Why do I feel strangely bad?…”


“I shouldn’t say anything.”

Daein shook his head and looked back at Sosinhan, who still had a blank expression on his face.

“There is no guild. “I do this as a hobby these days.”

Daein grinned as he handed Sosinhan a business card.

“It opened a while ago, so come by when you have time.”

“…Ah yes!”

Only after the two people left the scene was So Shinhan able to take a closer look at the business card in his hand.


The business card had this written in straight letters:

[Im Sikdang: Fusion Dimensional Cuisine Restaurant]

I checked the address and it was not far from my workplace.

[(Side story) Isn’t that a superhuman? ]End

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