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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 339

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[ (side story) What are you doing? ]

The Golden Palace of the Empire.

The largest building on the Gaia continent and the space where the most powerful person on earth resides.

Envoys from other countries are daunted just by looking at the exterior of the brilliant and magnificent Golden Palace, which seems to have been made entirely of gold.

And the moment they enter the palace, the envoys automatically bow their heads at the luxury that cannot be compared to the outside.

The luxury and splendor reach their peak in the emperor’s throne room.

“The entrance exam is going smoothly. your majesty.”

Duke Strauss bowed his head in a polite manner.

Although he was the prime minister of the empire and a man at the top of the nobility, he could not help but cast down his characteristic arrogant gaze at the man in front of him.

“I saw it and heard it.”

A man was looking down at the duke from a large throne at the top of the stairs.

He is in his mid 30s and has a tall appearance.

His tall height and sturdy physique showed that the man was not negligent in training, and his arrogant eyes seemed to place everything in the world at his feet.

He had a well-deserved position.

Emperor of the Empire.

A man who owns half of the Gaia continent and has the ambition to one day devour the other half.

He was also an emperor who quietly dreamed of further ambitions after dozens of dimensions were connected through a dimensional hub.

“The duke’s daughter received an orange band in the candidate evaluation, right?”

“sorry. “It’s all because of my lack of education.”

The two were talking about WHA’s entrance exam.

The duke’s daughter, Anna Strauss.

She scored in the top 100 out of thousands of applicants selected from dozens of dimensions, but the duke said that even that was not enough.

“I even have to apologize.”

Instead, the emperor smiled and waved his hand.

“The level of test takers was evaluated by WH Group. I guess I’m more generous towards fellow Earthlings. “If they had recognized Anna’s true talent, she would have received a red band.”

The emperor truly thought so.

The reason he cared about Anna Strauss was not because she was the daughter of a duke.

It was because he had a talent that only comes out once in hundreds of years.

“I have very high hopes for your daughter. Peacock.”

“I won’t disappoint you. “No one will be able to stand in front of him at graduation.”

The duke answered softly but confidently.

The emperor was willing to answer.

The two have been friends since childhood and developed great ambitions together.

Even now, their ambition has not changed.

Rather, its size was getting bigger.

The emperor said with his eyes shining coldly.

“Of course you should. “Our grand plan will begin with taking control of the WHA.”

“Everything will go as you wish.”

The emperor suddenly had a mischievous thought and asked.

“What do you think about Wendy Rainstorm?”

“He is a very talented person. “It’s almost as close to Anna.”

“It’s close. In the end, I’m saying I’m no better than your daughter. Are you, who is famous for your harsh home education, being generous in your evaluation of your daughter?”

“That could be possible. However…”

The smile on the Duke’s lips became colder.

“I have not weakened the Empire’s weapons.”

Weapons of the Empire.

It was an overly eerie name to give to one’s own daughter, but both the duke and the emperor nodded as if it was natural.

“I also think Anna’s talent is even greater. But overwhelming geniuses tend to become complacent. That’s why I deliberately created a confrontational structure.”

“That’s a wise decision.”

That was the intention behind the emperor’s favoring of Wendy Rainstorm and giving strength to the ruined family.

A genius who suddenly appears.

Anna, as well as all the talented children favored by the emperor, had no choice but to be on their toes.

The jealousy and checks that Wendy Rainstorm would experience in the process were none of her business.

“Thanks to you, these days, he trains hard even without me whipping him.”

The Emperor burst into laughter at the Duke’s words.

“Both in the past and now, the Rainstorm family is a good word to use.”

Nice words to write.

The talent and potential of Wendy that the two people evaluated was exactly that level.

Neither of them could have imagined that it would be the level of power Wendy ‘showed’.

“The empire should produce the most successful candidates in this entrance exam.”

“Don’t worry.”

The emperor nodded with satisfaction and was lost in thought.

‘To take control of the WHA. That will be the first step to taking control of the dimensional hub.’

WHA is an organization established to train future heroes.

In other words, it meant that the talented people who grew up there would become the talented people who would control the dimensional hub in the future.

Like the great hero Leaner or the Master of Flame.

‘It’s still time to keep my ambitions hidden.’

Currently, the leadership of Dimension Hub is held by WH Group.

As long as they have the justification of carrying on the will of the hero who has become a legend, their influence will not easily diminish.

‘However, WH Group is ultimately an interest group called a company. Since there are many boatmen, there is a high probability of division.’

On the other hand, the empire is entirely his own.

The power that could be mobilized and the speed at which decisions were made were bound to be different.

The emperor clenched his fists.

‘I bring the leadership of the dimensional hub from my side.’

There is no need to rush.

He was still young and had plenty of time.

By dividing the WH Group, increasing the power of the empire, eliminating or collaborating with competitors, they will gradually increase their influence on the dimensional hub.

And one day….

‘I will surpass my landlord and engrave my name in the history of the universe!’

To do that, there were more than one or two things that needed to be prepared.


The Emperor reached out and turned on the holographic monitor.

A screen combining Earth’s science and technology with various levels of magical engineering appeared before my eyes.

[Plan to take over the dimensional hub]

The emperor clicked on one of several files.

[Marriage of convenience]

The file contained photos and profiles of strategic marriage partners needed for the empire to grow its power.

The emperor looked at the photo in the front and asked the duke. The duke was also looking at the hologram monitor.

“Peacock. “Have you received a reply from Queen Alina?”

“…They say it will be difficult to visit this year as there is a lot of work going on inside and outside the country.”

At that moment, for the first time, the emperor’s expression cracked.

“You’re so arrogant for a girl from a country the size of your palm.”

Higgs Kingdom.

The country that was once the smallest and poorest principality on the continent suddenly became the richest and most powerful country in the southern part of the continent.

The owner of that kingdom was Queen Alina.

“Tsk tsk. “I was lucky enough to succeed.”

The reason the Principality of Hicks became a powerful nation was because it dispatched troops to Earth before anyone else in the war against the demon world.

In return, they were the first to start dimensional trade with WH Group, and the subsequent growth rate was such that even the empire had to be wary.

“Send a messenger again. “He also hinted that the empress’s seat was empty.”

The emperor already had an empress, but he was willing to change her for the sake of his ambitions.

“yes. your majesty.”

If the empire in the northern part of the continent and the Kingdom of Hicks in the southern part of the continent formed an alliance through marriage, the continent of Gaia would be in the hands of the emperor.

‘Insolent bitch. It looks like they’re trying to raise the ransom in front of me. I can’t refuse you anymore.’

The emperor snorted and flipped through the file.


Then another woman’s profile appeared.

While Queen Alina, a half-elf, was a beauty with a mysterious aura and an atmosphere that was difficult to match, the second woman had a glamorous and haughty charm.

“Baek Younghee. “I’m jealous of this girl too.”

The actual manager of WH Group.

The head of the group is Baek Chang-soo, but there were few people who did not know that Baek Young-hee held real power in the overall management.

Baek Young-hee was also the most powerful woman in the current dimensional hub.

This caused more than one man to drool, but the emperor was confident that he would be second to none in this competition.

“Please make a separate seat.”

“It’s already underway.”

“This is why I like dukes.”



As I flipped through the files, a beautiful woman who could still be better called a girl appeared.

Ponytail hair slicked back.

She had a graceful face without makeup and a blue suit with a sword attached to her waist. Even though it was not decorated much, its beauty was amazing.

“Nam Gung-hyeon after the short sword.”

“Recently, the growth of Geomhwangmun in Moorim is amazing. There are rumors that he is dating Sogeomhu and the Murim Lord Cheongwoon…” “

Just take it away and that’s it. “Go ahead.”

The three women had something in common.

Now, he has a past relationship with the late great hero Lim Dae-in and is currently not dating anyone.

Because of this, the emperor desired the three women even more.

‘I’m taking on the women of heroes… It’s thrilling just to think about it.’

Of course, it’s not normal for all three of them to have high noses, but aren’t they girls anyway?

The moment you enter the golden palace of the empire and meet yourself, you will not be able to help but fall in love with yourself, just like all women have until now.

‘If I embrace these three at once…’

It was the time when the corners of the Emperor’s mouth turned up in a dirty imagination.


The emperor and the duke opened their eyes wide at the sudden sound of thunder.

Almost at the same time

– Kwaang!

“your majesty!”

The door to the throne room burst open and the captain of the guard rushed in.

The face of the Guard Captain, a sword master who had reached maturity, was as pale as a corpse.

“What’s going on!”

“It’s a dragon attack! A dragon has appeared above the imperial palace!”

“A dragon?”

It was more realistic to think that an enemy country had invaded.

The duke said with a frown.

“Even if it’s a dragon, it can’t arbitrarily invade the sky of the imperial palace. “There are dozens of layers of barriers spread by the great wizards of the empire!”

Since he himself was one of those great wizards, the duke was able to make this statement.

This is the heart of the empire.

Even if it’s a dragon, it’s a place where it’s easy enough to run wild…


The guard captain screamed as the thunder became more intense than before.

“your majesty! First, get underground!

“Shut up! Why am I avoiding it! I don’t know which crazy dragon it is, but it will show the might of the empire today! “Assemble the knights and magic corps!”

After scolding the captain of the guard, the emperor walked to the window and threw it open.

And the moment I looked up at the sky,


I almost went blind.

It was the sun.

The sun shining brightly.

Only after I covered my eyes with my hands and protected them with magic did I realize that it was a huge dragon floating in the sky.


The emperor opened his mouth dumbly.

Even if it was a dragon, I had never imagined a being that large.

At that time, Duke Strauss, who came next to me, screamed.

“Dragon Lord! “Lord Abraxas…!”

“Who are you?”

I didn’t ask because I didn’t know.


King of the greatest beings.

A being who can reduce a kingdom to ashes with a single breath and collapse an empire with a few stomps.

In front of him, the emperor was so weak that it was difficult to distinguish him from an ant.

“Why does the Dragon Lord…”

[Is the emperor here?]

A voice from heaven.

Hearing Abraxas’ voice, the emperor said, “Sigh!” And I took a breath.

At that moment, Abrax’s eyes turned directly to the emperor.


The gigantic dragon that filled the sky disappeared and a blonde woman in a red dress appeared in front of the emperor.

“long time no see. Is this your first time actually seeing each other?

There were dozens of layers of barriers within the imperial palace to prevent movement through space, but it was meaningless in the face of the power of the Dragon Lord.


The emperor immediately got down on one knee.

The duke and the captain of the guards followed suit and kneeled down.

“See the Great One!”

“Don’t be scared. “I came here because I wanted to ask you something.”

“Please… say anything!”

“hmm. “That…”

Abraxas scratched his cheek in embarrassment.

I stormed into the palace to fulfill Lily’s urgent request, but when I actually tried to speak up, I was a little embarrassed.

‘Please call me and tell the kids to get along well…’

Abraxas said, taking out a communication tool from his arms.

“It’s just a phone call away.”

“yes? “Phone…?”


Abraxas slightly looked away in embarrassment.

At that moment, I happened to see a holographic monitor that was still turned on.

[Dimension Hub Occupation Plan]


Even the [arranged marriage] section below.

In an instant, Abraxas’ expression hardened as he realized what the emperor was planning.

“Emperor. What are you doing?”

“Yes yes?”

The emperor looked up at Abraxas with a puzzled expression.

What are you doing?

I’m kneeling in front of you, right?

Abraxas said, pointing at the holographic monitor with his chin.

“Plan to take over the dimensional hub?”


The embarrassed emperor finally stuttered.

He quickly tried to turn off the holographic monitor, but Abraxas’ magic prevented it.

Abraxas read through the absurd plan.

Abraxas laughed as if it were absurd after seeing the profile pictures of the three women.

“Alina? Baek Younghee? Namgoonghyun? under. Do you think they’ll notice you?”


The emperor was mortified.

Like you. Still, I’m the Hwangzen!

Even in the entire dimensional hub, there is a man who is better than me!

The emperor lowered his gaze and gritted his teeth quietly.

‘I’ll look funny to a monster like you. Just wait and see. Today’s humiliation must be….’

“Shame? “You think the same way.”

“omg! How… Oh no. “That’s not it…!”

The moment the emperor, whose thoughts were read, was about to hastily make an excuse

– Bah!

The emperor fell to the floor with a shock that seemed to make him lose his mind.


“your majesty!”

The duke and the captain of the guard stood up, but their fate was no different from that of the emperor.

-Bah! Bah!

An intangible force struck them, and a moment later the three fell to the floor together.

“These things are really crazy.”


Abraxas looked down at the humans trembling in fear with a gaze as if he were looking at an insect.

She read the Emperor’s [Dimensional Hub Control Plan] in its entirety.

It wasn’t even a sight.

The plan to take over WHA from within and split the WH Group was Yakgwa.

“Whether you become powerful in the dimensional hub or not is none of my business. But it is.”

At the back of the plan was a plan to corrupt the heroes who saved the dimensional hub, bury them in society, and even assassinate them.

Of course, these are not friends who would suffer from an assassination attempt by a guy like this, but

“This is disrespectful to the heroes who worked so hard to protect the world. is not it?”

“Lord Lo. Please have mercy…”

The Emperor looked up at the Dragon Lord with a face as pale as a corpse.

The Dragon Lord’s expression was as cold as ice.

“I won’t kill you. If you die suddenly and there is chaos in the empire, there will be unnecessary victims. “I also became good because of someone.”

“Thank you….”


The Dragon Lord’s mouth twisted ominously.

“You didn’t say you would just look after me?”


Abraxas, with his white teeth bared, walked towards the emperor.

The merciless beating that follows.

-Bah! Bah! Ba-ba-ba-ba-baak!

It was the moment when a huge conspiracy to take control of the dimensional hub disappeared in vain.

“I know you’re lucky. “If it had been him, it wouldn’t have ended like this.”

Abraxas, who was excitedly beating the emperor, tilted his head as if he had forgotten something.

“…ah! I have to call! hey! “Wake up!”

She woke up the emperor by slapping him on the cheek, whose face had become unrecognizable, and placed a video communication device in front of him.

[(side story) What are you doing? ]End

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