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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 349

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[(Side story) The main character appears at the end]

“Whew… I guess we’ll be here soon.”

Wang Guhao relaxed and looked up at the ceiling.


I could clearly feel Lily’s energy coming down, smashing the tower vertically at an incredible speed.

It was a familiar and nostalgic feeling that made him recall old memories for a moment, but Wang Guhao could not remain immersed in the memories.

“…Anyway, it always goes beyond imagination.”

Because it was his job today to stop that ignoble guy who would arrive here in a moment.


It was the moment when Wang Guho, narrowing his eyebrows, raised his magic power and muttered.


The ceiling, which I was confident would never be broken by the test taker’s level, shattered like Styrofoam, and a moment later Lily landed on the floor.


Wang Guhao opened his mouth towards Lily who was on the floor.

“Intruder. “That’s it.”

Although he disguised himself and spoke in a low voice, Lily immediately recognized the person he was dealing with, Wang Guho.

“Ah hogu… eup!”

When Lily remembered that she shouldn’t pretend to know the professor and covered her mouth, Wang Guho burst out laughing.

“There’s no one around right now, so you can talk comfortably. “It’s been a while, Lily.”

“That’s awesome!”

“…When on earth are you going to call me a relief?”

Lily smiled and said to Wang Guho, who had a glum expression.

“The nickname stuck in my mouth. “It’s cute like an animal.”

“You’re not cute at all… Anyway, how have you been? “Are you well, team leader?”

“huh! “The man is upset that Hogu doesn’t come to eat these days.”

Nowadays, Wang Guho was one of the busiest supermen in the world. It was difficult to even visit Lim’s restaurant once a month to show his face.

So it had been quite a while since the two had a conversation like this.

“That’s because I’ve been so busy with work these days…”

“Tell me honestly. “You don’t want to eat the food you cooked, right?”

“haha. Actually, that’s a bit…”

Wang Guho, who answered while naively scratching his head, didn’t know.

The fact that someone else is watching their conversation right now.

At the same time as his answer, Baek Chang-soo and Baek Young-hee sighed, and a meaningful smile appeared on the landlord’s lips!


“What’s wrong?”

“Suddenly, skin grew on my arm…”

“Are you cold? Would you like me to light a fire to warm you up?”

“no. “That’s it for a moment.”

The two had a brief conversation, but inevitably their conversation could not last long.

“right! I have to save the city quickly! “Here is what caused the epidemic to spread!”

Wang Guho smiled calmly and nodded at Lily’s words.

“that’s right. “To be exact, there is a contagious disease generating device behind me.”


Wang Guho pointed behind him.

In the middle of a place decorated like a devil’s altar, a dark green gem the size of a human body was floating in the air.

“If we destroy that jewel, the plague will no longer spread in the city. “All the monsters in the city will disappear.”

“Then quickly…!”

Lily tried to launch herself straight at the jewel.

At that moment

– ugh.

Wang Guho blocked his path.

I only moved one step, but it felt like a huge castle wall had moved.

Lily widened her eyes in surprise.


“That’s not allowed. “I am the final boss here.”

Crunchy crunchy.

Wang Guho’s expression was stern as he bent his neck from side to side.

An expression Lily had never seen before.

Lily, embarrassed by the unfamiliar sight, shouted.

“No time for jokes! “The people outside are in danger!”

“joke? “It seems like more of a joke to ask the final boss to get out of the way.”


Wang Guho spoke in a calm voice to Lily, who was momentarily speechless.

“If you want to destroy that jewel, you’ll have to take me down.”


As Wang Guhao raised his magical power, golden energy emanated from his entire body.

It felt like a huge iron wall of indeterminate thickness was blocking my path.

Lily bit her lip slightly.

“Don’t regret it later!”

Lily took a few steps back, widened the distance, and glared at Wang Guhao while using the Heavenly Demon Fist technique.

“I won’t look at it. “I’m not going to use fireworks, but… I’m also very strong in martial arts, right?”

Wang Guhao actually grinned at Lily’s warning.

“Are you okay? “It would be difficult if I didn’t use flames, right?”

Seeing Wang Guho’s appearance change so much, Lily wrapped her arms around his shoulders and trembled as if she had goosebumps.

“Hogu, why did you become such an unlucky person? “You’ve become so popular that you’ve developed celebrity disease?”

“…Heh. Stop talking nonsense. “If you want to stop the epidemic that is raging in the city, get over me, Lily!”

“This celebrity sufferer!”

After finishing their short talk, the two people simultaneously raised their magic power.



Bright red magic flowed over Lily’s body, and brilliant golden magic flowed arrogantly over Wang Guho’s full body armor.

They attacked each other without any regard for who came first.





A fire dragon formed on Lily’s fist as she stepped forward strongly, and Wang Guho’s whole body was instantly covered with rocks and swelled several times.

In the past, the WH-7 team’s strongest spear and strongest shield collided head-on.


At the moment of collision, a huge shock wave erupted around the two people and swept the area.


When Ahn Jun and the other candidates arrived at the scene in pursuit of Lily, the battle between the two was intensifying.

“This is crazy….”

“What on earth can I do to make people around me look like this?”

The walls and floor were half-melted by ultra-high heat.

There were sharp icicle-like rocks on the ceiling, and black, burnt, broken pieces of stone were scattered haphazardly everywhere.

And in the center of the ruined scene, two beings were clashing roughly.

-Boom boom boom boom!

Red magical energy and golden magical energy constantly clashed back and forth across the ceiling, walls, and floor.

Even test takers who were confident in their visual acuity could barely keep up with the silhouettes of two people moving swiftly.

-Quaang! Quang! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

The test takers were mesmerized and watched the battle between beings from a different dimension than themselves.

At that time, someone picked up pieces of stone scattered on the floor and said:

“wait for a sec. This is… that golden silhouette is Wang Guho!”


“Are you sure! “This is a fragment of the wall created by Wang Guho!”

While everyone was shocked, the magical storm raged once more at the center of the conflict.


The huge shock wave caused test takers to step back, covering their faces with their arms.


“What magical power…!”

No one dared to approach the scene of the crash.

[It looks like we have no place in this fight.]

Everyone nodded as if they sympathized with Ivan’s heavy voice.

I didn’t even feel resentful.

Because it was so different even though it was on a different level.

However, only one of them, An Jun, could not accept the situation he was in.

He glared at Lily with eyes full of hatred.


‘Where on earth did that monster come from?’

Because he was confident in his eyes, An Jun was able to see the two people’s movements in more detail than anyone else there.

Anjun saw things that others could not see.

“…There is an altar behind Wang Guho. A dark green gem. “Wang Gu-ho is protecting it desperately.”


As Anjun explained in a calm voice, the test takers who had almost given up on the test began to become interested again.

Ivan asked.

[Can you see the situation inside?]

“…roughly. “It seems like Wang Guho is trying to protect the jewel, and that girl is trying to destroy it.”

An Jun then explained his thoughts to others.

“The goal is not to fight and win. “If we can destroy or take possession of that jewel, we still have a chance.”

“As expected, our leader!”


Some test takers had new hope at Ahn Jun’s words, but Ivan’s subsequent questions made them sigh again.

[But how can they get close to there?]


A terrifying shock wave and a magical storm created as the two monsters fight.

Going in there was no different from suicide.

“It’s too dangerous. The pressure coming from both sides will flatten you like a rat. “There will be a lot of rocks flying around in there!”

[My thoughts are similar to his. The risk is too high.]

‘You damn cowards!’

A curse rose up to his throat, but An Jun barely suppressed it and spoke with a cautious expression.

“…let me think about it. You can’t give up easily after coming this far. “Isn’t it too much of a waste of time and effort to do that?”


After having a hard time holding back the minds of the test takers who were about to give up, Anjun fell into deep thought. I was anxious.

‘If this continues, all the credit will be taken away by that girl!’

Anger and jealousy toward Lily were boiling inside my heart.

An Jun hated having his plans go wrong more than anything in the world.

And there was never a time in his life when he let someone ruin his plans.

He glared at Lily with dark eyes.

‘It’s impossible to kill that thing with my skills. But….’

Killing and violence are not the only ways.

What if an accident occurs where that girl kills other test takers through her carelessness?


Coincidentally, that crazy magical vortex contained enough danger.

What if you could just drag other test takers into there?

‘The question is whether these idiots will obey me…’

Anjun opened his mouth with the intention of saying something.

“I have a good idea. But we have to get inside that magic storm. “Is there anyone who wants to join me?”

[…I think that would be unreasonable.]

“No matter how much I try, it’s a bit…”

As expected, most of them expressed negative opinions.

But An Jun was not disappointed.

If the reaction was a little hesitant, it was better than I expected.

‘I tried to save a little more, but… I guess I’ll have to use my second ability here.’

“okay? But…”

Anjun took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes as if he was tired.

Then I raised my head again and naturally looked at the test takers.

At that moment, his second trait was used on everyone who made eye contact with him.

The boy’s eyes turned transparent.


An Jun was a multi-talented person with two characteristics.

The first ability is [Demon Voice], which

gains the trust and favor of others with a soft voice.

With this ability alone, An Jun was able to win the favor of most people.

‘But my voice has real power when combined with the Demon Eye.’

His second ability is [Magic Eyes],

an ability that is even more powerful and dangerous than the demonic voice, allowing him to seduce opponents or control their minds.

‘No one outside the organization knows that I have magical eyes. ‘There won’t be any database of WHA, so you can’t doubt me.’

If you use those two abilities together, the synergy is beyond imagination.

Even people with strong magic resistance could be turned into puppets.

Like right now.

“Guys. Can’t you think about it one more time? “This might be our last chance.”

The reaction that followed was completely different from before.

“…Now that I think about it, it seems like a good idea.”

“If we just watch from here, we are ultimately losers.”

[Fairies! Isn’t this level of risk enough to be taken?]

Candidates who were captivated by Ahn Jun’s eyes gave him unconditional trust.

It seemed more natural because there was a trusting relationship that had been built up before.

Anjun said with a grin.

“Thank you everyone for agreeing with my opinion.”

The subsequent plan proceeded smoothly.

“Then let’s go!”

All 20 test takers jumped into the terrifying magical storm.



As the battle continued, the magic storm became more and more powerful.

Lily and Wang Guho, who were concentrating on each other inside, were startled when they suddenly felt the presence of test takers approaching.

“you! “You can’t come in here!”

“You fools! “Can’t you see it’s dangerous?!”

However, the test takers jumped into the magical storm without caring for their lives.

The test takers who had been brainwashed were ruthless.

They were like moths flying towards a flame.


-Bub bub buk!

My skin was cut by the harsh wind and bruises were inflicted by countless stones flying through the air. Before they knew it, they were bleeding all over their bodies.

“You fools! “Stop!”

“You guys are real!”

An Jun was running, hiding at the back of the group.

His eyes glowed coldly as he looked at Wang Guhao.

‘A hero wouldn’t just let these idiots die, right?’

As he expected, Wang Guho quickly withdrew the magic power he had been unleashing.

It was the same with Lily.



My energy and blood were distorted by the sudden use of magical power.

Wang Guho coughed up blood and Lily’s expression turned pale.

Thanks to this, the magic storm was noticeably weakened.

-Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa… Kwa-kwa-kwa!

And the moment the two people gathered their strength and found a gap,

‘Now is the time!’


An Jun, who had been at the rear of the line until then, quickly stepped forward.

The goal is the devil’s altar with jewels!


An Jun ran, striking away flying stones with his sword.

The magic storm was weakening quickly, but it was still powerful enough to easily kill a person.

The place where test takers entered was in the middle of it all.

A scream came from behind me.



Some of the test takers with poor skills may soon die.

But it didn’t matter.

No, it was better for a few people to die.

An Jun rolled his eyes slightly and looked at Lily’s pale expression.

‘Innocent people are dying because of you. ‘Live with that guilt for the rest of your life.’

Lily will take all the blame for the accident and take the glory of being the winner.

In the end, the winner of this game is me!

In a moment, as long as that jewel is in my hands…

That was when an evil smile appeared on An Jun’s lips.

“I can’t watch you anymore.”

The storm of magic that was swirling from all directions disappeared in an instant as if it had been washed away along with the voice of a man who was somewhere indifferent.

My son-in-law suddenly became quiet.

One of the test takers from Murim shouted with a shocked look on his face.

“oh my god! “Someone cut off all the magic power…”

Eliminating the magic storm caused by the collision of different magic powers meant destroying all the residual magic power that existed within it.

A technology that is only possible in theory but cannot be possible in reality.

However, there was clearly a being who used the technique, and it soon appeared like a ghost.


“I tried not to come forward if possible.”

This was the first man that both Ahn Jun and the other test takers had seen.

A face that is strangely familiar, but when you try to remember in detail who it is, you don’t recognize it at all.

Only two people recognized him and their faces became bright.


“Team… Eup!”

The great man let the sword in one hand hang down and scratched his head with the other hand.

Wearing sweatpants and slippers made him look like a leisurely unemployed man.

But no one looked down on him.

“No matter how much I tell you to think and act like it’s real.”

Contrary to his annoyed frown, his whole body was radiating anticipation that felt like it would cut him if he touched it.

“There is a line that should not be crossed.”

Everyone stood still as if they were nailed to their seats, unable to take their eyes off Daein.

Jump and jump.

The great man walked leisurely and stopped in front of a test taker. A boy was sweating in the area where his eyes met.



“Who did you get those eyes from?”


The moment Anjun met Daein’s eyes, he felt like his mind was turning completely white.

[(Side story) The main character appears at the end] End

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