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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 352

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[ (side story) Chi~zu! ]

―The first WHA entrance ceremony will now begin.

As the host’s voice rang out in the hall, thunderous applause and cheers erupted, and flashes flashed from all directions.

A huge circular hall where applicants first arrived when the entrance exam began.

Now, there were 300 test takers out of a total of 15,291 test takers who received final notification of acceptance, as well as hundreds of journalists and celebrities from various levels gathered there to congratulate them.

The entrance ceremony was currently being broadcast live at dozens of levels.

“We are now at WHA’s entrance ceremony!”

“WHA is a hero training academy established with the will to carry on the will of the immortal hero Lease-.”

“The education system, which combines the ultra-luxurious faculty that includes many members of the Last Death Squad and the technological capabilities of Dimensional Hub, is attracting attention.”

“Among the applicants who had gathered through tens of thousands of competition at each level, the best were selected through an entrance exam, and 300 successful candidates were finally announced.”

“Some have raised criticism that the selection process is too meritocratic…”

WH Group has been distributing promotional materials on WHA’s entrance ceremony for several months.

Thanks to this, the current viewership ratings were at a phenomenal level.

Numerous races from across the universe were watching the entrance ceremony on monitors.

“The kids over there will be the important power figures of the dimensional hub in the future…”

“Isn’t it already too early to see that prospect?”

“Then isn’t it? “It’s almost as if WH Group has openly declared that they will support it.”

Center of the rotunda.

There were 300 newly admitted students lined up with their backs straight, in a place where countless people looked at them with envy and jealousy.

The students wore school uniforms with red accents on a black background. I could feel the pride and pride that could not be hidden in their expressions.

The tremendous interest already pouring in made the entering students feel like they were already great heroes.

“Wow. “My son…”

“Great! “It’s really a problem!”

On one side, parents who had been invited to the entrance ceremony were so moved that they wet their handkerchiefs with tears.

The ceremony continued.

―From now on, the admission oath will be taken by the representative of the incoming students.

The moment the words ‘representative of admitted students’ came out of the host’s mouth, all the noise at the scene, including the reporters, quieted down.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the host’s mouth.

‘The oath for entering students is usually taken by the head of the class…’

‘Jang Young-shin and Kurodama Shin. Which of the two is the senior?

‘There is a very low probability that it could be a third person. The test takers said that the test results were unexpected…’

Until now, only the list of admitted students was made public, and their grades were not made public at all.

Everyone waited with impatient expressions for the name to come out of the host’s mouth.

―Representative of admitted students…. Huh!

‘Say something quickly! ‘Who’s the chief?’

As if reading people’s thoughts, the host cleared his throat and paused.

―Admitted student representative….

300 people who were selected and selected among the most talented in the universe.

Among them, the one person who achieved the highest score.

The interest and benefits that would be poured into the student whose name would be called shortly would be enormous.

Perhaps the term ‘post-rental’ will be used for a while.

‘Of course it must be Jang Young-shin.’

‘It is more likely that he is Kurodama God.’

Most people’s eyes were focused on the two boys.

Youngshin Jang and Shin Kurodama.

A member of the final death squad who experienced the Demon World War with the immortal hero Lim Da-in.

It was a natural expectation since they were two boys with skills that did not require verification.

Coincidentally, the two boys were standing side by side at the front of the line of entering students.

“…It’s because of you. Because you interrupted me at the end….”

“Who can say anything?” “Who got points deducted for knocking down the professor without even checking the mission properly?”

“…I didn’t know you were that weak. And you attacked too.”

“That’s because you did it first!”


The two boys, who were glaring at each other and growling, became calm like gentle sheep when they heard a word from behind them.

“older brothers! Shh!”


And finally, the host called the name of the student representative.

-Representative of admitted students. Wendy Rainstorm, please come up to the podium.


“Who is that?”


While everyone was confused by the unfamiliar name, a girl walked out from the middle of the line of new students.

Again and again.

Vivid sapphire-colored hair and jewel-like eyes of the same color.

A calm expression and elegant gait that is unusual for someone of his age.

Wendy walked up to the podium with calm and confident steps and stood face to face with Baek Chang-soo, president of WHA.

Clap clap clap clap!

It was then that the first applause broke out among the admitted students.

“Wendyyy! “The girl who won first place is my friend!”

‘That idiot…’

Wendy’s calm face turned red with embarrassment.

Below the podium, Lily was smiling broadly and clapping her hands hard.

He looked happier than if he had won first place.

“What are you all doing? Congratulatory applause!”

At Lily’s words, the other students began to applaud one by one.

Clap clap clap clap!

Clap clap clap clap!

The applause that started from Lily quickly spread, and not only the students but also everyone on site began to applaud.

It may not be the name you expected, but WHA’s top student deserves a round of applause.

“Are you saying that that kid beat two people who were members of the death squad?”

“You still look young. “I’m looking forward to the future even more.”

“Wendy Rainstorm… I’ll have to keep this in mind.”

Wendy quietly clenched her fists in response to the outpouring of applause and attention.

‘The resurrection of the Rainstorm family begins now.’

Wendy’s gaze turned to her friends who were on the same team during the entrance exam.


Anna, now a friend, was smiling broadly and applauding,


Gerold’s expression was still stern, but I could feel that he was barely suppressing the passion rising in his voice.

“Wendy! Wendy! “Wendy!”

Lily suddenly became the cheerleader and chanted Wendy’s name.

Next to him, Soshinhan was covering his face with his hands, complaining why the shame was mine.

A smile formed on the girl’s icy expression


Baek Chang-su, seeing this, smiled kindly and said.

“You’ve already made good friends.”


Wendy nodded slightly, opened her chest wide and raised her right hand.

And he spoke with magic in his voice so that everyone could hear.

“Oath! We pledge to do our best to learn and work hard to protect justice and order in the universe, to abide by the school rules, and to devote ourselves to our studies. I hereby swear. “Wendy Rainstorm, student representative.”


Even the people who had been looking at Wendy with suspicion until then widened their eyes at the magical power that resonated throughout the rotunda without a microphone.

After the oath, Baek Chang-soo personally gave Wendy a WHA badge.

“We sincerely congratulate you on your admission.”

Shape of a spear blade engulfed in flames.

It was a badge symbolizing both the Spear of Longinus, which the landlord had used to pierce Baal’s heart, and the Master of Flame, who was his greatest helper.

Click, click, click!

Click, click, click!

Numerous cameras filmed the two people non-stop.

Reporters’ hands and mouths were busy with the completely unexpected identity of the top student.

“Quickly, research and bring back personal information about Wendy Rainstorm!”

“We have to publish the article first! “Get ready for the interview!”

This was followed by congratulatory remarks by the president and invited celebrities, class assignment of students, and introduction of professors in charge.

“Haam. When will it end…”

Lily yawned and twisted her body as if the entrance ceremony was boring.

Soshinhan, who was next to him, asked quietly so that only Lily could hear.

“Aren’t you upset?”

“yes? why?”

To Lily, who asked with wide eyes as if she had no idea what was going on, Soshinhan spoke with an awkwardly stiff expression.

“…You were actually in first place.”

Soshinhan still couldn’t understand.

The reason why Lily gave up the senior position to Wendy.

Why did he turn down the position of honor that all the students here wanted?

“Originally, you should have been there…”

Wendy was amazing for fending off endless monsters and protecting the bunker during the final exam, but in the end, it was Lily who solved the final mission.

But Lily seemed unconcerned.

“Are you not upset at all?”

Instead, he sighed and shook his head.

“There is nothing good about being famous. “It just becomes a lot of hassle.”

Lily trembled in disgust, as if she had never done that before.

Then, he looked at Wendy, who was still on the podium, and smiled happily.

“He said I could make a famous friend instead.”

“I know that? You just had the same smile as the boss…”


Lily just smiled innocently.


―This concludes the entrance ceremony.

The grandest entrance ceremony in the universe has finally come to an end.

The students who had been nervous throughout the entrance ceremony were only then able to meet their families.


“Oh my son! great job!”

“It’s really great! “Let’s give it a hug!”

Most of the admitted students were busy taking commemorative photos with their families.

“Everyone is gone.”

Wendy and Gerold went to be interviewed by the press, and Anna also went to meet the family members from the Duke’s house – all of whom were looking pale for some reason.

Soshinhan, who was left alone with Lily, looked around with envy.

‘Everyone has someone congratulating them.’

So Shin-han was an orphan who lost his parents during the First Gate, and his only family, his uncle and his wife, were on a business trip in another dimension and could not be called.

Lily also looked around as if she was looking for someone.

“Where is your uncle?”

“It’s not like you couldn’t come because you were busy…”

“Maybe… you forgot the time of the entrance ceremony?! “I kept telling you not to be late!”

Seeing Lily’s anxious expression, So Shinhan took out his cell phone and said.

“Lily. “Can we at least take a picture together?”

At that time, a familiar voice was heard from far behind the two people.

“Are you two going to take a selfie together?”


“mister! “Why are you coming now?”

The great man was strolling along as usual.

But today, isn’t he wearing a neat casual suit instead of the sweatpants and slippers that I often see him wearing?

Moreover, he even applied wax to his head.

So Shinhan asked with a surprised expression.

“president. “Why are you dressed up properly today?”

“…Are you dissatisfied with your salary because it’s too much?”

“That’s not it, you came dressed up so differently than usual…”


The great man cleared his throat, hid it behind his back, and put his right hand forward.

“They sold it in front of me.”

It was a bouquet of flowers.

A bouquet made entirely of rare flowers that cannot be found on Earth.

It was an item that could never be sold in front of you.

Lily’s expression, which had been pouting for a moment, suddenly brightened.

“So pretty!”

“president. Mine is a bit too small…”

Sosinhan’s timid complaints were simply ignored.

Lily took the flower, inhaled the scent, smiled brightly and said to the person.

“mister. “Let’s take a commemorative photo quickly!”

“I knew that would happen, so I brought a cameraman.”

At the place where the great man pointed with his chin, a giant man wearing sunglasses and a mask was standing, holding a large cannon camera.

“Brother… no, customer! “I’ll take a good picture!”

Geohan was hiding his identity with a hat, mask, and sunglasses, but Soshinhan felt very familiar with that size.

“By any chance, Demon Ball Kim Min-jae…?”

The cameraman flinched and denied it vehemently.

“Hmm! “You’ve got the wrong person!”

“I think that’s right…”

Daein said, putting his arm around Sosinhan’s shoulder as his suspicions grew deeper.

“Let’s not worry about unnecessary things and take a commemorative photo. “Don’t you know that the only thing left afterward is a photo?”

“But he…”

“What does it matter? “Why not get a part-time job for a while?”


It was nonsense, but as I continued to listen to what Daein said, even the nonsense somehow became understandable.

“Oh, I see…”

It was as if he was possessed by something.

“Okay then, let’s take a picture!”

click! click! click!

A photo of Lily alone.

A photo taken with Daein and the two of them.

One sheet for all three of us.

Lily, who was happily looking at the photos, said to Daein.

“mister! “Let’s call the others too!”

“Other people?”

“huh! “Let’s call them all!”

Soshinhan tilted his head at those words.

‘Other people? Is there anyone else coming?’

No, before that, WHA is not a place where anyone can come just because they call.

It’s a place where only incoming students, their invited family members, and WH Group officials can come…

“Hmm. Is that so? “Well, these are all just memories.”

After thinking for a moment, the great man nodded and used the Star of Transcendence to send a few messages.

“done. “Everyone says they’ll be here soon.”

At the same time, the great man waved his hand in the air.



Soshinhan was embarrassed when he saw the space around him distorted.

It was a barrier so complex and high-level that he could not even imagine.

Among the countless people there, no one noticed that a barrier had been placed.

“Boss. Suddenly, the surroundings…”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Shinhan, but could you please leave for a moment?”


Without having time to reply, Soshinhan was thrown out of the barrier.

“What the hell!”

Soshinhan widened his eyes when he saw that Daein and Lily had disappeared.

“president? Is it Lily? Even the cameraman? “Where has everyone gone?”

Daein and Lily were still in the same place, but with Soshinhan’s ability, he couldn’t see them even if he woke up from death.


While Soshinhan was looking around with a dumb expression on his face outside the barrier, gates opened one after another inside the barrier.


The first to appear was Abraxas, decked out in a red dress and jewels.

“Let’s talk about it in advance. “I was in a hurry, so I fell asleep and came right away…”

The next person to appear was Cheon Mu-geuk, who brought a bundle of gifts.

“Cluck. “It’s an admission gift!”

-Ji-ing! Ji-ing! Jeeee!

Next, Baek Chang-soo and Baek Young-hee and Wang Gu-ho.

Jang Young-shin, who came to take a picture with her mother, Shinjuku Ranger members, and Kurodama Shin, Wendy, who came to take a picture, finished the interview in a hurry.


The great man clapped his hands and spoke to everyone.

“It might be annoying for everyone, but let’s take a picture to commemorate the little boy’s entrance.”

“It’s not a bother!”

The camera was filled with people. They took their seats around Daein and Lily.

Cheon Mu-geuk put his arm around Dae-in’s shoulder, and Baek Chang-su and Baek Young-hee stood next to him.


“You get out of the way.”

Youngshin Jang and Shin Kurodama fought to take the seat next to Lily, but were pushed to the side after losing their seats to Wendy.

Abraxas hugged Lily from behind, and Wang Guho, the largest, stood at the back.

“Okay then, let’s take a picture! One~two~!”

“Minjae, come here quickly too.”

“three! Everyone chi~z!”


Minjae fixed the camera, set the timer, and quickly ran over.

At that moment, Dae-in, who was very playful, took a step and Min-jae fell and hit the people.



“I’m the team leader!”


at the same time !

A few days later, a large picture frame was hung in Lily’s room.

In the photo, Dae-in is holding his stomach and laughing as he looks at Min-jae and Wang Gu-ho, who are entangled in their fall, and

Lily is smiling brightly while holding a large bouquet of flowers among her loved ones.

[ (side story) Chi~z! ]End

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