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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 354

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[ (Side Story) You’ll know when you see it! ]


VIP room at the hospital affiliated with the Seoul branch of the Earth Murim League.

A critically ill patient was hospitalized there in complete secrecy.

“What on earth is this?…”

“Tsk, tsk…”

“Why, at a time like this…”

Sword Saint and Heavenly Demon looked at the man lying on the bed with stern expressions. Shin Chang, one of the world’s three most powerful men, also sighed and looked at the man on the hospital bed.

“Brothers… younger brother…”

A large middle-aged man was lying on the hospital bed with a gaunt face.

He was one of the world’s three greatest warriors and a Tao king called the Four Masters of Murim for his remarkable achievements during the Demon World War.

He moved his white cracked lips with difficulty.

“He is disrespectful to everyone….”

Even at the age of over 130, the King of Dao maintained the appearance of a middle-aged man thanks to his high level of solitude.

But now he looks twenty years older than before.

What on earth happened to him?

King Dao was one of the top five masters in martial arts, and there were not many strong people across dozens of dimensions who could make him like this.

If Daowang’s current condition had been known to the outside world, all kinds of rumors would have arisen and confusion would have arisen throughout the dimensional hub.

Therefore, King Tao’s injury was kept a top secret from the outside world, and he was currently concentrating on his recovery in the VIP room.

It was such a serious situation, but…


“You burnt…”

“Tsk, tsk.”

For some reason, the eyes of the three old men as they looked at the patient seemed more pitiful than worried.

“Ugh. “I am so disappointed…!”

Cheon Mu-geuk, unable to see the forehead of the Dao King muttering with his eyes closed, struck him with his palm.

“Hey, you have a lot to complain about, you bastard!”


With a clear and sweet sound, the King of Dao held his forehead and made a death sound.

“Oh my! I’m dying! “Cheonma has captured the political faction expert!”

“Is this guy still out of his mind?”

“Brother Chun! “If you hit me one more time, it will be a war between demons!”

The legend of the True Sect Murim glared at the Heavenly Demon with wide eyes and warned him, but it was a threat that would have worked 100 years ago.

Now, the Heavenly Demon and the Three Heavenly Demons have become sworn brothers, and the relationship between the Murim Alliance and the Heavenly Demon Church is stronger than ever.

“Cluck. Who gets to hit you? “This is a curse that tells you to get better quickly!”

Cheon Mu-geuk grinned and rolled up his sleeves in earnest. The King of Dao, who saw this, shook his head with a pale face.

“No need for blood…”

“It’s okay to say thank you!”

Cheon Mugeuk rolled up his sleeves in earnest and began to interrogate and blood(?), and the King of Dao shouted, “Queee!” It made the sound of a pig slitting its throat.

“Tsk, tsk….”

Geomseong, the eldest brother of the three tribes, did not stop him and quietly clicked his tongue.

In fact, Cheonmugeuk’s beating was filled with the art of interrogation and bloodshed – it looked a bit painful – but this time he did something that deserved a beating from the King of Dao.

“You guy. Is it even possible to overdo the exercises in an attempt to transform one’s bones one more time and end up suffering from a paralysis disorder? “I’m so embarrassed that I can’t even say anything.”

The King of Dao, half-struck by the Sword Saint’s pitiful gaze, lowered his eyes and muttered.

“I almost succeeded… The meeting with the elf wives is tomorrow…”

That’s right. The King of Dao wanted to look younger than his competitors(?) in preparation for a meeting with the elves, and came to the strange conclusion that the only way was to undergo another transformation.

So, after taking a lot of all kinds of elixirs obtained from other dimensions, he attempted to transform himself through excessive practice and ended up suffering from a paralysis.

“Cluck. In short, I did something crazy.”

…At least it ended like this because he was a world-class expert.

Cheonmugeuk giggled and laughed at the King of Dao.

“Hey. Do you think that when a pumpkin undergoes a complete transformation, it turns into a watermelon? The seeds were different from the beginning. Seed!”

“What’s wrong with my squire!”

King Tao had natural presbyopia.

Even though there wasn’t much that would change if I changed my mind, I was the only one who didn’t admit it and was greedy and ended up with this terrible result.

In the end….

“Kkekeul.” “It’s impossible to have a meeting tomorrow like this.”

“You will have to calmly recuperate for at least a few months.”

“We have no choice but to go out on our own.”

Hearing the three old men’s cold words, the king straightened up his upper body even though he was in pain.

He shouted with the feeling that he was vomiting blood.

“You can’t do that! “Please postpone it until the horse’s mouth is healed!”

“Do you mean to postpone it again?”

It was already a meeting that had been postponed several times due to post-war cleanup after the Demon World War and various other issues.

If you procrastinate again, they might ask you to pay a fee this time!

Of course, no one here wanted that.

“Hmm! As a man, how can you say two things with one mouth?”

Cheon Mu-geuk, who was leaning back, cleared his throat and said solemnly,

“Isn’t it rude to suddenly break an agreement?”

The Sword Saint also nodded seriously and said,

“Enemy brother. Take care of yourself. “Wouldn’t there be another opportunity?”

Even Shinchang, the youngest of the martial arts masters, turned away from the earnest look in Daowang’s eyes.

“You… you shameless bastards! How long I have waited for this day! Even though I clearly knew that!”

The king, whose face was red, argued with his pointer, but it had no effect on the elderly people, who were single and absolute experts with an average age of over 130 years.

“Then, Jeongyang, you are doing well. “Let’s just go.”

“Cluck. Come back after the meeting. Next time, bring your sister-in-law too. “Clark!”

“Take care. “I will tell Cheongwoon to pay extra attention.”

“Now wait…!”

After leaving a single word, the three old men left the hospital room, leaving behind the devastated Dao King.


“These guys… these disgusting bastards…! Even after all that, you still call us sworn brothers…”

Tears like chicken droppings flowed from Dowang’s eyes as he glared at the coldly closed door of the hospital room.

And after a while,

“…Okay, that’s good. “If you come out like that…”

Daowang muttered darkly, his eyes sinking.

“Do you think you will only see you just doing well …. Kukkku ….”

It was a person who lost something precious in his heart.


After finishing the visit, the three old people headed straight to the teahouse.

Geomseong put down the teacup and sighed softly.

“Anyway, what happens when a seat suddenly becomes empty? The meeting is tomorrow…”

“We need to fill the empty seats.”

“Brother Chun, you know this, but it’s not a place where you can just take anyone. “On such an important occasion…”

The three old men’s expressions became serious.

Isn’t this the meeting you’ve been waiting for?

It was impossible to just take anyone and ruin the place.

‘But that’s true…’

The three old men looked at each other’s faces and decided to be a little more honest.

“Big. “Wouldn’t it be a bit of a problem if we took someone younger and more handsome than us?”

“Even if she’s a bit ugly, she knows how to lighten the mood… Gunyang is perfect for that role.”

“Honestly, Mr. Gunyang is the worst person out of the four of us.”

If the King had heard, his condition would have worsened rapidly and he would have oozed blood, but since he was not there anyway, they were old people who could see evil to their heart’s content.

“So what should I do about this….”

“I need to save one person urgently….”


While the three were struggling to find one spot, Cheonmugeuk suddenly joined them! and applauded.

“Is that right? “I guess the great person can take him away!”

Geomseong frowned at those words.

“You mean Pacheongeomje? But that child is officially dead…”

“Clark. ” Isn’t it a stupid position anyway? You can just make up your identity appropriately. And that’s not the point.”



A smile appears on Cheon Mu-geuk’s lips.

It was a smile that seemed too mean to be made while thinking of a student.

“Cluck. My student is not interested in women. So wouldn’t it be okay to ask him to play the role of a wind catcher?”

“If you are a windbreaker….”

“Wouldn’t it be better to boast about myself with my own mouth? Or would it be better to come out naturally from someone else’s mouth?”

At those words, Geomseong and Shinchang looked intrigued.

“Is that right?…”

“You should contact me right away!”

“Cluck. “Please wait a moment.”

Cheon Mu-geuk took out his smartphone from his pocket and sent a message to Dae-in in a sporadic manner.

– ㅈㅔ Hey, what are you doing? ㅏㅏㅆㄴ ㅑ Geomseong,

who saw that, frowned and asked.

“Brother Chun. “Wouldn’t it be better to do it over the phone?”

“Cluck. I don’t know. I am deliberately practicing using machines whenever I have time. “I can’t look like an old man in front of my elf wives.”


“You look just like young people these days.”

Cheonma, proud of the reaction of the two envious old men, shrugged his shoulders.

These guys, whether they were 100 years ago or now, have a long way to go.

“Cluck. This is called ‘eollaadapto’ in modern terms. “If you don’t want to listen to old people, you had better learn it.”

As if stimulated by those words, Geomseong and Shinchang also took out their smartphones from their pockets and started fiddling with them clumsily.

“But my student is slow to reply. “If the teacher contacted me, I would reply quickly…”

Geomseong, who was sending a text message to the king for practice, heard those words and asked Cheonmugeuk.

“But what if Pacheon Geomje doesn’t want to go to the meeting?”

“What? “What kind of disciple dares to refuse his master’s orders…”

Cheon Mu-geuk stopped mid-sentence.

Now that I think about it, if he is a great person, isn’t he a guy who can easily refuse his teacher’s orders?

‘I’m the kind of guy who avoids even the girls who follow him around because they like him… It’s obvious that he won’t go out just because it’s annoying.’

Geomseong must have been thinking the same thing as he nodded heavily and looked at Cheonmugeuk.

“I’m probably not going to go out.”


Cheon Mu-geuk scratched his head as if he was in pain.

But no matter how much I thought about it, I didn’t think I could find a better member than Daein for tomorrow’s meeting.

“I can’t help it. “The only way is to catch them and take them by force.”

It may be a bit difficult to catch the disciple by yourself… but

you’re not the only one here right now, right?

Geomseong and Shinchang, who made eye contact with him as if they were of the same mind, grinned.

“Don’t worry.”

“We will block the retreat.”

“Cluck. “We were of the same mind.”

After a while, the strongest solo unit in the martial arts army entered the restaurant.


“You mean this is all the latest information?”

-yes. Recently, the organization hasn’t been trying to contact me often… I’m sorry.

Ahn Jun, the boy on the hologram screen, lowered his head with a timid expression.

The boy entered WHA as a spy for Redfinger, and after experiencing several things he never wanted to remember again, he became a double agent who provided information about the organization to others.

“I even have to apologize. “It’s not like you didn’t work hard, right?”

-I, I really…!

Daein chuckled at the sight of An Jun stuttering with a pale face.

“I didn’t mean to scare you. Okay, now go to sleep. “If the organization contacts you, contact us immediately.”

-…yes. All right.


Daein ended the communication, stretched and looked around.

The restaurant was empty late at night.

Soshinhan had long since returned from work, and Lily was sleeping comfortably in her room.

I had enough time alone to organize my thoughts.


It was the most annoying organization recently.

It was slowly growing in power in the dark, but its ability to cut off its tail and run away when it could catch the real thing was unusual.

“…I’m getting on your nerves.”

In fact, there were more than one force aiming to take over the dimensional hub.

Looking at the size alone, Redfinger was not the biggest force among them.

But in one area, Redfinger continued to get on Daein’s nerves.


The traces of the being Daein is looking for and Redfinger’s movements strangely overlap.

What the two had in common was enough to raise an ominous guess in Daein’s mind.

‘No way… I guess not.’

The great man shook his head to shake off his anxiety.

If that’s true…

what decision should we make then?

“For now, I have no choice but to investigate further…”

The great man sighed softly and looked out the window.

A bright moonlit night in Hwiyeongcheong.

It was a night when I wanted to have a drink with that guy and have an honest conversation.


At that time, a gate opened in the middle of the restaurant, and Cheon Mu-geuk walked out.


“Hey. “What are you doing that you’re not even replying to the text message your teacher sent?”

“Text? Ah…”

It was only then that Daein checked the typo-filled text message sent by Cheon Mu-geuk and laughed.

“I just saw the text. While you’re here, why don’t you have a drink…”

Soon, Geomseong and Shinchang also walked out from the gate where Cheonmugeuk came out.

The great man tilted his head as if puzzled.

“What are you three doing here?”

“Klekle ….”

Today’s distinctive laughter sounded cunning, but I couldn’t imagine it would be surprised by the teacher.

“Catch it!”


Three peerless masters divided into the front, left and right and rushed at each other with the best of Cheonmugeuk.

“Oh my! “Why are you like this?”

Daein, who had no intention of resisting, was suddenly caught as if he were being attacked by the old men.

Wondering where his mudfish-like disciple would run away, Cheon Mu-geuk wrapped his thick arms tightly around his shoulders and chuckled.

On both sides, Geomseong and Shinchang grabbed one of Daein’s arms and subdued him.

Cheon Mu-geuk said with a grin.

“Disciple. “Would you like to go somewhere with this teacher?”

“Yeah? “Where are we going?”

“Cluck. “You will know when you go.”

“No, let me explain this first….”

“We’re running out of time, so I guess we should go to the hair salon first!”


Cheonmugeuk, who instantly overpowered the Daein’s blood sword, carried his disciple around his shoulders as if carrying a bag of rice.

“uh? for a moment! Wait a minute! “Please tell me what’s going on!”

Just like that, Daein was kidnapped to the meeting place without knowing what was going on.

[(Side story) You’ll know when you see it! ]End

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