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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 365

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[ (side story) Are you sure? ]

The next morning.

As soon as Soshinhan got off the bus, he started running down the sidewalk.

I looked at my watch and saw that I was already 10 minutes late than usual.

“sorry! “I’ll pass by!”

-Whisk! Whick!

So Shin-han made his way through the crowded crowd on his way to work.

Except in emergencies or without obtaining a permit, any act of using magical power, such as special skills or magic martial arts, was prohibited by law within the city.

Because of this, Soshinhan was running using only his physical abilities, but he was still faster than most runners.

‘It’s all because of this strange nightmare!’

I don’t remember everything, but Soshinhan had a nightmare last night and was held down by scissors all night.

In the dream, I was fighting a scary-looking demon, and at the end of the dream, the demon that had killed all of my companions was still clearly visible, laughing and covered in blood.

‘After all, the devil’s voice was the boss’s voice…’ As

I remembered the terrible nightmare, a chill ran through my body and cold sweat formed on my forehead.

“I guess it’s because training has been difficult these days…”

A few minutes later, Soshinhan arrived in front of Lim’s Restaurant, just a few minutes after getting off the bus.

After taking a few deep breaths, he opened the door and went inside.

“Forgive me for being late! I had a rough dream last night, so I overslept. “I came as soon as I woke up… Huh?”

Soshinhan fell silent as the atmosphere of the restaurant was somewhat different from usual.

heavy air.

A stiff expression, as if angry.

Daein and Soshinhan were standing with their arms crossed with a serious face that I had never seen before.

“Because it’s an excuse. “Just sit there for now.”

“yes yes!”


Soshinhan remembered the devil in his dream again and swallowed dry saliva.

‘Are you really this angry just because I’m 10 minutes late?’

Although he felt a little bit wronged, Soshinhan, who was taken aback by the solemn atmosphere, lowered his head and just stared at the table.

“Mr. Shinhan.”

The great man called him in a low voice.


‘I didn’t know the boss would be this sensitive to time commitments. So will I be fired today? In these days of employment difficulties, finding a job like this is a struggle. Still, since we still have affection for each other, if you ask for forgiveness….’

Soshinhan looked up at Daein with a face full of unnecessary worry.

However, what the great man said was completely unexpected.

“You know that I was a member of a death squad, right?”

“…Ah yes! Sure!”

Many strange things happened at Lim’s Restaurant.

The tycoons of the dimensional hub come to visit when they’re bored, artifacts they’ve never seen before are rolling around in Lily’s room, and it turns out that the reason why they can make garbage food with ingredients worth tens of millions of won…. ‘It’s because the boss was a member of the death squad

. It was possible.’

This was also the reason why So Shin-han came to respect his boss, who was his lifesaver, even more.

However, I couldn’t figure out why Daein suddenly brought up that topic in this situation.

“Even though I’m retired, I still hear various news from my friends.”

“…When you say friends, you mean people who were members of the death squad, right?”

Daein chuckled as he looked at Sosinhan, whose eyes suddenly brightened at the story of the death squad.

“that’s right. Among them, there are quite a few people who are still on active duty. So, I’m listening to the story… Recently, something troublesome happened. Have you heard of Redfinger?”


Daein took out what needed to be removed and added what needed to be added, and explained to Sosinhan about the organization called Red Finger.

Before he could finish his story, Soshinhan jumped up from his seat.

“You are sacrificing people’s blood and souls! “I can never forgive you!”

It was the reaction I expected.

The great man lowered his voice and continued speaking.

“My story begins now. We need someone to infiltrate Redfinger. “But there are some tricky conditions here.”

He must be someone who can naturally come into contact with WHA’s double agent, Ahn Jun.

He shouldn’t be so big that the other person feels burdened, or on the other hand, he shouldn’t be so big that he won’t be interested.

Even if you do a background check, the past will be clean.


When the story reached this point, Soshinhan also vaguely realized what Daein was trying to say and his expression hardened.

“that’s right. “I think Shinhan is suitable for this mission.”


“I’m not forcing it. It will definitely be a dangerous mission. In the worst case, if your identity is discovered during the mission, you could die.”

The probability of that happening was very low since he would keep watching, but Daein deliberately scared Sosinhan to see his reaction.

‘From what I saw in the final exam, he wasn’t the kind of person who would be scared of something like this…’

At that time, it was a virtual reality under a controlled environment, and this was a reality where you could really lose your life.

The gap is bigger than you might imagine.

Therefore, Daein had no intention of forcing Sosinhan to do this mission.

“This is not a class or training. “I’ll think about it seriously…”

“If it’s okay with me, I’ll do it.”


So Shinhan’s expression did not show any hesitation.

He was a timid young man who was constantly worried about losing his job for being just 10 minutes late, but he was a superman who knew how to be quite harsh in the face of what he believed to be justice.

The great man muttered, wiping his nose for no reason.

“…I’m not a student, but I’m proud.”


“never mind.”

The great man immediately changed the subject.

“Nothing will change immediately if I do this job. Take class as usual and have natural contact with Anjun. Then we will take care of the rest.”

“yes! “Please leave it to me!”

So Shin-han clenched his fists, as if he was already motivated.

You may be scared and worried, but you will also be excited to go to the actual battle.

In Daein’s eyes, Sosinhan’s psychological state was clearly visible.

‘We can’t send this kid to the enemy camp like this.’

Soshinhan would not even be able to imagine.

Even before the actual mission begins, an even more difficult preparation process awaits.

“Then, take out all the necessary luggage and bring it here by tomorrow morning.”

“…yes? “Why the luggage?”

“The store will be closed for a while.”

Daein walked to the front door of the restaurant and flipped the sign that was written as , changing it to .

Then he looked back and smiled.

“Starting tomorrow, come here right after class. “It’s a training camp until full-scale operations begin.”


Looking at the boss who was standing blocking the door and smiling evilly, So Shin-han recalled the devil he had seen in his dream.

‘It was a precognitive dream…’


That night.


The werewolf stood tall on both feet under the full moon, baring its teeth.

Eerily shining teeth and sharp, flashing claws.

The red-stained eyes stared at the enemy in front.

“Krrr…. kill me!”

The werewolf, who had slightly flinched, tightened his thighs and shot straight ahead at explosive speed.

And a moment later he bounced off at twice the speed he had run at.



Pathetic gazes poured over Soshinhan’s body, which was rolling around on the floor holding his head.

“Kill me? Would you kill a fly with that kind of skill?”

He was a man with a wooden sword slung over his shoulder like a neighborhood gangster.

So Shinhan looked up at him with a scared face.


“Wake up. “If you’ve been making fun of me like this since the first day of camp, what are you going to do from now on?”

The first day of camp training.

Soshinhan was being beaten to pieces in the name of training.

Daein slowly walked around Sosinhan, who barely got up, and spoke.

“I told you. Shinhan’s strength is not strength or speed, but sense.”




Soshinhan concentrated on Daein’s movements and raised the senses of his entire body.

Focus on all your senses.

This is something I have heard several times from my boss so far.

But even so, I couldn’t avoid the boss’ attack even once.

“Why do you think you can’t avoid it?”

“…is it too fast?”

“It’s fast?”

Daein swung his sword straight at Sosinhan.


A sword that looks slow enough to make you yawn.

Soshinhan read the sword’s trajectory accurately and judged that he could avoid it.

At that moment, the sword disappeared from sight.


Soshinhan, with his eyes wide open, looked around to find where the sword had gone.

At that moment, a wooden sword struck him in the forehead.



Soshinhan, who was rolling around on the floor holding his head, cried out in an aggrieved voice.

“The sword suddenly disappeared!”

“To be exact, it just disappeared from sight. “The trajectory was the same.”

“How do you avoid something like that?”

How can you avoid an attack you can’t even see?

However, Daein said that it was completely avoidable.

“Don’t just rely on sight; engage all your senses. Olfactory Hearing A wild instinct that detects a crisis. “Why don’t you utilize your senses, which are at least dozens of times better than humans?”


Easier said than done. Easier said than done!

However, it was almost impossible to focus on various senses in real combat, where there were countless dangerous attacks coming and going even in a split second.

Of course, that was just Soshinhan’s opinion.

The great man grinned and walked towards him.

“You think you can’t do it? “If you learn by getting hit, you will soon be able to do it.”

“Oh no….”


With firm words, countless wooden swords, not clubs, began flying from Sosinhan’s square.

-Pow! Pow! Bub bub bub!

“Open your ears. When are you going to see and dodge an attack coming from behind?”

“Use your sense of smell. “Measure the distance to the other person by smell and analyze their condition.”

“But who wants to fight with their eyes closed? I saw this somewhere… What cartoon is it? “Use everything you have!”

Daein pushed Soshinhan to the limit.

I already knew enough about his abilities.

‘There is no point in suddenly increasing your abilities. First of all, you have to make sure you can use what you have properly.’

Giving her an elixir or teaching her a new skill would be a way to make Sosinhan stronger right away.

But Daein didn’t do that.

Because I knew better than anyone else how dangerous it was to have power that did not match one’s level.

A few hours later,

“Hehe… Hehe…”

Soshinhan was lying on the floor, breathing heavily with a deathly look on his face.

He pleaded with the messenger, or rather, the boss, who was walking towards him.

“Boss… I really think I’m going to die if this continues.”

He tried to complain through tears, but Daein only snorted.

“Luckily, my sub-space is overflowing with top-quality potions, right? So, unless your heart suddenly bursts or your head blows off, you don’t have to worry about dying.”

“Oh devil…! “You are the devil!”

“Did you get enough rest? Should we start again?”

Several hours later, Daein threw Sosinhan, who was completely tattered, on the bed in the guest room.

“How is your student’s condition?”

At some point, Lilith came next to Daein and looked at Sosinhan who was sleeping.

The great man shook his head and said.

“There is still a long way to go before it is useful. … And you’re not a disciple?”

“Everyone else admits it, so why are you the only one who denies it?”

“I say no because it’s not.”

Although Lilith answered bluntly, she chuckled as she watched the great man cover his student’s body with a blanket.

‘The dishonest personality is the same here.’

As Lilith thought that, her expression hardened little by little.

Daein, who noticed the subtle change in emotions, frowned.

“Why are you looking like that?”

“just. “Because I’m jealous.”

“What are you jealous of?”

Lilith said, looking around.

“All of this.”

A world where landlords live.

Centered around him, many people still meet each other, laugh and chat, and come to Lim’s restaurant at any time to complain and get drunk.

“In the world I live in, it’s hard to see each other’s faces because everyone is busy.”


In her world, Lily became an adult, but she could not become a landlord.

The world regained peace, but there was no way to fill the void left by the loss of the landlord.

Lilith said with a bright smile.

“That’s why I feel envious and happy. “It’s fun just to look at it like this.”


The great man looked at Lilith with a frown and then sighed softly.

“Let’s go out and take a walk. “I have something to say.”

“Why? Just do it here.”

“Some mouse hasn’t slept until this hour and is eavesdropping.”


Lily, who had been eavesdropping on the two people’s conversation in the next room with her ear against the wall, flinched.

The great man spoke to the wall.

“kid. “Stop eavesdropping on what adults are saying and go to sleep now.”

“joy! “It’s so shameful that I won’t listen!”

Lily went into bed and the two came out.

The two went outside and just walked in silence for a while.

A man who was walking quietly spoke as if he was just passing by.

“Let me ask you something.”

“If you are confessing, I will refuse in advance.”

Lilith responded playfully, but there was no change in the expression on the man’s face as he stared at her.

Lilith, embarrassed, scratched her cheek.

“Are you serious?”

The great man nodded.

I walked for a while and wondered if I should really bring this up, but the conclusion was that I had to do it.

Even if this story opens up her wounds.

“I was looking for someone.”

Someone the Daein was personally looking for.

An organization called Redfinger began to become concerned as his traces and movements overlapped strangely.

Even the existence called ‘that person’ that they serve.

The great man could no longer put off this question.

“Landlord of the world you live in. “Are you sure he’s dead?”

At that moment, Lilith’s eyes shook violently.

[(side story) Are you sure? ]End

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