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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 39

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Iron Golem’s Fist and My Fist They collided head on.


In the aftermath of the collision, my body was thrown more than ten meters. The difference in weight classes was unavoidable.

Unlike me, the iron golem stood firmly in its place.

However, it could not be said that his condition was good.

Unlike my left arm, which was intact even though the bones were tingling, the golem’s right fist was half crushed.

The golem looked at its fist and then at my fist. The guy’s eyes glowed red for a moment more.

[Re-adjust the intruder risk level….] I

don’t think it’s necessary.

[Activation of self-restore function.]


The iron golem’s crushed fist returned to its original state and became even thicker.

I looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“Isn’t your setup a bit strange? “Can’t we just do either magic or science fiction?”

Instead of answering, the iron golem rushed towards me.

Thump thump thump thump!

Despite its enormous weight, the iron golem was not that fast. Like a matador fighting a bull, I waited until he got close and then dodged to the side.

At that moment, the iron golem flipped its body to the side and the thrusters on its back spouted fire.

In an instant, the iron golem came in front of me and swung its fist.


A fist as big as my body passed over my head.

I lowered my body and burrowed into the arms of the iron golem.


I poured the mana collected in the gauntlet on my left hand into the guy’s chest.


The iron golem flew backwards and stopped only after hitting the wall.

I gave him a big blow, but my expression wasn’t very good.

“It’s so hard.”

Although it was a turning blow in its own way, the golem was standing up again just fine.

To hit properly, you had to aim for the head… but realistically, it wasn’t easy.

[Intruder danger level readjusted… Higher weapon function deactivated.]

The golem’s two fists, which were in the form of a mace, turned into spears and began rotating like a drill.


As for Tou, who says that, I think it’s right to call it an artificial intelligence robot rather than a golem at this point.

The iron golem attacked me again. The chest that had been hollowed out by my attack had already almost completely recovered.

I complained while massaging my tingling left arm with my right hand.

“It’s still too much to go beyond this.”

The attack just now wasn’t at the gauntlet’s maximum output.

Let alone the maximum output, I think it was only about 10%.

But even just 10% put a significant strain on my body.

I knew it through instinct and experience.

If you pull out more than 15% of the force, your arm will break, and

if you pull out more than 20%, your left arm will shatter.

I didn’t even want to think about it anymore.

I have no intention of writing it.


The golem’s spear passed my face by just an inch.

As the attack passed, I saw a large gap in its side, but I didn’t bother to aim for it and retreated.

I could have destroyed this guy at the risk of breaking one of my arms.

But is it really necessary?

A fierce fight where bones clash with flesh.

Victory achieved at the end.

Words are good.

I have seen many superhumans who fight like that, get injured, suffer from bone problems, and eventually become assholes.

Nine out of ten of them became alcoholics or took drugs.

There were also cases where people resented the world for forgetting their sacrifice and ended up becoming criminals.

They taught me many lessons.

Life is thin and long.

No pain and healthy.

Only fight fights that you can definitely win.


The revolving spear flew past me and pierced the wall. I threw myself to the side.

bang! Boom boom boom!

The iron golem chased after me, destroying the cave.

However, I made my way through everything and observed its attack pattern.

At the same time, I ran a simulation in my head.

What if Wang Guho ties that guy up, the kid melts it with fire, and I finish him off at the right time?

A happy smile formed on my lips.

“Can be cleared safely.”

Since I had collected enough data on him, I felt like I could go home.

By the way, the little boy must have finished eating and sleeping by now, right?

I don’t know if I brushed my teeth properly before going to bed.

I stepped back and widened the distance. Considering the situation, I was thinking of breaking the wall and throwing it out.

[Analysis of intruder behavior patterns. [80% chance of escape]

The iron golem seemed to have sensed my intention and approached me at high speed, spouting fire from the thrusters on its back.

I gradually slowed down my retreat and brought my left fist closer to my side.


Gauntlet output 10%.

Chijik Chijijik –

here’s the power of strength.

This should be enough to keep you from following for a few seconds.

At that time, a chubby snowball flew between the two of us.

[Don’t fight!]

The chubby Nunnuni’s scared eyes were filled with tears.

He waved his short arms and blocked the iron golem running toward me. Then he closed his eyes tightly and shouted.

[Blind-blind-mon! Daein is our friend! Don’t fight!]

“That idiot…”

I frowned and ran forward.

But the iron golem was faster than me.

I was walking back and waiting for him to come, and he was running towards me.

Soon Chubby Nunnuni dies.

In my mind, I already had a picture of the golem’s massive body crushing the chubby Nunnuni and rushing towards me.

I prepared for the next situation and calculated to fight.


But the tip of the golem’s spear stopped.

The iron golem stopped in front of the chubby eyes and repeated the same words like a faulty machine.

[Not subject to removal. Not eligible for removal. Not eligible for removal. [Not subject to removal.]

Only then did the chubby Noonun open his closed eyes and shout.

[Blind-blind-mon! Don’t fight! You and Daein are both my friends! We are all friends!]

[Not subject to removal. [The target for elimination…]

I don’t know what happened now, but I didn’t miss that gap.

“Get out of my way!”


He grabbed the chubby eyeball by the tail, threw it to the side, and struck the golem’s face with his fully charged left fist.

The output is slightly increased by about 12%.


This went in 100% correctly. The golem’s body stumbled greatly and fell to the floor.


I immediately climbed on top of the fallen golem’s chest.

“If this happens, things will change again.”

Originally, I was going to give it a punch and run away, but the iron golem that was lying down below me was practically defenseless.

[Great! Don’t hit me blindly!]

The chubby snowman shouted as he flew in from behind, but I ignored his words.

“Let’s talk later.”

My punches rained down on the iron golem’s face.

-Boom boom boom boom!

And after a while, I shook my hands and stood up.

In front of me lay a completely incapacitated iron golem.

[Ugh! [Nunnunmon!]

Snowmonsters were flocking to him and crying in front of him. I massaged my numb fist and sighed.

“He is not a living creature. “It’s a magic doll called Golem.”

[No! The blind man is our friend! The great man killed Nunnunmon!]

Chubby Nunnun criticized me harshly. I made an aggrieved expression.

“He attacked first? “Then should I have died?”

[That’s not true… but blind man! You can’t die! Wake up!]


The iron golem had no answer. One eye was broken and lost its light, and the remaining eye had light coming in and out repeatedly.

Slurp, slurp.

The damaged parts of my body were regenerating little by little, but the speed was such that I didn’t have to worry about it.

This golem was the culmination of a very high level of magical engineering technology.

Even if it wasn’t a huge soul, it was clear that he had some level of ego.

I don’t know what happened between this guy and Nunun, but that may have been why he stopped punching in that situation earlier.

For me, I just got lucky, but

in the end, luck is also a skill.

“Hey Golem. “Have you not proven your qualifications enough?”

At my words, the iron golem’s eyes glowed clearly for the last time.


The golem’s chest opened vertically and a small box popped out from inside.

I received the box and opened it right away. Inside was a black key with a mysterious wavering pattern.

“good. “The item has been confirmed.”

When I nodded, the iron golem made a sound as if it was squeezing out its last strength.


One eye that was barely blinking almost lost its light.


Soon, the light completely disappeared from the iron golem’s eyes, and the Snow Eyes wailed loudly.


‘Nunnunmon’ means ‘sacred steel’ in the nostalgic continental language.

It looks like these guys even gave the golem a name and played with it.

I sighed while watching that ridiculous new drama.

“Let’s stop and go home.”

Chubby Noonuni looked back at me with an expression of complete disbelief.

[Daein is no longer our friend! Friends don’t kill friends!]

“That’s why you didn’t kill them.”

[What?! It’s a lie!]

I held out my right hand to the chubby Nunnun who was startled.

Let’s speak in easy language that these guys can understand.

“I fell asleep for a moment. “I can wake you up again.”

Chubby Noonun raised his tail on my palm and then cheered as he saw his tail turn green.

[It’s true-!!]

[[Nun-Nun-mon is alive-!!]]

Soon, the excited Nun-nun-mon started circling around the fallen iron golem.

“These mood swings are real…”

I shook my head and raised my blind body to listen.

“Hmph. “It’s a bit heavy, but… I guess I can carry it with me.”

[[We help too!!]]

“That’s natural.”

An iron golem created with this level of magical engineering technology could never have been created with Earth’s current technology.

However, if you take it and study it well, a reboot will be possible.

I don’t know about other people, but if there is a superhuman with [the producer’s] personality.

Youngshin Jang, that kid. Your child will probably jump at the new toy with their eyes lit up.

“Well, this is a bonus anyway.”

I put the snowman back on the ground and walked to the wall on one side of the cave.

The wall was so strong that it was barely damaged even in the fight between me and the blind monster.

There was a mural painted that looked like some level of mythology, but it wasn’t that important.

I inserted the key I received from the blind man into the small hole in the wall.

Hehehe. Kirilik.

The key turned by itself, and the wall split left and right with a heavy sound.

I walked into it.

Here was the ‘power of the other world’ that I came to find in case of disaster.

[Nunnunmon] End

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