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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 44

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[Why is this here? ]

-Central Disaster Response Headquarters-

Inside the conference room, political and business figures who decided the fate of the Republic of Korea were gathered in one place.

I looked around at them and thought.

‘There is not one person who is not a big name.’

Most of these people survived 20 years later and enjoyed wealth and power.

However, even those big names were in a cautious position in front of four superhumans.

Monster Baek Changsu

Demon King Kim Tae-

jin Iron Wall

Min Tae-

woong Glacier Han Ji-ye Four superhumans sitting in separate seats and waiting for the president in comfortable positions.

People called these four people by adding the president – Giant Kim Su-ho.

[The first awakeners]

In fact, it was a bit absurd to use the word ‘first’ only for these people.

As soon as the First Gate opened, there were at least hundreds of superhumans who awakened their abilities.

But no one has achieved overwhelming power like them. As if the game started at level 100 from the beginning, the five superhumans slaughtered monsters and united their forces with abilities of a different level.

After that, as time passed, the term [the first awakeners] became an idiom referring to the five superhumans.

This also included the meaning of ‘the strongest.’

It wasn’t wrong. Because no superhumans as strong as these will appear for at least the next 10 years.

At that time, the chief of staff, who had been giving a passionate performance as a fake president, came into the conference room.

“The President is coming in.”

After a while, President Kim Soo-ho entered the conference room.

The president used his hand to stop people from getting up from their seats. He skipped all the formalities and got straight to the point.

“The reason we have gathered you all together like this is because of the disaster that will soon come upon us.”

The President’s story that followed was a well-organized version of what I had told him.

The expressions of the people gathered in the conference room became increasingly hard.


“It’s a disaster….”

Perhaps because most of them are quick-informed people, they seemed to have already guessed it.

Actually, it’s strange that I didn’t know about the commotion outside.

Of course, not everyone was serious.

“There are 10,000 monsters?”

Baek Chang-soo opened his eyes wide and clenched his fists. He was as excited as a boy waiting for a Christmas present.

“Then there will be someone really strong!”

…I don’t know why the shame is mine.

Anyway, the president’s remarks ended like this.

“We plan to declare a national emergency tomorrow morning and devote all of Seoul’s resources and manpower to preparing for disaster. “Please also cooperate with the political and business community and the superhuman guild.”

As soon as the president finished speaking, a strong backlash arose.

People in the political and business circles immediately opposed it.

“The economy will be paralyzed immediately. You have to think about the aftermath…”

“Declaring a national emergency is too hasty. In a situation where it hasn’t even been verified…”

Most people’s opinions were negative, and there were obvious reasons.

The point is that there is no clear evidence.

The arrow was immediately aimed at me, who was sitting quietly. The Minister of Strategy and Finance pointed his finger at me and said.

“All these wild stories about disasters are just from that person’s mouth!”

The head of Choil Group narrowed his eyes and looked me up and down.

“They said he was a wizard from another dimension… but even if he is truly from another dimension, there is no guarantee that he is not an imposter.”

Other people’s opinions were similar. The wary eyes of distrustful enemies.

It looked as if it would bite me at any moment if it saw my weakness.

In that situation, the President tried to defend me, saying,

“Sufficient verification has already been done on my behalf. Aximus is a wizard from the continent of Gaia, and he came to warn us of disaster…”

Then a harsh voice interrupted.

“How can you believe such unrealistic stories?”


Everyone’s eyes moved in the direction from which the voice came.

The four superhumans who had been quietly listening until now.

Among them, Demon King Kim Tae-jin stood up from his seat.

“I know that the President cares for the country. But let’s prepare for disaster by only believing the words of someone who doesn’t even know where they came from. What if it’s a lie? Who will compensate for the time and financial damage that will occur there?”

Min Taewoong, the iron wall sitting next to him, also slightly raised his hand.

“I have similar thoughts.”

Min Taewoong was sitting in an arrogant posture with his legs spread wide and his hands in his pants pockets.

He looked back at me and grinned. His white teeth flashed like a wild beast.

“And this is my feeling.”

Min Tae-woong, an iron wall. Because I didn’t know where his personality would go, he was a more difficult opponent than Kim Tae-jin.

“That sounds like a fraud.”


Plus, he has good sensitivity.

[Blackhound] Taejin Kim, the representative of the guild.

[Iron Wall] Min Taewoong, the representative of the guild.

The two people’s remarks were powerful. If they did not cooperate, the guilds that were in a cooperative relationship with them would not cooperate, and it was impossible to prepare for disaster without the help of the guilds.

The president looked embarrassed.

“You two…”

I felt that as I watched them.

It’s not like I’m involved in politics, after all. It was a headache-inducing, tiring, and extremely boring meeting.

The little boy seemed to be thinking the same thing as me, his shoulders drooping and he was sighing.

[I’m sleepy and hungry….]

“I agree. “He’s an assistant.”

I was going to leave it to the president to watch, but I don’t think a resolution will be reached today.

I stood up and infused magic power into the [Sage’s Robe].

“great. “I will show you the evidence.”

At that moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on me.

I feel sorry for the President, but the procedures are a mess and what these people needed was no persuasion.

It was a gag that would silence those loud mouths.

I looked back at the people and said.

“I can read fate, albeit weakly. With that ability, I saw disaster come to this place. “That is the only evidence.”

As expected, my words were met with laughter from all over the place.

Taejin Kim said, mocking me.

“Now I see you were a brave fortune teller? Then, why don’t you read my fate as well?”

“If you want…”

I closed my eyes. I could still hear the laughing in my ears, but I didn’t care.

After a while, those sounds will turn into alarm sounds.

I slowly opened my eyes again and spoke to Taejin Kim.

“You were born with a great destiny. “You will continue to walk on a solid path in the future.”

The sneer on Taejin Kim’s mouth became even deeper.

“You were a fraud as expected. Even a street fortune teller would say that…”

“But only if you stop your current immoral behavior.”


Representative Kim. I don’t know if I’m still seeing you well, Jesu.

I half-closed my eyes and continued to prophesy in a low voice.

“For the sake of your own flesh and blood… it would be better for you to give up. You will lose both of them… and even their lives….”

“What are you talking about…!”

As Taejin Kim’s face turned white as if he had seen a ghost, others also felt a strange atmosphere.

I decided to take the initiative and become a prophet.

This time, my gaze was directed at the Minister of Strategy and Finance who had been talking to me earlier.

“You are sinning against your child. The sin of not being able to confidently reveal oneself…”


The Minister of Strategy and Finance had a child born from an extramarital affair. Cold sweat began to trickle down his forehead.

My eyes turned to the political and business figures one by one.

“You did something you shouldn’t have done to your family…”

“Huh. I wondered where all that money went, and it was somewhere like that…”

“…Does she know?”

Every time something came out of my mouth, the complexions of the big names in politics and business turned white.

It was more difficult to find people here who had not been involved in an accident or scandal in the future.

Affair. corruption. crime. Scandal, etc.

Brilliant events that would later grace the front pages of newspapers came out of my mouth in the form of prophecies.

“…Has this been proven?”

I looked around. No one was talking about evidence anymore.

Most people just look at me and feel anxious.

“Aximus. That is enough.”

The President nodded on behalf of everyone. He gave me a grateful look.

The meeting seemed to be going smoothly again. Because no one doubted my abilities anymore.

If only the impregnable Min Taewoong had not intervened in a crooked manner.

“wait for a sec.”

Min Taewoong’s gaze turned towards me.

He didn’t seem to like the situation I was leading.

“You talk so proudly as if you know everything about your future…”

“CEO Taewoong Min. “Please stop.”

President Kim Soo-ho tried to mediate, but Min Tae-woong did not even listen.

“Would you like to recite my fate too? “Why did you leave me out?”

If I provoke you for no reason, it will only make the situation worse.

I smiled kindly and shook my head.

“There is no particular crisis in your fate. “I hope you live your life to the best of your ability, as you will walk on a solid path…”

Min Taewoong chuckled.

“Am I so insignificant that I have nothing to prophesy?”

“I didn’t mean that…”

“CEO Taewoong Min!”

When President Kim Soo-ho raised his voice, Min Tae-woong shrugged his shoulders as if he understood.

“yes yes. All right. When he shows such ability, you have no choice but to believe him. “I believe that disaster will come.”

Fortunately, it seemed like we would get through safely.

“But it’s different from that….”


Min Taewoong launched himself like a thunderbolt. Because I had prepared in advance, I reacted immediately.

But it wasn’t me he was targeting.

“It was bothersome from a while ago. Isn’t it rude to wear a mask in a conference room? huh?”

Min Taewoong was holding the little boy by the waist and holding him close to his side. The little boy was startled and struggled.

[Put this down!]

“…Put down my assistant.”

My voice was so cold that even I was surprised. I aimed my shining wand at his chest.

[Let go! Let go!]

The little boy struggled to get away, but even then, he didn’t carelessly create fireworks like I told him to.

However, Min Taewoong did not budge.

“Why did you wear a mask? If you came from another dimension, no one would know your face anyway. “Isn’t there a reason to hide your identity?”

Min Taewoong reached out and held the mask tightly to prevent the kid from moving.

“Stay calm. “I’ll just take off the mask.”

I warned him not to do it.

“Stop it. “I’m the only one who can treat my assistant like that.”

Baek Chang-soo and President Kim Su-ho were also with us before we knew it.

“Hey Taewoong! “It’s too harsh!”

“Min Taewoong! “I told you to stop!”

However, Min Taewoong did not stop. He forced the mask off the kid’s face.

The little boy’s face was revealed to everyone.

“Oh my…”

Baek Chang-soo’s surprised voice came from next to me. That wasn’t all.

President Kim Soo-ho and Min Tae-woong looked at the kid with wide eyes.


A smile formed on my face.


“It wasn’t a person…?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the little boy.

The little boy had not forgotten what I told him to do when a situation like this happened.


The [Cat Mask] I put on the little boy had two magic functions.

One is a magic that changes your voice.

The second is a magic that changes the face into that of a cat for a while even when the mask is removed.

“Meow. Meow.”

I took the little boy out of the hands of Min Taewoong, who was half dumbfounded. He put the mask back on the kid and said while glaring at Min Taewoong.

“On the Gaia continent, the Miao people are very ashamed to show their faces in front of humans. “That’s why I put on a mask!”

When I glared at him, Min Taewoong looked embarrassed.

“Uh, um…”

You might be embarrassed because your reasoning was all wrong. Kim Soo-ho, who was very angry, scolded Min Tae-woong even though it was a public event.

“Min Taewoong! “I can’t apologize right away!”

Min Taewoong eventually bowed his head to me.

“…I’m sorry.”

I silently pointed at the little boy. Min Tae-woong’s expression was slightly distorted, but he eventually opened his mouth when Kim Su-ho glared at him with his double wick next to him.

“sorry. By carelessly taking off the mask.”

The little boy was hiding behind my back, sticking his head out slightly and glaring fiercely at Min Taewoong.

“Meow! Meow! “Meow!”

…You too, stop now.




The next day, President Kim Su-ho declared a national emergency through broadcasting and radio.

“My fellow citizens. I stand here today to inform you that a major crisis has arrived in the Republic of Korea. We have been going through numerous crises over the past two years…”

To summarize, it was about all the human resources and resource companies in the city and the Superhuman Guild working together to prepare for the coming disaster.

There was some confusion after the announcement, but as everyone became familiar with monsters, they adapted quickly.

Shelter reinforcement construction began and large-scale military training with the military, police, and superhuman guild began.

Preparations for disaster were well underway.

During that time, I attended several meetings and gave some advice in the form of prophecy.

As another day passed, I had nothing else to do.

Sunday morning.

I was enjoying tea time after enjoying a dinner prepared at the Blue House with my little boy.

“Should I go back home soon?”

The little boy who was eagerly scooping up the yogurt that was served for dessert nodded. The face was still that of a cat.

“huh! “It’s boring here!”

I met the president last night and told him in advance that I had to return today.

“O king. The time for the dimension shift magic has run out… There is not much time left for me to stay here.”

How regretful Kim Su-ho was at that time. He asked me to come back anytime, his eyes were red and he held my hand tightly.

But I will never come here again.

If you do something like this multiple times, you’re bound to get caught.


I stretched out. It was annoying to actually leave.

“Then let’s take a nap and eat until lunch.”

As I was about to get into bed, I heard someone knocking outside the door.

When I opened the door, the chief secretary was standing there.

“Great Sage. “I heard you’re leaving today.”

There was a change in my title over the past two days. Most people in the Blue House called me ‘the great sage’ or ‘the prophet.’

I said while maintaining a mysterious yet gentle smile.

“That’s right. “The power of the dimension shift magic has run out… I have to go back in a few hours.”

The chief secretary asked in a cautious manner.

“Can I ask you a small favor before that?”

Maybe this person thinks of me as a great tiger, not a great sage.

When you see random people come to you and ask for various things, it may seem like the two are similar.

I said, strengthening my eyes that were tired from hunger.

“of course. “I am willing to do anything within my capabilities.”

“thank you.”

After a while, several portable bookcases came into my room as if they had been waiting. The bookshelf was full of books.

When I looked at him with an expression asking what this was all about, the chief secretary explained.

“These are books obtained as loot during the national restoration plan. “We only selected those that seemed to be in good storage condition.”

“Why are you giving me this…”

“I thought you, the Great Sage, would be able to read this…”

So, are you asking me to interpret the books here?

As I stared at him in silence, the chief secretary continued to make excuses with a puzzled expression.

“Of course, we will leave the interpretation to our linguists. Before that, the Great Sage would like you to check if there are any important books…”

I sighed lightly and scanned the titles of the books on the bookshelf.

“All right. However, I also have limited insight, so don’t have high expectations.”

“You’re so humble… thank you.”

It’s not that I’m being humble, but I only know how to read in a few languages compared to the languages I can speak.

At best, it was the writings of the Gaia continent and the martial arts writings that had to be learned in order to learn martial arts.

Other than those two, all I did was read the menu….

My eyes were scanning the bookshelf and stopped on one book.

It was a thick book that could be easily skipped through hundreds of pages.

This was written on the cover in fierce and powerful writing.

Geomwangbirok (劍皇祕錄)

“…Why is this here?”

[Why is this here? ]End

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