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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 60

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[Personal Reasons]

Princess Alina’s big eyes shed tears He walked in front of the person, dripping.

She said, shielding her subjects with her delicate body.

“Please don’t kill them. Then I will follow you obediently without resistance.”

The great man answered with a bewildered expression.

“When did I say I would kill you…”

At that moment, Hawkin and Leonard’s screams covered Daein’s words.

“Princess mama! “No, it won’t work!”

“We will sacrifice our lives to protect Mama!”

The great man smiled as he looked at the two men staggering forward.

“So when are you going to kill me…”

The princess looked back at the two and shouted sternly.

“You guys don’t come forward anymore! You are no match for usury! “If you fight again, I won’t forgive you!”

“…You guys have no intention of listening to me, do you?”

Hawkin and Leonard clenched their fists in exasperation, grumbling from the man who followed them like a stranger.


“Damn it!”

The princess was right. The great men were so strong that they were no match for them.

Although they were not without excuses,

“If only they had not been poisoned…”

“If only they had a magic wand…” Even if

the circumstances had been different, it is unlikely that the outcome would have been much different.

Princess Alina began walking towards the great man on her own.

“Take me away. Instead, let them go.”

He looks like he has given up on everything and is resigned.

But she had other thoughts inside.

‘There will be a chance once.’

Showing tears to the enemy was acting.

An act to gain the enemy’s sympathy and create an opening.

‘If you see a gap…’

The princess disguised herself to hide her identity and wore the loose clothes worn by commoners.

As she walked towards the dagger, she moved her hand little by little towards where the dagger was hidden.

This was not the first time I faced a crisis like this while living as a fugitive.

Most of her pursuers thought she was a flower in a greenhouse.

You can easily get your hands on it if you just look for it.

‘Everyone who did that until now paid for it with their lives.’

The princess hid her sharp claws and smiled sadly like a tragic heroine.

“…Please. “I am satisfied with just one life.”

The great man sighed and said.

“You’ve been treating people like murderers since a while ago. It was you who attacked first. “I was the one who was attacked while eating.”

Princess Alina flinched at those words.

But I didn’t stop walking.

The distance between the two gradually narrowed.

“Didn’t you come here knowing my identity?”

“I didn’t know at first. “I found out after talking about it.”

“…You won’t catch me? “Aren’t you going to snitch on the rebels?”

The princess asked with hope, but the great man’s response was ambiguous.

The great man said, scratching his chin.

“I’m thinking about it now. “What should I do?”

‘…As expected, this guy is the same.’

Princess Alina’s expression darkened.

The distance between the two is now very close.

At that moment, the princess’s eyes turned cold.

“My worries are over.”


The princess threw the cloak she was wearing, blocking the great man’s view.

At the same time, the princess rushed towards the great man.


Ripping the coat, the dagger sprayed sharp light and aimed at the man’s neck.

The great man was a little surprised.


I expected a surprise attack, but the princess’s movements were more agile than I imagined.

In addition, there was even bluish mana on the dagger.

At this level, his skills are much better than most knights.

Of course, it wasn’t a threat to himself.


The great man struck down the dagger with the dining knife he was holding and stretched out his other hand.

I was planning on subduing the princess’s wrist with the gold nipper.

But maybe I thought it was too easy.

The great man’s hand split the air.

And at that moment,


Princess Alina hit the ground, did a somersault in the air, and fell behind the man’s back.

Movement closer to that of wild animals than to humans.

Even adults were impressed by its elasticity.

“It’s really pretty?”

Moreover, the subsequent judgment of the situation was not bad.

Instead of attacking the great man from behind, the princess ran straight forward.


Princess Alina arrived at the table in an instant.

She brought the dagger to Lily’s neck and looked back at the dagger.

“Don’t move. “If you don’t want this child to get hurt.”


The moment the first surprise attack failed, the princess changed her target from Daein to Lily.

I saw Daein complaining throughout dinner but taking care of Lily, and I decided that I could turn the situation around by holding this child hostage.

The princess shouted in triumph.

“Drop your weapons!”

But isn’t it true that people who should be embarrassed are instead laughing?

“kid. Now do you know who the bad guy is?”

His calm tone was also surprising, but Lily turned to Princess Alina with a sulking expression.

“I’m disappointed. “I thought you were a good person.”

“Hey, can’t you just be quiet!”

In case the girl turned her head and hurt her neck, the princess held the dagger back slightly.

Lily said, pushing the dagger away with her tiny fingers.

“On Earth, you don’t even touch a dog while eating…”

“Don’t touch the blade! “It hurts!”

The princess really had no intention of harming the child. The plan was simply to use her as a hostage to buy time for her and the others to escape.

But it looks like I touched it wrong.


With one word from the girl, the dagger bounced, and the flame that bloomed where the finger touched went up the blade and up to the handle.



Princess Alina missed the dagger and stepped back.

A great man stood behind him.

“Will you surrender now?”

The princess turned around, pulling out a new dagger from inside her clothes.

“No way!”

The dagger flew towards Daein’s entire body so fast that an afterimage remained.

Swish swish!

The expression on the face of the great man who was avoiding the attack became a little more serious.

“It looks like you really have no intention of giving up.”

Daein also properly raised his hand and swung his knife.


After several attacks, the princess lost sight of the dagger and screamed.


Her grip was torn. It was clearly revealed that he lacked practical experience compared to his skills.

The princess, caught on the defensive, retreated hastily.

However, Daein caught up with him at a faster pace.


A large hand tightly grasped the princess’ freckled face.

“Because you’re stronger than I thought. “I need to check if she’s really a princess.”

“Can’t you let go of this!”

The princess struggled and resisted, but the great man ripped off the skin on her face without mercy.

Cheeeeeeeek –

The skin-thin mask came off, revealing Princess Alina’s bare face.

The princess stepped back, covering her face with both hands.

“You scoundrel!”

But Daein had already seen enough.

Beautiful appearance with transparent white skin.

In addition to a mysterious aura that cannot be felt in humans, the ears have slightly pointed tips.

It matched the information Daein knew about Princess Alina.

“He said he was a half elf. That’s right.”

A mixed race of humans and elves.

The reason the princess had exceptional physical ability was because she inherited blood from her mother, who was an elf.

‘It looks like you’ve done quite a bit of independent training.’

Moreover, her beauty was extraordinary even in the eyes of a great person who had seen countless beauties across multiple dimensions.

The great man narrowed his eyes and said.

“It is correct to say that the country is in trouble.”


Princess Alina’s face turned red with shame.

He thought the man was harassing him.

“I will kill you!”

The princess pulled out a new dagger from her shoe and attacked again.

The great man sighed lightly.

“How many knives do you have hidden?”

At the same time, Leonard and Hawkin rushed together from behind Daein’s back.

“This guy!”

“Get your hands off the princess!”

The moment the three attacks hit Daein at the same time, Daein’s body dispersed like a mirage.

Pusssss –

It was behind the princess’s back that the great man reappeared.

“Let’s calm down for now.”


The princess, suffering from a blood transfusion, fell to the floor.


Hawkin and Leonard shouted and attacked, but soon they too were in the same situation.

dump. dump.

“Whew. “I exercised properly after eating.”

The great man shook his hands and looked back at the two children who were still sitting calmly at the table.

“When you’re done eating, you are the ones to clean up.”

“Just eat this!”

Lily chopped a whole apple with her fork.


That was the end of the noisy dinner.



Princess Alina woke up with a groan.

Inside the room, all of her subjects were tied with ropes and leaning against the wall.

And in front of him, the great man was sitting cross-legged on a chair.

“It happened faster than I thought.”

Princess Alina opened her eyes and glared at the great man with a venomous expression.

“What are you planning to do with us?”

“I’m still thinking about it.”

The great man diligently recalled information about Princess Alina in his head.

The only surviving member of the Hicks royal family.

At the same time, a half-elf with noble bloodline.

And according to history, he was destined to run away from his pursuers and meet a miserable end.

Her death becomes the spark for a future racial war.

‘I almost died several times because I got involved in that war to get a share in the guild.’

The great man shook his head, recalling the terrible memories of his past.

It would be better if things like war didn’t break out.

“When I thought about it, there were three options.”

The great man stretched out one finger and said.

“First, we sell you to those who are looking for you.”

I flinch.

The princess and her companions trembled.

If they were sold, Daein could receive a huge bounty.

However, as there were many people aiming for it, there was a possibility that something troublesome could happen along the way.

The great man extended his second finger and said.

“Second, I pretend not to notice and just go my way.”

At those words, the princess’s face lit up.

“If you pretend not to know us, I’ll give you all the money I have!”

The great man chuckled.

“Don’t act like you’re being generous. “You can just take everything away, but what can you give me?”


It was an undeniable fact.

Looking at Princess Alina, who was lowering her head in disappointment, the great man extended his third finger.

In fact, this was Daein’s purpose.

“The last third. I take you to the elven forest. “That’s the destination, right?”



The princess was not the only one who was surprised.

Her tied-up companions also opened their eyes and looked at Daein.

“We are heading in that direction anyway.”


“Of course, I’m not saying I’ll give you a ride for free.”

Princess Alina’s mother was an elf of noble lineage.

In other words, the princess was also of noble lineage in elf society.

To be exact, she is the granddaughter of an elf elder.

A great person needed those connections more than money.

“If you let me meet your grandmother, I will take you safely to the Elven Forest.”


Princess Alina looked at the great man with a stern expression without saying a word.

She couldn’t give an easy answer because she didn’t know how much to trust the other person’s words.

‘If this person’s words are sincere, it is not a bad condition. No, even if I ask for it, it is not enough…’

The great man said as if he had read his mind.

“You must have seen my skills earlier. You know I have no reason to lie, right? “If you were going to sell it, just tie it up and take it away.”

The princess almost nodded without even realizing it.

“Besides, your location has been exposed, so you have to get out of here quickly, right? “Other pursuers will soon follow.”


That was also correct. Once the location was exposed, I could no longer stay in this village.

Princess Alina asked the question cautiously.

“Why do you want to meet my grandmother? “What is the purpose?”

“you do not have to know. “It’s just personal reasons.”

However, the princess shook her head with a stern expression.

“I cannot consent until I know your purpose. “If you’re trying to harm your grandmother…”

Daein chuckled.

“You innocent girl. “Would you say yes if I really meant to cause harm?”

Princess Alina pursed her lips and glared at the great man. Her face was red with shame.

“…state your purpose.”

The great man shrugged his shoulders and said at the princess’s expression.

“okay. “The reason I want to meet the Elder is…”

The first reason the Great Man came to the Gaia continent was to find Lily’s parents.

But that’s not all.

While I was here, I planned to take along some items that can only be found on the continent of Gaia, and

there were also a few people I would like to meet if possible.

The elf elder was one of them.

To be precise, there was someone I wanted to meet through her, not the Grand Elder.

‘Honestly, I didn’t expect to see him on this vacation.’

However, an unexpected opportunity arose and Daein had no reason to miss it.

The great man said.

“I wanted to ask you to arrange a meeting.”

“with whom?”

“The wisest dragon. Abraxas.”

A being who has lived the longest on the Gaia continent and

is said to have mastered all knowledge and magic in the world.

The great man thought that Abraxas would be able to answer his questions.

“What do you think? My offer?”


The next day.

Before dawn, a carriage left the village.

[Personal reasons] End

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