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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 61

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[That’s it]

“Oh my god…. “What kind of technology is this…”

After getting on the steel carriage, Hawkin looked around and made exclamations like a child receiving a new toy.

“This simple yet elegant design!”

“A chair that can lie down like a bed with just one button!”

“What is the hole here where the wind comes out? “Is this magic to maintain temperature?”

“omg! Is this strange mirror… a short-distance communication magic? “I can’t believe I can see the outside scenery so clearly!”

Of course, the carriages of kings and nobles were more extravagant.

However, the steel carriage I was currently riding was not a carriage but felt like something else entirely.

“I can’t believe there is such a thing in the world!”

The more excited the former court wizard became, the more embarrassed Princess Alina became.

“Hmm. “I think there were a lot of carriages like this even in my home country.”

At the princess’s words, Hawkin’s eyes widened as if that were nonsense.

“yes? Princess mama? Where on earth in the principality is this precious carriage….”


Hawkin belatedly realized his mistake as the princess glared at him sharply.

“Of course, it’s nothing compared to the carriage that the princess used to ride.”

“…I’m glad you remember. Well, the ride comfort of this carriage is not bad.”

The princess glanced at the great man and innocently turned her head to the side.

The great man chuckled at the sight.

Still early morning.


The sleep-deprived children were lying down on their sheets and sleeping – they had to wear earplugs because of the noisy wizard – but the princess and Hawkin were busy looking around the inside of the carriage.

Leonard, an old driver, volunteered to act as coachman.

The great man spoke while looking at Leonard’s back through the monitor installed inside the carriage.

“That grandfather. “I heard you were poisoned. Is that okay?”

Hawkin answered with a slightly more serious expression.

“The poison has already been deciphered. However, because Leonard is old, it takes a long time to recover…”

Leonard was a gray-haired old man over seventy years old.

From the royal palace to the life on the run and the poison he was addicted to. The old knight’s physical strength was greatly weakened.

Nevertheless, Leonard volunteered to take on the role of coachman.

“Even though I’m old, I can still do things like this!”

Because of his reckless stubbornness, Daein eventually told him to do as he pleased.

The great man clicked his tongue and said.

“Are you honest or ignorant…”

Hawkin nodded and sighed.

“I’m planning to shift soon. “It’s no use telling you now…”

“Well, you two can figure it out on your own.”

The great man turned his head and looked at the princess.

“But how did you end up in that village?”

In response to the great man’s question, the princess who was sitting upright on the other side tilted her head to the side.

“I don’t want to talk.”

Although she fell, she was the royal family of her country.

Being in this small space with a stranger and answering questions was an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience, just like being interrogated.

Moreover, that man was very arrogant towards himself.

‘How dare you take that stance in front of me?’

The great man was sitting in front of the princess. He half laid back the seat, crossed his legs, yawned without covering his mouth, and looked straight at himself.

For a princess who grew up watching and learning royal etiquette, this was an unacceptable and barbaric attitude.

That wasn’t the princess’s only worry.

‘If that man has the heart of an animal…’

As a girl who was only 18 years old, the princess had a very rich imagination.

The princess tightened her collar. Her voice trembled slightly.

“…Be faithful to the escort mission to the elf forest.”

It was obvious what she was thinking, so the great man smiled and nodded.

“yes yes. All right. “Princess mama.”

“…Avoid using a sarcastic tone.”

It was a very rude tone, but the princess had to be content with glaring.

The great man set a few rules as a condition of taking the princess and her party to the elf forest.

first. Don’t expect to be treated like royalty.

second. Follow your own instructions unconditionally.

third. Leave the royal seal as collateral until you arrive at the Elven Forest and meet the Grand Elder.

The princess thought as she fingered her empty pockets.

‘How did that man know that I had the royal seal?’

The only people who knew that were the deceased Abamama and Eomamama. Even Leonard and Hawkin didn’t know she had a royal seal.

Although the traitor, the Marquess of Ormond, might have realized by now that the thing in the palace was a false royal seal.

The real royal seal was now in that man’s hands.

‘The royal seal must be returned.’

The royal seal, the symbol of the Hicks royal family, was not just a seal.

It contained the power to revive the fallen principality.

‘It worked out better. The safest place now would be in that man’s arms…’

Princess Alina’s mind was filled with various thoughts.

At that time, Daein, who was half lying down looking at the ceiling, turned his head and looked at her.

“princess. “I have one question.”


The princess pulled her collar closer. Every time the man blurted out something like that, her heart pounded with tension.

“…don’t talk to me as much as possible.”

Either way, Daein said what he wanted to say.

“What happens next when we arrive at the elf forest?”

“What do you mean?”

The great man turned over a little and said.

“Literally. “Are you going to live quietly there from now on, or…”

the princess said, raising her eyes. Because it was a question not worth thinking about.

“I have no intention of living in hiding for the rest of my life! “We will join forces to punish the traitors and take back my country!”

As the last lineage of the royal family whose country was taken away, it was not a choice but a duty.

The great man said, “I guess so.” I muttered and looked at the ceiling again.


There was no word between the two for a while.

Until someone suddenly spoke in passing.

“Ultimately, you want to start a war. “I don’t really want to recommend it.”

The princess said, glaring fiercely at the great man.

“So you’re telling me to leave alone the enemy who killed my parents?”

The great man did not even look at the princess. He cupped his hands, supported his head, half-closed his eyes, and spoke in a slow voice.

“Who said what? Princess, do whatever you want. “But Bokbok is a success. If you live your life clinging to it, you fall from low to low and end up missing out on all the good times.”

“What is that…”

The great man yawned and continued.

“Hmm. Just let it flow. It’s because you’re nagging me because I’m your senior in life. “In Korea, we call it braiding.”

Senior in life?

Princess Alina was dumbfounded.

That guy looked at most 2-3 years older than me.

“He was born lazy and optimistic.”

At that moment, the great man raised his head and looked at the princess. He said with a grin.

“Do you think so? “That’s my life goal.”

That smile was so innocent that Princess Alina was momentarily speechless.


The carriage continued to run. As dawn passed, the scenery outside the window became increasingly lively.

The princess turned her head and looked out the window.


…it was awkward.

In the end, this time, Princess Alina spoke to Daein first.

I also happened to be curious about something.

“Why do you want to meet the wisest dragon?”

The wisest dragon. Abraxas.

The continent’s past emperors and kings, great wizards and knights.

In addition, many people tried to meet Abraxas, but very few actually met him.

Abraxas’s whereabouts were shrouded in mystery, and even if he contacted his friend – for example, an elf elder – he might not be able to meet him.

“He may not meet you even if your grandmother asks you to.”

“You just need to arrange it.”

The man seemed to think that Abraxas would definitely meet him.

Although the princess was dumbfounded by his lack of confidence, she could not suppress her secret curiosity.

“Why do you want to meet the wisest dragon?”

“I wanted to ask you a few questions.”


The great man who had his eyes closed opened them and looked at the princess.

“You are more interested in me than I thought. “Are you even asking personal questions?”

“What! “I have no interest whatsoever!”

Princess Alina, embarrassed, turned her head. At the same time, I tightened my collar even more.

“Say it again! “Don’t talk to me first in the future!”

The reaction was exactly that of an adolescent girl, so the teenager laughed and closed her eyes again.

The carriage running along the forest road shook moderately like a rocking chair.

The ergonomically designed seats were comfortable, and the temperature inside the carriage was always maintained comfortably.

‘As expected, it was a good idea to bring Jang Young-shin.’

Plus, the moderately warm sunlight coming through the cracks in the window.

It was truly a perfect trip, as long as there was no one in the way.


The great man sighed and opened his closed eyes.

“It’s at moments like these that an intruder appears.”

When I looked at the monitor connected to the outside camera, I saw dozens of human horses approaching, raising a cloud of dust in front of me.

“bandit? Or has the chase team already arrived?”

The princess and Hawkin’s faces turned white at the great man’s muttering.

At that time, Leonard’s voice was heard from outside the carriage.

“Princess mama! These are the Marquess of Ormond’s hounds!”

“How already…”

The great man muttered to himself as he watched the princess clenching her fists so tightly that they turned completely white.

“I won’t be bored if we go together. Little kids! wake up.”

The great man shook the two children awake.

“Ugh… Is it already breakfast…?”

Lily muttered as she pushed the sleeping mask over her head.

My face was swollen from the late-night snack I ate all night and looked like a steamed bun.

On the other hand, Jang Young-shin stood up like a jiangshi and said,

“…I’m sleepy.”


I lay down again.

The great man shook his head at the sight of the two children being so carefree in the world.

“Don’t you guys have any sense of tension? “There’s an enemy outside!”

However, the person who said that did not seem very nervous.

Leonard’s urgent voice was heard again from outside the carriage.

“Princess mama! We’ll break through the enemy lines like this, so hold on tight to the wagon! “Soshin will protect his mother even if it means sacrificing his body, so don’t worry…”

said the great man who shook Jang Yeongshin awake.

“Youngshin. First, stop the carriage.”

“…Uhm…. Yes.”

Jang Young-shin nodded with sleepy eyes. The boy took out the remote control and simply operated it, and the carriage stopped as if it were a lie.

After a while, the great man came out of the carriage and saw the embarrassed old knight swinging his whip at the iron horse.

“Hey! “Why can’t I run right now?”

The great man said, shivering in the chilly air.

“Old man. Go in and close your eyes. “I’m going to rest here for a while.”

Leonard looked back at Daein and shouted. The old knight seemed more urgent than ever.

“What do you mean you’re taking a break! “You don’t see those enemies with your own eyes!”

The great man blocked the sunlight with his hand and looked at the pursuers getting closer.

Doo doo doo doo!

The number is approximately fifty. They were all armed knights on horseback.

“How can you not see it? “I have better eyesight.”

“Then get the horse running again right now! They are the knights of the principality! “It’s not like the bandits you dealt with yesterday!”

The great man shook his head. It was obvious what would happen if we broke through them as Leonard said.

“I don’t want the carriage to get scratched. “I don’t like cleaning up old people’s invoices.”

“This guy!”

Even as the two people were fighting, dozens of men and horses were running towards the carriage.


The pursuers immediately surrounded the carriage and drew their swords. It was a neat movement, as if he had trained countless times.

Leonard’s expression suddenly darkened when he discovered one of his enemies.

“Of course…”

The person who came forward was a man in his mid-40s with a very elaborate mustache.

“It’s been a while. Sir Leonard.”

In contrast to his polite tone, the mustachioed man’s mouth was filled with a sneer.

“I guess you changed your job to driver without me seeing you? “It suits you very well.”

Laughter spread among the knights surrounding the carriage.

The mustachioed man looked around with satisfaction and continued.

“Obviously, let go of the woman in the carriage. “Maybe… you haven’t already touched it, right?”

“Shut up, you bastard!”


The old knight, excited, drew his sword and shouted.

“Viscount Monchi! You dirty traitor! “I will punish you today!”

Monchi chuckled, stroking his mustache, which he was always proud of.

“You are now a count. “Unlike someone who lost his title and ran away like a dog, he got ahead.”


Count Monchi stepped forward with his sword drawn.

“Hero Leonard. Ever since I was young, I thought your rumors were exaggerated. “For a knight who is not even a sword master to be a hero… it’s pathetic.”


Pure white mana flowed over Count Monchi’s sword. Mana completely enveloped the blade and settled into a hard and solid form.

Exclamations erupted from the knights.


Auror Blade.

A technique that can only be used by swordsmen who have reached the ultimate level, and that there is nothing in the world that cannot be cut.

Count Monchi said, enraptured by his brilliant Auror Blade.

“If you’re a hero, you should be like this. “I am the future of the principality.”

Count Monchi was the only sword master in the Duchy of Hicks.

Born into a family that has produced excellent knights for generations, he is a sword master who was born from a combination of full support and great talent.

He had such strong self-love and a great desire to show off.

Count Monchi got off his horse and started walking towards Leonard.

“No one should come forward. I will cut off the hero’s head myself. And…”

Monchi licked his lower lip with his tongue. A few days ago, I felt so hot that it was difficult to control myself.

“I will have the woman in the carriage.”

“This noooooom!!”

Leonard rushed forward with his sword drawn like a thunderbolt.

However, with his old and weakened body and the aftereffects of addiction, there was no way he could defeat the Sword Master.


The sword flew away with one strike

and wow!

The armor was cut off by this sword,

and poop!

With three swords, the old knight knelt before his enemy.



Count Monchi’s sword was waiting like an executioner’s ax on Leonard’s neck, who was coughing up blood.

The old man looked back toward the carriage and muttered as if he were saying something.

“Princess… hurry and avoid…”

Count Monchi stroked his mustache and spoke with great self-absorption.

“A humble hero of the old world. Meet the end at the hands of a true new era hero. How do you feel? The tombstone says…”

At that moment, Count Monchi felt an eerie sensation and instinctively swung his sword.


Sword and sword clashed and sparks flew. Count Monchi took a few steps back.

A young man with black hair was standing in the same spot where he had been standing just a moment ago, licking his lips.

The great man who broke [Stealth] shook the blood droplets from the tip of his sword onto the floor.

“Tsk. “He’s a sword master, so he has good senses.”

Count Monchi smoothed his face with a pale face.

Blood was flowing from a wound on his cheek.

The wound is okay. Because it can be treated as much as you want.

However, it is not his beard that is his pride.

“No way…”

The surprise attack was barely prevented, but part of the mustache he was sporting was cut off.

“My my beard!!”

Meanwhile, the Great Man administered first aid by spraying a potion on Leonard’s wounds, then lifted the back of his head and threw him toward the carriage.


Leonard’s body flew in a parabola and landed lightly on the roof of the carriage.

“It’s an expensive potion, so you won’t die.”

The great man turned his head again and looked at Count Monchi.

The sword master that the principality was proud of was walking towards me with a scared face, as if he were dreaming.

In the meantime, one side of his beard was cut off, making him look funny.

“Yes, this guy… I don’t know who he is, but… he won’t die a nice death!!”


Count Monchi’s Mana Blade shone even brighter.

“My Auror Blade will tear your soul to pieces!”

The great man chuckled and raised his sword.

“Are you showing off earlier that Auror Blade is such a big deal?”

“What? A guy who doesn’t even know the subject…”

“That’s it.”


An Auror blade even clearer than Count Monchi’s grew on the Daein’s sword.

The great man said, curling one corner of his mouth.

“I can do it too?”


The moment Count Monchi opened his eyes in shock, the great man attacked him by surprise.

[That’s all] The end

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