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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 67

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[Today is]


A steel carriage passed through the gate and raced inside the wall. A long tail of dust followed the back of the carriage.

The captain, the Goblin Masked Man, stood on the coach seat and shouted to his companions.

“Everyone to your location!”

The group came out of the carriage wearing goblin masks and took their respective positions.

Dain and Lily were on the coach seat at the front of the carriage,

Alina and Hawkin were on the roof of the carriage, and

Leonard was guarding the back of the carriage with his sword drawn.

We broke down the first door and went through the wall, but the real challenge was now.

A border wall with a double structure.

All they passed was the inner wall inside the border.

The distance to the outer wall going outside is about 1km.

We had to break through this space as quickly as possible.

This is to avoid being surrounded by numerous troops coming from all directions at the same time.

“Stop it-!!”

The great man, holding a pistol in his left hand and a long sword in his right, whistled as he looked at the approaching troops.

“Have you already heard the rumor? There should be a lot.”

Soldiers were rushing to stop them.

The knights were just getting on their horses, and wizards were seen chanting spells intermittently.

“Those crazy people!”

“How dare you tell me where this is!”

They all seem to be full of life.

It seemed certain that if the carriage stopped even once, something unimaginable would happen.

And on one side,

“What on earth is going on?…”

“Shh. “Stay calm!”

The people who were passing through the wall retreated to a corner and were muttering with faces half fearful and half curious.

“Please take a good look and spread the word.”

The great man glanced at them and then looked ahead again. I attached the goblin mask to my face once more to prevent it from falling off while running wild.

“Then shall we begin the show?”

Among the soldiers running, the one with the highest rank shouted.

“Shoot the arrow!”

Shoo shoo shoo!

Countless arrows covered the sky like a net.

Daein and Lily shouted at the same time as they looked at the rain of arrows pouring down on their heads.


The bracelets of the two guardians glowed at the same time. A translucent shield covered the top of the carriage.

Ting ting ting ting!

Arrows bounce off the shield and fly in all directions. But their attack had just begun.

After finishing casting, the wizards of the wall poured magic towards the steel carriage.

“Wind Cutter!”


“Ice Spear!”

Colorful magic flying towards the carriage.

It was difficult to block all that magic with just a shield.

It was then that the former court wizard of the Duchy of Hicks showed off his skills.

“I will stop the magic!”

Hawkin, standing on the carriage roof, raised his magic wand. The emerald decorated on the head of the magic wand emitted a dazzling green light.

“Reflect shield!”


Silver shields were created on the front, back, left and right sides of the carriage. The tilted shields bounced the magic that flew into the sky.

Pow! Bubble bubbling!

The magic that bounced around exploded in the air. The sky was colored with colorful colors, like fireworks.

The wizards looked at the scene with shocked faces.

“Reflect shield?!”

“That’s a 5-circle magic…”

“Who on earth is riding it over there!”

The surprise didn’t end there.

Spells flowed non-stop from Hawkin’s mouth, and his magic wand once again shed dazzling light.



A storm swept over the front of the carriage. The soldiers who were running were blown left and right by the strong wind.


The steel carriage passed through the open road.

The great man looked back at Hawkin with an expression of surprise.

“It’s a lot better than I thought, isn’t it?”

A guy who isn’t even 30 yet is in the 5th circle. It was quite a talent.

Hawkin, who had been treated as a chore until now, raised his voice and shouted as if he was filled with sorrow.

“I grew up hearing genius from a young age! “If only I had a magic wand earlier…!”

Who said what?

The great man shrugged his shoulders and looked ahead again.

“Be nervous. “They keep coming.”

While the soldiers were buying some time, knights on horses were running towards the carriage.

The knights were smart. They didn’t just attack from the front.

“There is a wizard on the enemy. Spread out and attack!”

The knights scattered in perfect order at the shout of the knight running from the front.

The Black Lion Knights guard the border wall.

They were the strongest forces in the Principality of Hicks and knights trained directly by the sword master, Count Golkan.

That power could never be taken lightly.

The great man said as he warmed up.

“I take charge of the front and left and right sides. Kid and Hawkin block long-distance attacks, and the princess protects them. And…”

The great man shouted towards the back of the invisible carriage.

“Old man! “Can you handle the back by yourself?”

In response to Daein’s question, the old knight Leonard shouted, sparks pouring out of his eyes.

“Leave it to me! “I will risk my life to defend you!”

The great man sighed softly and grumbled.

“That’s because I said there was no need for that.”

A moment later, the Black Lion Knights stormed into the steel carriage.


It was a thunderous gunshot that signaled the start of the fight. The great man pulled Zeus’s trigger one after another.

Bang bang bang bang!

The bullets were aimed not at the knights but at the horses they were riding.

The horses running at the front screamed and fell over.

Hee hee hee!

Knights who lost their balance had no choice but to fall off their horses or throw themselves away before they fell. The steel carriage slipped through the gap that opened again.

However, the only positions a person can point a gun at are from the front and to the left and right.

The knights who turned around clung to the back of the carriage.

“Break the wagon wheels!”

At the shout of one knight, several knights simultaneously raised their spears and aimed at the rear wheels of the carriage.

But their attack was not successful.

Kaga river!

Leonard, who struck down the knights’ spears, roared like an angry lion.

“As long as I live, I won’t be able to do what I want!”

Sir Leonard.

A knight who reached the highest level of sword expert and was once called the hero of the principality.

Although it is now old and shabby, the experience remains intact.

Leonard scolded himself, squeezing out all his mana.

“Old body! “Hold on just for a few minutes, not just today!”

A wild aura like flames began to flow over his sword. Trouble immediately came to his weakened body, but the old knight gritted his teeth and swung his sword.


Go go go go!

The sound of metal colliding violently.

The great man noticed that Leonard was overexerting himself without even looking back.

“…I have to go quickly.”

At that moment, an auror blade shot out from the magic sword Shalit in Daein’s right hand.


The knights who witnessed the scene shouted in shock.

“Auror Blade!”

“It’s the Sword Master!”

However, it is already too late to deal with the situation.

The great man moved from the driver’s seat onto the back of a running iron horse and swung his sword.

Suddenly! Suddenly!

Every time sword and sword clashed with spear, the knights’ weapons were cut off.

Even if mana was equally injected into the weapon, there was a big difference between an auror blade and a non-auror blade.

Even the veteran knights of the Black Knights could not withstand Daein’s sword more than three times.

Zeus, held in the great man’s left hand, also performed well as a sidearm.

Every time the muzzles emitted thunder, the knights screamed and fell down from their horses.


“Damn it!”

A truly overwhelming sight.

The great man swung his sword and pulled the trigger like a lion jumping into a flock of sheep.

Meanwhile, all the other party members also did their part.

“Reflect Shield! Windstorm!”

Hawkin used magic enough to crack the jewel on his magic wand, and

the princess stood next to Hawkin and blocked the arrows and knights’ attacks coming at him, shouting


Leonard continued to swing his sword even though he was coughing up blood.

Even the continuous rain of arrows and magic and the Black Lion Knights could not stop the speed of the steel chariot.

How long did it go like that?

The great man looked straight ahead and shouted.

“Almost there!”

The outer wall was getting closer.

The door, which was much thicker than the door on the inner wall, was tightly shut, but that didn’t seem to be a big problem.

Because Lily had been gathering her strength to destroy that thing.

“kid. Are you ready?”

“Just a little more!”

A flame slightly larger than a fist was burning fiercely in Lily’s hands.


The flame, which did not grow larger but repeated growth and compression countless times, was glowing from red to white.

“It’s done!”

“good. When I give the signal, throw it at the door.”

Now, after a while, the party was able to pass through the barrier and get out.

It was then.


The great man looked up as he felt the fur all over his body stand on end.

Black lightning was falling, tearing the sky vertically.

The moment he saw that, there was only one thought in his mind.

‘If you block here, the carriage will overturn.’

The moment that thought occurred to him, the great man kicked his carriage and jumped into the sky.

“Don’t stop and go outside the wall!”


Leaving behind Lily’s voice calling out to him, the great man jumped into the sky and swung his sword from bottom to top.


A roar erupted as if heaven and earth were breaking apart.

And a moment later, the man was practically thrown to the ground.


Although I could barely stand on the floor with both feet, my ankles were stuck in the ground.

The great man frowned as he felt every bone in his body throbbing.

“Tsk. “What kind of power…”

“Amazing. “You can block that and still be fine.”

In front of him stood a large man whose whole body was covered in black armor.

A huge creature up to 2 meters tall. A greatsword longer than that.

Golkan was looking at the great man, his hair like a lion’s mane blowing in the wind.

He said with a grin.

“You are ‘real’.”

Those hot gazes swept over the great man’s entire body.

A posture that appears to have muscles that are not large but perfectly balanced but loosely stretched, but it is difficult to find a gap.

Above all, that blue auror blade that emits an enchanting light.

Golkan, whose body was heated, exhaled harshly and spoke.

“I can’t take it anymore.”


Golkan hit the ground and swung his sword with all his might. A long black Auror blade grew from his greatsword.

On the other hand, Daein raised his sword with an uncomfortable expression.


In his past life, he had seen many people with eyes like that.

Battle fanatics who, whenever they saw a strong-looking opponent, their eyes lit up and they rushed forward with a face that made them feel ready to die.

They had a few things in common.

It is very annoying because it does not let go of its opponent until it is satisfied, and it does not spare its life when fighting.

Above all, most of them were very strong.

The great man sighed softly as he looked at the great sword that had already been destroyed before his eyes.

“This is why I wanted to get out quickly.”

Go go go go!

In an instant, more than a dozen battles took place. Every time the swords collided, broken auror fragments flew in all directions.


In terms of strength, Golkan overwhelmed Daein. However, Daein had a slight advantage in speed.


Daein used Heunghwanwi and moved to Golkan’s side.

At the same time, Zeus’ gun was aimed at the opponent’s temple.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Golkan dodged all the bullets just by moving his upper body.

However, up to that point, even people had fully expected it. Daein aimed his sword at the opportunity created by his opponent dodging the bullets.

Stinging nettle liquid.

The demon sword Shalit radiated a mysterious energy and aimed at Golkan’s waist.



Daein’s attack was narrowly blocked, and Golkan’s counterattack immediately followed.

Golkan shouted with a truly happy face.

“Haha! Monchi, that little boy couldn’t have done it! “Your sword is a sword skill learned in combat like mine!”


The great man stepped back to avoid the barrage of attacks. At the same time, he stroked the watch on his left hand with his right hand.

The opponent is a man of skill that cannot be compared to the Monchi he faced last time.

If I had saved the money I had, I could have suffered without even using it.


The metal of the watch spread up and down and instantly covered the shoulder.

Daein clenched his fists and increased his output.


Output 25%


Here is the power of strength.

It was a combination that never once betrayed Daein’s expectations.

Golkan shouted, running towards Daein with a very flushed face.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what else you’ll show me!”

The great man said with a grin.

“You won’t regret it, right?”

The straight fist went towards Golkan. At the same time, Golkan also raised his magic power and swung his great sword.


With an ear-piercing explosion, magical power collided and exploded.

When the lingering feeling had finally passed, two men with frustrated faces were facing each other.



Daein clutched his dislocated left shoulder with his right arm, and Golkan stood with his armor in tatters, using a broken greatsword as a staff.


Golkan wiped the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand and said with a chuckle.

“Thanks to you, I feel alive for the first time in a long time.”

The great man clicked his tongue.

“It’s a shame. “It must have felt pretty good to die.”


Golkan let out a soft laugh and lifted the broken sword again.

“I started it, so I have to see it through to the end, right?”

However, the great man began to quietly retreat.

‘Am I crazy?’

He had no desire to continue the painful and difficult fight without gaining anything.

‘Let’s take it out slowly. The carriage would have gone outside the wall by now…’

Of course, it didn’t seem easy. Golkan’s skills were formidable, and while the two were fighting, the Black Lion Knights surrounded them.

Still, I have to lose one piece of my body somehow…


The moment that familiar voice was heard, the great man’s face became distorted.

The great man turned around.

just as expected.

The little boy was flying in the sky and coming this way.

At that moment, Daein screamed without even realizing it.

“hey! “I told you to go first, so why come back?”

Lily, who got down next to Daein, shouted with a sullen expression.

“I’m not going alone!”

The great man pulled Lily’s plump cheeks with an expression that said, ‘Well, there is such a thing.’

“You damn kid. “Please listen to me.”

Lily stuck out her tongue and said, ‘Beh!’

Moreover, Lily was not the only one who returned.

Doo doo doo doo!

“No way…”

Of course, the steel carriage that I thought had escaped the wall was coming back.

The great man sighed and muttered.

“ha. “At best, they bought me time by telling me to go first…”

Still, it wasn’t a bad feeling. That means they think of him as a colleague…

Lily poured cold water on his emotions.

“Youngshin oppa turned the carriage after me!”

“…I see. “It felt strange somehow.”

The great man shouted, asking if he was okay, and roughly waved his hand at the approaching princess.



The gates of the outer wall were still tightly closed, and a thick siege net was completed in the meantime.

Now, if you want to get out of here, you won’t have to kill one or two people.

“I can’t help it.”

It was time for Daein to sigh and raise his entire body’s magical energy in preparation for the upcoming fight.


Suddenly, Golkan burst out laughing like a man who had lost his mind.


Golkan looked alternately at Daein, Lily standing next to him, and the steel carriage returning.

The great man frowned and asked.

“What’s so funny?”

Golkan barely stopped laughing. However, the corner of his mouth was still twitching and he asked Daein.

“Is the child next to you your daughter?”

The great man, who was too lazy to answer in detail, nodded roughly.

“It’s something similar.”

Lily rolled her eyes and nudged his side, but the man didn’t even look up.

Golkan asked the second question.

“Why didn’t they kill anyone?”

When the steel chariot broke down the gate and raced inside the wall, numerous troops blocked them.

However, although some had broken weapons or were injured, no one died.

Not even one person.

Golkan was very curious about the reason now.

“Did you think you could get away without killing anyone? Did we look that funny?”

If Daein had made up his mind and unleashed his attacks, he would have been able to cut down the knights and reach the outer wall much faster.

The great man shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s a request from a client.”


The great man turned his head and pointed at the returning carriage.

“Do you see the goblin girl over there?”


Everyone had goblin masks on their faces, but you could tell who was a woman based on their body shape.

And Golkan had already guessed the identity of that woman.

At that time, the great man spoke.

“He said he wanted us to be as unharmed as possible because we will become his people again later. “I said I understood because it wasn’t that difficult.”

For a moment, Golkan made an expression whose subtle meaning was unknown.

“Because it’s later… You have more guts than my father.”

And Golkan lowered his sword. It seemed as if speculation had completely disappeared.

The great man asked with a puzzled expression.

“Hey, you’re not going to fight?”

“I will write you a pass.”

At those words, the great man widened his eyes.

Did I hear something wrong?

“Why all of a sudden….”

“Instead, there is a condition.”

Well then.

The great man frowned and waited for the next words to come out of Golkan’s mouth.

If I was talking nonsense, I was going to swing my sword right away.

Golkan’s mouth slowly opened.

“Sleep here for the rest of the night.”

[Today is the day] End

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