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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 75

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[First word]

Daein kicks the ground and Mode It was almost at the same time that Leah let go of her bowstring.

Pee it!

An arrow passes through the shoulder. Daein, who avoided the attack by twisting his upper body, raised his Pacheonsinbeop to its peak. He rushed straight to Mordrea.


The distance quickly narrowed. But at that moment, Mordrea’s body was caught in the wind.

After stepping on the backstab, Mordrea’s body instantly fell back about ten meters. She pulled the bowstring straight at the same time.


There was no need for arrows. When I pulled the bowstring, a flaming arrow fell on the bow.

[Elemental Bow]

A magic bow made by Archmage Draitz for his beloved.

It was an artifact that could create magic arrows of various elements according to the user’s will.


An arrow passed next to the great man’s face and exploded behind him.

Before the heat from behind went away, an ice arrow flew straight at me.

Damn it!

An ice arrow flew in, freezing the air, aiming for Daein’s leg. The great man kicked the ground and jumped up.


Mordrea aimed his bowstring at the great man floating in the air. The doll’s insensitive eyes aimed at the target’s heart.


An arrow made of stone flew with heavy force. The great man swung his sword in the air and struck down the arrow.


The stone arrow was broken. However, after that, an intangible wind arrow secretly fired by Mordrea followed.

The startled Daein turned in the air and shouted.



The hastily unfolded shield was easily torn. However, it did buy some time, and that was enough time for Daein to dodge the arrow.


The great man who got down on the ground stopped charging and put his sword at rest. A mysterious magical energy slowly rose from Shalit.

The great man said with a slightly impressed expression.

“As expected, the original is different. “The movements are different from the counterfeit ones I’ve seen.”

The original Mordrea that the great humans fought against in the past was eventually destroyed by the superhumans.

Afterwards, Draitz’s dungeon was discovered, and the method of making the Mordrea doll became known through the magic book he left behind.

Since then, many superhumans have taken Modrea dolls with them to the extent that it was once a trend, but no doll has been able to match the quality of the original.

But now another original Mordrea doll was in front of me.

The great man said with his eyes shining.

“I have to take it with me, even if it means going out of my way to do so.”


Mordrea just aimed his bowstring and was wary of the great man.


The great man kicked the ground and rushed forward again. Mordrea stepped back and pulled the bowstring.

Same development as before.

The only thing that changed was that Daein became accustomed to the opponent’s movements and patterns.

‘When the red spirit stone on the forehead sparkles, it’s a flaming arrow.’

The moment the red spirit stone embedded in Modrea’s forehead sparkled, the great man took out a liquid nitrogen capsule from his arms and threw it into the air.


The flame arrow and the capsule collided and exploded in the air. Liquid nitrogen consumed the flames and gave off a hazy vapor.


Daein broke through the steam and further narrowed the distance. I saw Mordrea retreating back. At that moment, the blue spirit stone embedded in her solar plexus sparkled.

‘If the blue color sparkles, it’s an ice arrow.’

The great man swung his sword with all his energy in preparation for the cold.

The ice arrow shattered and cold energy exploded. However, Daein, who was already prepared, narrowed the distance further while minimizing his body stiffening from the cold.


As the distance narrowed to half, Mordrea’s body was enveloped by a stronger wind. At the same time, the green spirit stone decorated like a piercing in her navel glowed.

The great man grinned and muttered.

“The green one is a wind arrow, right?”


Daein spread a shield in front of him and at the same time swung Shalit and spread a sword screen.

Wind arrows are fast and stealthy, but have the weakest power.

Ting ting ting ting!

Most of the wind arrows bounced off, but a few grazed limbs and caused injuries.

Instead, Daein succeeded in breaking through Modrea’s offensive and catching up with her.

“Let’s try to extinguish the flames first.”

The great man stretched out his left hand and pointed it at Mordrea’s forehead. And then I hit Takbam with all my might.

Sigh! Damn it!

The red spirit stone on her forehead shattered, and Mordrea’s body stumbled backwards.


But, like a doll that can’t feel pain, Mordrea didn’t panic. Using the force of my body bending backwards, I kicked my long legs forward.

Pee it!

The tip of my toe brushed the great man’s chin. While Daein took a step back in shock, Mordrea widened the distance again with a back tumble.

The great man wiped the blood from his chin with the back of his hand.

“I let my guard down.”

The tip of his chin almost split in two like Western actors. The great man shook his head and approached Modrea without hesitation.

Even if she couldn’t use a single spirit magic, Mordrea was strong. There were still three spirit stones left, and his physical ability itself was very excellent.

However, Daein was stronger than him and knew how to attack.


The blue spirit stone in the solar plexus was shattered


The green spirit stone in the navel was split in half and turned into

a perse stone!

The brown spirit stone between the wing bones turned into powder.


When all the spirit stones were broken, Mordrea’s body collapsed without strength.

The man holding Modrea wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Whew. “It’s quite difficult.”

When I looked back, the Chimera Elves were also being sorted out. Leonard and Hawkin worked well together.

After a while, the three men who finished the battle gathered together again.

Leonard, who saw Modrea, blushed slightly and said.

“You’re not going to kill that?”

The great man smiled happily and nodded.

“I’m going to take him with me. “I have something to use later.”

An original Mordrea doll.

It had various uses depending on its use.

When I returned to Guardian Maid Earth, I could have included her in the team as a ranged dealer or as a porter.


As Daein smiled, thinking about the various uses of Modrea, Leonard and Hawkin’s expressions changed strangely.

‘No way…’

‘No way…’

A beautiful naked elf.

A young man smiling meaningfully while holding the elf in one hand.

No matter how much I thought about it, there was only one ‘place to use it’ that came to mind.

Leonard asked out of curiosity.

“That elf… didn’t you say it was a doll?”

The great man nodded.

“It’s better because it’s a doll.”

Then he patted Mordrea’s head and smiled.

“I’ll go back and use it to my heart’s content.”


As soon as they saw those explicit words and creepy smiles, the two men quietly moved behind the rock.

Leonard lowered his voice and whispered to Hawkin.

“I guess I should think again about the princess.”

Hawkin also nodded with a serious expression.

“yes. I also think the same way. I never thought he was a pervert…”

At that time, a great man’s voice was heard from behind the rock.

“What are you two doing there?”

They were astonished, like children who had been caught doing something bad.

“Oh, it’s nothing!”

“I’ll be there soon!”


Archmage Draitz’s dungeon.

Actually, it was not a dungeon, but just a small cabin built in the middle of a foggy forest.

However, in this cabin and the basement below, there were many achievements that Dreitz left behind during his lifetime.

“Let’s go in.”

Daein’s group arrived in front of the cabin and went inside. On the great man’s shoulders was Mordrea, wrapped in cloth, like a piece of luggage.

Hawkin looked around the cabin and let out an exclamation.

“That’s amazing. “I can’t believe the preservation magic lasts this long…”

The only things inside the cabin were simple household items, a bed, a bookshelf, and a desk. The bookshelf was full of books.

The great man took out a thick book with “Dreitz and Mordrea” written on it from the bookshelf.

I knew the content without having to read it.

A story about the desperate love, separation, hatred, and betrayal of a wizard and an elf.

It was a novel containing Dreitz’s autobiographical story.

It is a story about an adept who read it out of curiosity, then decided it would be a waste to read it alone, translated it, passed it around with friends, and eventually it was published officially.

‘A proven bestseller.’

It was a huge hit that was later made into movies, dramas, and cartoons.

However, due to complicated copyright issues, the person who discovered the book was unable to make a single penny.

Of course, Daein had no intention of making the same mistake.

‘I’ll leave it to the guild to handle it later.’

The great man smiled happily and put the book into his bag.

At that time, Hawkin, who was inspecting the cabin, shouted in an excited voice.

“Here is the entrance to the basement!”

The three carefully headed to the basement of the cabin. Unlike the two who were very nervous, Daein took the lead with strides.

“Be careful! “If there is a trap…”

“What is a trap?”

The basement was only about 100 pyeong.

It’s too small to be called a wizard’s dungeon.

But it was full of all kinds of mysteries.

Hawkin, the wizard, was more surprised than anyone else.

“oh my god…!!”

A magical energy can be felt throughout the underground.

On one side, magic materials that were difficult to obtain even in the palace were piled up, and on one wall, a bookshelf contained magic-related books.

Among them was a magic book that is now known to have disappeared.


Hawkin, whose legs became weak, fell to his knees.

“Have I come to heaven?”

Although not as much as the wizard, Leonard also looked around with a surprised face.

“…That’s amazing.”

While the two people were surprised, the great man walked to the innermost part without hesitation.

I couldn’t take everything in here.

There is no need to do that.

“The best one. “You have to take care of things that money can’t buy.”

The great man muttered that and stopped in front of an old wooden box.

Flame droplet stone feather.

A box with symbols of the four major elements drawn on it.

Among the masterpieces created by Archmage Draitz, this was the second most famous item after the doll Mordrea.


Daein took a deep breath and opened the box. The box made a creaking sound, perhaps because it had not been opened for a very long time.

Squeak- Boom!

The lid of the box fell back. But there was nothing in the box.


To be precise, there was nothing that could be seen with the eyes.

Instead, the great man could feel the power of the spirit swirling within the box. The great man put his hand into the box.


Sparks flew from my fingertips. The great man flinched for a moment, but then put his hand back.

The spirit tapped the great man’s hand as if searching for the other person.

Crackling, crackling!

My fingertips caught fire, then ice formed, a sharp wind cut my skin, and then an intangible force tightened it to the point where blood couldn’t flow.

The great man frowned and endured the pain.


If I raised my magic power, I could get rid of it in an instant. But the great man did not do so and remained silent.

Because I knew that now was the most important moment.

‘We can’t all come and ruin it.’

After a while, the power of the spirit that had finished the search began to rise through the Daein’s fingertips.


The spirit circled the entire body and settled on the back of the great man’s right hand.

[Can I live here?]

I felt like I heard a voice like that. To be exact, it wasn’t a voice.

Should I say it is will? The great man who received that meaning grinned.

“good. In return, you will receive a generous amount of rent.”

There was no answer. Instead, symbols of the four major elements appeared one after another on the back of the great man’s hand, and then completely disappeared.


After all the procedures were completed, the great man repeated the opening and closing of his right hand.

“Not much has changed.”

However, I could definitely feel the power of the spirit writhing within my body.


The party destroyed the permanent fog magic circle installed in the basement and came out.


The fog surrounding the foggy forest was dispersing. The hazy fog disappeared and the dense forest hidden within it was revealed.


fluff. dump.

The zombie elves wandering the forest lost their strength and fell to the ground.

The great man looked back at his party, which had now grown to three, and said.

“Then shall we go back?”

Two people + a doll nodded. Each of them was carrying a large sack.

“Modrea. “Take the fastest route to the elf forest.”


Mordrea nodded silently and led the way.

Daein replaced the highest grade spirit stone found in the basement with Mordrea. Afterwards, the doll woke up again and recognized Daein as its owner.

It was thanks to the spirit power he possessed.

“haha. “I feel like I’ve entered a treasure trove.”

Leonard muttered as he felt the texture of the sack resting heavily on his shoulder.

The most expensive and best items were all taken care of by Daein, but the rest alone was of great value.

It will definitely be of great help to Daegye in the future.

It could be said to be a tremendous discovery, especially in the field of magic.

“This is the magic book written by Archmage Draitz…”

The whole way back, Hawkin couldn’t take his eyes off Draitz’s magic book he had brought from the cabin.

If he achieves magical achievement any time soon, it will definitely be thanks to great people.

Leonard looked at the great man with a face full of gratitude.

“Thank you so much… I can’t say thank you so many times, but I mean it.”

The great man nodded half-heartedly.

“If you know, be sure to return the favor.”

“Of course! But…”

Leonard glanced at Mordrea walking ahead.

The doll was naked and wearing only a loose robe, and the curves of its body were revealed every time it moved, making it look quite manly.

“you. For the sake of the princess, it would be better to behave a little better…”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Leonard looked embarrassed as the man turned around and frowned.

“hmm. “That’s…”

Leonard hesitated, trying to come up with an explanation that was specific but wouldn’t offend the other person.


Daein put his hand into his arms at the sudden vibration he felt.

An object he had forgotten about for a while came into his hands.

“This is…”

A communication crystal ball taken from Randol’s Thieves’ Guild after killing Goldmary.

The small face of a goblin engraved under the crystal ball was radiating magical power.


The great man stopped in place. He said in a firm voice.

“From now on, no one will open their mouths. “Don’t even come close to me.”

When magical power was injected into the crystal ball, a red-faced goblin appeared on top of the transparent crystal ball after a while.

Goblin Mask asked in a cracked voice.

[Who are you?]

What should I say as my first words to this bastard? Daein thought for a moment.

[First word] End

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