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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 77

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[Meeting location]

“Ugh. “The scenery is killer.”

The great man looked down from the top floor of the villa. The elf forest came into view at a glance.

As I leaned back on the chair made by an elf craftsman while admiring the scenery, it felt as if the clouds were supporting my back.


The corners of the great man’s mouth naturally rose. He reached over to the table and took a bunch of grapes, eating them and muttering.

“This is how one of my bucket list items is fulfilled.”

Thanks to the help of many elves who came forward to repay the favor, the villa was completed in just a few days.

The villa, made in the style unique to the elves, is three stories high and the materials used are the branches of dead sacred trees.

I heard that it is an ingredient used only in the homes of the heads of six families. Perhaps that was why a faint scent was flowing throughout the villa.

The great man muttered as he looked around the still somewhat empty interior of the villa.

“Next time I come, I should decorate the interior and bring a lot of things to play with.”

The villa has just been completed, but unfortunately I couldn’t stay here forever.

I already stayed in the elf forest longer than planned. Even after I leave here, I still have a lot of things to do.

The great man muttered as he thought about his future schedule.

“I think it would be wrong to go back within a month… Modrea. “Please refill my drink.”

When the great man pointed to the empty glass, Mordrea, who was standing quietly like a shadow behind him, picked up the kettle and filled the glass with drink.

Mordrea had her long black hair slicked back and tied up. The outfit is a black shirt and pants. The cold atmosphere coming from the expressionless face matched the costume very well.


After finishing its work, the doll went back behind its owner and waited.

At first, it was a bit burdensome to feel the gaze on the back of my head, but now I feel so comfortable that I can’t live without this ‘all-purpose doll’.

‘It may still require more command input, but…’

Since it is a top-class magic doll with learning ability, it will get better.

At that time, a voice was heard calling for Daein from under the villa.


When I turned my head in the direction the voice came from, I saw Lily waving below, her face and hands covered in black paint.

“I’m done coloring!”

The girl appeared to have regained her health. Her plump cheeks were a little thinner, but her face was much brighter than it had been a few days ago.

Daein clicked his tongue when he saw Lily’s dirty face.


He seemed to be bored after being discharged from the hospital, so I gave him a small task and he made it known.

“When you’re done, wash your face! Are you going to go then?”

“face? “Oh, what is this!”

Lily checked her face in the mirror and ran to where Sam was.

“Anyway, it’s a long time.”

The great man got up and walked out the window. As he jumped down from the window, Mordrea followed suit.


The great man landed on the ground with ease and walked towards the steel carriage.

The shape of the steel carriage had changed. The flashy exterior changed to plain, and the entire carriage was painted black.

Likewise, the iron horse – the iron golem – had turned into a huge black horse.

The great man whistled.

“If you look at it like this, you’ll look completely unaware.”

What Lily was doing just a moment ago was painting the carriage and iron horses black.

Jang Yeong-shin, who was putting the finishing touches on the iron horse, spotted Daein and said.

“…What about Lily? “I went looking for you earlier.”

“The little boy went to wash his face. “You should stop and take a shower before you leave.”

Although it wasn’t as much as Lily’s, Jang Young-shin’s face also had a lot of soot on it.

Youngshin Jang asked, taking off his work coat.

“Where did you go?”

The great man pointed in one direction with his finger.

“Over there. “It probably went to the Fountain of Purification.”

Daein chuckled as he watched Jang Youngshin run away without answering.

“Would it be that good?”

Today was the day Daein and his party left the elf forest.

So, the shape of the carriage was changed and its color was painted black. This was because the steel carriage was too exposed in the Hicks kingdom.

Then, on the other side,

“Put more!”

Many people were busy moving around since morning.

This all happened when the news that Daein’s group was leaving today became known.

“We can still load more! Just pile it higher and tie it tight!”

The person who raised his voice was Leonard, now a middle-aged knight. He was trying to somehow load more goods into the wagon, which was already over capacity.

“Wait! If you do it that way, you’ll be better off! You have to approach it mathematically…”

Next to him, Hawkin was nagging and piling his luggage like a tower.

“Wouldn’t it be better to get another carriage?”

Princess Alina was looking up at the load, which was already taller than the wagon, with an expression full of worry.

And the elders and elves kept coming and going around them, bringing gifts.

“This is dried fruit.”

“It is the family’s traditional liquor.”

“I brought some spirit stones.”

“I brought you my favorite, pretty stone!”

The gifts brought by the elves on the wagon were piling up without end.

In the end, the great man sighed and stepped forward.

“How are you going to take all this?”

No matter how much you like freebies and gifts, there are limits.

Even the steel carriage was not enough, so it was not possible to travel with two wagons full of gifts.

The great man sighed and looked around at the elves.

They were packing gifts to give to their benefactor and friend.

The great man was so embarrassed that he laughed.

‘Oh my goodness, have you ever seen such generous elves?’

“everyone. Thank you for the gifts, but there are too many to take them all. “I’ll take an appropriate amount and get the rest next time.”

Leaving behind the sincerely regretful elves, the great man reduced the load of the wagon by half. Actually, there were a lot of them.

After a while, two wagons loaded with all kinds of gifts were connected to the back of the black wagon, making it a three-tiered wagon.

The great man, who had just finished preparing to leave, got into the coachman’s seat.

“Whew. “I can finally leave now.”

The princess and her party saw them off to the bottom of the mountain range.

Leonard held Daein’s hand tightly and said with a serious face,

“Let’s meet again.” “Then I will definitely repay the favor I received today.”

I don’t know why, but Hawkin made a promise with tears in his eyes.

“Thank you so much. “Next time I see you, I will become an even greater wizard!”

Alina hugged Lily and Jang Young-shin tightly and whispered to Lily for a while.

Then, hesitatingly, he approached Daein and spoke.

“A promise to meet again in a year. “I hope you don’t forget.”

Alina’s tone changed a little, but Daein didn’t mind.

Instead, he just diligently scratched the shriveled chicken flesh.

“Anyway, all three of you are serious until the end. “It’s nothing special.”

Finally, the Grand Elder smiled softly and spoke.

“Please come back anytime. “Because you are our friend.”

They even built us a villa, and of course we planned to come back. Next time, I planned to stay longer and have fun.

The great man said with a grin.

“Thank you. “In many ways.”

“And at the end of this journey…”

The elder recalled again what he had said to the great man the day before.

“I hope you meet him and get the answers you want.”


The great elder told me that he would be waiting for the great man at the end of the journey.

Before we knew it, the carriage had come down the central mountain range.

“Then I’ll go. “Come in.”

The great man gave a brief greeting. I couldn’t say goodbye in an awkward way, so I had nothing more to say.

Alina. Leonard. Hawkin.

The great man looked around at the faces of the three people and said with a grin.

“You worked hard. See you later. “Hey!”

The black carriage loaded with gifts began to move further and further away.


“Bye bye!”

The children stuck their heads out the window and waved. The three people who remained there smiled and waved to each other.

The black carriage grew smaller and smaller and soon disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Even then, the three people waved their hands. Then, only after a long time did Alina open her mouth.

“Now let us do what we must do.”

The knights and wizards who would later become legends of the new Hicks Kingdom nodded vigorously.





The black carriage that came down from the central mountains headed towards the border of Teru Kingdom.

The border post of Teru Kingdom.

The soldiers guarding the guard post noticed a black carriage approaching from afar and exchanged glances.

“Does that look like a merchant carriage?”

“If you look at it, it’s fake.”

It was a three-tiered carriage pulled by barely one horse – although the horse was a bit unusually large. The shape was plain and the color was dull black.

merchant. It was clearly an unremarkable merchant’s carriage.

The soldiers stepped forward and shouted arrogantly.


A black carriage slowed down and approached. The soldiers drove horses and approached the carriage.

The driver was a young man with blond hair wearing plain clothes.

At that moment, a bitter smile appeared on the lips of the soldiers who briefly exchanged glances. They thought they could have a nice drink tonight.

The soldiers approached the driver.

“Where is this carriage coming from? “Do you have a pass?”

“shit. Why do you have so much baggage? “It will take three days to search.”

The soldiers came out strong from the start. He frowned, lowered his voice, and announced that his luggage should be searched.

Usually, if you scare someone like this, they will give you some money to take care of it.

But this blond-haired coachman didn’t seem to be afraid, let alone take the money.

Instead, he took something out of his pocket and held it out to the soldiers.

“Here’s your pass.”

‘You brat is so arrogant…’

‘Is there even a part of you that you can trust?’

Although the soldiers frowned, their attitude was so confident that they checked the passes.

And after a while they became as hard as ice.

Count Golkan.

The two soldiers’ livers were too small to bear that name.

The soldiers simultaneously bent their waists to 90 degrees and shouted.

“That was rude!”

“You can pass right through!”

The great man lightly tapped the two soldiers on the shoulders and passed by.

The black carriage easily passed the border, passed the border post, and entered the Kingdom of Teru.

And that night.

The black carriage arrived in the city of Florence.

The great man drove the carriage to the largest and most expensive hotel in the city.

The magic sign that said [Grand Firenza] was shining brightly even at night.


The group left the carriage and horses with the lobby boy who came to meet them and entered the hotel.

Most of the people coming and going in the hotel were wealthy merchants or semi-nobles like knights and wizards.

It’s already quite late.

The guests in the lobby glanced at the newly arrived group.

The unusual combination of a boy in an unremarkable outfit and a girl and a black-haired elf attracted attention in itself.

Some of them blatantly ignored Daein’s group.

“What are those dirty things?”

“Did you know how long it would be here in one night?”

“Isn’t it because someone was lonely that they called an elf? “That bitch looks pretty expensive?”

People laughing and laughing. However, the great man calmly crossed the lobby.


The great man said as he placed a heavy bag of gold coins on the counter.

“Give me two of the most expensive rooms.”

Everyone’s attention was focused on that one word. The great man continued speaking, ignoring the reactions of those around him who were now starting to buzz differently.

“Oh, and…”

There were several reasons why Daein chose the most expensive hotel in the city.

First of all, because I have a lot of money. It was natural to enjoy the best service.

And one more thing.

“I heard there’s a gambling house open here in the basement? “Can you give me directions later?”

This was because the city’s largest gambling hall was located right here.

And one more thing.

The great man touched his dyed blonde hair and spoke in a low voice.

“I need a crystal ball for communication. They only sell it here.”

This was the meeting point informed by Red Goblin.

[Meeting location] End

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