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Regressor’s Life After Retirement Chapter 86

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[How to solve the problem]

“Why are you doing this?” please!”

The woman looked at the great man with a frightened expression.

A face that looks like it’s about to drop tears at any moment, and a skinny body that trembles pitifully.

Although it was an Academy Award-worthy performance, it was not enough to impress her only audience.

“Do you still want to act?”


As Daein put more pressure on his hand, he heard the sound of his neck vertebrae being misaligned.

“Ugh! Please save me. Please…”

The strangled woman’s face turned red. The woman cried and pleaded.

However, the great man still had a cold expression.

“Try acting one more time. “At that time, I will break off the branches.”

At that moment, the woman’s eyes turned vicious. The woman asked in a noticeably lower voice.

“How did know?”

It was an act that fooled even his children. The woman did not think that there were any flaws in her actions or words.

The great man shrugged his shoulders and said.

“Honestly, I almost got fooled. “If only I hadn’t suspected it from the beginning.”

I feel sorry for Lily, but Daein was suspicious that the girl’s mother was still alive and well.

“After the little boy ran away, you guys must have been wandering around looking for him. Finding your parents would have been a natural step. “But you don’t seem to know anything?”


There was no answer, but the woman’s face was gradually hardening. Daein chuckled and continued speaking.

“At first, I thought I was receiving some kind of threat from them. Then you might not be able to speak. So I kept watching. So, I began to see strange things one by one…”

At that moment, the woman suddenly kicked up her foot.


The great man tilted his head and avoided the attack. The woman’s toes cut through several strands of the man’s hair.


Meanwhile, the woman who had retreated held a sharp dagger in her hand.


Daein also drew his sword and continued what he said earlier.

“…For a woman living in the countryside like this, her muscles are very well developed.”

The woman, revealing her true colors, laughed sarcastically.

“oh. You said you were covering it with clothes, but you were seeing it? “It’s sweet.”

She was a highly trained assassin.

Specialties include undercover and assassination.

Because he had undergone similar training in the past, Daein was able to find the traces.

The great man said.

“I ask for the last time. Where is your real little mom?”

The woman played her mother so well that it fooled Lily. If so, then of course he would know the whereabouts of his real mother.

Assassin touched his face and chuckled.

“I want to know? Then I’ll ask you a question. “What is this beautiful face made of?”

At that moment, Daein’s expression became as hard as stone.

“You can’t believe it….”

“Oh my. “You already know this face, right?”

A tactic to shake one’s composure before a fight.

The great man clearly knew that. But even though I knew it, I couldn’t help feeling angry.

Because there was a very high probability that those words contained the truth.

“…Let’s start by killing him halfway.”

The great man muttered softly and immediately rushed at the assassin.


Daein narrowed the distance in an instant and swung Shalit. The Assassin stepped back and threw daggers one after another.

Kaga river!

A dagger that bounces off everything. Meanwhile, the Assassin hid in the darkness.


It was a considerable level of hiding ability. However, it was not enough to be effective for adults.

“I’m sorry, but I come from the same industry. “Is it obvious where you’re hiding?”

The great man swung his sword toward the empty sky.


The opponent was caught in Shalit’s silent trajectory. Blood stained the air, and an assassin with a frustrated expression appeared. One arm had fallen off.


Daein pushed his opponent without giving him a chance to rest. The Assassin immediately turned and ran away.

A cat-and-mouse chase continued for a while.

However, for a moment, the Assassin, who had both legs cut off, rolled roughly on the floor.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu us us us….”

The great man walked over and plunged his sword into the floor next to the Assassin’s face.

The great man spoke in a cold, subdued voice.

“Little mom. “Did you kill him?”

The Assassin chuckled instead of answering. She ripped off her own face with her only remaining limb.


Assassin said, throwing the roughly torn face skin at Daein.

“You wouldn’t know it if you saw it?”

The great man touched it with his hand and confirmed it for himself.


It was an object made by cutting out the leather of a real person’s face and processing it.

The great man sighed softly and said.

“Where is the body?”

“well. “You should be in the crow’s stomach by now, right?”

“You’d better answer properly.”


The sword dug into my stomach. The Assassin was struggling violently in pain, but at the same time laughing like a person who had lost his mind.

“Whoa! Hehehe….”

Even though he would die here, he had fulfilled all the given missions.

Buying this much time was enough.

Assassin looked up at the great man. With crazy eyes and an eerie smile on his lips.

“We will take the fire child back.”

The great man thought those words were the struggles of a dying man.

“You guys? By what means?”

I already checked everything. That there are no more threats to this village.

The villagers we looked at earlier were all ordinary humans. Even if there were Pandemonium’s subordinates among them, there was no one capable of subduing Mordrea, who was on guard against the carriage 24 hours a day.

So, the great man was relieved and took the fake outside with him. To handle things as quietly as possible.

The great man said.

“Stop fantasizing and just answer the questions. Where did the kid buried their real mother …. ”

At that moment,

“ …. ”

The strange sense of the adult’s spine with the smile of Assassin.

‘Did I miss something?’

The great man quickly turned his head and looked in the direction of the carriage.

Before I knew it, dark clouds were gathering in the sky.

And an unusual magical power was seething between the clouds.

Crackling, crackling -.

The gathered magical power repeated gathering and dispersing between clouds like an electric current.

It soon connected to a red line and began to transform into a huge and complex magic circle.

“Multiple magic circles…”

The great man widened his eyes and analyzed the shape of the magic circles.

Since he wasn’t a wizard, he didn’t know much about magic circles.

However, I did know the shapes of some famous magic circles.

One is the magical power sealing barrier.

One is the demon summoning spell.

And one…

At that moment, the great man let out a low groan.

“…Transmission magic.”

The magic circle has now reached its completion stage, turning red and slowly beginning to warm up.


The Assassin who fell to the floor laughed and said.

“You probably thought you lured me in. “I didn’t even know it was the other way around.”

“shut up.”

“Even if I went to stop it, it was already too late. The magic circle will be completed soon. Then the Fire Child will return to where he belongs…!”


The great man blew off the Assassin’s head. And then he started running with all his might towards the center of the magic circle.

There was a carriage, a group of people, and a little boy.





The black magical power that fell from the sky like pollen seeped into the bodies of the villagers who had returned home and were sleeping soundly.


“I’m full….”

Villagers sleeping with happy faces. They didn’t know anything.

Also, a few months ago, Lily’s mother changed into someone else.

What she did by hiding in their house every night and

what the results would be today.


The black magic that poured out from the magic circle reacted by touching the [brand of a living sacrifice] engraved on the bodies of the villagers.


The brand tore like a wound and blood splattered out.

The villagers who were asleep couldn’t even scream properly.

Before that, his vocal cords were torn and his spine was severed. And the demons covered in internal organs crawled out from inside the body.




There were many different forms of demons. Starting with a demon smaller than a child, corpses inflated like balloons exploded, and huge demons were summoned in their place.

-Phew! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Disasters occurred all over town.

Demons summoned using humans as sacrifices destroyed the house and poured out. And everyone started moving in one direction.


Daein frowned as he smelled the smell of blood wafting through the village. The demons who discovered him screamed and attacked him.

“I don’t have time to deal with you guys!”

Shalit, holding an Auror blade, was drawn horizontally.


Demons splitting in half. However, some of them regenerated on their own, or dispersed like smoke, then came together and attacked.

The great man aimed his left hand at the demons who kept blocking the path.


The watch on my left hand instantly turned into a hand cannon. As energy gathered in the gun, the great man used the spirit to transform its properties into fire.


The fired flames swept across the front. Daein jumped into the path he had created and continued swinging his sword and firing his hand cannon.

After a while, I saw children gathered in one place and fighting demons.

“Krrr… uncle!”

Zeke shouted after discovering the great man. The boy looked quite dangerous, having turned into a half-werewolf.

Next to her, like her brother, Hannah was half-turned into a cat, and Jang Young-shin was seen riding an iron golem.

Mordrea was standing on the roof of the carriage shooting arrows at the demons.

The great man cut down the demons blocking his way and joined the group.

“What about the little one?”

When asked about Lily’s well-being, Jang Young-shin cried out in a tearful voice.

[mister! Lily is strange!]

Lily was at the center of the children.

A red pillar of light poured from a magic circle in the sky and surrounded the girl, and within it, Lily was curled up like a fetus, floating in the air.

“What happened?”

[I don’t know. [Suddenly…]

The great man discovered black letters of unknown meaning engraved on Lily’s forehead.

A mark indicating that it is the target of transfer magic.

The great man walked into the pillar of light with great strides.


Although my skin felt like it was burning because of the magical energy shining down on me, I forced myself to go in, protecting my body with the Breaking Heavenly Technique.

“kid! are you okay?”

As I shook my body and asked, Lily curled up even more.

“It’s cold…”

The great man flowed magical energy into Lily’s body and checked her condition.

Lily’s magical power was being sealed and her consciousness was fading at the same time. Meanwhile, the mark on his forehead was becoming darker.

It seemed like it was the effect of that huge magic circle.

The great man looked up into the sky and spoke to the group.

“Let’s get out of here first.”

When the transfer magic is activated, Lily is dragged to the enemy’s base. I couldn’t stand to see it that way.

The great man hugged Lily with his left hand. The pillar of light hit him relentlessly, causing pain, but it was bearable.

“Everyone follow me.”

The great man raised his Pacheonshingong and ran forward.

Sigh! Sigh!

Every time the sword was swung, the demons’ bodies were cut and split into pieces.

However, the speed was noticeably slower than the first time.

Because of the magical power sealing barrier spread throughout the village, it is much more difficult to raise magical power than usual


The pillar of light that poured out of the magic circle followed the two people persistently.


The magic circle in the sky was shaking more and more strongly.

As the magic pouring from the magic circle became stronger, the demons also grew bigger and stronger.




A very urgent situation. But the more he thought about it, the calmer his mind became.

‘We still have about 3 minutes.’

Transfer magic does not activate immediately.

Preparation time increases depending on the size, distance, and ‘specification’ of the target.

That’s at least 3 minutes.

All you have to do is find a way to escape this village or break the spell.

‘There must be a way. There must be a way…’

The great man quickly reviewed all of his knowledge and the list of numerous artifacts he had acquired on his way here.

Just as a plan was forming in my head,

“Do you think I’ll let you run away!”

A magic attack came from afar along with a voice full of resentment.


The magic that bounced off the sword exploded from the side.

When Daein looked in the direction from which the magic came, the Red Goblin was gnashing his teeth and glaring at him.

It seemed like he escaped during the melee.

“Child of Fire! And you…!This is your grave!”

At that moment, a welcoming smile appeared on the Daein’s lips.


A way to solve the problem occurred to me.

[How to solve the problem] End

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