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Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 1013

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Episode 1013

Episode 247 La Frarosa War of Liberation (1)

May 17, 1804.

The second liberation device had just been completed. Garmund and Teto, like the previous fighting kings, instantly melted into the union and shed tears as they listened to the story about Jin.

He also provided internal news about La Prarosa.

By the time they came out, Belize and Linpa had already left La Prarosa. Moreover, the aftermath of the dimensional error was accelerating and the enemies were attacking more fiercely, so the situation could not be better.

“…Now that the Garmund brothers and the Teto brothers are gone, Laprarosa is bound to have a harder time.”

Belize and Linpa, who always told us not to worry, also had a look of sadness on their faces.

It wasn’t because of the class. I’m just worried about whether the remaining eight Tuwang brothers will be able to survive.

“Hey, who would want to die? I don’t know about the Garmund brothers, but the Teto brothers are the weakest among us, right? “It doesn’t matter if you’re missing something.”

“No, Brother Belize, those words scratch my heart very sharply.”

“But… actually… it is.”

“That’s right, the Teto brothers are also great fighting kings. “Just the worst of the best.”

“Brothers Rinfa and Garmund? Damn it, I’m still fighting. Hey Brother Jin, tell me something.”

“Probably from now on, the Tushin brothers will not send out any more Tuwang brothers even if the opportunity arises.”

Jin said, looking around at his colleagues. Teto was about to argue that that wasn’t what he wanted to say, but he looked at the atmosphere and closed his mouth.

“Why do you think so? Brother Jin.”

“Because Brother Tushin believes in me and my brothers. In my opinion, if we send out any more Tuwang brothers, the lives of other brothers will be in danger. Moreover, the Tushin brothers must now have a rough understanding of their enemies’ abilities, and they have shown their dignity for once.”

Jin was sure. The other fighting kings who heard those words thought for a moment and nodded.

“That’s right, Brother Tuxin doesn’t only care about Brother Jin. “From now on, we will only move when everyone can go out together.”

“Anyway, from the beginning, we planned the operation without the four Tuwang brothers who are here now. As more brothers are added, the success rate increases. Brother Tushin has helped us enough, so now we just have to do our best.”

“Kyakya, you mean I just have to throw this box over the dimensional rift?”

Teto said, pointing to the liberation device.

“that’s right. “Until it happens.”

“Yes, until it happens!”

The battle for the Great Desert of Mithra, which took place before the liberation device was completed, could be said to be a victory for the Jeokmyeong tribe.

They are still occupying the Great Desert. The Bamal Alliance has never been able to take control of the Great Desert from them.

However, the war was not yet lost.

Either the Pluto family will be liberated, or the rift will be destroyed before then. The outcome of the La Prarosa Liberation War will be determined by the outcome.

The Bamul Alliance was now scheduled to depart for the Great Desert once an unnamed reconnaissance report was received. The scheduled number of people was the same as last time, with the same three groups, except that Garmund and Teto were added to replace the injured Oul.


The conference room communicator vibrated. It was an anonymous communication request.

{The leader, this is Bizen, the unknown best assassin.}

There was a hint of urgency in Bizen’s voice. Jin and his colleagues narrowed their eyes and listened to the communicator.

“Bizen, what’s going on?”



{The Rift of La Prarosa, a huge storm of chaos suddenly spread throughout the area occupied by the enemy tribe. Even now, it’s still expanding. Even though the area where communication was possible was lost, it was still visible with the naked eye.} The

chaos that started with the bead that Lokia gave to Simat was spreading like an uncontrollable wildfire.

“Ganesto…! “They intervened.”

Jin immediately thought of Ganestoga. Currently, Ganesto is the only one using the power of chaos in earnest.

‘I expected it, but now… Moreover, the scale of the chaos is unusual. ‘What on earth have you done?’

Whatever it is, it cannot be for the benefit of the La Prarosa and Bamul alliance. Jin suppressed his anger and cooled his head.

“Was there anything else unusual?”

{I couldn’t check it any further than that because I was trying to avoid the red brain waves and confusion. If you allow me, I will re-enter right now.}

“No, all the nameless sprayers in the Great Desert must return immediately.”


Communication has ended. Jin made eye contact with his colleagues and quickly began to revise his plan.

“Jet, prepare a chaos purifier immediately and send it to Dr. Quaul. So that it can be used immediately after inspection. And on your way out, call Murakan and Veil.”

“I understand, Nari!”

“Talaris, it would be best for you to return to the secret palace first.”

“Hmm, are you planning to change the infiltration team?”

“yes. There is no way chaos can spread only in the Great Desert. Moreover, it is currently difficult to confirm how the enemy tribe will appear. “We can leave the great desert engulfed in chaos for now and attack our territories first.”

“That’s true, son-in-law. “It’s difficult to defend the Big Palace without me right now.”

“Dante, you too must return to the Empire. Lord Vanessa, please go to the Garden of Swords.”


“I understand, Sogaju.”

“Sister Luna will stay at Tikan.”

“uh? Maknae, am I also going to be left out of the infiltration team? Then how are you going to organize the staff?”

“We will exclude all personnel who are likely to be exposed to chaos. Of course, colleagues with 10 stars or higher will be able to endure the chaos and fight, but if they are not careful, they can become a source of infection. Of course, it would be especially fatal for those of us who are moving defensively.”

At the time of the Battle of the Demon Gods and the Battle of the Sword Emperors, the only person immune to chaos due to royalties was Jin.

But not anymore.

The Ming Dynasty is immune to chaos from the moment they are born. There were five such kings of the Ming Dynasty here now.

“Ah, Jin. You called me again to make me hungry, right? I was wondering if there was a loophole in the defense over Tikan. “Do you think it would be easy to spread a shield over the entire Tikan all day long?”

“You’re here, it’s inevitable. The defense you were doing will be handled by the superhumans excluded this time, including Sister Luna. “You go into the Great Desert with me.”

A trace of life, a veil of fragments of the sun god.

He was also a person who was almost immune to chaos.

“Oh… Does this mean that the time has come for Mr. Veil to personally grant eternal rest to mortals with red light hearts? Hehehe, it’s a blood festival.”

Even though the atmosphere was heavy, the colleagues were able to laugh at Bale’s jokes once in a while. Maybe it’s not a joke, though.

“Kid, why? “I was waiting because Strawberry Pie said he would bake a strawberry pie for me when I was having a hard time. How are you going to ask for this?”

Following Bale, Murakan entered the conference room. His scales, which had almost regained their glory from their prime, could not be easily pierced by even the particularly strong Chaos.

“You too are infiltrating this time. We need personnel with little risk of chaotic radiation exposure.”

“what? So what about Tican? Is the Immortal One here too? “Is this also considered infiltration?”

“Ha, if you’re going to keep calling me immortal and inevitable, just do one thing.”

“Instead of two people leaving, other superhumans will remain.”

“It’s inevitable, and if I’m left out, even if superhumans are added, there will inevitably be more gaps than before?”

“I can’t help it. As the situation is the same, we also have to take a chance. Even if the enemy tribes attack Tikan, it is quite possible to hold out until the infiltration team returns.”

“Tsk, okay. Strawberry pie, just wait a moment. I should just go and kill them all, or come back. Oh, I’m so annoyed! I really searched. “It’s been a long time since I personally disciplined you, you enemy bastards.”

“Strawberry pie isn’t even here, Murakan friend!”

“Even if you’re not there, my feelings are still conveyed! Belize friends. Now that I’m on the royal list, I encourage you Ming Dynasties to give love a try too.”

“Lastly, I am also going with my youngest. he.”

Jonah said as he got out from under the desk. Until now, no one knew that Jonah was hiding.

“Oh, I’m surprised, Jonah. “Aren’t you immune to chaos?”

“It’s not completely immune, but it can be somewhat controlled. And I need you to be able to move the liberation device around.”

Even if a storm of chaos arises out of nowhere, the goals of the coalition do not change. If the enemy clan continues the battle regardless of the storm of chaos, they will try to intercept the liberation device even more tenaciously than before.

Jin, Belize, Rinfa, Garmund, Teto, Murakan, Bale, Jonah.

This sortie was decided to consist of eight people. It was the first time that Jin and Murakan participated at the same time, and that all four fighters appeared in good condition.

‘The number of people has decreased, but maybe this is better. Moreover, according to Sir Elthiot, the Red and Blue Ming tribes do not have as strong an immunity to chaos as me and my brothers. Chaos can actually be an advantage.’

Moreover, just as Kingelo did during the summoning ceremony, the chaos used by Ganesto might also create a positive variable in the cracks in La Prarosa. Until now, the situation has continued to flow like that, full of coincidences and errors.

“let’s go.”

Jin and his colleagues boarded the Red Owl. The red owl instantly transported them to the outskirts of the great desert.


“Are you okay, friend Murakan!?”

“It’s okay.”

“It happens often, so just leave it alone for a while, Brother Teto.”

A growing storm of chaos was visible beyond the windshield. For Murakan, Veil, and Yona, it was just huge in size, but it was chaos with nothing special to be found.

However, as soon as Jin and the Ming Dynasty encountered chaos, they collectively touched their foreheads.

“ah! “Is chaos really that thing?”

“The first chaos. “It’s not completely immune, so it’ll be a little tight.”

“That… isn’t common… why does Brother Jin keep getting involved with that chaos…?”

“It’s a good thing we’re the only ones who came. Other friends probably won’t be able to endure that and fight for as long as us.”

The fighting kings said. However, contrary to what he said, there was no sign of being intimidated at all.

“…Lingling. That chaos was clearly created to provoke Lingling, brothers. It looks like the Ganesto guys have figured out the connection between Brother Ban and Lingling. “I don’t know what kind of trick they used.”

Wow! Jin and the Ming Dynasty simultaneously gritted their teeth and grabbed their weapons.

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