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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 141

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Episode 141:

The eyes inside the Black Knight’s helmet burned.

He swung the sword in his other hand and struck down the snowfall.


Kang Seol lowered his posture and hit the Black Knight’s hand with the back of his hand. It was hoped that the Black Knight would lose his sword due to this impact, but it only changed the sword’s trajectory and did not have the expected effect.



Snowfall performs some tricks backwards and the Black Knight pauses for a moment.

“Please step back.”

“Oh, okay.”

Philia followed Kang Seol’s words.

Even if she joined the chase team’s battle, at such a close distance, she would only be a burden.

‘Those weapons…’

Kang Seol felt an unknown ominousness in the Black Knight’s armor and sword. The thing with a dark energy rippling through it didn’t seem to be an ordinary object.


Chameli’s scream-like cry.

At the same time, the solemn voices of the pilgrims echoed through the village.

“Rest in peace!”

[Glory be upon the Snowman.]

[The Snowman’s elemental resistance increases by 35% and his action speed increases by 20%.]


A brilliant light enveloped Kang Seol’s body.



Second collision.


The Black Knight’s sword was bent at an angle and tried to cut Kang Seol’s body diagonally.


Kang Seol put a trick in his movements and immediately tilted his head in the opposite direction.

As a result, the most ideal environment was created to strike the Black Knight’s abdomen.

It is too late to rule with an iron fist.



‘It worked!’

The heavy touch was passed on to Kang Seol.

I had a feeling that this would have been enough of a blow to the snowfall.

But what followed was beyond his expectations.

[Perception activates.]

[Hopeful Predator swallows the shock.]

[Hopeful Predator is in an empty stomach.]

[Hopeful Predator digests all shocks.]

‘… What?’

The snow rolled straight on the ground.



Just as a pickaxe digs up the ground, the Black Knight’s sword cuts the floor in a straight line.

“Huh… Huh….”

If I had made a mistake, my head would have been split in half.

‘Damn it! ‘Hope Predator here and now?’

The problem was not the Black Knight’s current skills but his cruelty.

As far as Kang Seol knew, the Hope Predator was a very infamous item, and the problem was that it was now falling into the hands of the enemy.


Perhaps sensing that he had the upper hand, the Black Knight aimed for Snowfall without delay.


I had no intention of just suffering from the snowfall.


The Black Knight rushes towards Snow, who was not prepared for it.

Snowfall was silent until the Black Knight got close.



Snowfall only looked at the Black Knight’s movements and where his sword was pointing.


He took the timing, struck the back of the knife with his elbow, and then pointed both arms forward.

When the Black Knight sensed danger and took a step back, black energy was released from Snowfall’s palm.



Karuna targeted the Black Knight as soon as he was summoned, but the Black Knight met Karuna from the distance he wanted and did not take much damage.


However, he was not prepared for Karen’s movement coming out from behind Karuna.

Her sword aimed at the Black Knight’s torso.


Instead of the sound of the body being cut, the sound of metal scraping was heard.

[Perception is activated.]

[The Black Knight’s Hope Devourer swallows the shock.] [The

Black Knight’s Hope Devourer is in an empty stomach.]

[The Black Knight’s Hope Devourer digests all the shock.]

‘This also works. ‘No?’

Truly incredible defense power.

The Black Knight was nothing short of an impregnable castle.

Jamard’s words were passed on to Kangseol’s mind.

– This opponent… is not easy.

Kang Seol felt despondent as the move he had prepared was easily blocked. Still, it moved right away. Because the fight was still going on.


The area was bombarded with light from pilgrims, pushing back the Black Knight.

The strategy is for Karen and Karuna to take turns confronting the Black Knight every time the bombing stops, and when an opening appears, Snowfall strikes.

No one made a mistake in executing the strategy.


Karuna’s sword swung, aiming for the exposed gap.

Card clatter…

[Seeking is activated.]

[Hopeful Predator swallows the shock.]

[Hopeful Predator is empty stomach.]

[Hopeful Predator digests all shocks.]


This time, Snowfall’s shadow hand hits.

Doo doo doo doo!

[Perception activates.]

[Hopeful Predator swallows the shock.]

[Hopeful Predator is in an empty stomach.]

[Hopeful Predator digests all the shock.]

And everyone realizes that the strategy itself was wrong. It has been done.

“The attack… doesn’t work, does it?”

“Uh… how should we respond, Bishop? We need to revise our strategy…”

Chameli frowned and focused on pouring out divine power. This was the only thing that could help her right now.

Kang Seol, who currently plays the biggest role on the scene, coolly analyzed the situation.

‘…the attack power is not enough.’

The Hope Predator was known as an opponent of the vanguard called the Melee class. It ignores all minor physical damage and absorbs attacks that cause large damage as much as the armor allows.

To overcome this hopeful predator, you had to inflict enormous damage in a short period of time. Or accumulate a huge amount of cumulative damage.

Of course, if this method delays accumulating damage, it will be faster for the hopeful predator to digest the damage it has received. If so, it was obvious that the situation would eventually return to square one.

‘Still, if it’s ruled with an iron fist… no, it’s dangerous.’

I wasn’t even sure about ruling with an iron fist. In fact, Snowfall’s attack pattern so far has been very simple.

After taking on the form of a night raven, you can use your overwhelming abilities to crush your enemies or rule with an iron fist and throw away a bullet in one blow.

This method has worked so far, but it cannot be used when facing an opponent whose abilities are equal to Snow’s, or who is not slow enough to take on the iron fist rule.

Although iron fist rule had great destructive power, it also came with great risks. For example, if the opponent moves quickly, it is even more difficult to hit.

‘Damn it…’

There was a reason why his attack pattern was simplified.

The lack of basic attack power.

Galota’s Tongue used by Snowfall did not have high attack power because it was a summoning equipment to begin with, and although Jamard’s Fist of the Mountain was new, he did not invest in it, so its basic attack power remained very low.

In other words, no matter how high the night crow’s strength level is, the weapon’s attack power is low, so its efficiency is low.

The problem was clearly revealed through the battle with the Black Knight.

‘Still… I have no choice but to try it first.’

Now was not the time to find out my own problems.

It was time to find a loophole in the enemy.


Karen rotated her body sharply and aimed at the Black Knight’s lower body.

When going into battle, she wore a helmet and always acted seriously.

Kaga River-!

The Black Knight leapt backwards.


But the distance was too far for snowfall to aim.



Instead, Karuna’s thrust is within reach. Even the Black Knight couldn’t ignore the attack this time.

Because Karuna’s sword was aimed at his helmet and not his armor.



The Black Knight was skilled.

He deflected Karuna’s thrust as much as possible with the side of his helmet, and with the recoil, he turned his body and kicked up his foot aiming for Karuna’s head.


Of the two, only Karuna’s helmet was removed.

‘Not yet yet!’



The Black Knight stepped back to prevent further attacks.


Snowfall appeared in the Black Knight’s square. I feel like I can push back on the Black Knight this time.

But the Black Knight was not so easy.


Kang Seol felt an indescribable ominous feeling as the Black Knight extended his sword towards him.

– damage!

Jamard’s thunderous voice.

The snowfall was unable to kill its rushing momentum and rolled around on the ground.

[The Black Knight’s Grief uses a meteor.]

[The Black Knight’s Grief pierces a certain path.]

[The Grief inflicts damage equal to 170% of the weapon attack power to all enemies in the path. .]

[Enemies hit by Grief receive the Unholy Wound effect.]


Soon a black line passed through the spot where he was rushing.

A blow that was narrowly avoided.



As far as Kangseol knew, there were things called horsemen in Pandea. Beings that eat away at the user’s spirit and lust for blood.

Although it was such an unpleasant item, there were many people on the continent who coveted it. Because it showed such incredible performance that such risks were considered insignificant.

‘If it’s grief… it’s the lowest level demon sword, right?’

It was difficult to be mistaken about the concept of being at the bottom.

A magic sword is a magic sword.

There was a clear reason why his name was included in that list.


The grief returned to the Black Knight and made a sound.

【Missed! Hahaha! Missed!】


The pilgrims, Karuna, and even Karen. When they saw the sword talking for the first time, they were in a dazed state for a moment and were unable to respond.

Grief’s performance as a weapon was at the bottom among magic swords, but it had a unique effect.

The sword itself thinks and evolves.

‘I can’t believe I even got my hands on grief…’

The Black Knight was no ordinary magician.

Snowfall’s Insight Eye held on to grief and tried to read the information of the Black Knight wearing the Predator of Hope.

[An ominous energy hangs like a curtain.]

[Insight bounces off the curtain.]

[Hi] Hee hee

hee hee hee hee: hee hee heep hee heep hee heep heep heep heep heep heep heep heep heep heep heep heep heep

heep hehe ퟧퟩힼ

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: Hee hee Hee: Hee hee Hee Hee: Hee hee Hee Hee: Hee hee Hee Hee Hee: Hee hee Hee Hee: Hee hee Hee Hee: Hee hee Hee Hee: Hee hee Hee Hee: Hee hee Hee Hi: Hee hee Hee Hee Hee hee: Hee hee Hee: Hee Hee Hee Hee: Hee Hee Hee Hee: Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee: Hee Hee Hee Hee: Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee: Hee Hee Hi Hi: Hee Hee Hee Hi: Hee Hee Hi Hi

: Hee Hee Hee Hee Hij

‘What are you? .. What?’

If you can’t get information, you can’t suppress it. Moreover, if left like this, another massacre could have occurred.

A situation of dilemma.

At that moment, a shout broke out from the pilgrims.

“Brother! Avoid! “I’m going to use that!”

The shout was none other than Chameli’s voice.

Kang Seol recalled a memory she had put aside for a while.

I remember discussing tactics to subdue the Black Knight.

– I have a holy relic that subdues evil.

– … Relic?

– The Black Knight is a person who is clearly biased towards evil. If you buy me some time, I will be able to strike.

– For now, let’s leave that method as a last resort.

Kang Seol, remembering that conversation, threw himself backwards.

Chameli’s hand reached forward and activated something in its hand.

[Chameli uses End of Sin.]

[A pillar of light rains down on the target of End of Sin.]

[The pillar of light deals a certain amount of damage and deals additional damage if the target is tainted by evil. .]


“Fall in the light! “Evil!”



The Black Knight turned his body to avoid the pillar of light, but because the pillar’s range was quite wide, he had no choice but to be swept away.


The pilgrims all injected power into Chameli, and the pillar of light grew bigger and bigger.

The extent is so enormous that a huge pit has been dug in the middle of the village.

Additionally, the snowfall was so powerful that it would have been dangerous if it had not been avoided in advance.

But things did not go as they hoped.


Nothing changed immediately after the pillar of light disappeared.

The Black Knight endured the damage and stood still. At most, it only caused enough damage for his helmet to fall to the ground.

That means it had no effect.

“You… you said this…”

“How can this be… evil… isn’t evil?”

Kang Seol also knew about the end of sin. The great power of that thing and its shortcomings.

‘If the opponent is not evil… it’s just that powerful.’

It is said that the Black Knight is not a being born of evil, unless he has prevented additional damage from the end of sin.

‘Then… what are you?’

The Black Knight shook off his helmet and looked ahead.

And at that exact moment, only Kangseol, Karen, and Karuna’s faces turned cold.

One ear half cut off.

Black veins protruding from the face.

Bright red, polluted eyes.

A large knife mark across the face.

And Mi-hyung’s face.

“… Karuna?”


The Black Knight put on his helmet again.

And a cool energy different from before emanated from his entire body, repelling the rain.


[The Black Knight enters the first stage of Moonlight Chungcheon, the current moon.]

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