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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 149

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Episode 149:

A shocking proposal.

The fact that an indigenous person claimed to be the guardian of the former child was something that not only embarrassed Kang Seol, the former child, but also Chameli and Philia, who were listening to the story.

“You mean… my guardian?”

“I see.”

Brispin glanced at Chameli and Philia, giving them a hint.

Chameli and Philia jumped up.

“I don’t think it’s something we can listen to together, so we’ll wait outside.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

In an instant, only Count Brispin and Snowfall remained in this space.

‘Why? ‘Why do you want to claim yourself as my guardian?’

Snowfall fell into confusion for a moment because she was presented with completely unexpected conditions from Brispin.

Brispin seemed to have guessed his feelings and continued.

“Don’t worry too much. “This proposal is not, as you fear, motivated by the most evil intentions of a corrupt nobleman.”

– What is a hidden camera?

– How did you know lol

– Isn’t this an illegal temple?

Kang Seol spoke plainly.

“This is the first time I have heard of an indigenous person claiming to be the guardian of a former child. “I am concerned that they will only have side effects on each other.”

“Times are changing.”


“Don’t think that all the residents of Pandea are fools. Among the former, there are those who do not like the current social system, and among the indigenous people who are the leaders of society, there are those who are wary of the former.”

“… That is correct.”

“It means that slowly… cracks are forming in Pandea. The friction between us turns into fallen leaves that are piling up on the continent. And… on days when even a spark falls, all the fallen leaves will burn at once.”

– What does that mean?

– It’s almost like talking about the conflict between Jeon and indigenous people.

– Ah ha ha,

Brispin calmly explained to Kangseol.

“Of course, it’s more likely that nothing will happen right away. But what I’m worried about is what happens later. Becoming your guardian does not mean that I can have any binding power on you, so all I can do for you is to free you from the messy problems you may get caught up in when operating in the land of Nevenia.”


“You may be concerned that they are trying to use you politically, but that is not the case at all, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

– It’s all for you (actually, it’s for me)

– You don’t lose anything (you lose nothing)

– So, am I a fraud? (Yes)

Actually, the conditions were pretty good.

‘At least there won’t be any unnecessary arguments.’

Who will touch the mighty man on the line of Earl Brispin?

However, these superficial suggestions usually have fangs hidden in them. If you do something wrong, it’s easy to get the back of your hand bitten off.

Kang Seol calmly said what he had to say.

“What does the Count want from me?”

The answer that came back was unexpected.

“What I need right now… well, I can’t think of anything in particular.”

“… yes?”

“As I said, this is an investment for the future. Later, when the situation becomes really urgent, please listen to me just once. “That’s enough.”

“Are you saying you won’t ask for an unreasonable request?”

“No. You might be asking too much. “But I won’t force it on you.”


“And the compensation for that unreasonable request will be fair and generous.”

Although Snowfall did not delve into Brispin’s inner thoughts, she was quite interested in the recent news from all over Nevenia.

‘I heard that transferees and existing officials often clash… Perhaps they are preparing for what happens after that?’

If done incorrectly, large-scale bloodshed could have occurred among the people based on the existing Nevenian kingship and the emerging powers.

Snowfall guessed that Earl Brispin was preparing a self-rescue plan in case such a problem occurred.

“If you don’t believe it, you can leave it in writing. It won’t be of much use to me since you’ll be living a free life anyway, but it’s a different story for you. “Do you ever want to cross the border?”

“Even if there is, I don’t think it will be right away.”

“Then it’s even better.”

[Earl Brispin has claimed himself as your guardian. How would you answer?]

1. I hate you, Brispin.

2. Good.

3. I wish we had a closer relationship.

4. Are there any other rewards?

Snowfall thought for a moment and nodded to Brispin.

[Formation of power: You are on friendly terms with Count Brispin.]

[The public’s rumors about you are growing.]

[Rumors about you are widespread in Ilia.]

‘I still can’t forget that night. doesn’t exist.’

‘There really was a hero!’

‘Tch… you can’t boast about something that doesn’t matter…’

‘Yes, you are Brispin’s puppet.’

The rumors that weren’t rumors that surfaced on Kangseol’s interface made him laugh ridiculously.

“Why are you doing this?”

Chameli, who was next to him, asked.

“Nothing. “What do you want to say more than that?”

“Ah, regarding the compensation for this matter….”

“That sacred object.”

“We have already paid compensation to you, Filia, but not yet to Snowman…”

Chameli and the black pilgrims had promised holy relics to Snowman on the condition that he participate in this work. Now all that remains is to keep that promise.

‘But… something feels a little strange?’

Chameli avoided Kangseol’s eyes as if she had committed a sin. Kang Seol had an ominous feeling even before she spoke.

‘Are you not planning on giving me a sacred item?’

At that moment, I felt very uncomfortable and a wild thought occurred to me: how can I make them keep their promise?

“There’s a bit of a problem.”

“There is no way they won’t pay compensation…”

Chameli asked back with wide eyes.

“yes? “Us?”

“…isn’t it?”

“It can’t be. “Keeping promises is a value that must be strictly adhered to as a person who serves God.”

“… Then what’s the problem?”

“The sacred object I told you about… is not in our hands right now, so it will take some time to be paid.”

“What do you mean?”

She said, scratching her head.

“Coincidentally, the priest of the diocese is currently researching the item, so I think payment will only be possible after going through the process of getting the item back from him.”

A holy water father is, so to speak, the same as a manager of a supply depot.

Their knowledge of holy relics was like that of a blacksmith who was well-versed in iron, and could directly strengthen or adjust the holy relics. Because he was such a special being, I knew that even the parish priest could not treat him carelessly.

“Is it difficult to get the item back?”

“Oh no. That’s not it… The Holy Water Father is currently in Timbrian, so there is a period of time to return the items and return to Ilia…”

“I’m glad.”


“I was just about to head to Timbrian after this incident.”

“Then is it okay for you to accompany me?”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter.”

Anyway, given the distance from Ilia to Timbrian, you will be able to receive the relic within this break period.

‘Anyway, if it’s Timbrian… Gyeongtaek will go first.’

– It was originally going to the Timbrian side, but a noble from the Timbrian side said there was something they needed.

If I meet Gyeongtaek this time, I will be able to have a more leisurely conversation.

‘At that time, I didn’t have enough free time because of the Black Knight…’

But as Kang-seol continued to think about him for a while, Chameli said something important to Kang-seol.

“Brother, you said you were trying to deal with heartbreak, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“… I believe that monstrosities are originally conceived from evil and, like water and oil, cannot mix with humans.”


“But it is also true that if there is someone who can handle it, you are considered the person closest to that person. Even the Black Knight who wielded grief fell to his brother. So… we’d like to help you with that grief, too.”

Kang Seol was startled by the unexpected suggestion and asked back.

“yes? Is that really true?”

“Yes, if it is helpful to you, it will become a foundation for your bell to spread further. “Our Holy Beast has dealt with monsters in the past, so I think it would be okay to ask him for help if things don’t go well.”

“… thank you.”

There was a bit of a delay in receiving the holy relic as compensation, but it was okay because I received unexpected help.

“Then… when are you leaving?”

Kang Seol answered Chameli’s question.

“We are planning to move tomorrow.”

“That fast?”

* * *

Doo doo doo…

The wheels of the carriage crushed the stone beak and the shock of moving forward was transmitted to the carriage.

“… the road is not good.”

“It’s a road that not many people travel.”

“It’s because of me… you don’t have to move together…”

“But it’s better to have a friend if possible, right? Although it is only a short period of time until we reach Timbrian, I am excited to stay with you.”

Snowfall and Chameli were currently on a trip.

Since Snowfall left without looking back after finishing work, the citizens of Ilia must have heard the news that he had left the city late.

Philia was surprisingly friendly to Kang Seol.

– See you next time.

Since Philia and I have added each other as friends, we will contact each other if we need anything.

In any case, it is not that trade does not take place between Ilia and the Timbrians, but the reason why the carriage was shaking was because the place where Snowfall and Chameli and their party were currently going was not the Timbrians.


“We have arrived, Bishop.”

“Oh, let me get off.”

In a remote forest.

A place where the birdsong you often hear is not beautiful, but rather creepy.

A lonely house stood here in the middle of nowhere.

A scenery worthy of a fairy tale.

Snowfall got off the carriage and thought about Brispin’s words for a moment.

– Here is a letter of recommendation. If the old man still lives in that house, you can hand him the letter of recommendation. Well, I won’t read it unless you do something really annoying.

As Snowfall was wandering around the house, the door was torn off its hinges with a roar that sounded like thunder, and a proud old man appeared.


“Hey, who is making noise in broad daylight? “Are they thieves?”


– Before we get close, he has a rather nasty personality, so be careful.

The old man looked at the snowfall and said.

“What is this kid? Who sent it? They don’t look like those idiots who got lost in the woods…”

– Wow… that’s crazy.

– Aren’t you going to fly off while handing out a letter of recommendation?

– I think I’ll get a letter of recommendation;;

Before Kang Seol was kicked out of the door, he quickly took out a letter of recommendation from his pocket and handed it out.

“Are you Frannan?”

“Is that so?”

“Here is a letter of recommendation.”


The old man slapped the recommendation letter with his palm and threw it into the air.

“Get out of here! “If he was in his right mind, he wouldn’t have written me a letter of recommendation or something.”

– On your way, take along some fermented liquor worth at least 10 gold coins. He is an old man who likes drinking, so don’t be surprised if he gets drunk.


A chest appeared from the carriage.

“If you want to trick me with money… um… sniff… this?” The


was full of high-quality liquor bottles.

“I brought some alcohol to commemorate the occasion.”

Frannan said with a smile.

“So where are they from? “The weather is still chilly, so everyone, please come in.”

And immediately he called the person who was serving him as a servant.

“Hey you guy! “Go ahead and build the fireplace.”

“Yes, Nari.”

When a few pilgrims, Chameli, and even Snow Seol entered the small house, the inside was filled.

“Do it even if it’s a little cold. “I usually stay cold.”

“it’s okay.”

“Okay, where should I read the recommendation letter?”

The old man was already reading the contents of the letter of recommendation that had been thrown in the sky. And when he was halfway through reading, his expression became serious and he threw away the letter of recommendation.

“Take it out.”


“Take out the one who brought it.”

Kang Seol took out her grief on the table.


Grief was loud again.

【Heeheehee! I really like the old man’s magic! If you kill all the guys in front of me now, I will give you strength!】

“What kind of horrible guy is this again?”

“It is the spirit that resided in the hideous thing called grief.”

“… Can’t you just shut up?”

“Unfortunately, other than scaring me…”

“I see. But it turned out to be unfortunate.”



Frannan uncorked one of the drinks Kangseol brought and took a swig.

“Ugh… Among the people who tried to deal with the demon spirits, none of them are still alive. Hey! Take out the firewood, old man, he’ll burn to death! “The guests are leaving now, so I told them to take a look.”

“yes? Ah… yes.”

“Brispin must have gotten senile, why would he send a crazy person…”

– The old man is impatient and will try to finish everything quickly. You handle it well.

Snowfall didn’t happen, he told Frannan.

“You can deal with heartbreak. clearly.”

“No, I’m sure there are people who can handle demonic spirits…”


Kangseol showed his hand to Frannan.

Hanging there was a token that only those who had overcome the labyrinth of penance could have.

“I must have fallen… Huh?”

– Still, once you take over the job, you’ll be quite trustworthy. Even though the old man doesn’t seem like a big deal now, he had a bit of a name for himself a few years ago. Of course…

Frannan shouted to the servant who was removing firewood.

“What are you doing there? “Aren’t you going to turn on the fire?”


– In the Zodiac, he rose to the rank of magician, the right-hand man of each of the 12 magic towers.


Frannan sneezed and shouted.

“Fix the door too! “The guests must be cold!”

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