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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 157

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Episode 157:

Snowfall was greatly embarrassed to see Mael driving the monster Baku towards the tower with a bright expression.

‘Mael is involved in this adventure? It has absolutely nothing to do with the Magic Tower’s affairs, does it?’


Snowfall decided to solve this question as quickly as possible once she got off the carriage, so she waited for the carriage to reach the tower.

“Everyone stop there.”

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the carriage to reach the entrance of the tower.

“Ugh… the magical power I feel is too heavy, Master.”

“I guess so. Because Libra is a place more specialized for this type of magic than other places.”

– Why is your brother out there?

– Oh wow; Mael pops out here?

– What kind of connection is this?

– Why are trolls in the magic tower?

– That’s racism.

– Trolls aren’t humans in the first place, right?

– Yes? Then this is mammal species discrimination.

– That’s right, I’m sorry.

Viewers learned something from Snowfall’s experience at Yognatun Volcano.

– Wow Mr.;; But how big does the board get if Mael is included?

– To be honest, even if Mael has ticket power, he’s a dick lol

– That’s right, when he appears, the game gets bigger lol;;

– Conan always appears where there is a murder!

– No, a murder case occurs where Conan goes.

After a while, Snowfall got off the carriage and Mael approached her.

“Have you been okay so far?”

“It’s always the same… But what brought you to Libra?”

Mael answered with a smile.

“It’s probably the same reason as Snowman.”

Frannan said, frowning.

“hmm? “I’ve never heard of a troll coming?”

Mael answered the question with sincerity.

“Then have you ever heard that this matter is related to the Relic Society?”

“I heard. Ah, that’s it. “Are you part of the Relic Society?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Frannan nodded as if he finally understood.

“I knew the relic society guys were weirdos, but they were hiding amazing treasures. Ah, this is a compliment. “I’m not being sarcastic.”

“In that case, I will hear it as a compliment and express my gratitude, human.”

A troll who had adapted to human society was the first thing Frannan had seen in his long life as a wizard.

He looked at Mael with interest.

“But how did you get to know that guy?”

“I owed you a great debt the other day. “He is the one who helped me come out into the world.”

“Oh… that’s an interesting story. “Can this old man listen when he has time?”

“Of course it’s not a big story. “I just wonder if there will be time for that.”

“Oh, that’s right.”


The Baku that Mael was riding revealed its presence by making a noise like a roar.

Someone approached Baku.

“Whoa… Whoa… Baku this guy… he’s nice. Mael! “What if I run alone because I’m so excited that we’re going together?”

“sorry. “The joy of meeting a benefactor for the first time in a long time went too far.”

“hmm? “Oh my, isn’t this Frannan?”

“Isn’t it Yofimba? “You were the one who came with this troll?”

The person standing next to Mael was a dwarf.

He was incredibly short, but his body was as thick as a log.

“Hahaha! How can the Relic Society remain silent when the Exalted Libra needs help? “I was already tired so I tried to come earlier… but now the rest of the people are coming from behind.”

“I feel confident here because you came forward in person… but are you the only one participating in the meeting?”

“Is that possible? Our Mael is with us.”

“Our Mael? Hehehe….”

Jofimba the dwarf smiled and looked at Snowfall and asked.

“hmm? “The people who came with me look vaguely familiar, but this is my first time seeing this person.”

“It’s transference.”

“… yes?”

“And I heard you know the troll who came with you?”

Jofimba looked at Mael and asked.

“… When you said benefactor, did you mean a transferee?”

“Yes, Yofimba.”

Yofimba approached Kang Seol, put her face in his face, and observed his various aspects.



He stopped searching for a moment and held out his hand.

“If you are a friend of Mael, you are also a friend of our Relic Society. In other words, he is Yofimba’s friend! nice to meet you!”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Snowman.”

“The meeting time is tight, so let’s have a deep conversation after the meeting is over! Frannan! “Let’s go in. Everyone will be waiting.”


The guards, who had already confirmed Frannan’s visit, welcomed the group with a respectful attitude.

“We welcome your visit. And… you came back at an important time, Mr. Frannan.”

“Can I come in?”

“Of course, Guardian of Truth.”


As we climbed into the prepared magic circle, the group’s new form was sent somewhere.

As soon as they were transmitted, what was heard around them was astonishment.

“It’s Frannan!”

“You’re back! “You really came back!”

“Mr. Frannan! “You’re back!”

The wizards dressed as scales could not hide their surprise when they saw Frannan. There was even a comical scene where he was so shocked that he dropped the items he was holding.


Frannan did not drink alcohol while coming here.

He, who had a bushy beard, walked along without paying any attention to the wizards staring at him blankly.

“Wait a minute! Mr. Frannan!”

“hmm? you? “It’s been a while.”

A wizard running towards Frannan.

Although the woman was out of breath, she sincerely handed over what she had brought.

“But… I thought it would be a good idea to wear some clothes, so I brought some…”

Clothing with epaulettes of the Holy Spirit.

It looked like someone had touched it because it was neatly trimmed.

“This is… too much hospitality, haha…”

Frannan asked the group.

“Please wait a moment, I will change in a moment.”


A little while later, Frannan returned, dressed neatly.

– and;;

– The clothes have wings.

– Where has Mr. P, who was drunk, gone?

“Thank you for waiting. Time is running out, so let’s go in now.”

Kang Seol quietly stood next to him and engraved the scenery of the Magic Tower in her mind.

‘This is the Magic Tower…’

It could be said to be an intelligence rooted in Pandea.

Followers of wisdom with national scale and power.

Living up to its name, the Tower of Libra, one of the 12 magic towers, boasted majestic power.

Admiring its majesty, the group continued onward.

“I’m going in.”

The wizard who guided Kang Seol and his party opened the door to the great hall where the meeting was being held.

“Mr. Blaine and Mr. Prin, who came on behalf of the wizards of Aquarius; Mr. Chameli, the head of the Diocese of Nevenia in the sacred nation of Baranoa; Mr. Yofimba and Mr. Mael of the Relic Council; and lastly… Mr. Snowman, an adventurer, and Mr. P, the Aspect of Libra. Mr. Lannon is entering.”

Kang Seol felt a tingling sensation from the moment she entered this place.

‘… There is no one to be easy on.’

Two old men of similar age to Frannan and wizards who appear to have been dispatched from each magic tower.


“huh? troll? “Isn’t that a troll?”

“And what adventurer? “I’m sure it’s not transference, right?”

A man wearing leather armor with a lion on it said.

‘It’s a mercenary unit.’

Kang Seol noticed among the crowd of people that famous mercenary lords were present.

Contrary to the prejudice that magicians are closed-minded, Libra brought together people from all walks of life.

‘It’s amazing in terms of scale.’

The power of Libra, which brought together such prominent figures, was finally felt.

“Frannan… you’re back.”


“You made a big decision. “I don’t want to sit around and cause trouble for a friend I haven’t seen in a while.”

Frannan answered with a bitter smile.

“… okay. “Thank you.”

Everyone went to their respective seats.

The Aquarius wizards did not sit close to the long table, but sat where bystanders could be seated.

‘I’m doing this because it’s someone else’s business.’

It was clear that both the scale receiving help and the other magic tower providing help felt an appropriate distance from each other.

Frannan sat at the table prepared for him, and Chameli sat next to him.

There were seats reserved for the members of the Relic Society, but they both stood there as if they had something to explain.

The story would progress if only Kang Seol sat down, but for some reason his chair was separated from the rest of the group.

‘There it is.’

His seat was next to the man with the lion symbol who had earlier been dissatisfied with the fact that Mael was a troll and that Kangseol was Jeon.

Jerk. Jerk.

Kang Seol walked there and tried to sit down.

But it was thwarted by the man with the lion symbol.


A man pushes a chair away with his foot.


The atmosphere becomes colder.

The man spoke.

“Is it okay for the transfer person to be here?”


“Wasn’t watching on the sidelines your specialty? huh? Why did you appear in a place like this? Why don’t you keep playing the alley game you’re so good at…”

“Stop! ” “He is definitely a person whom Libra worships.”

“Ha… Is that so? Who called it? “An opportunist like this?”

“… It’s Frannan.”

“Hmm… if that’s the case.”

The man with the lion symbol did not apologize for his unpleasant behavior and just stared blankly.

It was then.


Snowfall’s shadow hand came out and retrieved the fallen chair.


“Hey… that’s fun.”

Kang Seol decided to ignore the man.

At least they were people who gathered together to become allies, so there was no need for them to become the center of the conflict.

An old man, one of the Aspects of Libra, said.

“Understandably, the leader of the Iron Lion mercenaries has been burned a lot by the transferees.”

Kang Seol put the information about him in her head and sat down without changing her expression.


Jofimba said, clapping his hands.

“Hmm… Everyone is here, so let’s get started right away.”

However, contrary to Yofimba’s wishes, the meeting did not start smoothly.

Before he could finish speaking, one of the leaders of another mercenary group spoke.

“Hey, Mr. Dwarf.”


“There’s a monster standing behind you, aren’t you scared?”


It was clear that the man treated Mael like a monster.

Jofimba was furious.

“What, you bastard? “Did you say this to my friend?”

“friend? Oh, that friend was from the Relic Society? But even in the Relic Society, a nerd is a nerd, right? I never thought a troll would be brought into a place like this. “Since when have trolls been our friends?”

This time, another Aspect came forward.

“stop! “We didn’t gather here to argue!”


“If you’re going to cause trouble, go back. “I’ll pretend there was no contract.”

Only then did it become much quieter.

Jofimba calmed down his anger and proceeded with the meeting.

Starting with his introduction, the meeting opened. After various information exchanges, the full-scale meeting began.

“Now, next is the place where Bornuil went missing. It is also the last destination. Mael.”


Mysterious sand flowed from Mael’s sleeve.


The sand gathered together finely and formed a certain shape.

‘It must be the entrance to the ruins.’

Jofimba said.

“Nominated Alkatron. These are ruins discovered in a location west of Adeline, a bit further from the border with monsters. “Eh… Since excavations were carried out until recently, there are probably very few people who don’t know about it.”

“But why is this meeting being run by the Relics Association?”

“That’s a simple problem. “The excavation of Alkatron was carried out by the Relics Association.”

“Hoo… Then I guess you know about that place well?”

“Well… I know very well that I don’t know.”


The youngest leader among the participating mercenary troops asked.

“But even if they are fairies, what did the troll tribe do? “The Black Thunder tribe is not very warlike, but if the excavation progresses sufficiently, I think there will be problems due to the disturbance, right?”

“Oh good question. We went around the border area and avoided a collision. Instead, it took an enormous amount of time. “Because we had to overcome rough terrain instead of trolls.”

“So there are a lot of monsters there too, right?”

“It’s a thousand times better than sticking your head into the mouths of trolls.”

“Pfft… what is the troll next to me?”

“This is my friend.”

“What about black thunder?”

“They’re not friends yet. “I couldn’t even meet you.”

“You’re a very open-minded dwarf. I should follow your example.”

“Anyway, no nonsense… this excavation of Alkatron was stopped a while ago.”

Everyone nodded at Yofimba’s words.

“I know it was discontinued, but I don’t know why?”

“An accident occurred. An accident in which most of the excavators died.”

“… what? “Isn’t it quite big?”

“yes? The work was operated by a total of 5 groups. The 2 groups that were off duty were fine, but the 2 groups that were on duty went missing. The last group that came in last managed to rescue them, but not long after, they suffered from anxiety and all died.”

“The reason is?”

“I don’t know.”

“Epidemic? Respiratory problems?”

Jofimba shook his head.

“No, it was neither. “The conclusion was that it seemed to be some type of mental illness… but I’m not sure about this either.”

“It’s a mental illness… I’m reluctant.”

“Isn’t that why the Black Pilgrims are also stepping forward? Right? “Am I right?”

Chameli answered.

“Yes, we, the Black Pilgrims, will do our best to help resolve this situation.”

“I will definitely repay your generous spirit.”

One of the Aspects said.

But at that time, the leader of the Iron Lion mercenaries could not stand the argument and began speaking.

“I just heard you, you. “I heard you had a pretty big hit at Ilia?”


“I heard that it is very famous among Nevenian transferees, is that correct?”

“… I’m not sure?”

“Don’t act like a fool, but now that I see it, is that why you were called here? Even after entering the Labyrinth of Penance, you came back alive? “Is that true?”

“It’s true.”

Kang Seol gave a proper answer, but the man continued to provoke him.

“I heard there’s a mental illness running around the Alcatron we’re headed to this time? Wasn’t it the same with the Labyrinth of Asceticism? Then you know how to overcome it. How did you break through the labyrinth and what did you realize?”

The fact that he was laughing was clearly intended to mock him.

Kang Seol calmly answered.

“Just don’t get caught up in unnecessary arguments and don’t try to talk to idiots.”

This answer of Kang Seol made the Iron Lion mercenary leader angry. He jumped up.

“… hey?”



At that time, everyone’s eyes turned.

Because a clumsy fart sound came from somewhere.

“Oh my…”

“Oh my…”

The leader of the Iron Lion mercenaries said angrily.

“I… It’s not me! Ah anyway… It looks like the idiots in Ilia are praising you… You’re a black knight or something… It’s a rumor that doesn’t even make sense, right? You know your subject too….”


“Ai! who is this!”

After a moment of silence, the man regained his composure and growled a warning.

“If you mess with me again, I will definitely kill you. And do you think you’re a fool to be here? Doesn’t everyone do that? What if an untrustworthy former criminal joins the search team to save Libra? What qualifications do you have….”


Someone hit the table hard.

Everyone’s heads turned towards that direction.

It was Frannan.

“Qualifications, yes… qualifications.”

“… What are you talking about?”

“Because he is my student.”


The eyes of everyone here opened wide.

Even snowfall.

Everyone here knew that Frannan still had no disciples.

– What if you are surprised hahaha

– Yes, who are you? Me?

– Why me?

The silence continued for a long time.

Until a small question comes out of someone’s mouth.

“Uh, since when…”

Frannan said, slowly curling the corner of his mouth.

“From now on.”


Everyone seated was silent for a moment.

Except for someone in the snowfall lantern.


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Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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