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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 163

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Episode 163


The rain gradually became heavier and the thunder that roared across the plateau continued.

It’s a joke!


The power of the thunderbolt pulled out from Ungus went on a rampage as if it was trying to set Jamard’s whole body on fire.


“Are you okay?”


Snowfall was also not free from pain because it took on the form of a night crow that had merged with Jamaard.


‘It’s incredible pain… It feels like my brain is melting and oozing out.’

The pain was so immense that all thoughts disappeared. They say it’s a pain that you get used to after a moment, but this intense pain only got worse.

‘Ugh… Does Jamard become stronger by going through this kind of pain?’

When I absorbed Magra before, I probably experienced even more pain than this. My body burned alive several times, and even that didn’t go right, so I trembled in reaction.


As Kangseol admired Jamad’s endurance and extraordinary skills, the thunderstorm gradually subsided.

Although Kang Seol was freed from pain early on, Jamard still had not opened his eyes.

At that time, a voice came from Jamard’s tattoo on the corner of Kang Seol’s mouth.

“You worked hard, Ungus. Now I will carry it.”


Lightning struck and the sky brightened, and at the same time, the crow’s body also flashed for a moment.

[Absorbs Ungus’ magic.]

[Jammard of the Volcano is strengthened to Jammad of the Fire Thunder.]

[The grade of the summoned beast is strengthened to transcendent grade.]

[The summoned beast is now qualified to be a great shaman.]

[Great The shaman controls the power of the source.]

[The summoned water awakens the source power: mountain.]

[The summoned water awakens the source power: sulfur.]

[The summoned water awakens the source power: lightning.]

[Volcano Stance Reinforced into a fire and lightning stance.]

[Continuous: Awakens the tingling sensation.]

[Continuous: Awakens alert nerves.] [

Has the first Transcendent level companion.]

[Achieved the first achievement, ‘You don’t have anything like this.’ ]

[Obtain the first title, “Master of Transcendence.”]

Snowfall was the first to check the message that caught her eye.

‘Root power!’

An ability that can be awakened when one reaches a certain level among great shamans.

It was a different kind of strength than that of an archmage.

‘But why did you wake up already?’

Jamad has just become a great sorcerer, but he is already able to manipulate source power.

‘Could it be because he can even handle the power of Magra and Ungus?’

While there are great shamans who delve deeply into one type of magic throughout their lives, there are also great shamans like Jamad who handle a variety of powers. A person who has realized a deep but wide power.



Because the absorption was complete, the bodies of Snowfall and Jamard were separated.

“Huh… Huh….”

“I’m sorry for sharing your pain.”

“Is this the pain of being split in half?”

Jamard nodded.

After momentarily recalling the pain that had made her shudder earlier, Kang Seol laughed at Jamaard’s calmness.

Jamard squeezed his hand for a moment.


a lightning flash appears above my hand for a moment.


a flame appeared.


It was replaced by chunks of stone.

“This… source power….”

“Can you handle it?”

“It seemed mysterious when the old men of the Federation used it, but in reality, it is a power that is nothing special.”


– If I can do it, it’s no big deal.

– Would you like to receive a guest? yes? Do you want to hit it?

– Wow, that’s so cool ㄷㄷ

While Jamard was confirming the power he had realized on his own, Kang Seol also confirmed Jamard’s newly acquired power.

First, Snowfall briefly checks Jamard’s abilities.

‘Hmm… it’s almost 1.5 times that.’

I remember the existing abilities of the same level, but the abilities were increased by a whopping 50% compared to the previous abilities.

‘I could kill most monsters with just a punch…’

In the first place, when Jamard became legendary, the shadow summon penalty also disappeared.

In addition, because Snowfall possesses optional equipment and abilities that double the summon’s abilities, Jamard actually has more power than a boss of the same level.

‘Of course, the level is not high yet…’

In fact, this was because the adventures that Kangseol was experiencing were all 1 or 2 levels higher than the adventures that people of the same level were experiencing.

[Continuation: Tingling]

– All attacks contain the magical power of lightning. Each thunderbolt’s power has its own effects, such as thunder and lightning.

[Continuous: Alert Nerves]

– The power of the thunderbolt stimulates the nervous system. Your physical and mental reflex speed increases significantly.

‘Saying that an attack contains magical power would be the same as saying that a successful attack can cause a status abnormality to the opponent.’

You can even aim for additional damage from electric shock or confusion from tinnitus.

‘And this alert nerve… an increase in combat power? You can just look at it as a degree… You have to actually experience the effect to know, but it’s clear that it’s a good ability.’

Abilities had to be carefully examined.

When he became a night raven, Jamard’s abilities were the same as his own.

‘And the title…’

[First title: Master of Transcendence]

Related Achievements: You don’t have anything like this (Adventure: None)

Special ability: For each summoner of transcendence level, the stats of the summoner and all summons increase by 10%.

‘… It’s over.’

Transcendent level.

In the classification of monsters and summoned beasts, it was ranked higher than legendary.

In the world of eternity, this grade was determined based on various values, not just combat power, but even Snowfall could only guess what the standards were.

What is certain is that if you encounter a transcendent level monster, there is no way to deal with it at this point.

That is to say, under normal circumstances.

‘If the current Jamard were the enemy…’

In reality, you will have to fight to find out, but you probably won’t be able to win.

It would be difficult for the twin knights to fully demonstrate their power in the face of overwhelming abilities and abilities.

Of course, Jamard was now an ally, not an enemy.

– Everyone is growing, but only Snowman is not growing….

– Jamard will blow the black thunder by himself;;

– ㄹㅇ Jamard looks scarier now than when I first saw him haha.

While Kang Seol and Jamard were thinking about this and that, Ungola approached them.

He approached the body of his brother Ungus.

“… older brother.”

A black, hard body.

Even in death, his majestic appearance did not disappear.

Ungus, the black and thunderous hero where everything is charred. Even the eyes of the now dead body were stained pitch black.

Ungola looked at the scene and recited with his eyes closed.

“Rest in peace my flesh and blood.”

The moment he said that, another message appeared in Kang Seol’s field of vision.

[The attractive presence activates. Gain additional favorability.]

[Gain the helper ‘Black Thunder Ungola’.] [

‘Black Thunder Ungola’s rank is Hero.]

[Helpers have a chance to appear in all adventures.] [

They have favorability It provides help to the player accordingly.]

[Force: Your influence on the Black Thunder increases.]

[Force: Your influence on the Troll Tribal Alliance increases.]

[Force: On friendly terms with the Black Thunder. It changes.]

[Force: You can exchange help with Black Thunder.]

[Force: Black Thunder is deeply interested in your actions.]

* * *

They returned to the village from the Plateau of Thunder.

Frannan said to Kang Seol.

“There was a bit of a delay. “I couldn’t help it, but now I have to leave.”

“Yes, of course.”

Snowfall and Jamard told Ungola about their purpose. Ungola asked Jamad back.

“Alkatron? “Are you talking about those eerie ruins?”

“Yes, Ungola. “We decided to go there.”


Ungola’s expression became strange after hearing Jamad’s story.

“There is a road, but something feels off about it.”


“There was a big earthquake in this area not long ago. There is a bridge in the direction of the ruins you are heading towards, but it was built so long ago that I am not sure if it will remain properly.”

“… I have no choice but to check.”

“I’ll make a move too.”

When Kang Seol’s group heard that they would be able to depart safely again tomorrow, they were heartbroken and relieved.

“Whew… I thought it was really over when I got caught by the trolls.”

“Hahaha Black Thunder is not a very malicious group. “We often make such misconceptions simply by seeing the cruel treatment of those who arbitrarily invade their territory.”

Chameli responded coldly to Mael’s answer.

“Aren’t we the ones trespassing into that territory at will?”

“Ahaha, was that so?”

“I don’t think Mael is a good match for me…”

“Hahahaha… I think I’m a good match?”


Those who witnessed the thrilling scene in the Thunder Plateau were overcome by fatigue and easily fell asleep.

* * *

The next day the carriage started rolling again.

Doo doo doo doo…

“But why is the black thunder following me?”

“That’s it… I guess it’s because of what Snowman handled with Jamard.”

“is it so? “What’s wrong?”

“No, on the contrary, it’s worked out so well that it seems like he’s volunteering to be our guide.”

“… It was right to choose this path.”

“Well… since we spent a lot of time hanging out with the black thunderstorm here, the search team that went to the detour might arrive first.”

“But wouldn’t we be faster?”


A few days passed and the carriage stopped.

“Have you arrived?”

“I don’t think so.”

Everyone got off the carriage.

Black Thunder and Snowfall and the others stood in front of a steep cliff.

The other party members were dumbfounded.

Snowfall and Jamard saw Ungola.

“What happened?”

“It turns out my ominous premonition was correct. “The bridge was broken because of the earthquake.”

Mael slaps his palm! He said, hitting him.

“Oh, so there was a landslide on the detour. That’s why the road collapsed.”

Chameli said with tears in his eyes.

“Hey, Mael… the road on our side has collapsed too.”

– ??? : I heard that the house over there collapsed, so I went to take a look.

– But when I came to see it, I realized that my house had collapsed. As soon as I saw it, I cried.

– What should I do? Really haha.

Snowfall and Frannan sighed when they saw the collapsed bridge.

In particular, Frannan frowned and said.

“This… is troublesome. If we go back to the detour, it will be a week later than the original schedule…

” “In fact, even if we cross here now, the people on the detour will have arrived first.”

“So that’s it.”


They stare helplessly across the street in the rain.

A choice occurred to Kang Seol.

[Due to the earthquake, the bridge from the Misty Hills to Alcatron has collapsed. What do you want to do?]

1. Turn and move to the detour.

2. Give up the expedition.

3. Abandon the carriage and move only the personnel.

4. Find another way.


Kang Seol examined the options as carefully as possible to find the most certain answer.

‘If we go back like this, that’s the problem…’

I never would have thought that the bridge on the side of the foggy hillside would have collapsed.

If we had known this would happen, it might have been better for everyone to take the detour.

‘Well, I’m not sure what happened there either.’

As Kang Seol frowned and continued to think deeply, Ungola spoke.

“You don’t have to worry too much, human. “Brother, I will help you.”

“hmm? you?”

“Ungola will help you?”

“Because this has been our territory for a long time. “It was Geomdung Ure’s ancestors who built this bridge.”

“Looking at the structure of the bridge… it doesn’t seem like it was made normally. Is it Ungola?”

“I saw it correctly. It’s the power of witchcraft. Fortunately, we have a record of the magic that built this bridge.”


Ungola shouted after hearing Jamard’s words.

“Sorcerers of the Black Thunder! “We will rebuild the bridge from now on!”


“Bring the shamanstone prepared in advance! Let’s use it as a guide!”



Two huge shaman stones brought on a wagon were embedded in the foundation of the bridge.

Ungola said, looking at the huge rocks.

“It would be nice if it were that size. “Use the rocks nearby.”




The whites began to appear in the shaman’s eyes and an unusual air current surrounded the area.


A thunderbolt flew out and hit a huge rock.


The huge rocks began to break into small pieces. Of course, it was not possible to destroy all the rocks at once, so this process lasted for two days.

“Huh… Huh….”

“I think this is enough.”

Ungola nodded.

Then he stepped forward and touched the floor.

“This side is ready too.”

On the floor that Ungola was walking on, there was a line drawn with animal blood, with one side facing the shaman stone and the other side facing the other shamans.

“Let’s get started.”




“Ah ….”

The shamans of the Blackwood all focused on their foreheads.




Pieces of stone flew in and began to build a bridge. Chameli was very surprised.

“It doesn’t make sense… How can this happen…”

Frannan also said, caressing his chin.

“That’s fun. Is this the essence of witchcraft? “It’s a different kind from magic.”

A situation you cannot believe even when you see it with your own eyes.

A bridge began to appear in a space where there was nothing.

It didn’t take long for a bridge made of rock pieces to be created in the empty air. Rather, the preparation period was much longer.


“That’s it.”

Although it wasn’t very wide, it was so perfectly connected that even a carriage could pass by to the cliff on the other side.

“Send Gripto.”


Gripto, the troll’s means of transportation, slowly crossed the bridge. The legs were fine.

Ungola shouted after seeing that his legs were strong.

“Now, install the shaman stone on the other side! “Once installation is complete, it will be perfectly secured!”


* * *

A new bridge was built in a few days. It was an achievement I couldn’t believe even when I saw it with my own eyes.

‘It’s a shame that this came from a black thunderbolt… otherwise, we would have been in dire straits.’

Everyone seemed to have the same idea, and after getting on the carriage, they talked about the black thunderstorm.

“I’m so glad! “I almost fell behind…”

“I may have suffered the indignity of having to turn back right before Alcatron.”

“If I did that, I don’t think I would be able to carry my face.”

“Without their help, the mission would have definitely been a failure.”

“I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if I had escaped the trolls back then…”


Eventually, the carriages began to pass one by one.

Snow and his party were riding in the last carriage.

Ungola said to Jamad as he saw him off.

“Brother Ungus, don’t forget my brother.”

“Ungus is in here, Ungola.”

“… See you again. “I will wait for my brother’s ambition.”


The carriage crossed the bridge safely.

Now, you can really reach Alkatron if you stretch out your hand.

The group was silent.

From now on, the party will face danger in earnest.

“Could it have arrived first?”

“It would be so if the bypass restoration was completed quickly.”

“Still, we will all arrive at about the same time, so we can all start searching for Alkatron together.”


Chameli spoke to Mael to ease the heavy atmosphere.

“Mael? “Why are you looking at me like that during the entire expedition?”

“I was comparing the excavation records of Alkatron with one of the ancient documents of the Antiquities Society.”

“is it so? I guess so…”

“I think it’s clear now.”

“… yes? “Did you find something?”

Mael’s expression looked darker than before.

“I think I just found out what the Alkatron was originally for.”

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