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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 180

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Episode 180: The

crown of order.

When Kang Seol heard that name, he couldn’t hide his agitation.

‘Was this here?’

Because it was such a famous item, even Kangseol knew its name.

In the past, a huge ruin was discovered in the central region of the Pandean continent.

At that time, many powers fought to take possession of the items from the historic site, and the Crown of Order was a representative treasure among the items from the historic site.

Although nothing was known about its power, the mainstream perception was that it was at least not an ordinary object.

However, since it was quite a long time ago, the snowfall was something that was only heard through word of mouth from luxury travelers.

‘If you do this well…’

Alkatron was taken away in return for a promise, but I helped him with all my might, and I think this kind of luck will come to me.

‘But how did Libra obtain the Crown of Order?’

Ridwen and Cartejin even spit on each other, trying to tell Bornuil that his judgment was wrong.

“The Crown of Order is a symbol of Libra’s power and a treasure obtained by mobilizing all its capabilities! How could it be so simple….”

“Since when was the crown of order a symbol of scales? Wasn’t it like stolen property and didn’t it come into our hands by chance? Oh hohoho….”

– Was it stolen property?

– Haha, the stolen goods were a symbol of the scales

– I guess it’s true because you look confused;;

Ridwen said as he sat down again.

“Even so, nothing changes. The Crown of Order now resides in our Tower of Libra and will remain with us here for years to come.”

Then Frannan asked:

“It’s just an object. “If no one uses it, it’s a useless piece of flashy baggage that just takes up space.”

“Frannan! “An object of value plays its role just by being there!”

“It doesn’t fit my values.”


Borneuil joined in an atmosphere that felt as if it might be frosty.

“If this old man has one word to say, this expedition has attracted the attention of many people, knowingly or unknowingly. “I will do my best to prevent what happened in Alkatron from spreading to unnecessary places, but I cannot stop the reputation of the person who saved everyone from spreading.”

“No matter how tightly you hold on to the wind, it will somehow escape your grasp. “It’s the same as respect or gossip.”

Frannan helped Bornouil speak.

Borneuil continued speaking with satisfaction.

“He saved everyone, and even more so, all attention will be focused on the issue of the appointment of a new Libra. How will Libra be able to carry his face if it is known that he treated the person who contributed the most to the expedition with a disgraceful treatment?”


“Please consider it.”

A deep river formed between Lidwen and Cartejin’s eyes.

They pondered for a moment and then asked.

“I’ll ask Frannan. “Is it really worth it?”


“Is it worth it to hand over the treasure that Libra obtained to a person with no power and uncertain status?”

“If that’s the case…”


Frannan holds out a rolled-up piece of paper that appears to have been prepared to them.

“What is this?”

Kangseol glanced at the contents of the paper for a moment and then asked Frannan with surprised eyes.

“Have you investigated my background?”

“I looked at the history of not only you, but the entire expedition team. As a person in charge, it’s natural.”

Cartejin was perplexed as he read the paper.

“This… is this true?”

“Isn’t it amazing? “Has there ever been an individual… or even a force, who has accomplished this much in such a short period of time?”

What Kang Seol has been through so far was a bit more severe than what one person experienced.

Subdue the Sharp Rock Mountain Rock Fang, stop the invasion of the Yognatun Sulfur Skull, break through the Labyrinth of Asceticism, and even defeat the Black Knight who invaded Ilya.

Even excluding his achievements that were not well known to others, Kang Seol was already quite a celebrity to the outside world.


“He’s a young man who lived like that. And no one can deny that the wise use of that power has benefited us. Crown of Order? “Among the things this friend has, there are several things that are as valuable as the Crown of Order.”


“He probably doesn’t have much interest in the crown of order. Still, the reason I gave it to him was for the sake of a friendly relationship in the future. Because I alone did what the majority of the expedition team could not do. Moreover, since it is a fast-growing company, I don’t know what kind of help it will provide in the future.”

There was only one mistake in what Frannan said.

The assumption is that Kang Seol will not be very interested in the view of order.

– Your eyes are so bright lol

– Master… you are mistaken… your student is a snob…

Bornuil said with a smile.

“And the most important evidence remains, right?”

“you’re right. “This young man…”

Frannan glanced at Snowfall and answered.

“First of all, you are my only disciple.”

* * *

The expedition members had to stay in the Tower of Libra for quite some time. The reward was a reward, but there was another reason for them to stay longer.

Neel the Iron Lion tapped Mael on the shoulder.

“I don’t have to return to the relic society?”

“You just have to check and report how the expedition ends.”

“That’s not an excuse… Actually, you want to stay a little longer and then go, right?”

“Hahaha… Didn’t you already get your compensation, Neil? There is no reason to stay here, is there? If Iron Lion wants to maintain its current reputation, it will need to recruit new members…” “We have

already brought back a few members and are handling the work. As the great lord, I can leave here slowly.”

Chameli, who was quietly listening to the conversation between the two, stabbed them in the side.




Chameli smiled brightly.

“It’s a good day, but do you want to keep talking about useless things? “Everyone is staying to see a rare sight that is rarely seen, right?”

“Uh hmm… I just….”

“Chameli, if you say that, doesn’t it make you feel like we’re a group of people with nothing to do?”

“It wasn’t? “What’s wrong with having nothing to do?”


“We lost a lot of people. In order to appease their sadness, the joy of more people is needed. “Today is the day a new Libra is appointed, so please be faithful and rejoice!”

“Then you should have fun without hesitation.”

“It’s a truly rare sight. The moment a new tower owner is appointed.”

“Are all the other tower owners coming too?”

“Because of the distance, I heard that they will probably come by borrowing the body of another wizard with a spirit tablet. “Here he comes!”

Wizards with different symbols on their epaulettes were entering the tower in a row.

Although they were generally older, there were very few wizards who looked like tower owners.

“uh! “Scorpion… A scorpion has arrived.”

“Is it true? “That’s a scorpion, right?”

The surroundings became noisy when a short, wiry-looking wizard appeared.

“Hmph… That Bornouil guy always pretended to be relaxed and eventually left. I guess my guess was right, right?”

After the Scorpio Wizard, the Aries Wizard appeared.

“sheep! “It’s a sheep!”

“It’s Santio!”

A shaggy-haired wizard named Santio raised his glasses and answered the scorpion.

“That’s strange. From what I saw, Borneuil seemed like he would live a long time…”

“How long will a wizard believe in superstitions like that?”

“What do you do with what you were born with? Anyway… hm?”

But suddenly, Santio deviated slightly from the path provided to the guests.

“Hey Santio?”

“Hmm… That’s an unusual impression. Are you the type of person who always puts yourself in close proximity to death?”

“… yes?”

The person Santio spoke to was Kangseol.

‘… what?’

Kangseol backed away slightly, wary of Santio, who was asking a strange question.

“I see a lot of death in you. “I don’t think I’ll ever live a normal life.”

At that time, the Wizard of Libra approached and guided Santio.

“Hey Santio… the appointment ceremony is coming soon…”

“Oh! I’m sorry. “Let’s go right away.”

Santio walked backwards into the ceremony hall, looking at the snowfall.

The eccentricity was comical, but it was also chilling.

Next, other tower owners and high-ranking wizards holding the tower owner’s spirit tablet entered the ceremony hall one by one.

Mael clenched his sweaty hands.

“This… Zodiac….”

“The magical power I can feel is amazing…”

“They are beings that can be said to be the pinnacle of knowledge in human society. “I never thought I would be able to see such an amazing sight with my own eyes so early.”

“Go to your seat.”

Ur wriggled in the shadowy space of the snowfall.

– Quite… At best, it was about thieves…

The ceremony was held in a banquet room close to the top floor.

Unusually, the moment I entered the banquet room, the scenery changed as if I was outdoors.

A landscape with clouds floating across a vast field. In addition, a cool breeze occasionally blew and touched the hair of those gathered here.

And the moment everyone found their seats and sat down, the appointment ceremony began.

Ridwen and Cartejin stepped up to the podium.

“On behalf of Libra, I would like to thank all the wizards who came today.”

“Since you took the time out of your busy schedule, I would like to take some questions before the ceremony begins.”

It was an unusual sequence.

There were probably some high-ranking wizards who had taken the time to come here out of curiosity about the Alkatron expedition, so it seemed like the order had been assigned in advance.

A cool-looking wizard asked a question first.

“To be precise, the Alkatron expedition ended in failure? “I know that many people lost their lives.”

A young wizard who dares to treat a saintly person poorly.

However, Ridwen was not offended. The person who asked the question now was the owner of the Capricorn Magic Tower, who spoke through the mouth of a young wizard using the power of the spirit tablet.

“The original purpose of the expedition was achieved, but many people died, so it was neither a success nor a failure. However, considering the risk of Alkatron, the fact that a large number of people were able to return can be considered a minor success.”

“Hmph… Do you think everyone on the expedition thinks that way?”

Then sounds came from all over the place.

“Daeju, the iron lion who participated in the expedition. “We consider the expedition a success.”

“Relics meeting….”


As everyone said that, the Capricorn pagoda owner, who had nothing to say, kept his mouth shut.

This time the scorpion asked a question.

“So, I heard that Alkatron eventually collapsed… What was there?”


He refrained from saying anything about this part.

They only said that there was a vicious ancient evil and that the expedition team worked together to defeat him again.

“Hmm… something doesn’t seem clear…”

Several more questions were asked, but Ridwen and Cartejin answered them well.

“Then, we will answer the questions and answers separately, and then we will begin the most important task of the day, the appointment of Libra.”


At the entrance to the banquet room, Frannan, dressed in the top owner’s attire, appeared.

The sight of him wearing an eyepatch over one eye made him feel like a wild man.

Tap… tap…

“They said he lost his eyes. It’s true…”

“He’s a friend whose skills I couldn’t deny.”

“I think your energy has changed a little?”

I passed the people whispering and stood in front of the podium.

Ridwen spoke solemnly.

“The wizards of Libra were in great confusion when news of Libra Bornuil’s disappearance was reported. However, in a crisis, a hero is born. “Frannan, the Aspect of Libra, led the expedition to confirm Bornuil’s fate, fought the great evil that killed him, and sent him back underground.”

A somewhat unfamiliar word.

But no one laughed.

“We realized we needed a new balance to protect our balance. And that is…”

Ridwen said.

“It’s you, Frannan.”

Cartejin and Ridwen took out the badges on their epaulettes.

“I want you to keep us level. Would you accept it?”

Frannan’s expression did not change.

However, for business purposes, I took the wizard’s oath.

“Knowledge is the blade and wisdom is the handle. I am omnipotent and powerless. I follow the truth, but I have contradictory thoughts.”


“I am a wizard.”

Frannan opened his mouth and smiled slightly.

“It’s not enough, but I’ll do my best.”

The scorpion stood up and shouted.

“Scorpio recognizes the new Libra!”


A scorpion shape appeared in the sky.

“Aquarius will also recognize the new Libra!”

“The Palace of Virgo is….”

Patterns that keep coming to mind.

Finally, 11 symbols appeared in the sky.

The weight of a balance hanging from an epaulette.

Frannan, who had become the new scale, went up to the stage and began to speak.

“Ah, is the boring appointment ceremony finally over? “Am I a Libra from now on?”

Everyone made an expression of displeasure at Frannan’s tone of voice, which seemed to have been ignored.

That’s because up until now, he had shown himself to be a decent and dignified leader, but then he suddenly started spewing out words like a bluster.

“Now, in the Zodiac, there are people who are equal to me, but there are no people who are higher than me. Right?”

“…what what?”

“Ah, except in case the Grand Duke of Frost, the founder of the Zodiac, returns.”

Most people frowned, but there were many who did not. Especially some top owners, including some Scorpions.

“Hahahaha! That’s fun! “It seems like a good fit for me!”

“Bornouil was a bit boring, but this scale is eccentric.”

Ridwen hesitated and didn’t know what to do, but the tower owners waved their hands.

“I think there’s something I want to say. “Do as much as you want.”

“No one will stop you. “It was a boring car, but it turned out well.”

Frannan’s remaining eye turned serious.

“Well… the first thing I want to say is…”

he said.

“I hate you wizards. “You damn colts.”

Frannan’s eyes turned to the old man, who was using a mobility aid, and the young female mage who was supporting her.

Unlike the old man, the woman had a dark aura.

“What do you mean?”

“That’s literally it. Most wizards live for that pretentious taste, right? So did I. “I… did that too.”

His eyes deepened.

Dark pasts came to mind.

“I thought I could do anything. And they didn’t even pay attention to those who fell behind. “Because I’m better than them.”

“Hehehe… Everyone does that sometimes.”

“There were some old-fashioned wizards who tried to correct me.”

The veil that hung over him.

– Because it’s a wizard. Other people think wizards are great, but in reality, they are all fools who think they are great.

And Yurin became a child.

– I guarantee you, no wizard has ever started from scratch except the first one. Although humans are weak, they are a species that accumulates and builds knowledge. That’s why magic has developed.

“It’s all arbitrary… Because I tried to change people from the root.”

“They are a very remote tribe.

“ha ha ha! That’s right, Libra! Yes, even now?”

Frannan said coldly.



“In the end, I lost.”

He sighed.

“I felt my limits during this expedition. “Because the wicked wizard was alone all along.”


“But heaven helped me and gave me trustworthy people by my side.”

Frannan’s eyes first scanned the snowfall and even found the other expedition members.

“The reason I was able to finish the expedition safely was not my poor magic. “It was a boring story, but it was thanks to my colleagues.”

“That’s obvious, Frannan.”


He said.

“So, as an adult, I ended up saying such obvious things too late… I’m finally saying this with sincerity.”

Frannan spoke to Yurin, whose mental age had reverted to that of a child, and to Everny, her student by her side.


“… yes.”

“Before Yurin saved you, she left me a favor.”


Everny stayed by Yurin’s side with the feeling of a sinner. But Yurin left a message to Everny before the accident?

Frannan closed his eyes tightly.

– Frannan If I fail…

– No! I won’t!

– Don’t make a fuss, then… please.

Yurin’s last request from him.

– Can you tell me it’s okay? To my sweet student… I’m… okay.

“It’s okay, Everny.”

“… yes?”

“Yurin said it was okay.”


“She asked me to tell you this if she was wrong.”


“I’m sorry for telling you this so late. “It took me too long to truly say these words.”


Now she was finally free from the status of a sinner.

All those years ago, I was worried that Yurin, who had become such a terrible person, might resent her.

Everny showed a tearful smile and looked like she had become Frannan’s scale.

Ridwen and Cartejin looked at the situation, and when it seemed like the conversation was over, they proceeded to the next step.

“Then, finally, there will be a reward for the person who contributed the most to the expedition. from now on!”

Jeopuk… Jeopuk…

Kangseol made eye contact with Frannan, who had become a scale.

[Charming being activated. Additional favorability is gained.]

[Obtain the helper ‘Crooked Libra Frannan’.]

[‘Crooked Libra Frannan’ has a grade of Transcendence.]

[The helper has a chance of appearing in all adventures . ]

[They provide help to the player depending on their affinity.]

[Force: Libra Your influence on the Mage Tower increases.] [

Force: Your influence on the Zodiac increases.]

[Force: Libra Changes to a friendly relationship with the Mage Tower.]

[Force: You can give and receive help from the Mage Tower of Libra.]

[Force: The Mage Tower of Libra is deeply interested in your actions.]

Frannan the Libra is a member of other Aspects. said to


Frannan held out something in a precious box and he opened it.


A coffin emitting a mysterious energy appeared.

[Exalted Exaltation: Obtain the Crown of Order.]

[I acquired an object that did not exist in the world.]

And with this object as the last step, Kang Seol gained strength in his next step.

[You have more than 5 pieces of equipment of unexclusive grade.]

[You have obtained information about the hidden adventure ‘Glory to Win.’]

[If the conditions are met, an unexpected adventure will occur.]

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