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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 186

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Episode 186:

Jerry lowered his head to the ground to avoid making eye contact with Karuna.

“Why on earth are you doing this to me? Why… Why…”


said with clenched teeth at Jerry’s shameless attitude.

“How can you be so shameless about the subject you hunted by attracting a former person?”

“Ah… Is it because of the dead transferor? You had a colleague too, right? They weren’t very strong… I’ll make it up to you! You just have to compensate! So that’s it?”

“Reward… what a reward!”

Gyeong-taek Kyung-taek was angry at Jerry’s reaction and tried to harm her. However, he could not achieve it because his colleagues were holding on to his arms.

Jerry had no idea what was wrong with what he had just said.

It’s like, ‘Why are you so angry when you say you’ll compensate?’ That expression.

Kang Seol looked down at her and asked.

“Lian Kuros. Why did you turn him into a shadow?”

“Rian? Ah, the trouble… Is it because of the shadows that don’t sell? Don’t say anything! “I’ll give it to you for free!”

“No, I’m asking about the circumstances. “Why did you turn Lian into a shadow?”

Jerry desperately tried to survive.

However, the words she chose only made Kang Seol’s heart heavier.

“Because wandering adventurers are less welcome… no one is looking for them…”

“This man had a place to return to.”

“Did you? I did not know. It’s a shame. huh? How much is it? “I will compensate you.”

As Jang Sachi continued to play with his tongue, Kang Seol asked.

“How much do you think it will cost?”

Jerry couldn’t answer that dangerous question quickly.

Kang Seol didn’t bother waiting for her answer and made another request.

“Tell me what you know about Yeongsaengyo Church.”

“Young… About living school?”


“If I tell you, will you save my life?”

Kang Seol said with an expressionless face.

“No, I won’t bring it back.”


Her death was certain.

Kang Seol was already treating her like a corpse. That’s because her life was the life of a fly that could fly away with just a wave of her hand.

Jerry didn’t want to die.

However, with all her wisdom, she could not think of a way to get out of this hellish moment.

She had to bide her time.

“How much do you know about Yeongsaengyo?”

“A cult united around its leader.”

“It’s not wrong… Then shall I explain from the beginning?”

Jerry thought it was better.

The more we talked, the more time I had to find his loopholes, and I wondered if Seris Gatif would do something during that time.

The latter was honestly hard to expect, but it was the only rope that could save her in this situation.

“The Church of Eternal Life originated from the birth of a demon who was later called Immortal. He became the leader of the cult and gathered many people under his command.”


“There were evil people among them that could not be dealt with, but they were obedient to the immortals. And the rumor that the Church of Eternal Life engaged in evil acts against Pandea is a somewhat fabricated rumor. Of course, he did some bad things, but it was all done beneath the surface…” “

Hey, it seems like you’re intentionally spinning the story to add more weight, but what I’m curious about is the Eternal Life Church after the Buddha left.”

“After the Immortal left… You are referring to the recent Eternal Life Church. Ah Okay. “After the Immortal left to become a god, the Church of Eternal Life was divided into four tribes.”

“The tribes were divided?”

Originally, Yeongsaenggyo was one gigantic living entity.

The great power that came from a single sect was enough to make the name Youngsaengyo Church a symbol of fear.

Jerry responded while looking closely.

“I don’t know, but… Isn’t it because of the emptiness of the immortal being that unity is not working well? “There is no central point to unite church members.”

“So, which tribe are you related to?”

“I have been dealing with Bria, the owner of the Shadow Tribe. “If I collect the shadows and offer them to Bria, she will grant me wealth.”

“Hmm… Briara… But I know that this method is not the method of the Eternal Life Church.”

Jerry was startled and lowered his head.

“… For quite some time, the Yeongsaeng Church has been focusing on gathering strength.”


She looked up at the snowfall.

And then he said something shocking.

“Because resurrection… is imminent.”

“… what?”

“Immortality… uh-uh….”

Jerry suddenly couldn’t continue his words and drooled. Blood vessels began to appear around her eyes.

And then.


Blood and flesh splattered all over the group.



Jerry’s head exploded like a watermelon.

[Jerry the Merchant has been defeated.]

[Jerry’s valuables are created.]

[Adventure objectives have been met.]

[You can finish the adventure when the time limit expires or when you select a reward.]

Ur said as if he was troubled.

– Was this the reason for the uneasy feeling you felt earlier? The level is reasonable for an allusion, right?

‘Should I revive it?’

– Haven’t you heard everything? And as I said before, your shadow space is completely empty right now. It would be best not to even think about new summons for the time being.

It’s not an easy sight to see a person’s head exploding like a bomb right in front of your eyes, so Snow Seol couldn’t just act calmly.

‘By the way, resurrection… immortality is coming back?’

– Immortality? Do you know this guy?


You can’t say you don’t know.

Because the immortal was Kang Seol himself.

“Anyway… first of all…”


But suddenly, a shadow came out of Jerry’s dead body.

It was the shadow of a different woman than Jerry.

“Are you… something? “What have you done to my cute minion?”

“…what are you?”

– Ho… that wasn’t a general implication. Somehow…

the shadow woman’s expression crumpled.

“I see… you killed my cat.”

“Are you Bria?”

“… I will find you and turn you into a shadow.”

Kang Seol smiled, showing his teeth.

When it came to horses, he sometimes showed signs of madness.

“I will find you first.”



When Snowfall waved her hand, Bria’s shadow was crushed like paint.

Kang Seol shook his hands and did not think her appearance was a big deal.

[Force: Your influence on the Church of Eternal Life increases.]

[Force: Your relationship with the Church of Eternal Life changes into a hostile relationship.]

[Force: You may clash with the Church of Eternal Life.]

[Force: The Church of Eternal Life is deeply interested in your actions. .]

– I have a feeling that they will clash often….

Kangseol did not respond to Ur’s words. It just happened.

There was something more important left to do.

So many shadows met death at the hands of Karen that it was almost annihilating.

But there was still a living shadow.


Lian, who was still slurring his words, was his own shadow.

Kang Seol approached Lian, who was not coming out of the cage.

The extremities of Lian’s body were horribly crushed, and the shadows from his body were disappearing endlessly into the air.

The collapse accelerated when even his owner, Jerry, died.


Ryan’s right foot was broken.


Lian loses his balance and falls down.

– This guy… he’s on the verge of disintegration.

‘… Could that be possible?’

– It is not impossible if you fiercely refuse to become a shadow with even a little bit of intelligence left. Perhaps the signs of collapse came long ago.

‘How to avoid it?’

– does not exist.


Kangseol made eye contact with Rian.

“Uh… Uh huh…”

Kang Seol seemed to know what he was saying.

“You want to go home?”

Lian, who barely had any left, nodded desperately.

Kang Seol bit his lips and said.

“Let’s go back home.”


Rian then smiled broadly.



It became a shadow and dispersed.

Snowfall traced the spot where he had scattered.

But all I could hold on to was regret and pity.

[The story of ‘Rian Kurosu’ begins.]

Lian’s memories poured into Kangseol.

* * *

This is Ryan’s memory.

“Rian, what is it that makes you grin so much?”

“Because this adventure is the last. “I’m really going to hit you now.”

“In all the years I’ve been doing this job, I’ve never seen anyone as talented as you… but you always say you quit.”

“There is a person who suits everything. People like me are not capable of doing good things. “They are small-minded and inexperienced in handling tasks.”

“It’s getting better. “Isn’t that what happened then?”

Lian replied with a grin.

“On the one hand, it may be becoming dull. “I’m sorry, I’m really not suited for this job.”

“Okay… I can’t help it. But every time I said I was quitting, I was never told what I would do if I quit.”

“Do you want to hear it?”

“I can’t stand being curious. tell me.”

Lian told his fellow adventurer about his plan.

“I’m going to use the money I’ve saved to cultivate a field near my house.”

“Huh? “That’s all?”

“yes. “But it’s something I never even dreamed of before doing this.”


“I rented land from the landowner and did a sharecropping… but one day, the son came in fighting with the landowner’s son.”

“Well… so?”

“I scolded the son of a bitch. Without even asking why we fought. “It turned out that the landowner’s son was making fun of my son, calling him the son of a poor man.”


“I couldn’t say a word. Because it’s true.”

Lian’s eyes were watery.

“Because I’m poor.”


“Poverty is scarier than infectious diseases.”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s not only hard on me, it’s hard on everyone around me. Poverty… is contagious like that.”

“So you became an adventurer.”

“Thanks to you, I made a lot of money. ha ha ha!”

Lian said, picturing his distant hometown.

“I’m going to plow the field. “This is Ryan’s field, not someone else’s.”

“Hehehe… interesting.”

“Would pumpkin be good? I also thought about grapes…”

“Whatever you want, do whatever you want.” But you know what?”


“You, who are always in tears, are smiling when you talk about your family?”


“I guess I miss my family more than I miss poverty.”

“Maybe so.”

“Go back. Now you can live as a proud father.”

Shortly after this conversation, Ryan was attacked by unidentified monsters and collapsed, bleeding from his head.

“Stone… baby… I’m doing it…”

My vision becomes blurry.

And regrets.

“I… have to… go home…”

* * *

With that memory in mind, Kang-seol was relieved of her headache and clenched her teeth.

The emotions Rian felt pierced Kang Seol’s heart without any filtering.


I felt nauseous.

“Tongue brother? are you okay?”

“ha… Haa….”

Hyomin, a member of Kyungtaek Cho’s group, was surprised to see Kangseol’s face.

“Look at the cold sweat! Something…”

“No… it’s okay.”

[Inherited the legacy of ‘Rian Kurosu’.]

[Inherited the abilities of the deceased.]

[Innate Talent: Inherited the Traveler’s Compass.]

[The Traveler’s Compass can be used in adventures.]

[ Calling: The contents of the things that must be recovered are changed.]

‘Has this ability finally returned?’

Rihanna’s innate talent came back to Kangseol again.

The traveler’s compass was a highly valuable ability among innate talents, also known as game changers.

The capabilities of this compass were very simple.

A visual representation of the direction and distance of the adventure goal.

And now, the snowfall will use this compass …

[Use the traveler’s compass: I use it for things that need to be regained.]

[The compass is


. ]

‘Far and southwest? … no way?’

When I looked at the map drawn in my head, there was one thing that came to mind.

‘I’m not sure… but I’ll have to check.’

With the traveler’s compass in hand, Snowfall can now set out to find traces of his sleeping horse throughout Pandea.

Perhaps we will reach that goal much faster than before.

After Urga Kangseol finished telling the story, he spoke to me.

– Ho… That’s funny. I just felt a mysterious power coming over you. Is it your strength?

‘Well, for some reason…’

Kyeong-taek Kyeong-taek, who didn’t know that Kang-seol was talking to Ur, was worried about him and asked.

“brother? “Are you okay?”

“Yes, Gyeongtaek.”

“What a relief. First of all…”

“Kyeongtaek, can you give me a moment?”

“yes? “Oh, okay.”

“Okay, just stay away from me for a moment.”

Having witnessed the power of snowfall, it was no wonder that a feeling of awe developed in the group.

Gyeong-taek Cho and his group retreated and were close to the wall. Ur, who roughly guessed why Kang Seol told Gyeong-taek to step down, said.

– Tsk tsk… I never thought I would find this amount of shadow essence so quickly. Looks like you’re lucky.

Coco’s resurrection still remains.

‘How do I wake Coco up?’

– Simple. Just draw it in your head like you did when you created your crow. Hold the sweet source tightly in your hand.

Kangseol took Coco’s root out of his arms.

– Get started.

As Kang Seol closed his eyes and concentrated, the black beads pulsated.

Heart pounding…

Heart pounding…

And at the same time, the black haze spread around, or the essence of shadow, began to rotate violently around the snowfall.


“Um… what is that?”

“… What are you doing now?”


In the black haze, whenever lightning struck, a trace of a wolf shape appeared and disappeared in an instant.

– Resurrection is imminent! Wake him up!

Kangseol laughed, incongruous with the tragic situation, and grabbed Coco’s base tightly.

“Come here Coco… I need to go for a walk.”


The shadow vibrated violently at those words.

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