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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 187

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Episode 187:


Black lightning almost turned the inside of the basement into a honeycomb.

The space that used to be full of empty iron cages was now littered with flattened iron plates everywhere.



Fortunately, Gyeong-taek Cho and his group were far away from Kang-seol, so if they had observed this scene right next to them, they would have been cut to pieces by the storm of shadows.


Snowfall was impressed as she grabbed Coco’s root.

I’ve been controlling the storm by holding onto the source for quite some time, but no significant changes have occurred yet.

‘Now the shadows have decreased considerably…’

The essence of the shadows that filled the space had already been sucked into Coco’s source, and if it continued like this for a long time, it seemed like the storm would stop before it could be revived.

‘Maybe there wasn’t enough shadow?’

at that time.


the core of Coco held by Snowfall began to crack.


– You’re finally responding now. This is a normal reaction, so pay attention.

Snowfall calmly obeyed the power emanating from the source.



‘…the source is broken!’

The black sphere shattered.

For a moment I thought there might be something wrong, but that was just unfounded.


The black storm that surrounded him swirled and shrunk.


But Coco was nowhere to be seen.


I looked back and saw Coco sticking her head out from the shadow space.

It was a much better looking face than before.

[enlightenment! A new creature is created.]

[The new creature is a happy Coco.]

[The creature inherits the memories of Starving Coco.]

[The creature inherits some of Starving Coco’s abilities.]

[The new creature’s attributes are changed to Sticky Darkness. ]

[The type of new creature is set to Medium Beast.]

[New related abilities can now be derived.]

[Enlightenment! The creature awakens a new ability.]

[The creature can use Territory Marking.]

[Enlightenment! The creature awakens a new ability.]

[The creature can use Purgatory Flames.]

[Enlightenment! The creature awakens a new ability.]

[The creature can use the boss.]

[Enlightenment! The creature awakens a new ability.]

[The creature can use black flesh.]

Heh heh…

Coco sneaks out of the shadow space and rubs her head at Snowfall’s feet.

– Madou is the best! Magic is the future!

– The best training, Ur! I will accept your advice!

– Coco, the cutest girl in the province, is back, so everyone get ready to go for a walk!

– Ur, the true teacher of this era!

Kangseol said while stroking Coco’s head.

“Not all abilities are passed down?”

– The obvious! Have you forgotten that it was not originally harvested as a summoned beast, but recreated as a creature? With your current shadow space, there is no way to use Coco as a summon. I feel fortunate that I can at least handle it like this.

Coco’s abilities, which were full when we met at Alcatron, have diminished like beer with no foam.

‘But I’m glad they all have decent abilities…’

Black Assassin is a sneak attack in the shadow space, and Boss is a skill that raises the abilities of all creatures, including the self, by 20%.

‘Purgatory’s Flames is an ability that existed before… territory marking?’

Ur said as Snowfall was checking information about the territory markings.

– It is the power of the shadow wolf. No, more accurately, it is the power of the subordinate shadow wolf.

‘… Continuously increasing the shadow space?’

– Yes, as long as the shadow wolf stays in your shadow, your shadow space naturally expands. If you wait a little longer, you will have at least some breathing space in this narrow space.

Kang Seol, who had no idea Coco had such absurd powers, stroked her chin.

Tsk tsk tsk…

But Coco was trying to swallow something, drawing Kang Seol’s attention.

【Please… save me! This guy is trying to bite me!】

Looking at the empty lantern, Kang Seol realized that what Coco was rolling in her mouth right now was grief.

【I am not a cookie! No! It will definitely upset your stomach! Is it true?】

Kang Seol quickly rescues Coco from her heartbreak.

Grief safely entered the lamp and closed the door.

【Huh… Huh… Ugh… The smell of saliva. This shame… I’ll make sure you pay for it, you damn mutt! hey! Please check if the door is locked properly, okay?】


Snowfall closed the door filled with sorrow.

Anyway, with the successful completion of Coco’s resurrection, the entire purpose of coming here was resolved.

‘Well, Malachus’ grudge has been resolved… and information on the Church of Eternal Life has also been obtained. And to solve Coco and Lian’s problems all at once.’

I gained a lot from this adventure compared to the time invested.

Gyeong-taek felt sorry for Kang-seol for going out on his behalf, but in fact, Kang-seol was about to thank him.

Especially when it comes to helping me find Ryan.

* * *

A few days later, Jo Kyung-taek and his party became anxious when they remembered that this terrible thing had all happened in the Gatif family, a noble family.

“Brother, what happens now? “Are you kidding us from Nevenia?”

“That won’t happen.”


“I’ll know when I see it.”

Gyeong-taek Cho and his group had a hard time believing Kang Seol’s boasts, but they knew that he was not the kind of person who would lie out of thin air, so they waited.

And after a while, like Kang Seol said, things started to calm down.

“I really caused an accident.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Not you. What is there to be sorry for? “You are being punished for your sins.”

A young man was holding a crystal ball.

The person Kang Seol was talking to was the man reflected in the crystal ball.

The man in the crystal ball was Count Brispin. Snowfall first informed Brispin of this fact by express before heading to Gatif Street.

It was simply written that various situations could occur, but when I opened the lid, it was like a head-on collision between the Gatif family and their predecessor, Snowfall.

Brispin said, smoothing his mustache.

“It’s a collusive relationship that has been going on for quite some time. The first targets were wandering adventurers, but now it seems they have extended their reach to transferees as well. Fortunately, there is a lot of evidence left, so we won’t be attacked in return.》

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“I didn’t do anything in particular… but there are two things that concern me.”

“I will listen.”

Count Brispin opened his mouth.

“First, rumors about the Gatif family’s evil deeds have already leaked out. This will intensify the conflict between the settlers and the natives. This is not a good situation for Nevenia, who is already in a very tense state.》


“Second, it is a problem regarding the Church of Eternal Life.”

Count Brispin, who was staring at Snowfall’s face, spoke about the Church of Eternal Life.

“They could be targeting you.”

“I think we’re already involved.”

“They are afraid. It is difficult to simply view them as a religious group… In particular, the inaction of the leader of the cult is not easy to believe even if you only hear the rumors left behind.》

“We must be careful.”

“Please be careful.”

Afterwards, Seris Gatif was put under arrest.

It seemed likely that there would be discussions about her future treatment at Nevenia Royal Castle.

I broke up with Kyung-taek Cho soon after the work was over. Kang Seol couldn’t do anything more than this, and Kyung Taek had no intention of accepting it either.

If a human gives an ant water because it appears to be thirsty, the water will eventually harm the ant.

Kyung-taek Kyung-taek should be satisfied with just seeing each other’s faces occasionally. If they continued to move together, it would be detrimental not only to Kang-seol but also to Kyung-taek Jo.

– Did he… go?

– I think you’re gone?

– It’s time!

It was only after Seol Seol was separated from his group that he was able to check the rewards he had obtained from this adventure.


[Check Jerry’s valuables.]

[The level increases.]

[The level increases.] [

Acquire ability points.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Albuza’s special ability is activated. ]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[Cunning Blood Serpent activates.] [

Gain additional ability points.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[I gain additional ability points.]

[I gain additional ability points.]

[I gain additional ability points.] [I gain

additional ability points.]

[I gain additional ability points. ]

[Acquire the Miser’s Necklace.]

[Acquire the Coat of the Dusky Path.] [

Acquire the Ring of Brilliant Snowfield.] [

Acquire 12 Platinum Coins.]

[Acquire 8 Large Red Potions. .]

[Obtain 5 large blue potions.]

Ability score acquisition messages that keep coming up. The basic amount of ability points gained from a linked adventure is only 2, but somehow the additional amount gained reached 4 times that amount.

– Is this… Korean affection?

– How about 1 serving, which is like 4 servings…

– My aunt didn’t order this…

But the disappointing thing was that the items I got weren’t that useful.

The Miser’s Necklace has the ability to increase the amount of gold earned at the end of the adventure, and the Ring of Brilliant Snowfield has a high value for a simple gem.

Even though they were all treasure grade, their abilities were very disappointing.

‘They’re just like Jerry.’

Since they were far from what Snowfall wanted, they were all going to be handed over to the auction house.

The only thing that was useful was the cloak.

[Coat of the Dusky Path]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 28 – 33

Defense: 45

Durability: 130/130

Weight: 0.1kg

A cloak that oozes ominous energy.

Despite its appearance, it has very good thermal insulation properties.

Basic ability: All abilities + 10

Special ability: Assimilates with the surroundings at night. When performing a surprise attack while assimilated, all damage dealt increases by 15% for 20 seconds.

It was a cloak that might be used by an assassin or a thief. Karen’s cloak was old, so I gave it to her temporarily.

‘There aren’t as many good items up for sale at the auction house as I expected.’

The items that come up occasionally are items that can be used by other professions.

Equipment was something that even abundant financial resources could not control, so this actually worked against the leading group.

Since the items used by the leading group can be effectively used by the latecomers, catching up becomes easier.

‘Still, I guess it’s a good thing that I can’t wear crying gear.’

Because Ur was a spirit being, it was impossible to wear equipment. If I had to set up equipment all the way to Ur, the snowfall would have been quite a headache.

Snowfall is preparing to leave after completing maintenance.

Now there was just one thing left to do before leaving the Timbrian.

“What brought you here?”

A man wearing a black chestnut robe asks in a low voice.

[This is a place to study black magic. The instructor residing here will ask you about your business. What would you like to do?]

1. [Required: Ability Score] I want to learn a new ability.

2. [Required: Ability Score] I want to strengthen my existing abilities.

3. I want to spar. Is there a suitable partner?

4. [Need: State of enlightenment] I would like to work as an educator here.

5. The person who manages this place has business.

“It’s because of capacity building and acquisition.”

“I see, the Timbrian branch charges a small fee for private rooms… is that okay? “Whatever you want, it’s open…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

On the contrary, since Kang Seol had been in a difficult situation in public places, he wanted to give me a private room in exchange for money.

– Please take this money!

– brother! brother! That’s not how you do it…

– Bro, why is the ability tree red and black?

– Did you put ketchup on it? brother? brother?

– Ouch! Jammin bombed!

“Then this way…”


the the door closed and when snowfall put her hand on it an ability tree appeared on the wall.


I feel like it’s more lush than before.

The snowfall ability tree was a combination of red and black.


Ur spontaneously popped out and looked at Snowfall’s ability tree.

“Ho… I thought it was amazing, but did something quite interesting seep into the tree?”


“Hmm… I’ve grown well in my own way… but I’m still lacking in my level.”

Kangseol tilted his head at Ur’s words.

“Not enough?”

“Especially, even though you use creatures that much, you have no talent for special summons.”

“That’s right… because I was negligent.”

From the beginning, Kangseol did not even look at the creatures and only focused on the summoning technique.

‘Because I haven’t had enough ability points so far.’

Ur said.

“How do you feel? “Are you going to repeat what I say this time?”

“What you say?”

“Okay, now that you have obtained such a powerful creature, how about putting it to use? “To let it rot like this is like burying treasure in the ground.”


Currently, Snowfall has reached a level of summoning that exceeds what she aimed for in the low level section. Therefore, since there was nothing urgent to do right now, I became interested in Ur’s words.

“What kind of ability is it?”

“You have to look for it to find out.”

“You have to look for it to find out?”

Ur said as he approached the wall.

“Have you forgotten? “This body is like a teacher to all mages.”

His eyes held the power tree.

“I am the magician and the beginning of everything.”

[The sealed magic path of Ur is activated.]

[Interpreting the ability tree.]

[Interpreting the ability tree.]

[Interpreting the ability tree is complete.]

“… What?”

“Now, would you like to try some strength?”


Ur was sucked into the ability tree.

– Huh?

– What! There are people here… no, spirits have entered here!

– What did I just see?

It feels like watching a fairy tale put into pictures. As expected, there has been an unprecedented change in the ability tree.


A serpent was moving around on the snowfall tree.

– What is that guy! @!!

– Pull it out!!!

– Crazy hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

– All my respect. Ur, the progenitor of witchcraft, became a serpent.

– Is it hollow?

said the snake.

“I need to clean up some of the mess. “We are wasting the nutrients needed for new power to germinate.”



The fruit that Snow Seol could never capture fell to the ground along with the branches.

[Disruption falls from the tree.]

[Panic Induction falls from the tree.]

– Take me! Ur!

– Mado is the future! Mado is the best!

“Huh… It’s been a while so I guess I won’t be able to stay for long. Just this much this time. Next…”

Ur headed towards the branch where creature-related abilities were intertwined and clicked his tongue.

“Tsk tsk… This is why… Where did it hide?”

The snake even went behind the tree where Snowfall couldn’t see.



Ur, who had been looking for something for a while, appeared with a squiggly stem in his mouth.

There were dark red fruits hanging there.

And that fruit was the biggest fruit that Snowfall could currently harvest.


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