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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 213

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Episode 213

: Death.

A value that only emphasizes its coldness to those without faith.

Bren, the chief knight of the Beregion Knights, was now enjoying the value of death to the fullest.

A strange feeling, as if a sword blade had been inserted under the tongue.

‘You’re going to die.’

If he behaved suspiciously even once here, if he said something in a disturbing tone, he expected that he would definitely be killed.

The prediction was made based on reasonable evidence gathered quite a while ago.

It was when he stopped by the Adeline Palace Research Center after finishing subduing the cartel.

– So you’re saying it’s not a malfunction?

– Yes not at all. Not at all. Why did you decide that the measuring instrument was malfunctioning in the first place, Bren?

– Isn’t it obvious? Do you think it makes sense that Jeonja had a combat power of over 100 million? All children are like new children born on the same day. But when a guy with a dark beard appears among children who have just started walking, it’s natural to think there’s something strange!

The guy with a dark beard who emerged from the crowd of toddlers was Kang Seol.

The researcher tilted his head and said.

– There is nothing wrong with the equipment. The meter is in good working order and has collected excellent data.

– That means…

– If there was something strange, it wouldn’t be the problem of the meter, but of the precocious child with the dark beard, right? Isn’t it?

– … What I mean is, is a combat power of over 100 million possible?

– Was he ridiculously weak?

– No, it was strong.

– How strong was it?

In response to that question, Bren briefly recalled the sight of snowfall bouncing across the city.

– A little… or a lot?

– yes?

– It was strong. This is my first time seeing such a strong transference. But I can’t believe that the combat power of 100 million is true…

– Haha! Even though I explained it clearly, you don’t believe it, so there is no way.

– … Nope. I went too far. I will admit that such a transference indeed exists.

The researcher grinned.

– All discoveries begin with breaking stereotypes. This might be something like that too.

– If so… what would this Bren do if he meets such a transferor again?

– Didn’t you say that we fought together? Then, what are you worried about….

– I mean, if you happen to meet him as an enemy.

– Bren, do you know the legend related to shooting stars?

Bren snorted.

– Does this mean that if you make a wish while looking at a shooting star, it will come true? Why is this story… Do you think of me as a child now?

– When you meet him, wouldn’t you think you saw a shooting star?

– … why?

– If it falls on your head, you die. First of all, it’s a meteorite. You also have to make a wish.

– … wish?

The researcher scratched his head and answered.

– If I earnestly wish for your life, wouldn’t you grant it?

In that sense, Bren’s situation was completely twisted right now.

‘It’s him! ‘I can tell!’

I couldn’t see it closely, but that dark power seemed familiar for some reason.

‘Why did that guy come towards Bren?!’

A black energy creeping out from the intruder.

The cartel’s face, smashed to pieces by that energy, kept flickering in Bren’s vision.

The words his mother told him when he was young came to mind before she died.

– Bren No matter what happens, life is the most valuable thing. Honor and trust must be taken care of at the same time?

– Madam, what do you mean! Bren will follow his father’s footsteps and become an honorable…

– Got it? Don’t make the mistake of throwing away your life like fools.

These were the words that Bren’s mother, Charlotte, now deceased, left for her son.

Bren suddenly remembered his mother’s words and his heart warmed.

‘You must live! ‘The one who survives is the strong one!’

Bren desperately gathered wisdom in that moment.

All I could think about was how to stop this man’s accidental actions.

“Bren? “Did you find anything suspicious?”

“ah! Ah… Nilse.”

“It must have been a mountain animal.”

“So, hahaha….”

Snowfall’s right arm is still glowing with black energy.

‘damn! ‘This isn’t enough?’

If no one was around, Bren would have said the words begging for his life.

But now, with all the eyes watching, a different method was taken.

“You know… It seems like our area is too crowded?”



The black energy of the snowfall has faded a little.

‘This is it!’

Bren calmed his pounding heart and walked towards the crew.

“The area I am in charge of is not very large, so this is too inefficient. “Isn’t that so?”

“It was inevitable since the knights were mobilized on a large scale. “Wasn’t Bren the most enthusiastic?”

“No, no. “I never did that!”

“… yes?”

“Hmm… Would an intruder really be foolish enough to break into this place? “A deep place where there seem to be more people on guard than trees.”

“Well, at this rate, I’m sure they’ll be so scared that they’ll run away.”

“That’s right! That’s why I, Bren, am worried about the crew’s physical exhaustion.”

“it’s okay.”

“It’s not okay!”

Bren spoke passionately.

“It will be the same in future missions as well, but this way of carrying out missions is not practical at all. In a situation where the enemy might attack at any moment, wasting away the stamina of his subordinates is not something a good commander would do. I, Bren, dream of becoming a great commander, so from now on I will divide the border into three groups. “The rest can rest in the garrison created above.”


“Three trillion….”

“I can’t believe you think of us this much… hmm…”

With a watery voice, the knights stared at Bren with impressed eyes.

“Now, we will split into groups, so let’s gather together for a moment.”

“If you do that, the boundary is….”

“Uh-huh! I’m telling everyone to come together to avoid people saying that it’s not fair to divide the groups! hurry!”

At Bren’s words, the security forces in the area were momentarily distracted.

“Then… that is…”

Bren glanced at the place where Snowfall was and exhaled after seeing that he and his group had disappeared.


* * *

[You are now wandering the Braggland Mountains. Which direction would you move while the movement of the security forces is changing all the time?]

1. Direction of the ridge visible on the right.

2. Far away cliff direction.

“Huh… Huh….”

Moving without a trace required quite a bit of stamina.

In particular, since they were not traveling on horseback, Chadorp, who had been injured earlier, and Princess Liona, who had weak physical strength, were having a hard time as if they were about to suffocate.

‘Stopping is the most dangerous.’

We found a way through the ever-growing snowfall.


“Any news yet?”

“If it had been there, there would have been an uproar by now.”

Right again.

“You said this is stupid.”

“If you tell me to do it, I have to do it. “Is there anything else?”

Left this time.

“Isn’t it this way?”

“First of all, I don’t think it will be today.”

All of Kang Seol’s judgments have been correct so far. However, facing the narrow road in the center of the mountain range, a problem arose once again.

Cluck, cluck…

A bird that cried just as the snowfall passed by.


The guard’s eyes met Kang Seol’s eyes. The guard’s pupils are infinitely dilated.



She …

The snowfall that was stunned by the neck of the border was laid down carefully by receiving his new sentence to fall.

And then, as the snowfall passed by, I shot a bird that cried loudly.


The bird just stared at the snowfall. Kang Seol felt weak at the sight and sighed.


The situation was not good.

‘Instead of helping, you are only hindering.’

For no reason, I’m starting to hate even the most trivial creatures.

‘hmm? But this bird….’

It resembles the bird I encountered in the Nogurs Mountains.

‘You couldn’t possibly have followed me all the way here, right?’

Coo coo… coo coo…

and other birds too.

‘what? ‘This feeling?’

My heart pounded…

The heartbeat I felt when passing through the smuggling route came again.


The birds flew out of the tree in an instant.

‘… I guess I wasn’t mistaken.’

An unpleasant thing.

However, it was not something to think deeply about in one sitting.

The snowfall eventually reached the point of greatest concern, the central narrows of Bragland.

– It looks good to stop.

‘… I felt it too.’

– They are wizards… Two waves are flowing out from in front of here. One is a wavelength that suppresses the use of magical power, and the other is a wavelength that searches for magic power other than the registered type.

‘Can they be used at the same time?’

– It’s a matter of order, so it’s possible as long as you pay attention to the arrangement. But there is a weakness.

In times like this, there was no summoner like Ur.


– In magic where such arrangement is important, even if the flow is slightly distorted, it trips over its own feet and falls. By changing the arrangement, we will make their search magic clash with the magic suppression magic.

Widespread jamming.

‘Then won’t you notice?’

– You won’t notice. The magic flow will remain the same. They will probably think that they are channeling their magic properly for a while. All the horsepower that leaks in the process is mine. However…

Ur spoke seriously.

– Because it is an unnatural flow, if it is realized that magical power manipulation has been applied, an intrusion is almost certain. So, try not to get caught. You’ll be in trouble.


[The sealed magical power of Ur is activated.]

[Interpreting an unidentified magic.]

[Interpreting the magic.]

[Magic interpretation is complete.]

Magic manipulation is now done in a breeze.

– It was done.


Kangseol and the group chose the darkest spot on the edge of the narrow road and moved.


One of the wizards guarding the narrow passage said.



“No, I think it’s an illusion.”

“Then I’m glad.”

The boundaries were somewhat looser than before.

It was a loophole that arose because they blindly trusted the trap they set.

“It makes no sense to deceive even this tight border area.”

“It’s not like they’re already in, right?”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“Well… the back is full of transferencers, so it’s safe anyway.”

“It was the morning before and there wasn’t any fuss because of the pups throwing a tantrum.”

“Then why do you keep making such a fuss to be in the first line?…”


“What the hell!”


Lots of birds flew up to the trees.

The wizards were impressed, perhaps because the birds suddenly showed strange reactions.

“Isn’t this exposure to magical power?”

“Is that possible? It’s set so that it won’t cause any damage to living things?”

“The birds are suddenly like that… hm?”

“what’s the matter?”

“… I have to tell Mr. Heinkel.”



– Caught. The magic power was good, but… detection magic will soon sweep the area. Break through.

At Ur’s words, Kangseol ran with the group.

Soon, lights were turned on in all the garrisons, and the surrounding area was noisy with shouting.

“It’s an intruder! “They are already here!”

“Princess! “Princess Liona is crossing the mountain range!”

“find! Search the area thoroughly!”

Troops pouring in.

In addition, there was already a response from the first line.

“Pull back the border! “There is talk that they have already come inside!”

“This place has already been breached!”

Kang Seol and his party also became desperate.

“Huh… Huh….”

“Princess! “You need to run now!”



us us her us us us us us

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“Find it! “It must be here!”

“The knights will arrive soon! “Just figure out the location!”

The rear was also a problem, but the front was more serious.


“It’s coming here!”

“catch! “If you catch it here, we’ve caught it!”

“Take care of it before the knights come!”

“You can’t see your surroundings clearly! “Get the fuck out of your ass!”


Is this what a flock of hungry wildcats looks like?

“There it is! “There I found it!”

Someone’s shout.

The person who discovered it was truly wise. He just shouted and didn’t move forward.

If he had come forward, Kang Seol could have accidentally killed him to keep his mouth shut.

Kang Seol narrowed his eyes.

“Over there!”

“Hey there! “If you stay there, you will never be able to escape from here on out!”

Chardorf said to Liona.

“Princess! The Count and I will stop this place! Serving the Raven Princess…”

“Wrong. “Just the two of you can’t change the situation.”

“Then you’re saying let’s just let go!”

“Wait a minute… just give me a moment.”

A situation reminiscent of a battlefield.

Karuna and Karen had already been summoned and were providing cover for them.

Like tinnitus, the surrounding noise was interrupted and transmitted.

“Who… did I tell you to stand up for?” … Leave these things to us…”

“Bullshit!” …Siji!”

“Ugh! what! “Don’t shoot!”

Everyone was subject to desire.

The hunting dogs discussed ownership with the lion in front of them.

‘That’s it.’

The path to maintaining the horse without colliding with the transferees was cut off here.

Now we had to move forward by taking their lives.

The lines of the world are usually not straight. They crawled and overlapped each other like the crooked lines drawn by a child. There were times when I had to step into a puddle of blood.

Is now the moment to make a choice?

‘If you kill them all, the way out will be open. But…’

Many transferees die at his hands.

Is that right?

Kang Seol could not be said to be a good person, but he could not be said to be an evil person either.

If the opponent had been a villain, it would have been a different story, but he wasn’t the kind of person who slaughtered hundreds of ordinary people.

At least until now.

But there was no guarantee that this would be the case in the future. Once this line is crossed, there is no turning back.

“Now… that’s enough.”

During the escape, when Snowfall was lost in thought, Princess Liona spoke to her. Snowfall ran ahead and glanced at me.

“Everyone did their best for me despite my shortcomings. “That’s it… that’s enough.”


“Not yet! “It’s too early to give up!”

Liona smiled at the two foolish loyalists.

“I’m not giving up. “I just did my best and accepted the results.”

“What is that….”

“I’m the only one these crazy people are targeting. So, you guys…”

My heart pounded…

Kangseol’s heart scolded him again.

Ur seemed to have sensed the turmoil in his heart and brought him some good news.

– Can temporarily suppress the magic of space. If you escape in the meantime, you can escape the wizards’ pursuit.

Kang Seol shook his head.

‘It’s no wonder there are so many knights and transferors.’

– In that case, the only way is to kill them all unless they fly into the sky. Do you want that? If you want….

“To the sky… soar….”

Cluck… Cluck…

Kangseol was paying attention to the flight of the birds, which was the cause of the group being discovered earlier.

Heart pounding… Heart pounding…

“Yeah, somehow… I thought I was sick.”

– What are you talking about?

“I’d rather die!”

“Come on! “If the siege hasn’t narrowed down yet, maybe it’s just you guys…”

Kangseol cut off Liona, whose cheeks were burning with excitement.


“… yes?”

“You only get one chance.”

“What do you mean? This is not the time! If it’s not now, even you…”

“Put it on your back.”

“What… uh….”

As Snowfall ran with Liona on her back, the group’s speed increased even further.


“I almost caught up!”

“Put it in the corner!”

“What bullshit! Allies may collide with each other! “Keep your distance!”

That time when people caught up in madness rush forward.


Something came out of the clouds above the birds.

An object that looks like a meteorite.

“What… what is that!”


It was never Griffin.

It was different from Griffin. The other reason is that it was much larger than that, had strong wings, and had the body of a bird rather than a lion. And, crucially, flames continued to bloom near its beak.


A flame rose from the corner of the bird’s mouth.

“Bleeding damage!”


A stream of flames crosses the mountain range.


It seemed as if he was declaring that he would not let go if he crossed the line.

Snowfall shouted at the strange bird coming towards them.

“Kupaaaa! “This way!”

Let’s go! Heart


The reason why Kangseol’s heart continued to pound was because the connection she had with Koopa became clearer as she got closer to him.

“It was you!”

[Helper ‘Corpse Hawk Koopa’ appears in this adventure.]

[Helper ‘Corpse Hawk Koopa’ joins you as an ally in this adventure.]

Snowfall’s friend appears with bigger wings and beak and a bigger belly than when they parted. .

“Get on the Koopa!”

“Is that a Koopa?”




“Stop it!”

“Use magic!”

A clever corpse hawk that deliberately creates dust to block people’s view.

– joy! Where!


A wide area magical blockade of Ur was prepared.

“The magic power is dissipating!”

“Shoot! “At least shoot a bow!”



Karuna’s black wave knocked away all the projectiles that followed.



Koopa, Kiri’s true legacy, opened the skyway for snowfall.


the dust was blown up by the huge wings. It happened very suddenly.

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