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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 239

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Episode 239


… by rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn!

As always, rainy nights were accompanied by depression and fatigue.

As the pitch-black night sky continued to pour out something, humans living on earth were busy avoiding the by-products.

Inside a building with a roof, under an umbrella that blocks the sky.

When it rains, there is a unique smell.

This smell is both cummy and paradoxically refreshing.

Daesan enjoyed this smell on days when it rained and there was no bloody fighting.

Blood battles were a great way to make him feel alive, but on the contrary, they had a negative impact on his daily life on days when there were no blood battles.

I had a lot of thoughts and worries.

The sadness grew and emotions heightened.

Nevertheless, Daesan liked rainy days.

At times like that, sometimes even Kwak Seong and Dae-ha would come together and work on big projects, and that memory remained really fond.


it smelled like a rainy day again today.

One thing that was different from usual was that all kinds of different smells were mixed together.

‘It’s an intruder!’

When was the last time so many visitors visited our home?

Moreover, without prior notice.


Daesan rolled up the cloth and pulled out a large sword from within it.


You could mistake it for the sound of rain, but it was clearly the sound of intruders running across the roof.

Daesan increased his speed as much as possible but made no sound. Because it seemed like the intruders were targeting Gwakseong, not themselves.

He soon reached Gwak Seong’s residence and shouted.

“Adult Kwak Seong!”


Quasi profit-!

Daesan kicked the door down and jumped inside.

Sporadic shouts were heard throughout the mansion.

“Stop it!”

“Protect Adult Gwakseong!”

At that moment, assassins poured in from all directions.



The body of the assassin who appeared first was cut in half.

“Stand back!”

Even though he said this, Daesan knew that the situation was not easy.

I told him to step back, but there was nowhere to go.



Every time the giant sword moved, it took the lives of two or three people.

If Daesan were here alone, he would have easily defeated them.

But now here was Kwak Seong, whom he cherished, and he had to protect him.

Having always fought alone in the arena, he realized at this moment how arduous and difficult it was to protect others.



its she her she her heroku heri herihaha.

However, because Gwakseong was dangerous, he had to throw his body to stop it.

Then the assassins changed their methods.

Instead of targeting Daesan, they persistently targeted Gwakseong.

The scratches on his skin continued to increase.

If he made a forced move to protect Gwakseong, assassins would sneak in.

I didn’t know how long the fight would last, but when there was a brief lull, Daesan became dazed.

‘… It’s poison!’

It was no ordinary poison.

There was no way those who openly attacked the blade with anesthetic or paralyzing poison had been applied to the blade.


The flesh rotted away even during the fight.

If I cut off my arm right now, wouldn’t I be able to survive?

However, I had to immediately erase that thought from my mind.


‘At least as good as Adult Kwakseong… At least as good as Adult Kwakseong…!’

I had to be rescued from this merciless swamp of death.



I swung the large sword until I ran out of breath. The assassins also glared at Daesan as if they were fed up.

It is clear that Daesan has been poisoned with a poison severe enough to cause seizures, but why does Daesan become more and more violent?

Dozens of assassins clung to one Daesan, but other than a scratch, they could not leave a single major wound.

The leader of a group of assassins who did not speak during missions also had no choice but to speak before his death.

“…monster bastard.”


The head of the last assassin was caught in Daesan’s hand and smashed.

This majesty, this power, was Daesan the Conqueror.


“Brother tongue!”


Daesan stood still and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“…Are you okay?”

“Daesan! It’s you! “Are you really okay?”

Daesan’s arms and chest turned black. It was a phenomenon that could only be considered necrosis.

Daesan was dying.

“Puh-huh… I don’t mind anything like this….”



Daesan fell backwards and gasped.

“Huh… Huh….”

“Is there anyone there! lawmaker! “Bring the congressman!”

“Dae Daesan….”

“Come on! hurry! Daesan is dangerous!”


Daeha ran towards Daesan.

“Brother tongue!”


Dae-san, who was dying, was somehow calm, but Dae-ha and Gwak Seong’s faces were cruelly distorted.

“Your Majesty… come closer…”


“Come on… there’s no time.”

Daesan held Daeha’s hand tightly.

Even at this moment, the time of death was passing. Before I knew it, necrosis had progressed to the neck area.

“What I said… do you remember?”


“I have to repay…”

“I remember!”

“Don’t forget… grace…”

“Yes! yes! All right!”

Daesan’s hands were gradually losing strength. He said to Kwak Seong.

“Kwak Seong… Adult….”

“You bastard! You can’t die! “You must not die without my permission!”

“Puhuh… Kwak Seong… there is something… I want to ask you.”

“What was that! I’ll answer everything! So don’t die, Daesan!”

Daesan’s face began to turn black.

“Was I… of use to you?”

“You useless bastard! “What does that mean?”

“It’s important to me.”

“… Yes, it was very… useful.”

Daesan’s face turned pitch black, and now even the whites of his eyes were turning black.

He smiled, showing his teeth.

“That’s a good thing… Please take care of me…”

“You bastard! Don’t die, you bastard! “If you go, I… I…”

Daesan’s breath caught.

“Thanks to you… this lowly bastard… had a good time… playing in this damn world… I was thankful ah… bur….” * * *



Snowfall woke up in tears with a thunderous sky.

“… ji.”

Messages that fill his vision.

[You have inherited the legacy of the ‘Great Mountain.’]

[You have inherited the abilities of the deceased.]

[You have inherited the conqueror’s flag.]

[You have inherited the conqueror’s flag.]

[You are now above a certain level. When you defeat an opponent, you gain 20 random stats. The cooldown time for this ability is currently 30 days, and as the proficiency of the ability increases, the acquired ability value increases and the cooldown time for the ability decreases.] [Calling: The contents of the things that need to be retrieved change.] “


. .. Sigh….”

Kang Seol took a deep breath.

– Isn’t the calling not a joke?

– Well? It’s like that every time, tsk tsk

– this ability increases by 20 every month, right?

– If I had gotten this in the early stages, I would have eaten the Conqueror with my fingers by now haha

– Isn’t it still early days?

He paused when he saw the box forming at his feet.

I didn’t really feel like checking right now.


After putting the box in his belongings, Kang Seol saw Kwak Seong coming down the back stairs again.

“Are you finished?”


“I came down because I heard a sound of pain.”

“it’s okay.”

Kang Seol bowed his head towards Gwak Seong and left the charnel house.

Snowfall’s errands were already over and she had to calm down her intense emotions.

Thanks to this, Kwak Seong was able to stand alone in front of the charnel house in Daesan for the first time in a long time.

“Daesan, you useless bastard….”

he said, swiping away his giant sword.

“If it’s a rainy day, I’d still like to stop by sometimes.”

A very kind and benevolent smile appeared on his face.

“If you think of this lacking Kwak Seong as your father.”

Geogeom stopped crying anymore.

* * *

The carriage was driving along a rough road.

Inside the carriage were Kangseol, Cheonju, Seolhong, and Bitan.

Since the location of the next trial of bravery had been decided, I left Liaocheon in a hurry.

“I wanted to stay longer…”

Cheonju hastily answered Seolhong’s words.

“Seolhong! Seolhong is the ‘blood of the dragon’ who will one day rule over Khan. “You should also consider the other citizens of the empire who have not yet met Seolhong!”

“When you say that, it seems like that…”

“It’s not like that, it’s like that!”

The people of Liaocheon cheered Seolhong wherever he went.

For the first time in her life, she received great hospitality from people.

The women at the market gave Seolhong homemade snacks, which he accepted without hesitation.

Of course, this was only possible because Kangseol, who was learning how to cook monsters, was by his side and checked to see if there were any dangerous foods in it.

In Yocheon, Seolhong was the emperor.

It was her first time experiencing something like this and she had no tolerance.

My cheeks were red and pale as I walked on clouds all day.

The snowfall let her enjoy it. Anyway, if we head to another area, this sweet daily life will end.

It was just a midday aberration.

Seolhong asked Kangseol, who was quietly looking at her.

“But why did you go to Daesan then?”


Kang Seol was about to answer in an awkward manner, but Bitan shouted bluntly.

【This guy cried!】

“… heartbreak.”

【This guy cried so hard! I saw it!】 When

Seolhong and Cheonju covered their mouths with one hand and looked at Kangseol like he was a strange person, Kangseol tried to hold on to Bitan.


Bitan jumped high and crossed over to Seolhong.


As Kang Seol continued to try to hold on to Bitan, Bitan grabbed Seolhong’s head and screamed.

【Let’s go girl! Raven!】

“… eh?”

【hurry! Whirling!】

When Bitan made a sound effect with his mouth, Seolhong laughed.

“What kind of sea urchin is that?”

“oh! Caught!”

Grief returned, caught in the clutches of snowfall.


Bitan quickly fell limp as she was caught in Snowfall’s grip.

The carriage became quiet.

Kang Seol asked Seol Hong.

“But why was Tumaku chosen as our destination this time?”

Tumaku was a special place.

The commonly referred to coal mining town was Tumaku, but strangely enough, it was an area where the private sector purchased abandoned mines and developed them.

Therefore, Khan signed a contract for a certain period of time to purchase ore mined there.

Tumaku’s mine gained a seller who would stably purchase all of its mining volume, and although Khan paid a higher price than developing it himself, there were no direct coal mine development costs, so it was a mutually satisfactory transaction.

“that is… “There is one thing worth thinking about.”

“What is it?”

“Among the mines in Tumaku, only the Sodong mine, which boasts the largest scale and the most up-to-date equipment, is owned by a different owner. It seems that there has been some bad news about Khan recently.”

“Has there been contact from another country?”

“It seems like something like that. They probably said they would buy the ores at a higher price. Also, the contract period for Sodong mine is ending this year… Khan is also having a hard time with this.”

“We might have to negotiate with Sodong Mine.”

“That is the most likely possibility, but I think it would be very difficult if it were given as a trial.”

Snowfall could guess the reason.

Unlike other Yonghwas, Seolhong did not have a support base.

Also, she was not given anything to use in negotiations with the Sodong Mine.

‘It’s definitely going to be difficult.’

Negotiations were expected to be difficult unless Kang Seol blew up a competing business partner.

“Well, it will arrive soon, so it will be something to think about after the ordeal.”


Snowfall nodded and was silent.

‘Something will happen in the future.’ It was better to just anticipate this and move on. Anything more than that would be like buying and worrying about it.

‘Now that I think about it… I haven’t given it to Karuna yet.’

Before getting on the carriage, Snowfall opened the box given to her as part-time payment.

[The level increases.]

[The level increases.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Albuza’s special ability is activated.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[You gain additional ability points.]

[Cunning Blood Snake is activated.]

[You gain additional ability points.]

[You gain additional ability points.]

[The flying bastard’s special ability activates.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[Acquire additional ability points.] [Acquire

the Awl of Deep Concern.]

[Acquire the Metallurgy Shroud.]

[ Obtain the Ring of Blood.]

[Acquire the Bloody Loser.]

[Acquire 23 Platinum Coins (Khan).]

[Acquire 2 Extra Large Red Potions.]

[Acquire 1 Potion of Inducing Blindness. ]

[Obtain 1 Metabolism Acceleration Potion.]

Since I had no summons to use, Bloody Loser and Awl of Deep Anguish went into my inventory, and Metallurgy Shroud and Ring of Blood were quite useful, so I gave them to Karuna.

[Metallurgy Shroud]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 39 – 45

Defense: 120

Durability: 150/150

Weight: 0.1kg

A cloak made of a material imbued with supernatural resilience.

Basic ability: All abilities + 15

Special ability: Health recovery increases in proportion to the health lost during battle. Increases up to 100%.

Great performance for knights to use.

Karen and Jamard were also coveted items, but what could I do if they weren’t there?

[Ring of Blood Struggle]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 37 – 44

Resistance: 85

Durability: 120/120

Weight: 0.1kg

A ring in which the negative energy from a terrible blood clot has been condensed.

Basic ability: Strength + 22 Dexterity + 18 Stamina + 21

Special ability: When inflicting a status abnormality on the opponent: Bleeding, the wearer’s health is restored by the amount of stamina consumed by the opponent due to the bleeding.

This too to Karuna.

Since Karuna returned alone, he took most of the equipment he had accumulated.

Karen will probably be upset if she finds out about this.

While moving, Snowfall had Karuna wear the Metallurgical Veil and the Blood Ring.

[Equip the Metallurgical Veil to Moonlight Knight Karuna]

[Equip Moonlight Knight Karuna with the Ring of Blood Struggle]

– … Thank you.

‘What… I have more questions than that.’

As Kang Seol went, he tried to ask about the direction he should take in the future. At the same time, the situation of other summoned creatures trapped in nothingness.

But his question did not continue.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


“It’s shaking! “The carriage must not fall over!”

With a loud noise, the mountain path they were climbing shook.

They entered Tumaku and headed toward the mine.

Kang Seol stuck his head out and looked outside at the sudden situation that had occurred.

“Can you see it? What on earth happened….”

Kang Seol’s complexion frowned.

“Mr. Seolhong.”

“That acting…”

“Maybe this ordeal isn’t a negotiation.”

Seolhong opened his eyes wide.

“It looks like there’s a problem at the mine.”

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