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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 281

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Chapter 281:

The strangled ghost squeaks and responds to what Kang Seol had just said.

“Keeek… Yasha… Are you looking for Yasha?”

“So where is he?”

“If I… let this go, I might feel like talking.”


Kang Seol slightly relaxed his grip.

The ghost, who was able to breathe much better just because of that, said this.

“What are you? “How do you know Yaksa?”

“It’s not a question for you to wonder about. Where is the yaksha?”

“Kick… There is no such thing as a fool. Does seeking a Yaksha mean going in to kill yourself?”

“This is the same.”

The ghost rolled its eyes and slowly told the story.

“No one knows where the yaksha is.”


“Because the yaksha has broken the border, wherever it goes is the road. “I don’t know where he went.”

“The boundary was broken… That doesn’t make sense…”

The ghost looked back at the burning monsters and grinned.

“Yes, a huge hole has been opened in the noble world and the real world. The name of that hole is…”


The sword was about to be pulled out of the ghost’s scabbard.

“Hey … tea ….

As Kangseol quickly moved his hand blade sideways, the ghost’s head emerged along with the blood.

His complexion darkened.

‘Where are you… Yacha.’

Kang Seol frowned and looked at the monsters and ghosts all around him.

Even the fire fired from the iron cannon could not kill them all.

Snowfall blew away the ominous thoughts and began to eliminate the culprits of this situation one by one.


Quasi profit!

When Kang Seol and Chi Woo came forward, the valley, which had already been the scene of chaos, became even more miserable.





Biran, who followed along with him, and the former warriors who helped in the chase did not intervene in the battle, but left marks on the ghosts and monsters that were running away from the snowfall. In order for the Song Dynasty to be completely free from threats, all harm here had to disappear.

When Snowfall and Chiwoo, who swept the valley, blew off the head of the last marked ghost, it was the fifth day since they set out on Songjo through the sewer.

* * *

“Here! “Please look here!”

“Seolhong! And Kangseol! “Please say something to my child!”

“Chiu! Chiu!”


As Chiu gently lifted the cloth hanging from the window of the dorm, he saw a huge crowd of people gathering.

“It’s already been two days since we’ve been like that.”

“Leave me alone.”

“But… it’s frustrating having to stay locked inside.”

Song Jo returned to his daily life not long after Seol Hong was dispatched. This was all possible because Kangseol and Chiu drove away the ghosts and monsters.

-Yonghwa’s scent is only directed towards all people.

The words that Chiu left to the soldiers earlier spread among the citizens of the city, although it is unknown who did it.

As a result, Seol-hong and Chi-woo came to be revered as saints who appeared in a chaotic space, with citizens’ imaginations and wishes added to the original facts.

This caused some inconveniences, such as having to stay confined to one’s accommodation, but on the other hand, it also came with some positive aspects.

[Special stat: The existence of charm has been confirmed.]

[Special stat: Charm is unlocked.]

[Related title: Attractive being is deleted and the charm value is added by 30.][ Special stat: The existence of charm has been confirmed. .]

[Special ability: Charisma is unlocked.]

[Related title: Attractive being is deleted and charm value is added by 30.]

Snowfall has opened a new ability.

Now I can also see the charm attached to the equipment.

[Special ability: Charisma]

– A special power that acts on intelligent creatures. It elicits affection from those you meet for the first time and love from those you are familiar with. The higher the number, the higher the chance of attracting the other person.

‘Charisma is a good ability… as long as it’s not excessive.’

Among the basic abilities that Kang Seol thought about, the most ambiguous ability was mental strength, and charm had at least as much efficacy as mental strength.

If you have the right amount of charm, you can easily overcome difficult adventures by using likability.

However, if the attractiveness is too high, a dangerous situation can occur.

The duchess urges him to run away with her, or a woman he has never interacted with steps forward to seek revenge for a broken heart.

‘It’s not a bad idea to keep it in moderation.’

Since I opened up my charm through this work, there were some harvests. Seolhong and Kang Seol’s actions especially revitalized the large-scale chaos in Khan, which had been sluggish.

It is said that thanks to this, Seolhong’s name became known even in regions far away from here.

Anyway, Songjo will now return to his daily life step by step.

“When will the central army withdraw?”

“It hasn’t been decided yet, but once the city is renovated, they will probably be dispatched to other areas.”

Citizens were still shouting loudly outside the window.

“Seolhong is the one who will become a dragon!”

“Take care of the people!”


Seolhong sighed.

She said, looking back at Snowfall.

“They say we are the only ones in this area who have completed their mission… What do you want to do next?”


“It is possible to retreat to the rear and wait until the situation calms down.”

At those words, Seolhong and Kangseol looked at each other and laughed.

“Is that possible?”

“That’s right, it’s not a leisurely situation.”


A fight knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

“Well… a lion has come to visit.”

“lion? Someone’s?”

“That is…”

I could feel the lion and the lion wrangling outside.

And after a while, the lion directly spoke to me from beyond the door.

“Hmm… I’ll tell you directly. “I…”

* * *

The large man yawned and said.

“Hwaaaam-! Shinyo, then I will go up there. “I think it will look better from above.”



The big man was none other than Jangdu.

The woman left alone was Shinyo.

No, it was not appropriate to say that I was left alone.

After she walked a bit, a group of people emerged. It was the garrison of the central army.

Large armies were mobilized only as a means of transporting supplies, and all that was present were infantry and cavalry.

As ghosts were revealed to be behind this incident, giant soldiers were revealed to be vulnerable to them, so they had to be used only as a means of transportation.

“It’s terrible…”

The garrison was full of wounded soldiers.

Although the doctors were doing their best to treat them, there was no miracle like the severed limbs being reattached.

“It’s over….”

“It’s all over…. The remaining people are probably dead too…”

People who look dark.

The city’s citizens were also receiving food rations at the garrison.

They were staying outside the city, not inside it.

The reason why the garrison was formed on the outskirts of the city was simple.

This is because the city was taken over by invaders.

How incompetent was he to lose the entire city to ghosts?

Shinyo approached the man with a look of concern on his face.


“… Shinyo came. “What about the long head?”

“I’m checking the surroundings.”

“I see… I had a hard time coming.”

“Because the situation on Damhong’s side is not serious. Thanks to you, I was able to come as quickly as possible. But…”

“…does this situation look serious to you?”

Shinyo nodded.

Taeyul was always confident and had no troubles.

He wasn’t the type of person who would be this frustrated after losing the city, but the fact that he had the city taken away in the first place was suspicious.

‘What on earth happened…’

Shinyo changed the topic.

“Can’t we take back the city with just the remaining troops?”

“… maybe.”

“Then why aren’t you backing down? Even if we give up the city, we will reorganize our lines…”

“It’s not that we won’t retreat, it’s that we can’t retreat.”

“… yes?”

Shinyo expected that Taeyul was being stubborn. It is clear that they are afraid of failure and do not think about retreating.

However, the words that came out of Taeyul’s mouth shattered her expectations.

“It’s not about courage or anything like that.”

Giseom was the name of the city that was taken away.


“There are people of the empire who were unable to escape and were left behind on Ki Island. There are testimonies from survivors. It is said that when the air raid began, he hid in an underground crypt on Ki Island. “There was no movement as if they had been discovered until they escaped.”

“That can’t be possible… No, even if he were alive, by now…”

“Should I believe that? For what?”


“It’s not for the people of the empire, it’s for my greed.”

Shinyo closed his mouth.

That was her tendency.

She understood Taeyul’s words, but could not empathize with them. That was the reason why people said she was a cold person.

Although he was a suitable person to run the country, he was not the right person to rule the country. So she tried to suppress these flaws as much as possible.

On the contrary, Tae-yul was a man who could overcome anything with the correct technique. Sometimes, when it encountered opposition, it created a lot of resentment, but Taeyul accepted even that as natural.

This is a man who moves on even when covered in blood.

Shinyo thought that he resembled someone.



“Gokbi and Jinryeo infiltrated Giseom.”

“… To check the crypt?”

“okay. “The imperial citizens who hid in the crypt…”

Taeyul closed his eyes tightly.

“Still alive.”


Shinyo clenched his fists.

Once I found out about this, I couldn’t back down.

– Look after all people.

I had to act as Dragon Emperor Hongcheon said.

“… thank god. What about Gokbi and Jinryeo?”

“There is no news yet.”


“If there is no news by the time the sun sets, I will go looking for it.”

* * *


“Huh… Huh… It’s a monster!”

“Jinryeo… you know… I couldn’t even see it.”

“Shut up, Gokbi. “Right now… hehe… I’m running.”


Jinryeo skips across the stream.

Even though there was no sign behind her, she ran forward to avoid something.

“Huh… Huh… It’s strange… Wow… I heard you’ll definitely have great luck today.”

“Giggle… what does that mean?”

Jinryeo was carrying Gokbi on his back.

Gokbi was seriously injured.

Blood was trying to come out of the red hole.

“I… Kunna tells me my fortune every morning. They say great luck comes with fortune telling! I have never been so lucky in my life! “Why…”

The two took on the most dangerous mission.

Gokbi followed out of loyalty, but Jinryeo followed because this was something only he and Gokbi could accomplish.

The two were able to infiltrate the city using their special abilities and confirmed the existence of Ki Island’s underground crypt.

“Save us…”

“Get us out of here…”

“Oh my god…”

Jinryeo and Gokbi couldn’t hide their devastated feelings after seeing the survivors.

It was possible for two people to come in, but it was impossible for hundreds of people to escape.

Now that things were like this, there was no other way than to get the city back.

Negative news was written positively in the journal.

– Confirmation of survival.

For now, I tried to leave, saying I would come back. If I hadn’t run into him just as I was trying to get out of the city, I would have succeeded even there.

If that were the case, you would be really lucky.


– Huh?

Gokbi was injured in an instant.

As Gokbi said, it was not even visible how he suffered or what measures were used.

At that moment, Jinryeo squandered all his possessions.

No, I dedicated it.

To her jinn, Kunna.

‘Kunna! ‘Blow us away!’


Jinryeo and Gokbi escape from there at high speed.

Gokbi lost consciousness for a moment.

Jinryeo carried her on his back and ran forward.

I’m not sure where the station is.

My first thought was that I had to run to survive.

That was the current situation.

“… You left me and left.”

“Don’t tell me because you’ll die from exhaustion!”

“Leaving me behind doesn’t mean your loyalty to Taeyul will be questioned…”

“Taeyul? What do you know! “I’m tied up because of money!”

“Then you can even leave me behind… There’s no need to fight that guy…”

“Hey! “I know manners too!”

Jinryeo shouted in anger.

“It’s not that monster I’m fighting for, it’s your death! “Don’t be unlucky enough to die in front of me!”


“I should have stayed in the North… I came here for no reason… I heard there was a lot of money to be made in Khan… I was wasting all I could make… Shit…” “Giggles… That

guy came Jinryeo.”

“I have no money! “Try to block it!”

“… I get it.”


As Gokbi breathed in, the sound of cicadas echoed from all directions.



“Ahh! “My ears hurt!”

“Be quiet so you can drown out the sound.”

“Heo… heo….”

“I told you to be quiet?”

“Don’t even breathe?”

[Gokbi uses sound play.]

[Creates sounds from stored memories.]

Gokbi and someone’s voice were heard from a long distance away.

“I want you to fight for me Gokbi.”

“It is the honor of a lifetime, Taeyul.”


The sound was torn apart.

Gokbi whispered to Jinryeo.

‘The guy cut the sound. They’re still after us.’


Then he said one more thing.

‘I can hear you. If you go at this speed, you will cross the carriage in about 10 seconds. One… two…’

The hair on the back of Jinryeo’s neck stood up.

‘carriage? A carriage? Damn… why are we here….’

The current situation on Kiseom has spread throughout the continent, and there are people leisurely riding horse-drawn carriages nearby!

I had to choose.

Is the person in the carriage an ally, or is he simply someone who is slow to receive news?

‘What a choice! ‘It’s obvious that one of them will be killed by that bastard!’

Then I had to make another choice.

Will Jinryeo and Gokbi die or will those in the carriage die?

Judgment was postponed until Gokbi had counted all 10 seconds.


As soon as the carriage came into view, I felt life coming from behind.


Jinryeo jumped over the carriage.


The monster and the carriage collided.

Jinryeo kept moving her feet even at that moment.

Perhaps because I thought I would die if I stopped, I ran with inertia.

And after a few seconds, it stopped right there.

“Jinryeo? Come on….”

“Gasp…Gasp… This is the great luck that Kunna was talking about.”

“… what?”

Jinryeo, who turned around and saw a black figure sticking out of the carriage, made an expression that made it difficult to tell whether she was crying or laughing.

“You got lucky!”

“That man… who… how…”



A black man holding a blood-red blade with both arms.

“finger! “It’s that finger!”


Kangseol, who barely managed to block the terrifying slash, trembled in shock and whispered to the opponent holding the sword.


The swordsman wearing the scary mask tried his best to cut down Kang Seol.

“It’s you.”

[The unexpected adventure ‘Usurper Yasha (夜叉)’ occurs.]

[This adventure is very dangerous.]

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