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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 285

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Episode 285

Seolhong, Jinryeo, and Chiwoo spoke with trembling voices.

“You just said Duo-o-o-o-si-ni….”


Soon Kangseol answered.

“Why are you chasing us?”

A choice occurred to Kang Seol.

[Unidentified black ghosts are targeting the wagon you are riding in. Unfortunately, I don’t think your carriage can outrun them. What would you do?]

1. Make it clear that you have nothing to do with the owner of the wagon.

2. Since it is unlikely that the opponent will calmly listen to you, attack first.

3. He tells them that he will hand over the cart and that his life be spared.

4. Throw the items in the cart one after another.

The black group, presumed to be a group of black soldiers, came close to Gur in a carriage.

“human! “Don’t test us!”

“… human?”

“Stop the carriage! If you don’t do so, I will consider it as going against the will of the Ghost King!”

Kang Seol frowned.

‘I know they’re human… and if I’ve known it from the beginning… even if I manage to elude them, they’ll catch up to me.’

Next time we meet again, more troops will be formed with stronger people to chase after Kang Seol and his party.

And there was a very high probability that it would lead to a very unfortunate ending.

After thinking for a moment, he looked back at Seolhong and said this.

“Seolhong, I will stop the carriage.”


Seolhong, who believed everything Kangseol said, couldn’t have opposed it.

Doo doo doo…

doo doo…

The leader of the Black Death Squad sighed and said as the carriage showed signs of stopping.

“It’s a wise decision.”

Snowfall was thinking about many things as she slowed down Gur.

Especially thoughts about the ghost king.

The Demon King was not the strongest person in the Demon World. The ghost world, like Pandea, was one huge world.

The land ruled by Demon King Duookshini was only the land closest to the present world, and was only a small portion compared to the total size of the ghost world.

So to speak, just the tip of the iceberg.

Even so, that realm was able to overwhelm the Khan Empire just by the size of its territory, and the ghost king who ruled that land was no ordinary person.


Dueoksini, the ghost king who rules over the ghost world.

There will be no one in Cannes who does not know his name.

Because he was one of the three ghost generals who were under Hwageumu’s service and disrupted the present world.

Kang Seol vaguely knew about this, but did not explain it to the group. In any case, you will hear the detailed circumstances directly from the ghost king’s mouth.

Chiwoo, the dog or not the wolf, said while being held in Seolhong’s arms.

“So, we will eventually meet Eoduksini and Geunsundae, and then Duoksini? “Did everyone set it up without me knowing?”

– Welcome to the 3 General Package Family Tour haha

– Isn’t this a hidden camera? Really haha

– It’s ridiculous haha

“I’ll probably see you soon.”

In response to Kang Seol, Jinryeo muttered to herself.

“Kunna, can you accept your colleagues in return? “I’ll bet everything now to get you out of the ghost world…”

It was no wonder that the group was embarrassed.

Duoksini was known to be the most powerful of the three ghost generals and was the one who reached the realm of incomprehensibility. What’s interesting is that other than that, a lot of information was lost and nothing was known.

‘It also helps that this place is a noble world.’

A place that is like the home of ghosts.

In the ghost world, ghosts become stronger.

Even ghosts who could only produce legendary-level power in the real world often showed off transcendent-level power when they came to the ghost world.

Because it is a land overflowing with spirit.

Perhaps, if Eoduksini and Geunseondae had met in the ghost world, it might not have resulted in Kangseol’s victory.


‘That’s it… Why does the Ghost King want to meet us?’

First of all, the most suspicious reason is that it was intended to punish humans who arbitrarily crossed over to the ghost world.

And if it is not…

‘Is it because of the Yaksha’s work?’

To put it simply, the Yaksha’s work is like opening a banquet hall to ghosts. Because I can go to the real world and eat as many people as I want to fill my hunger.


‘It could be very different from the ghost king’s point of view.’

I felt like I needed to meet the demon king in person and check his thoughts on the yaksha.

After stopping the carriage, Kangseol and his party accepted the offer of the Black Death Team to escort them to the Ghost King, so they didn’t have to get off the carriage and just headed towards the front.

The group continues to run through the wasteland, except for a brief stop for a meal.

Slowly, the edge of the city began to come into view.

The city’s brilliant light spilled over into the wasteland.

“Where are we now?”

Snowfall asks the leader of the Black Death Squad.

Instead of answering, the leader engraved a mark on a map he took out of his pocket and handed it to him.


Kangseol asked after checking the map of the land ruled by the Ghost King.

“Are we now at the location of the marker?”



It’s close.

It was as if we had just arrived at the capital where the Ghost King was.

“I was lucky. “The Ghost King told me to go there and meet you.”


As if Duookshini had known in advance that Kangseol and his party would pass by, he sent a black squad to meet them.

‘I guess I couldn’t run away anyway?’

In the demon world, it may be in the palm of the demon king’s hand after all. Still, thanks to you, I saved time.

This is how I gained time that would otherwise have been lost on the road.


“The Black Death Squad is back!”

“Open the door!”

Kugugugugu palace…

The gates of the magnificent castle opened.

Castle of Joy (歡樂城).

It was the capital of the noble world ruled by Duoksini.

The leader of the Black Death Squad slowly turned his head from above Gur and said.

“Welcome to the ghost world, humans.”

Doo doo doo doo…

[The resting base is changed to Joy Castle.]

[The base is moving. Roll the travel luck die.]

[The travel luck die rolls a 5.]

[An excellent fortune has been rolled.] [

The adventure you are conducting near the Castle of Joy will proceed smoothly.] [

If you are near the Castle of Joy , The adventure progresses at an easy difficulty level.]

[There is a small chance that the adventure you choose near the Castle of Joy will be forcibly replaced by another unexpected adventure.] [

Luck plays a role in the case of an unexpected adventure.]

[ This is good fortune for adventuring nearby.]

Along with the base change message, another message also appeared.

[For the first time, a resting base has been designated in another world.]

[Achieve the first achievement, ‘How far have you been to the base?’] [

Obtain the first title “Remote Explorer”.]

[For the first time, a resting base has been designated in a ghost world.]

[Achieve the first achievement ‘It’s Not Yet Time to Come’.]

[Obtain the first title “Advance Unit”.]

The title of advance party for exploring remote areas.

It was a title he received as soon as he designated Joy City, one of the cities of the noble world, as his resting base.

Surprisingly, both were the first titles based on initial achievements.

[First title: Remote Area Explorer]

Related achievements: How far have you been to the base (Adventure: Land of the Ghost King)

Special ability: If the travel luck dice rolls 5 or more, the effect gained increases.

[Special Title: Advance Team]

Related Achievements: It’s Not Yet Time (Adventure: Land of the Demon King)

Special Ability: When entering a new base for the first time, learn some of the languages near the base.

‘… oh.’

These were indeed the first titles.

The remote explorers were able to bring greater benefits when they benefited, and the advance team was able to prevent any difficult situations that might arise.

‘It’s a little disappointing that it’s not related to ability… but the achievement itself is pretty decent, so there’s nothing I can do about it. … huh?’

The message did not end there.

[Stay in the ghost world.]

[Related title: The ghost is deleted and the charm value is added by 20.]

[Due to the influence of charm, favorability is applied to the ghost.]

The charm stat obtained in Song Dynasty and the ears obtained in the southern ghost gate Visitor titles were combined. It seemed like there wouldn’t be a big difference, considering that there wasn’t a big difference in syntax.

“Are they new prisoners?”

“You get caught all the time.”

The ghosts of the Castle of Joy looked sideways at Kang Seol and the others and muttered.

‘… prisoner?’

The carriage, accompanied by the black squad, headed to the center of the castle of pleasure.

* * *

“This way.”

Kang Seol and his party entered the royal castle where the ghost king resides, in the center of the castle of pleasure, and moved around while being guided by a bewitching ghost.

‘At least they treat customers like they do. It’s just…’

The group complained of a bit of dizziness due to the incredible ghostly spirit felt everywhere.

Kang Seol, who had the title of ‘the one who was suppressed by scissors’, was not affected at all because he was able to withstand the ghost to some extent.

“Wow, it’s magnificent… Isn’t it bigger than the Dragon Palace?”

Jinryeo was impressed.


“So… I feel like I’m in the wrong place…”

said the ghost guiding us.

“I can only go so far. Walk in front of this. Ah… and.”

The woman said, looking down at Chiu.

“What kind of animal is this furry animal?”


Chiu said as if he had given up every time this happened.

“River… it’s a wolf.”

“Right. It’s cute… It talks and it’s a very spirited creature. I like cute things. So let me give you some advice.”

“… advice?”

“Never disobey the Demon King.”

A ghost says that and disappears.

Chiu looked dissatisfied and toddled ahead of the group, shaking his butt.

“Why did you only lead me here? “There’s a long road ahead.”

The group moved following Chiu’s confident steps.

Hung… Hung…

A dreary light turned on on both sides according to the distance they had traveled. The fire, which looked like a will-o’-the-wisp, was burning brightly on a concave perch.

“It’s eerie.”

Jinryeo held Seolhong’s hand tightly.

In the real world, Jinryeo was taller than Seolhong, but here it was the exact opposite, so it wasn’t an awkward scene.



I walked for a while, but the flame did not follow. From that reaction, Kang Seol thought that the other person would appear soon.

“Stop right there.”

I knew it.

Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu though…


Jinryeo cling to Seolhong.

There were scary-looking ghosts lined up on both sides.

A total of twelve.

Their energy reached Kang Seol’s heart.

‘They are all strong.’


Jinryeo swallowed.

The most vicious-looking ghost among them spoke to me.

“Wow… I never thought a human would set foot in the Demon King’s castle.”

“Giggle… You don’t really get nervous in front of the 12 ghosts.”

Among the group, Jinryeo is the only one shaking. Jinryeo was a very easy person to understand.

It was natural for Jinryeo to be scared.

All of the 12 ghost spirits were strong beyond transcendence.

The pressure they gave off was not something to be laughed off.

Seuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu up There

was a moment of fear and a mysterious energy stayed in the intestines for a moment. That mysterious energy took away all the nasty ghost energy emitted by the 12 ghosts.

“Enough joking.”

“… yes.”

The voice I heard was extremely terrifying.

A voice that seems to express fear through sound.

He was a ghost.

Snowfall looked at the front where the curtain was draped. The voice came from there.

Soon, the outline of a vicious murderer was revealed beyond the curtain. It was said that the felt presence was bigger than the size of the body.


Jinryeo falls flat on her face.

However, the other party members did not bow down.

One of the 12 ghosts who saw it complained.

“Quickly get down on your knees….”

“It’s done. Leave it alone.”


“Don’t make me say it twice.”

“… yes.”

That overwhelming presence must be the ghost king.

Kang Seol looked around at the 12 ghosts one by one.

‘Those whose names were taken away…’

They all had their names taken away by the Ghost King.

Duoksini swallowed up every single one of their names and called them by nicknames such as 1 Hon 2 Hon instead of their names.

A ghost king hidden behind a veil.

“Welcome, humans.”


Jamard directly conveyed the meaning.

– He is a great powerhouse. Avoid fighting.

Kang Seol nodded.

There is nothing more foolish than dealing with ghosts in the ghost world. Even more so, someone like a ghost king.

‘Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be hostile…’

said Duo-oksini.

“I was waiting.”

“You mean me?”

“I’ve been watching you for quite some time.”

When Kang Seol heard that Duokshini was watching her, she cast a suspicious look.

“I smelled it in a far away land.”

Beyond the curtain, I could see the shadow of a finger pointing to my nose.

“What smell do you mean?”

The answer beyond the veil was this.

“An interesting future, a hero who overcomes hardships, and…”

Tsk tsk…

The shadow opened its mouth.

I could feel the ferocious teeth at least as a shadow.

“The smell of a yaksha…”


“I can’t even guess what your relationship is with him… but one thing is clear: you smell like that beast.”

The name of a yaksha that appeared out of nowhere.

Moreover, when it was pointed out that he was a person who was related to snowfall and Yaksha, the 12 ghost spirits had seizures.

“Yacha? “If you are a yaksha, you deserve to die!”

“I’m going to squeeze out that guy’s intestines and put them in a bowl right now!”

Duoksini laughed.

“Tsk tsk tsk… Please refrain from small talk. What are you going to do with your guts?”


The vicious atmosphere became cold as if cold water had been poured on Duooksini’s continued words.



The hall becomes quiet again, as if a rat has died.

“Interesting, interesting… Now that you’re this close, I can smell another scent coming from you.”



ni though he takes a deep breath.

He could feel that Duo-o-sini’s eyes were on him right now.

“They say it’s dark and that’s it. “Did you kill them?”

At those words, the expressions of the twelve ghosts became stiff.

The black faces became a little brighter and the pure white faces became whiter.

But I didn’t make a sound.

The owner of this place was Duoksini.

“How can that be… Even if Darkshiny woke up from the seal, it was a long time ago… Wait… Aha… That’s how it happened.”

Duoksini’s eyes looked elsewhere.

It’s Seolhong and Chiwoo.



Chiu and Seolhong couldn’t easily handle that gaze.

“You guys smell really bad. The smell is so bad that it gives me a headache… This smell…”

Duo-o-shi-ni gritted her teeth.

“It’s the smell of Daengjung that I hate.”

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