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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 292

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Episode 292


The black spear filled with lightning passed straight through the floor without being blocked by the giant soldier’s sixtieth armor.

“Oh my god….”



The enormous energy emitted from the black spear literally destroyed the giant soldier. And that also dealt a serious blow to the neighborhood.

The 4th floor floor was so empty that it looked like it was open.


And the hole was filled in an instant.

“What is this… what did you bring up…”

Everyone except Kang Seol looked at Jin Ryeo.

“That’s… the dragon lord’s favorite disease, widely known as a legend in the North…”

“Oh my! “I can’t believe this crazy guy has been by my side all this time!”

“If I had accidentally summoned a dragonlord, we would all have died.”

“So I checked with Kunna…”

“Who is that Kunna?”

“It’s Jin!”

Jaune and Santio’s expressions softened a little when they heard that Jin had confirmed it.

“Hmm… I see. “Jin confirmed it, so it would have been crazy if it wasn’t crazy.”

Jinryeo said with her eyes shining.

“But where did the black spear go? Even though it’s fake, I want to see it in real life…”

“It’s gone. They said that the more serious the problem is, the faster it will be dealt with…”

“I wanted to see it in person…”

“Don’t even talk about it. I almost lost my liver. “Of course, I’m not saying that I don’t actually want to see that window.”

“Wow… it really makes my heart flutter?”

“That’s right… no, it’s not this. Anyway, it’s a shame that things are going well! “If she were my granddaughter, she wouldn’t have lost her calf by now!”

A dragonlord’s legacy that must be regained someday.

His black spear was such an incredible object that it was passed down to the public.

‘Could he swing it?’


The moment the spear was summoned, it was immediately apparent that it was impossible.

‘Because there are restrictions in many ways.’

There were various restrictions on the black window.

Therefore, it was not easy to wield it just because it appeared right in front of you.

While Kang Seol was lost in thought, Jo Ne and Jin Ryeo were talking.

“But how do you know that book so well?”

“He’s a very famous person, right? “What about the dragonlord?”


“I am the only one who took something from the dragon, so how could I not be interested? Isn’t it? He is already a person who is revered like a god in the North…”

“You have a point. I forgot for a moment that the Wing Mountains were to the north. So you were born and raised in the North? Considering that he even signed a contract with Jin.”


Jinryeo nodded.

“Anyway, we haven’t been able to get anything while this giant soldier is blocking it, so let’s search for something.”

Everyone agreed with Santio’s words and rushed around to find the book they wanted.

After some time, the giant’s remains scattered like dust and disappeared.

Kang Seol thought about the future and searched the books on the list.


one book.


Another book.


Surprisingly, the search accelerated.

‘I thought it would be hard to get even one…’

I got all the books on the list below the 5th floor.

“What! “I found them all!”

It seems that due to luck, even Jinryeo achieved results. They decided to finish the search early and wait for Jaune and Santio.

But suddenly a question came to Kang Seol’s mind.

‘Now that I think about it, why on earth did they come to Mansang Library?’

Santio seemed to avoid answering, so he approached Jaune.


“Um…no, no, no. After all, isn’t there one on the lower floor? But what are the traces of this unknown transference magic? Seeing that the technique was sloppy, what I created was….”

“Mr. Jone.”

“Oh, tell me. “I stopped because I was distracted…”

“Why did you visit Mansang Library?”

“… That’s what I was curious about.”


Jaune scratched his sideburns and answered.

“Actually… I came here because my achievements were blocked by a wall.”

“… yes?”

Jaune is a great wizard in name and reality.

Frannan, who was a magician of the castle level, seemed great, but the magic tower lord who was given a higher status than him was Jonae.

Of course, it is difficult to use it as a standard since Frannan has shown very unusual strength among magicians of the Aspect and is now a magic tower lord.

Anyway, Jaune and Santio, who were in a position that would be enviable for a wizard, found the Library of Mankind while being blocked by a wall.

– Oh hohoho… The old people are still alive and well.

This was a voice I hadn’t heard in quite some time.

‘… Bornouil?’

– Hehehe… It’s been a while. Have you been at peace so far?

Former Libra Bornuil, responsible for part of the spirit of Ur.

In the past, he was mentally controlled by Ur in Alkatron, and after losing his life to Frannan, he was sharing Ur’s body.

To be precise, it could be seen as a suppressor that prevents Ur from being foolish.

Perhaps because he intended to sleep in Ur’s body, which he had put off during his lifetime, he did not wake up unless something serious happened.

Perhaps the peculiar energy of the Mansang Library had awakened him.

– Looks like you had a long sleep. I didn’t have anything to do because Ur was busy… By the way, it’s the library of all things… Oh my, they’re wizards, so I guess I couldn’t pass up this place.

While Bornuil was talking, Jaune and Santio explained the situation they were in.

“After several years of no progress except for a slight increase in magical power, I received information that the Mansang Library has appeared. As you know, aren’t wizards honest about their desires? “I left the work to my lieutenants and headed straight here.”

“Although the expression is extreme, what Jaune said is true.”

“Then do you two have a separate book you want?”


Jaune and Santio looked at each other and avoided answering.

– I guess I came here to get Azran’s writings. Among wizards with similar characteristics, he is the only one who has reached the top.

‘Are you saying that the items you want are similar?’

… I had no intention of giving in.

“I have no intention of telling you that far.”

“Even old people have secrets.”

Kang Seol nodded.

“All right. Then…”

“Okay, let’s go up.”

As he was about to go up, Kang Seol paused for a moment and looked back at John.


“Uh huh? “Why but?”

Kangseol asked Johnne for something.

Jaune nodded.

“Hmm… That makes sense. There is no harm in being careful. “Then wait a moment.”

After a while, Jaune came closer, having finished what Kang Seol had asked him to do.

“It’s over. “Then let’s go.”


* * *

That one… That one…


5th floor.

The sign had the word ‘lounge room’ clearly written on it.

It was round on all sides, as if drawing a perfect circle, and the bookshelf was empty.

The snowfall was a little unsettling.

‘What if no one arrived?’

Since they were separated from the independent space on the second floor, it was unclear whether or not we would be able to meet them until we reached the lounge.

Considering that the old people who owned the tower had been held in the lower floors for months, these concerns were not simply unfounded.

As Kang Seol approached the center of the lounge with this anxiety, a welcome voice was heard from in front of her.

“come! snowfall! “Why are you here now?”


“I was waiting. “I was worried it might take a little longer… but I’m glad.”

Chiu and Seolhong were the first to welcome Kang Seol.

“me too! “I have one too!”

“Ah, it’s true….”

“Chiwoo! That’s kinda bad! “Don’t mince words!”

The man sitting in front of Chi-woo and Seol-hong.

“You’re here.”

“Xiamen. “When did you arrive?”

“We arrived a little early too.”

“Thank goodness.”

“But… what about the two elderly people in the back?”

Johnet and Santio walking behind the snowfall.

“Who is it?”

When Jinryeo asked in a playful way, Seolhong and Chiwoo thought for a moment, then were surprised and asked.

“Could it be that of the Magic Tower…”

“Cluck, click… But is it because of this guy’s appearance that he is recognized wherever he goes?”

“It’s not easy, John.”


Seolhong, who encapsulates in that single word the question of whether John and Santio, the owners of the Magic Tower, are in the library of all things.

Jaune and Santio relayed the same anecdote they had told Kang Seol earlier.

“I see… did you get any results?”

“If I had done that, I would have gone right back. I wouldn’t have even thought about coming here. But you…”

Jaune’s eyes became sharp.

“I think I understand since we’re all gathered together like this. “I feel unusually energetic.”

“okay. “I saw it before, the disciple of Libra, so even so, the others…”

As they said, the energy felt from Chi-woo and Seol-hong is probably unusual.

Even snowfall can sometimes be surprising.

‘That goes for Xiamen as well.’

The atmosphere was completely different from when we continued our meeting in Nobira, Xiamen Island. Rather than a feeling of being related to force, it was a feeling of the presence itself emanating from the person.

It was natural for Jaune and Santio to have doubts.

When they asked about this, Seolhong and Chiu kindly explained.

“Ohh! That’s right! “They were descendants of the Dragon Emperor.”

“I thought it was unusual. But what’s going on here?”

When I told him about the situation currently taking place in the great empire of Khan, Jaune muttered with a serious expression.

“Hmm… something like that happened while I was away…”

“It’s definitely a situation that could pose a threat.”

This is the end of our conversation about each other.

Next was a check on how close we were to the goal we came here for.


“You found everything, right? “Did you find everything?”

Surprisingly, all the books Xiamen wanted were found before reaching the 5th floor.

“If this happens…”

“Can I go back?”

Xiamen nodded.

“Then there is no reason for us to climb the Ten Thousand Mountains anymore. Let’s just go back…”

“… Xiamen.”

Kang Seol looked at the group and said.

“I’ll go up a little higher.”

“huh? “More here?”

Chiwoo blinked and asked again.

Xiamen’s eyes narrowed.

“… I see you want something.”

“That’s right. “There are still things to check.”

“Hmm… Then I think it would be better for us to split up here. Anyway, in order to wake up a fallen demon, you need to make appropriate preparations. “I will go back first and prepare.”

“thank you.”

“The others…?”

Jinryeo spoke first.

“Oh, I don’t mind going back. “I got a strange book…”

Jinryeo also had a harvest from meeting the old gentleman, so you might want to quickly go back and dig into it.

Seolhong and Chiwoo thought for a moment and then answered:

“We’re going back.”

“I’ll go back and wait.”

Actually, I felt relieved that way.

If they could fight together, they were of course reliable, but if they fell apart due to the independent space, the upper floors could be dangerous.

Seolhong came over and held Kang Seol’s hand.


“I’m sorry for making you wait.”

Seolhong shook his head.

“If it’s important to you, you can wait as long as you want. “As long as you promise to return to me.”

When Seolhong asked that with a stern expression, Kangseol answered with a faint smile.

“… I’ll finish it soon and go back.”


“That’s it. will wait.”

The group receives books from Kang Seol and exits through a separate exit in the lounge of Mansang Library.

Suddenly, only Kangseol and the old man remained.

– Suddenly, the picture I hated the most appeared.

– It was bright! It was gorgeous up until just now!

– The atmosphere is rotting.

Old people in a snowy and gloomy mood sat down to rest at a table where another group had just sat.

While Snowfall quietly closed her eyes and thought about the future, she heard Ur’s voice.

– But what on earth is Azran’s book or something like that that these old people are targeting?

The answer was not Kangseol, but Borneuil.

– Azran is a wizard left in history who brought those nasty wizards together. In fact, his magical capabilities were evaluated as being superior to that of any other wizard in history, and many said…

– Hey, he’s the greatest wizard in history. How dare I have this body…

– Ur, didn’t you say you were a mage? Oh hoho!

– … Right. In that case, I can easily give up the label of a lowly wizard. But it looks like there’s something he left behind in the Mansang Library?

Bornuil calmly explained to Ur. Surprisingly, it was amazing to see the two having a conversation.

– There were always rumors that the great wizard visited the Library of Heaven before he disappeared from the world. Because of that, there were countless people who attempted the Mansang Library without knowing that their lives were a waste.

– Hmph… At most, I would have made a fuss over something that was nothing special.

Ur still had no idea what kind of person the Prince of Frost was. Therefore, Kang Seol thought it would be a good idea to choose an appropriate comparison object, so she told him.

‘Ur Azran was not defeated by the immortal who created nothingness.’

– what? Is that really true?

‘huh. Especially when it comes to magic, it was unparalleled.’

It felt a little strange to praise myself with my own mouth.

– Hmm… That’s funny. I’m also curious about what he left behind. I thought I already needed a little strength to move on to the next step, but it turned out well.

‘… huh?’

– Bring what he left behind to this body. Let me prove that this body is greater than Azran.

‘Ah, yes…’

Kang Seol also came to his senses for a moment upon hearing Ur’s words.

Ur is the first mage and, although not confirmed, is a being of great power in the past. What would happen if the legacy of the greatest wizard, the Prince of Frost, was passed on to such a person?

‘I’m not even sure what kind of delusion you have.’

While Kang Seol was spending time thinking about such things, Santio spoke to her.

“It would be a good idea to warn you in advance before moving forward.”


“Before entering the Mansang Library, I looked at the recent records with Johnet.”

“Oh, that’s what you’re talking about! Yes, that’s right. Santio and I had a strange feeling about the record.”

Snowfall tilts its head.

Santio talked about his suspicious records.

“People who challenge the Mansang Library are not common, but they are not rare either. In particular, those who take on challenges with purpose have achieved quite remarkable results. “Until not long ago… we had to see it that way.”

“How long ago? “What is that…”

“Not even one.”


“Not the ones who came back from the break room, but the ones who went forward. Not a single one of them came back alive. But in the past, there were rare people who said they had been to at least the 6th floor. Isn’t that strange?”

Santio said with his hands clasped in front of him.

“It means there may be something wrong upstairs.”


Kangseol stood up and said.

“I don’t want to be too scared, but… aren’t you going?”

“… Tsk tsk, youth is good.”

“For your information, Jaune was very scared. Even if he disrespects Rob, as an alumnus, I can pretend not to notice…”


“Are you fearless?”

“no! I won’t be rude! “I’m scared!”

Kang Seol asked.

“Is there a reason you go forward even though you are scared?”

“That’s because it’s scarier to stop! You will find out when you grow up. It’s a broken clock and the second hand doesn’t move forward… how terrible it is. “Let’s go!”

Jaune, Santio, and Snowfall headed to the next floor.

* * *

6th floor.

When they reached what was supposed to be the 6th floor, they looked around for a moment in confusion.

“What the hell is this….”

“Everything is broken. And what about this terrible energy…”

The sign is probably already lying around somewhere.

“Oh… oh my.”


“Now I understand.”


“A trace of the crude transference magic we found on the fourth floor.”

I’m sure Jaune had said something like that on the 4th floor.

– But what are the traces of this unknown transference magic? Seeing that the technique was sloppy, what I created was…

“That’s it now…”

“It’s of great importance. “It looks like someone tried to change the rules of use on the 4th floor that we experienced with those on the 6th floor.”


“I guess it’s to get what you want. To revive someone or obtain treasure. “You stupid bastard!”

“What are the results?”

“It seems like we’re only half-successful. There remains a trend that the 6th floor usage rules have been changed to the 4th floor usage rules. The impact reached the 7th floor and it completely collapsed. “The 6th and 7th floors were combined.”

In other words, Kang Seol and his party are now on the 6th or 7th floor, not the 6th floor.

They walked a little further and saw what Jornet meant when he said he was half-successful.


“Oh my god…”

A large demonic beast was blocking the way, sleeping.

“It seems that the usage rules were not applied properly. I guess it wasn’t the purpose of summoning that horrible demon beast in the first place. We must never open the book. “This time, the entire space might collapse.”

Santio also frowned.

“Judging from the blood traces seen here and there… it appears that those demons have eaten all those who reached the 6th floor. There must be a reason why there was no news from the 6th floor. Will he disappear?”

“It’s better not to have high expectations. “It was all messed up because of crude magic, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he lived for a thousand years.”

Jaune lamented.

“… Well, he doesn’t look that unusual, but there’s some way… Huh? “Hey?”


“But why?”

Snowfall carefully headed to the side of the demon beast.

Since I was lying face down, my head was in the direction where my head was.


“What are you trying to do…”

Kang Seol, who was quietly observing the sleeping demon beast, asked with a grin.

‘Does it seem right?’

– That’s amazing.

Ur’s answer to Kangseol’s question.

– I never thought I would come across not one, but two.

Black and ugly appearance.

From its majestic fur to its fangs that make you tremble just by its presence.

The demon beast resembled someone.

‘You can do it Jamad, right?’

– It’s not difficult. There’s already a precedent.

Jaune and Santio look at Snow Seol’s constantly smiling face with worried eyes.

“Over there…”

“Stay away.”

“What are you trying to do!”


When Kang Seol came out like this, the two walked away.


Snowfall, transformed into a raven, clapped its hands.



The demon beast woke up to the sound of applause.

He wakes up shakily, as if he is still half asleep.

Kang Seol looked at the demon beast and said.

“Me and Coco.”

[Summon a phantom beast: Shadow Wolf activates.]

[Continuous: Surprise Appearance activates.]

[Happy Coco affects Jamard’s abilities.]

“Do you recognize this face?”


As soon as Coco was summoned, she started wagging her tail and barking. She looked at the shadow wolf that looked exactly like her.

The wolf blocking the 6th and 7th floors was a shadow wolf, just like Coco.

“If you know someone, please speak kindly to me.”

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