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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 302

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Episode 302:

Messages that came to mind even before I read the first few lines of the book.

[Acquires the unique effect of Frozen Truth.]

[Passive: Awakens frosty darkness (composite).]

[A frost storm occurs when all creations, including all clones, are destroyed. Frost Storm inflicts damage to enemies proportional to the creature’s maximum health.]

[Cold resistance is greatly increased.]

[Final cold damage received by summoners and creatures is reduced by 20%.]

[Hidden of the Still Frozen Truth There are countless effects.]

Snowfall stood blankly with the book open.

‘… Does this make sense?’

– Woohyo! A summoner’s list of banned books!

– What the heck;; Are you really referring to the science fiction school fantasy light novel released in Japan? The general public doesn’t know that.

– Those above, please stop.

– They went crazy because they published something they knew lol.

I couldn’t guess how much power the book had.

Kang Seol read the introduction a little more, hoping to discover more power.

Damn it…

– … Snowfall!

Ur called the snowfall.

Kang Seol shook his head and answered.


[I cannot understand the content.]

– You almost died just now.

“… I almost died?”

– Yes, if you don’t have magical understanding, you will freeze just reading it.

Kang Seol was shocked and touched her face.

‘I can’t believe it…’

One side of his face was covered with ice, just like when he met Azran.

Although it was melting at a rapid rate, I almost froze to death in that moment.

‘It’s like this… there’s no use in breaking the seal, right?’

Food that I couldn’t eat and books that I couldn’t read were really useless.

– I’m just glad that you gained something from not being a wizard. At your current level, you will freeze before you even read the chapter.



The snowfall closed the book loudly.

After thinking about it carefully, I realized that it wasn’t wrong.

The Frozen Truth is a book with such tremendous power that it has been designated as a banned book among magic books.

‘They designate something that has not even been verified as a banned book… I wonder how they got there.’

Of course, the reality existed and its content was clear. Just reading it can cost you your life, so if this book were to be passed on to other wizards, many would risk their lives for wisdom.

When I think about it this way, the designation of a banned book was reasonable.

This book is a wizard.

In other words, it possessed a power that would be difficult for even the Grand Wizard to unleash.

Even Johnna Santio was no exception.

If there is an exception,

the snow

reminds me of the door of vanity.


This time, a white book was clearly held in Kang Seol’s hands.

There was a very dangerous and dark smell coming from inside the nothingness.

I put my hand out a bit to see if the snowfall could pass over the door.




A thrilling sensation went up my hand.

It feels like a warning that it is still too much to do.

Kang Seol only held out a book.


Black hands stretched out from inside the door like plants. A bizarre sight that I don’t even want to imagine.

However, if you knew who the other person was, there was no need to be afraid.

“Here, Ur.”


The hands paused for a moment and then took the book from Kang Seol.

The hands seemed tense.

As soon as I was handed the book, I started shaking.

After a while.

A message occurred to Kang Seol.

[Sealed Ur walks the path of frozen truth.]

[Sealed Ur’s magical properties change into the energy of frost.]


Chill poured out through the open door of nothingness.

Snowfall quickly escaped from the mental world.

– Awesome… Azran.

Ur has probably started reading the beginning of the book at a rapid pace by now. Unlike Kang-seol himself, he even mumbles as if there is no problem at all.

– The basic theory is completely different. This idea is quite interesting… but what is the basis…

Although he felt somewhat alienated, Kang Seol had no idea what this book was about until he read the third line. Just as even a great poem cannot shake a person with dry emotions, even the ultimate magic book was no different from the books scattered around the world to Kang Seol, who lacked magical knowledge.

So I was purely happy.

That Ur can understand that book.

That the true owner of the frozen truth was Ur.

‘Because he is the first mage.’

Now he is a summoned beast who lives in the nothingness of snowfall and helps with various tasks, but in the past he was an enormous monster.

When it comes to magical power, no one in the world will be able to follow Ur in terms of understanding the miracle of magical power becoming magic.

It is the magic power itself that roars.

The review he leaves after briefly reading the Frozen Truth is…

– It would be difficult to find a wizard better than him among the Azran living.

Kang Seol felt strangely unfamiliar with such an evaluation.

Because Azran was a word that had meaning to him as well.

– Except for this Ur.

I also liked Ur’s confident appearance.

Since Azran was his horse and Ur was his summon, there seemed to be no complaints about which of the two was superior.

I felt like the mother of an umbrella seller and a straw sandal seller. Of course, he still felt more drawn to Ur, who was currently helping him.

– I will savor your truth slowly.

The reason Ur always had the loneliness of an absolute being was because his life was filled with struggle.

He is a man who has never been left behind.

– Looks like I’ll be busy for a while. Ah, before that….


Kang Seol regretted not being able to have a conversation with Azran.

‘…what can I do?’

I have no strength now.

He is still so weak that he cannot even stand face to face with Azran. There was no strength to hold him.

I also imagined what would have happened if Ur had not stepped forward. Ur was a dangerous being as the first mage, but he also had a quarrel with him. And in the end, it was another summoned beast that took its place in his emptiness.

‘In this case, should I say the summoning spirit is closer…’


I had to be thankful.

‘thanks. It was dangerous.’

– Hmph, without my protection, you will become a toy to a guy like Azran. … Of course, I’m not saying that Azran is such a lowly guy.

‘… then?’

– So… Azran is… a wizard. A great wizard.

Having the modifier ‘great’ appear in front of him seems to have shaken Ur’s heart quite a bit for someone who came out of a book.

‘What did you talk about with Azran?’

Honestly, I was jealous.

A conversation with him would have led to enlightenment in itself… What would it have been like if the subject of that conversation had been himself?

– conversation? Um… right. It was a conversation of great intelligence.

‘What did Azran say?’

– Uh… um… great?


– Mmm… great… no, don’t ask too much. If criminals try to understand the conversations of intellectuals, their heads will explode. Do you want to freeze to death?

The threatening Ur.

Kang Seol chuckled.

Judging from Ur’s reaction, Azran seemed to have retained his previous appearance. If so, it was obvious what level the conversation was.

‘It’s the same, Azran.’

After the disappearance, the dialogue options were reduced to half and even those were all short answers, so it was frustrating.

For example something like this.

[I met a woman in trouble. She said that she had been close to the lord of this land since she was young, and that the lord had been acting suspiciously recently. She has been begging your intellect to know what she thinks about this. How would you advise?]

1. Well.

2. I’m not interested.

3. I will help you.

4. I didn’t hear you clearly.

Just because the options were concise did not necessarily mean they were clear. Each time, Kang Seol hoped that Azran would express his opinion in at least one long sentence.

Perhaps what Ur encountered was such a stuffy Azran.

Even if I had a conversation with him, there was a good chance that it wouldn’t go to the topic I wanted.

– Why are you smiling?

Now that I have a certain harvest, I feel somewhat relieved. Kang Seol decided to sort out the situation first.

“What should they do?”

Snowfall pointed to the two archmages and Bronn.

And it was the corpse of the director and Branca.

– It will melt over time, but I think it will take a long time. Should I use my hands?

‘You’re using your hands? Is it possible? ‘Is it the power of Azran?’

– The magic used by Azran does not contain any particularly high-dimensional truth. The thawing induction magic is also detailed here, so it shouldn’t be difficult.

‘What I mean is, is that possible in nothingness?’

Ur snorted at Snowfall’s words.

– Tsk tsk… Did you think I was wasting my time? Summon your alter ego.

He quickly did as Ur said.


Then, an alter ego that looked exactly like Kangseol appeared.

– Look carefully.


[Control of all clones is lost to ‘Ur.’]

At that moment, communication with all clones did not go as planned.


The clone’s eyes turned blue.


an alter ego that even breathes.

And then he held out both hands stiffly.

– Okay… it’s not easy.

The alter ego started muttering.

When I listened closely, it seemed like a mantra was being chanted.

It was an extremely unfamiliar sight to see a being with the same appearance as oneself chanting. – You have to work on this ugly spirit


you get used to it


Blah blah blah…

My frozen colleagues woke up.

“Huh… Huh….”

“Ugh… This….”

“What happened….”

The alter ego that did this disappeared in an instant. It was to avoid minor doubts.

Kang Seol pretended that he had just woken up. That would be the neatest. At least you won’t be bombarded with annoying questions.

“you! Are you okay?”

“I am okay. But… it looks like the pleural fluid has lost its strength and is broken.”

“Azran! Was it really Lord Azran?”

“I didn’t see your face.”

“What about the voice?”

“… I couldn’t even hear your voice.”

Johnet asked a lot of questions as if he was asking about a person he admired, but he soon stopped when Kang Seol showed difficulty, as if he didn’t know much.

Santio was impressed.

“Anyway, it’s surprising… I deployed several layers of resistance magic, but it was destroyed in just one moment.”

“Tsk, tsk… It was probably frozen entirely with resistance magic. “When you become the Grand Duke of Frost, that’s ridiculous.”

“How do you know so much?”

“… I just got hit, so I understand. “It’s been a long time since I felt this miserable.”

“As expected, he is no less than a genius when it comes to taking shots…”

“Stop. “Don’t make fun of me.”

The two archmages had a rough idea of how things were going, but Bronn couldn’t. Kangseol explained what just happened as briefly as possible to Bronn, who helped him find the book.

When Bronn heard that, he burst into laughter.

“Puhahahaha! Oh my god, I can’t believe Bronn is meeting someone he can’t even lift a finger on. A strong man whom I could not see until I lost my life… I have never seen anything like this before…”

While Bronn was admiring, Jamard suddenly jumped out from the shadow of the snowfall.


Thump… Thump…

Jamard slowly walked somewhere.

Bron and Snowfall soon followed suit.

Bronn spoke from where Jamard stopped.

“… Life is truly fleeting and strangely curved.”


“I know what you’re trying to say.”

Bronn grinned.

“Do you need Branca’s magic?”

In front of them was Branca’s body lying on the ground along with the enema.


Jamard nodded and Bron shrugged his shoulders.

“Take it, Branca’s powers are useless to me. But it might be different for you.”


“And you don’t need permission. Branca lost to you in a fair fight. It is the winner’s right to take the power of the loser. Branca won’t be disappointed either. He must be ashamed of the mistake he made underground right now, mistaking the power of all things for his own. I would like you to take my power away from me. “It will be much easier that way.”

“… I get it.”

In the end, I turned around and stood on the designated path.

Jamard placed his hand on Branca’s body.


As he casted the spell, a snowstorm raged around him.


“Are you resisting?”

“No, that’s not it.”

Bronn said with a serious expression.

“You are happy.”


Jamard’s muscles grew.

It was much bigger than before.

The eyes deepened and the energy amplified.


[Absorb Branca’s ancient magic.]

[Jammad of all things is strengthened into Jammad of the Great Lord.]

[Summoned beasts now support the power of the earth.]

[Summoned beasts have source power: Awakens the glacier.]

[The source of the glacier replaces the source of the waterfall.]

[Fire Thunder Stance is strengthened by the source soul.]

[Continued: Awakens the shivers.]

[Continuous: Awakens the mind . Strike.]

[Continuous: Awakening the ancient soul.]

The blue flame that had bloomed in Branca’s eyes bloomed in Jamard’s eyes.

“… two steps forward.”

“Ha… Haha….”

Bron felt Jamard’s change of momentum and hesitated to back away.

“This is…”

“This is the succession I’ve only heard about…”

Others did the same.

They also stepped back a little without realizing it.

Kang Seol turned his attention to the broken enema while Jamad was gathering his energy.

Who created this mechanical device with terrible power, and where did all things originate?

He ran the palm of his hand over the enema, checking to see if there was anything recognizable.

And that was when the action moved towards the director’s head.


“… Huh?”

[The director of the Mansang Library is incapacitated.]

[Unable to decide on self-repair actions.]

[An acting director is needed.]


[You have been nominated.]

“… Huh?”

[Achieve the first achievement ‘Newcomer’.]

[Obtain the first title ‘Mansang (萬象)’.]

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