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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 305

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Episode 305

The size and value of a normal reward box vary depending on the contents inside.

And the quantity and quality of the contents of the box will vary depending on what experience you have during this adventure.

‘It’s silver….’

Also known as platinum box.

Kang Seol looked at Baek Eun’s box surprisingly calmly.

When a platinum box is given as a reward for an adventure, it usually contains one or more non-exclusive items.

‘There won’t be two unappropriated expenditures….’

There were cases like that, but at least not now. If it contained two or more non-exclusive items, a platinum box would have been given, not a white silver box.

‘Non-exclusive items will always be included…’

It was known that a platinum box would be given when the average quality of rewards other than non-exclusive items was higher than treasure.

In the case of the reward boxes that Snowfall has obtained so far, they sometimes contain a lot of rare equipment and some treasure equipment, as well as unexclusive items.

I ignored rare equipment because I didn’t pay any attention to it, but the percentage of equipment that usually dropped was rare, which was about 70%. The remaining 30% are treasures and non-exclusive items.

In other words, the quality of the acquired equipment was closer to rare than treasure.

There were so many pieces of equipment that I got that I was able to wear them all, but they were all treasure level or higher.

‘Is it because the enema of all things was short?’

I thought it would be okay to expect a little bit of compensation this time.


He opened the silver box he got from this adventure.



no, I tried to open it.

‘… lock? ah!’

Kang Seol tilted his head when he saw Baek Eun’s box shaking but not opening, and then he remembered something.

The platinum box was locked. And the key to unlock it can also be obtained from the upper reward box.

– Eh?

– Deep Pak;; What?

– Mom, open the door. Oh, the key is under the flower pot?

– What are you going to do with this?

While viewers were outraged by the situation for no reason, Kang Seol waited in silence for a while.

‘Maybe the first bag is a box…’

Soon, the message that Kangseol was waiting for came to mind.

[Open the silver box for the first time.]

[Achieve the first achievement ‘Click Click’.]

[Acquire the first title ‘White Silver’.]

‘No, not this.’

[Opening a silver box for the first time.]

[A key is required to open a silver grade or higher box.]

[Keys can be obtained from a reward box with a very low probability.] [

Depending on the grade of the reward box. The probability of obtaining keys increases.]

Since you have checked the box of White or higher level, you are now qualified to collect keys.

In other words, if things continued like this, the box could not be opened right away.

– Hahaha

– You need to install a public certificate.

– You need to install active

Stop it!

A choice came to mind.

[I found a treasure chest with great energy. But the lack of response seems to be due to a special lock. How will you act?]

1. [Required: Great strength][Risk factor: Loss of reward] Violently tear off the lock with tremendous force.

2. Don’t open it until you find a way.

3. [Required: Skilled lock picking tool] Use the tool to forcefully unlock the lock.

4. [Required: Key of unknown purpose] Use the key to unlock the lock.

Snowfall, looking down at the options, found the phrase he was looking for. Soon a message related to him came to mind.

[You are very wise.]

‘That’s it!’

A person who possesses lock picking ability above a certain level or a person who possesses wisdom above a certain level.

[High wisdom understands the principle of the lock in an instant.]

[Injecting magical power unlocks the lock.]

If either of the two applies, there is no need for the essential key to open a silver grade or higher box.



A box emitting a strange light.

[Check all lost items.]

[The level increases.]

[The level increases.] [

Acquire ability points.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Albuza’s special ability is activated.]

[ Gain additional ability points.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[Cunning Blood Serpent activates.] [

Gain additional ability points.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[I The guy’s special ability is activated.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[Acquire additional ability points.] [Acquire

a blade that does not allow you to laugh freely.]

[Acquire the dagger of the calm jester.]

[Acquire the Creepy Castle Pants.]

[Acquire Cold Wave.]

[Obtain the Mansang (萬象) – Librarian’s Seal.]

[Acquire 50 Platinum Coins (Khan).]

[Usage unknown. Obtain 2 missing keys.]

[Acquire 1 potion of hot breath.]

‘Ah! This is why…’

As expected from a silver grade box, the rewards were spectacular.

The non-smiling blade and the calm jester’s dagger were treasure-grade weapons with excellent performance, but unfortunately, there was no one among Snowfall and his summons that could wear them.

I thought I would keep it in my belongings and if I remember it, I would auction it off or send it to a friend.

As many as two pieces of treasure were excluded from the compensation.

At other times I would have held my head and lamented my bad luck, but I didn’t have to do that now.

There are still many rewards left to check.

First, I checked the pants, which had bright energy.

[Creepy Frost Pants]


Abomination Appropriate Level: 45 – 53

Defense: 170

Durability: 140/140

Weight: 0.3kg

Pants woven from fabric containing the chill.

The energy runs wild and causes trouble for the wearer.

Basic ability: Intelligence + 32 Wisdom + 39 Stamina + 35

Special ability: During battle, there is a high probability of falling into status ailment: frostbite, but each time, enemies within a certain range are also given status ailment: frostbite. This effect ignores some of the opponent’s resistance.

A very difficult option.

The frostbite was in a truly terrible state, even slowing down. If you inevitably get frostbite during a fight, you will never have to wear these pants.


Snowfall had the wonder of being able to ignore the penalties of monsters.


The frostbite penalty will ultimately only be passed on to enemies.

And ugly things always had a wonderful effect on Snowfall.

Especially this time, the number of parts increased to 5, so the effect seemed likely to be quite significant.


Kang Seol quickly changed his pants.

[There are currently 5 abominations being worn.]

[In addition, all abilities increase by 10.]

[In addition, the magic consumption of all abilities is reduced by 10%.]

[In addition, the shadow space increases by 1000.]

[Additionally, all stats increase by 20.]

[Additionally, shadow space increases by 30%.]


That last line was the effect of wearing the 5th abomination, and that option was used to make Snowfall lose her wits. It was a huge additional effect.

– Abomination! Bring it all!

– Unused monster~ Saree~

– At this level, it is right for me to purchase the next monster with ignorance!

– Ruinous Option ㄷㄷ

It felt good from the beginning.

Next was the ring.

A ring with a letter engraved on it.

[Mansang (萬象) – Library Director’s Seal]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 45 – 55

Resistance: 140

Durability: 130/130

Weight: 0.1kg

A ring commemorating his tenure as Library Director. It is custom-made and can only be worn by qualified individuals.

Basic Abilities: Wisdom + 28 Stamina + 33 Spirit + 40

Special Abilities: Ability points increase when you read a good book. Ability level can be increased by up to 100. Granted ‘reading’ talent. The special ability, Dignity, increases by 50. Can only be worn by holders of the title ‘Mansang (萬象)’.

‘This… is a unique level!’

Just as there are distinctions between good and bad items of the same grade, naturally the same was true for treasure grades.

The treasure I just obtained was one of those items that fell into that category.

Items with ‘restrictions’ were usually considered the highest grade within the same grade.

As long as it satisfies that limitation, the equipment performs above its grade.

If the conditions for the library director’s seal are met, it will definitely be judged similar to non-appropriation.

‘No, if it’s a talent grant… it’s actually more than that.’

Although it is not the only one that exists in the world like Bulseokchul, it is a strict condition that requires one to serve as the director of a library.

In order for an item that can exist more than one to exceed the performance of non-appropriation, the conditions of use had to be very strict or the source of supply had to be extremely limited.

Now, this item satisfies both conditions.

– … Is it a treasure?

– I had a lot of special abilities, but suddenly;

– It’s a ring! The ring finally arrived!

Perhaps the reason why a silver-grade box appeared was because it contained this ring and the hideous object in front of it.

‘Then let’s check the last one.’

The grade of the last item was predictable.

Snowfall checked the brightly colored ring.

[Immortal Exaltation: Obtain a cold spell.]

[I have acquired an item that did not exist in the world.]

As expected, Immortal Exaltation!

– It’s here!

– Another ring?

– Rather good! Both of them were wearing poop rings haha

– Jamard: … Dad isn’t sleeping. Bring me a ring.

Exalted from the world: Cold Wave


Appropriate level for Exalted from the cold: 45 – 55

Resistance: 150

Durability: 150/150

Weight: 0.1kg

A ring with a cool energy known to have been worn by the wizard Azran.

The cold wave is an imitation of the mysterious ring cold weather.

However, for a counterfeit product, its quality was extremely high and it was stored deep in the universe.

Basic ability: All abilities + 20

Special ability: Frosty (unique) action Hot reason (unique) action Cold joke (unique) action You can adapt to the cold even without wearing cold protection products. The special ability, Dignity, increases by 100.

– Eh? It’s a fake?

– Were you the kind of person who carries around fake things?

– This is enough, but it’s a fake worth 100 million won;;

– I love your thrift and frugality.

– ㅎㄷㄷ It’s not a fake anymore….

– A fake with hidden power… Strong breath…

– I like it because it sounds exactly like a gunk. Hehe.

– It’s a full item!

– ㄹㅇ Full setup of Kangseol’s body has been completed hahaha.

The moment Kangseol saw the abilities of the two rings, he thought he would definitely wear them himself.

That was because the appropriate level price for the rings he was wearing was very low.

‘What is this unappropriated ability?’

[Freeze (Unique)]

– Abilities that cause Status Ailment: Frostbite now also cause Status Ailment: Freeze.

[Hot Sanity (Unique)]

– The duration of status effects applied to the wearer is reduced by 10%.

[Chorus Joke (Unique)]

– The activation time of abilities related to cold properties is greatly reduced.

This ring is modeled after the ring used by the Prince of Frost, making it a perfect ring for a frost wizard to use.

Of course, it was also nice that Kangseol used it himself.

Although he didn’t have any cold-related abilities, the options of this equipment would also apply to Jamad, who absorbed Branca, and Ur, who will grow in the future.

When I changed the equipment, my dignity ability, which was 0, quickly reached 150.

[Overflowing with dignity that cannot be concealed.]

[You may become an object of admiration.]

– Oh;; Now the force is shit;;

– what? What changed? Why is it cool?

– Blurry? Teeth whitening? Brazillian waxing? Koture? What did you do? What’s changed?

– But wouldn’t you be able to recognize Koture right away?

The snowfall didn’t change much in appearance, but the felt atmosphere was different from before.

Now, something was creeping out that made him something out of the ordinary.

Snowfall confirms the title earned through this adventure.

[First title: All Things]

Related Achievements: Newly appointed (Adventure: Solemn Library)

Special Ability: Reading comprehension increases significantly and reading speed increases significantly.

A title that goes perfectly with the newly acquired ring.

[First Title: Retired]

Related Achievements: Going in Search of a Dream (Adventure: Solemn Library)

Special Ability: If the attack does not hit, 10% of the resources used are returned.

[First title: White Silver]

Related Achievements: Click Click

Special Ability: At least one key with an unknown purpose will always appear in a box of White Silver grade or higher.

All of the newly acquired titles were great options that brought a smile to my face.

No, in fact, everything I got from Mansang Library was like that.

Ur obtained the forbidden book of the Prince of Frost, Jamard absorbed the magic of the ancient shaman Branca, and Snowfall obtained powerful equipment.

He was evolving at a faster rate than any other transferor.

* * *

Time passed after the snowfall fell from the sky.

The Mansang Library disappeared from that day on.

If you were to ask whether there is weather in the ghost world, you would say that all ghosts do.

The sun rises and sets here too.

It’s just that the changes are less obvious than in the current world.

A woman looking into the distance with a gloomy expression.

It was Seolhong with the appearance of an oil painting.


Chiu came to me in the form of a wolf and sat down next to me.


When Seolhong asked Chiu, Chiu shook his head.

“Still sleeping.”

“It’s like her.”

“It’s good to be consistent, right?”

“Jinryeo sleeps a lot in the morning.”

“no! “He doesn’t sleep a lot.”


“Unlike others… Unlike Jinryeo, Kang Seol didn’t sleep well.”


“So, every time, that guy… um… should we stop?”

Seolhong was biting his lip.

Chiu, who was looking at her expression, said words of comfort.

“There must be a reason why you can’t come soon.”

“… It’s already been several weeks without any news.”

“Because there is a distance from here.”


The direction Seolhong was looking was the direction where the Mansang Library was taking root.

Mansang Library disappeared a week ago.

What happened to the snowfall inside it?

Why is there no news?

“Is Seolhong having a hard time?”

“No, I’m scared.”

“You’re scared?”



“I don’t know.”

Chiu spoke calmly with her.

“Seolhong, you have become stronger.”


“There are a lot of people around you who help you. Uh… For example, this handsome and dashing Chiu… or Jinryeo, who oversleeps over there….” “

I know.”

“There are a lot of people who recognize you, right? When you return, the people of the empire will surely welcome your return. “You have become that person now.”


“But still… are you scared?”


Seolhong moved his head.

“I received help from the time I had nothing… so suddenly it disappeared, so I feel like I went back to that time.”


“Go back to the time when I had nothing….”


Chiu hit his head on Seolhong’s thigh.


“Come to your senses! Seolhong!”

The only person in the world I could trust.

If Seolhong were to choose that kind of person, he would pick someone without a moment’s hesitation.

It’s snowfall.

Compared to before, Seolhong has achieved great growth both mentally and physically.

But now, the absence of Kang Seol was causing Seol Hong great distress.

If I had known this would happen, I would have followed him.

All addictions create unexpected events, but among them, addiction to people was the most dangerous.

Seolhong was already losing his goal.

Seolhong himself didn’t notice because his judgment was clouded, but Chiwoo who was next to him noticed it.

“Seolhong! “He promised!”

“… promise?”

“okay! “I’m coming back!”

“… ah!”

“You remembered, right?”


“Have you ever broken a promise?”

Seolhong tilted his head for a moment and then spoke.

“There wasn’t any.”

“Eh? really? Oh no… look at that! Snowfall always keeps its promises, so it will come soon. Hang in there.”

Chiu raised his head as if telling him to trust only himself. Seolhong laughed and hugged Chiwoo.

“Thank you, Chiwoo.”

“Hmm… Hmm… Are you going to feel so down if I disappear?”


“I will kill you when you come back, Snowfall.”

While they were sitting in the yard, someone came up to them.



“Do you have a lot of energy?”

“What are they doing here?”

“A little fresh air before morning meditation… But why?”

Duokshini, who had the appearance of a girl, spoke while holding her back.

“I’m back.”

“… what? Now… what?”

“I’m back. Inside, with Mr. Cha….”



Seol-hong and Chi-woo change like a flash of light and leave the place.

Duoksini looked at their backs and said.

“Tsk tsk… It’s not good to rely too much on it.”


“I guess it can’t be helped. “Because he is a trustworthy human being.”

At that time, a guest came to the nest where Xiamen was staying.

“I’m glad you’re safe.”

“It was really dangerous.”

“You take risks every time, don’t you?”

“But this time it went too far.”

“Haha… Now it only sounds like a death sentence. By the way… the atmosphere has changed a lot.”

“… Is that so?”

Xiamen nodded to the guest’s words.

“It seems that heading to all things was closer to the right answer.”

It was then.


“Hehe… hehe…”

“Hehe… hehe…”

The golden wolf and Seolhong appeared after opening the door and looked at Xiamen’s back. And then I checked the face of the customer sitting beyond it.

Seolhong’s face froze in shock.

A guest looking at Seolhong with relaxed eyes.

Snowfall is back.

Seolhong hesitates about how to talk to him due to his clearly changed mood.

“… you’re late.”

Kang Seol smiled at her awkward greeting.

“It’s a little late.”

“…I just thought something had happened.”

“Something kept happening.”

Seolhong then smiled.

“But you came back.”

Kang Seol nodded.

“Because I promised.”

Another shadow wolf blocking the upper floor, a resurrected ancient glacier shaman, and an enema that went out of control, leading to an encounter with the illusory image of the Prince of Frost.

Snowfall came back after going through all the hardships that were hard to believe.

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