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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 318

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Episode 318


I wonder how much time has passed and what happened. How far did the snow swept away by the explosion drift?

Blink… Wiggle…

Kangseol opened his eyes, struggling to lift his flaccid eyelids.

There is a lot of something in the mouth.


Snow and ice sculptures.

“… eye?”

Kang Seol straightened his upper body and looked around.

What I can touch is cold snow.

All you can see is a snowy field.

The snowy field stretched endlessly beyond the horizon.

‘Is he dead?’

Snowfall that leaves you dazed for a moment.

‘No, that can’t be possible.’

Although he could not prevent the explosion of the boundary stone, he was not caught up in the force and lost his life.

Of course, that was only possible because it was Kang-seol himself, and it did not apply to Chi-woo or Seol-hong.

‘Someone is coming.’



Someone approached me, stepping on the snow.

I expected that what I would encounter in a secluded snowy field like this would be at most wild beasts or demonic beasts, but to my surprise, it was people.

The first thing that caught my eye was a bright red nose and round eyes, and he was wearing protective glasses that looked like goggles.

“Hey are you okay?”

Fortunately, it didn’t seem like a robbery.

‘Where did it bounce off?’

It was unlikely, but if he was close to Khan, it might be possible to return to Seolhong quickly.

“Did I tell you? “You didn’t see it wrong!”

“Sorry sorry. Still, isn’t it weirder to believe that you can meet people in this snowy field?”

“That’s… right.”

A woman with blue eyes approached.

Likewise, my nose was bright red.

“Hey, aren’t you cold?”

“Uh… yes.”

“That’s amazing… but do you have a high cold resistance level? “What’s the secret?”


“Oh, isn’t it transference?”

The other person seemed to be a former person.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to reveal elements of kinship, so Kang Seol revealed his identity.

“It’s transfer interest. “It’s snowing.”

“Ah, name. “Is your name… Korean?”

“you are?”




A man takes down his mask and smiles.

The beard that clung to his chin like steam was impressive.

“Ishii! You can call me Ishii. Ugh… it’s cold… my tongue is freezing.”


“I am Yeba. I used to live in Russia… “I want to ask you something.”

They were covered in thick fur clothes and were talking to each other.

“I asked you to ask quickly… before it gets awkward…”

“No, that… can’t you just ask?”

They scratched their heads for a moment and then asked Kang Seol.

“Well… we haven’t been able to properly feed ourselves for a few days… do you have anything to eat?”

Snowfall encountered a new relationship in the pure white snow field.


“Really? thank god!”

* * *

Distributing food wasn’t difficult. No, the easiest way to increase your cooking skill is to serve great food to hungry people, so it would be nice to cook it yourself.

“If you go straight this way, you’ll find an outpost.”

“How far is it in terms of distance?”

“Um… I don’t know that much. It’s rare for us to come to the place where we found you. “Speak easier than that.”

“Okay, Ishii. But… an outpost?”

When Kangseol asked, Yeba scolded Ishii.

“Don’t call it an outpost. Just in case, expect something plausible.”

“is it? Over there… if you go that way, you’ll find a trashy cave where you can avoid your eyes. “There are a lot of bugs, so if you happen to vomit, please tell me first.”

The former is Ishii and Yeba.

Where on earth are these people and snowfall?

Looking at the snowy fields, there was one place that came to mind…

‘I guess it’s the north.’

It would be much further north than Cannes.

Just considering the distance traveled made me sigh.

“But where is this?”

“You came here without even knowing where it was? “Did you just metastasize?”

“No, the transfer happened a long time ago.”

“Uhm… me again. Here…”

“Let’s go to the outpost and talk. No….”

“Not the outpost. “Dumpster.”

“okay. Anyway, let’s go to the garbage dump and take a rest and talk. If I open my mouth right now, it feels like cold air is coming in and my organs are freezing. But is there really anything worth eating?”


As Snowfall nodded, Ishii clutched his stomach.

“Haaah… I’m glad. “I was worried because supplies were cut off and we couldn’t catch anything worth hunting.”

“Something edible?”

“The monsters here have a very strong fishy smell. Uh…how should I explain it?”

“I feel like I’m going to pass out just by smelling it. “I tried to put it in my mouth, but it felt like stuffing Ishii’s socks, so I immediately poured it all out.”

“hey! “My feet don’t smell!”

“Anyway, I went.”

I’m starting to become more and more convinced that this is the North. The North is notorious for being barren, and if you end up here in the early stages of training a horse, you will have really difficult days.

After walking for a long time, the group finally arrived at the outpost, or commonly known as the garbage dump.


“See, I said you’d be disappointed, right?”

“There really is nothing.”

An artificial winter shield to block cold winds.

When I went inside, all I could see was a flimsy bed and traces of a fire.

Ishii and Yeba took off their masks.

Both had handsome features.

Ishii had curly hair that just reached his shoulders, and Yeba had hair that went just over her shoulders.


I took the bottle that Yeba had left by the bedside and opened it.

“Do you want a drink?”


“Oh, it’s cold, isn’t it? “This is the best for honest conversation.”

“I’m okay.”

To begin with, Snowfall didn’t feel very cold right now.

It was a snowfall that rivaled even Branca, the angler of the ancient glacier, so this level of cold was nothing.

“Not if you don’t want to drink something.”

Yeba shrugged and took a gulp of the bottled liquor, and Ishii did the same.


“Ugh… good.”

Ishii asked, scratching his beard.

“Uh… I mean, I asked where this place was, right?”


“Hey, go away.”

When Yeba hiccuped, Ishii fought her off.

“Yeva has a bad drinking habit, so getting drunk like that and falling asleep would be helpful. “It’s hard to bear the cold at night.”


“First, let’s finish what we were talking about earlier. “How did you end up here?”

“I don’t even know where this is…”


Snowfall’s eyes sparkled.


And he tilted his head.

‘I don’t think there are many parts that match the topography of Hygeltongue…’

As expected, Ishii smiled and continued the story.

“It’s a federal outpost close to….”

“Are you part of the Northern Federation?”

“Oh you know the Northern Confederacy? “Has it spread here?”

“That’s not true… I heard a rumor.”

As predicted, this was the northern part.

‘You scolded me… The distance from Khan must have been enormous.’

Well, you just have to go back at any time. Since we had not yet regained our oil painting status, it was right to focus on returning to Cannes.

‘Anyway… has the Federation expanded its influence to the vicinity of Hygeltongue?’

To be exact, it may be the result of only extending the border while leaving the infrastructure intact, but whatever.

There is a federation in the northern part of Pandea.

Several countries united into one community, and according to information obtained, they quickly absorbed the transferees and increased their power.

Perhaps Ishii and Yeba were also part of the group that was absorbed into the force.

“It would be easier to talk if you knew about the Federation. “Do you know who lives in Hygeltongue?”

“…ice moles and trolls.”

“oh! I know. But ice mole is just another name, here we call it Emon.”


“Yes, Eemon, whose power is growing rapidly, and the fallen Glacier Maw live in Hygeltongue.”

“Then are you the Federation’s watchdog on guard against them?”

Yeva, who had been dozing off drunk for a while, suddenly got up and answered.

“It’s so cool!” It’s Yanbang’s Diandiando….”


Ishii, who was looking at Yeba with a very twisted tongue with an expressionless face, applied an unusual energy.


The foul smell of alcohol passed my nose for a moment.

‘This power… divine power?’

When Kangseol looked at Ishii’s hand for a moment, Ishii burst out laughing.

“Oh, there’s nothing like a hangover.”

Yeva frowned.

“hey! “I told you not to waste your precious alcohol on your own!”

“Then don’t drink alcohol or anything.”

“…Did I stutter by any chance? “How many words did you say?”

“huh. one word.”

“Well done then…”

she said as she came over and flopped down.

“What have you got to hide? The quote comes out exactly, so what? That’s right, we are Emon and Glacier Maw. The federal government is on alert for their activities. “It is our job to watch over the evil creatures living together in Hygeltongue.”

“I’m sorry about what I said… Can’t we eat and talk first?”

“Oh yeah. “We were a bit starving…”

“Are supplies delayed?”

“Usually they send it quickly, but they said they were attacked on the way there. The guard team also took a big hit… so they received wild orders to survive on their own for now.”

Snowfall pointed to the freeze-dried animal flesh on one side.

“… But what about that?”

Freeze-dried thigh meat was visible.

“Yangusni’s meat. “I happened to catch that guy during a recent hunt.”

“You can’t eat it?”

“Do you want to smell it?”

“Hey, what are you going to do if you throw up…”

“Well, it’s better to experience it firsthand.”

Kang Seol followed their suggestion and put his nose to Yangusuni’s meat.

There was strength between my eyebrows.

“How awesome is that?”

“It’s meat, right? “Isn’t it rotten?”

“It’s not a smell, it’s a bad smell hahaha!”

“Okay, I’ll make something delicious with that.”

“ha ha ha! … what?”

“…Are you kidding me?”


Snowfall opened the winter curtain for ventilation and welcomed the cold wind.

Chick… Chick…


A bonfire burning soon.

“Hey… does it catch fire easily?”

“What is that?”

Snowfall’s cooking utensils were basically of the great category. The best fire-making tools were also always carried.

He quickly made cooking utensils to fix on the campfire and cut the Yangusuni meat he had seen earlier into bite-sized pieces on a cutting board.


“Are you good at sharpening a knife?”

Kangseol smiled and spread the seasoning she had prepared on Yangusuni’s meat.

Originally, it would have been aged, but because of its unique scent, it was immediately thrown into the pot.


“Oooh… the smell…”

The rotten me vibrated.

Kang Seol was frying meat and throwing in a lot of ingredients to control the smell.

Among them, there were some that were classified as poisonous plants.


“Huh? A little better….”


When special alcohol that had been previously purified to Hwaryongjeong was added, the foul smell disappeared along with the flames.


It even seemed to smell good now.

The subsequent cooking process simply involves scooping up snow from outside and boiling meat and vegetables with it.


Saliva flowed from Ishii and Yeba’s mouths as an unbearable smell emanated from the pot.

“Isn’t it ripe? Ripe… I guess it’s ripe? Ripe! “It’s ripe!”

“sympathy! I agree! “I highly applaud Russia’s opinion!”

“Japan also agreed! hurry!”

[The dish is complete.]

[Yangusuni Jjagul is complete.]

[The flavor is overflowing. The cooking was successful.]

[This is a new recipe that has never been seen before.]

[I am inspired by polar recipes.]

[Inspiration awakens.] [

Recipes seem to come to mind when I encounter new ingredients.] [

My cooking skills have improved significantly . [It rattles.]


A meal divided into bowls.

“Is it Korean?”

“Try it.”

“I’m not good at eating spicy food…”

Yeva ate her food, tucking her hair past her ears.

“… Russia sleeps here. “The Kremlin palace flashes before my eyes.”

“Wow… that bad smell is all gone. How can this be….”

[Cooking skills increase further.]


“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… good.”

– For some reason, both of them reacted a bit haha

– It’s Korean?

When Kang Seol asked about this, Ishii and Yeba said.

“Oh, there was a Korean guy I hung out with before I came here. Although I was transferred to another location and was left behind. “I imitated the way he ate to make fun of me, and it became a habit.”

“What about the Federation?”

“You wouldn’t know it if you saw it? Throwing it away in a foreign place and trying to survive on its own… I miss the Earth a little.”

“Cancer… Cancer… We realized too late the importance of the global village. We were all one family…”

“… But I don’t want to live with Ishii. “Ishii, your breath smells so bad this morning.”

“Yeva farted so loudly that the Emons in Hygeltongue dug their heads into the ground and thought it was an earthquake.”

“hey! kill!”

“Who did it first?”

Eating well and fighting is probably common to all countries.

Now that they had some free time, they patted their stomachs and said,

“Ah… I ate too much.”

“I’m feeling sleepy. Thank you, Snowfall. “But I barely heard anything about you?”

Snowfall answered Ishii’s question before looking at the rewards she had obtained before the transfer.

“I came from the East.”

“… where?”


“Hey… I had no idea! “Then, did you see that?”


“Yacha Daejeon. I heard that Khan was shaking because of a fearsome monster. “Is that true?”


Kang Seol was speechless.

My chest started tingling again.

“Yeah… maybe.”

“That’s amazing. I heard a lot of people died? … But half a year has passed, so it must be okay now.”

Kang Seol’s expression hardened.

“… what?”

“huh? what?”

“What did you just say…”

“A lot of people died?”


“Did you say it’s been half a year?”


“Well, the Yacha War was half a year ago, right? is not it? “Was it 7 months ago?”

A battle with Yasha.

After that, Snowfall was asleep for over half a year.

[The long journey was not completed.]

[The unexpected adventure ‘Where Blood Freezes’ occurs.]

[This adventure is very dangerous.]

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