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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 320

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Episode 320:

7 months after the Yasha War took place.

Most of the ghosts that came through the hole in the compartment returned to their original ghost world or were exterminated by the central army.

How the ground hardens after rain.

The people of the empire who witnessed the Battle of Yasha with their own eyes remembered several dragons who fought without sparing their lives in the Battle of Yasha.

Naturally, Taeyul, Shinyo, and Seolhong were included here.

Although there were likes and dislikes about Taeyul’s rational attitude during the Yasha War, there was no one who denied that it was because of him that the Yasha War ended without further damage.

Shinyo played an active part in the Yacha War with Jangdu. However, perhaps because of her lack of warmth and behavior, the people defined her as unapproachable.

And Seolhong.

“Seolhong! “Please look here!”

“Oh, it smells good.”

“yes! Bread has arrived! Here you go!”

A citizen of the empire hastily handing over bread wrapped in paper.

Seolhong accepted it with a smile.

One of her guards tried to dissuade her.

“Seolhong, I don’t know if the food is…”


While I was talking, Seolhong was already biting into a piece of bread.

“Seo Seolhong!”


People surrounded her wherever she passed.

What is unique is that their clothes are very different.

Some people were wearing golden silk with scattered decorations, while others were wearing clothes that were frayed and the gaps between the layers were widening.

Both the poor and the rich loved her.

I loved not only her accomplishments, but also the story behind the path she took to get there.

From underground to clouds.

Seolhong’s story was fascinating.

I don’t know what the internal evaluation of the Dragon Palace was like, but the people of the empire’s love for Seolhong gradually grew.



The horse Seolhong rode entered the palace.

She soon got off the horse and handed the reins to her servant.



The servant disappears with the horse.

Eventually, only Chi-woo and Seol-hong remained.




“… Oh, I was thinking about something else for a moment.”

Seolhong was taller than before.

Although it was nothing compared to the oil painting she did when she was alive, she was gradually starting to resemble her.

The body showed growth like this.

It’s easy to understand the progress of ‘I’m growing this much’ in detail.

But my heart wasn’t like that.

Rather than growing, my heart felt like it was shrinking.

“What’s the news?”

“…Not yet.”

“… I see, I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer.”

Chiwoo frowned.

It’s already been 7 months.

It is about time when seasons pass by and seasons pass by.

The snowfall has disappeared somewhere and cannot be found.

“Wouldn’t it be better… to stop?”

“What are you talking about?”


He said while eating the sound of cleaning up.

“It wouldn’t be strange if he died…”

Jinryeo yawned and came over to sit next to Seolhong. She said, leaning against the window.

“Seolhong, do you see those dark clouds?”

“Dark clouds?”

“Your dark cloud. It seems like it rains too often these days. Just like a big snake trying to become a dragon.”

“… I know.”

Jinryeo looked at the dark clouds reflected in the window and continued talking.

“I am from the north. I didn’t know much about the culture or the people here. Whenever Taeyul had free time, he talked about various things as if he were talking to a child. “Looking at those dark clouds reminds me of the legend I told you back then.”

“Legend? “What legend?”

“There is a legend that Dragon Emperor Hongcheon was originally a salmon, but he could not stand Hwageumu’s evil behavior and went up the river and became a dragon himself. It’s funny, right? “How can a salmon, not a snake, become a dragon?”

“Because Khan considers salmon sacred. So salmon often appears in legends… but I didn’t know there was such a legend.”

“Maybe… maybe…”

Jinryeo looked at Seolhong and said this.

“Isn’t Kangseol a salmon?”


“yes! The Dragon of Socheon mentioned salmon. Salmon comes back! “The one who will return… is it probably him?”

Seolhong continued thinking for a moment and then smiled.

“I hope what you say is true.”

* * *

At that time, Snowfall was chasing the beings that took Ishii and Yeba.

[Jammard uses the Ancient Glacier Spell: Yeti’s Guidance.]

[Can only be used in snowy terrain.]

[Accurately traces the traces of beings that passed through the snow.]

“It passed this way.”

– These footprints…

“They are definitely not human…”

From the beginning, the direction was set toward Hygeltongue.

The residents of Hygeltongue are largely divided into two categories.

Eamon the Ice Mole and the Fallen Glaciermaw Troll.

In this case…

“It’s a glacier maw.”

– Because Eemons wander underground.

“Why? “If it had been a conflict, Isi and Yeva would have been killed right away, so why did they take the humans?”

It was impossible to know without meeting them directly.

Kang Seol couldn’t help but laugh because she was playing the role of a babysitter who wasn’t even there.

‘But sometimes it’s good to have something like this.’

Dongbang couldn’t let go of the tension because so many serious things happened one after another. Perhaps it was because snowfall appeared just in time for Khan’s crisis.

Although Kang Seol missed that tension, she also enjoyed a moment of freedom.

In fact, the snowfall that chased the glacier maw all the way to Hugeltongue, humming along, was strange.

“Wait a minute…”

Snowfall frowned as she followed the glacier spell.

“It’s not in the direction of the snow mountain, is it?”

Clearly, the Glacier Maw were beings that ruled in the polar regions, using the snowy mountains of Hygeltongue as their base. Even if their power fell to the ground, this wouldn’t have changed…

“… Could it be Emon?”

– Has the fortress been taken over by a mole?

Jamard also laughed.

It may have been an illusion on the part of Snow and Jamard, but if it was not an illusion and the Glacier Maw had really lost the Snowy Mountain fortress to Emon, that alone could have guessed the situation of the war.

Of course, even if that were the case, it did not have a very smooth connection with the current situation.

They unexpectedly attacked the federal security guard and kidnapped the relevant personnel. For what reason?

Snowfall twitched her eyebrows and looked in the direction they had disappeared into.

“Look at this?”

– Snowfall.

Snow picked up speed and started chasing deep into the Hugeltongue.

[You have taken the hot breath potion.]

[Cold resistance increases significantly.]

[Body temperature does not drop easily.]

“… Huh?”

– Are you planning to intervene? In the fight between Eemon and the Glacial Maw.

Snowfall scratched her chin.


– The fight between Eemon and the Glacial Maw is old. Now that the current situation has solidified… it won’t be easy to turn it over.

“… Let’s wait and see for now. “There is no reason to intervene yet.”

– Okay, let’s focus on the chase for now.

The chase didn’t last that long.

If the glacier maws had headed to the snowy mountains, they should have headed to the pole of the poles, but they stopped in a completely unexpected place.


Finally, the trail of the glacier maw stopped.

The snowfall followed them and quickly seeped into the poorly constructed fortress.

* * *

“It’s because of you.”

“No, it’s because of you.”

Ishii and Yeba were imprisoned in a place blocked by cold iron bars.

Still, the glacier angler seemed to have no human head at all, so I gave it a blanket to cover it.

“Ugh… It’s cold… Hygeltongg… It’s cold…”

“What if supplies arrive while we’re away?”

Ishii growled in response to Yeba’s question.

“Do you want to talk nonsense? Is supply a problem now? “They say trolls eat people!”

“… really? “I don’t even have much weight!”

“Is that really true?”

“Do you really have to ask? “So you don’t have a girlfriend.”


Ishii looked at Yeba intently.

The beard looked particularly greasy today. Yeva asked reluctantly.

“Why why!”

“Actually… there was something I wanted to say the whole time.”

“hey! What if I say it in a place like this….”

“…Shouldn’t I?”

“I want you to talk about it! “Because I’m ready.”

“Your cigarettes were missing from the last supply. “I took care of it.”

“Our relationship… what? “What a bastard!”

“Still, I shared it out of conscience.”

“You crazy bastard, you showed off with my cigarette! I… I thought you were a loyal guy without even knowing that…”

Yeba cursed Ishii.

“Get eaten by trolls, you damn bastard.”

“If I get eaten, you get eaten too.”

“… I guess so? Then cancel.”


Their sighs became a breath that lingered around the fortress.

Ishii asked.

“Why did you bring us here?”

“It’s so… I don’t understand why you took care of it so well without killing it.”

“What did the feds say to do in a situation like this?”

“Survive on your own! “Wouldn’t you have said that?”

“Hehehe… It’s like a federation. … You bastards.”

Yeva thought deeply and said.

“Did he escape well?”

“who? Ah, Korean….”

“I mean snowfall.”

“I didn’t know, so I would have either run away or frozen to death.”

“What do you think about hoping for a situation where you might rescue us?”

“Judging from a Japanese perspective, I think it’s a very trashy idea.”

“It’s universal, after all. “Russia just thought the same thing.”



Yeva muttered, leaning against the wall in her restrained state.

“I heard Koreans are very affectionate….”

“It’s worth trying kimchi, although it’s not for me.”

“Wouldn’t you be able to see someone who is in trouble?”

“The safety rate is also high.”

“You idiot, what does this have to do with the security rate?”

“If someone comes in here just because they have a lot of affection, is that a person? Anyway, I was thinking about it….”


A Glacialmaw troll approached and shouted.

“Oh, okay! I’ll be quiet…”

“Huh? Huh? “These bastards are opening the door?”

“no! I don’t want to die! I’m not going! “I don’t want to go!”

While they were trapped, they were led somewhere by the Glaciermaw Troll.


wow! Kak!

“What do you mean… damn….”

“Your breath smells really bad. Ishii, I think it’s worse than you.”

“Hey, comparing in the first place was wrong. “Quickly fart and take down the fortress.”

“This bastard… that’s not me.”

“If it’s not me, there’s only you, so what…”

Kwaak! Kaaaaagh!

“I’m sorry, I’ll be quiet. yes?”

“Do you understand….”



Yerba and Ishii were thrown into a space with a bloody atmosphere.

In front, there was a troll sitting on a huge chair and a shaman who appeared to be his minion.

“Damn it… there was a reason why I brought you here.”

“Is it being offered?”



As the troll said something, the shaman stepped forward.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu of…

The shaman holding the crystal ball muttered and placed his hand on Ishii and Yeba’s heads.

“Ahh! “I don’t want to die!”

“don’t do it!”


said the troll shaman.

“Be solemn, human being.”

“uh? This human’s words…”

“It’s an interpretation spell! You’re trying to listen to us! … why?”

Ishii and Yeba’s faces distorted.

asked the troll sitting on the chair.

“Human, I would like to ask you a few questions.”

“As much as you want! “If I answer well, they’ll let me live?”

The troll’s question was different from what Ishii and Yeva expected.

“If emons overflow from Hygeltongue, how will humans respond?”

“what? “That’s right…”

Yeba and Ishii steadily answer.

But the more I answered, the more I realized that I couldn’t give a positive answer.

“… Are you planning to leave Hygeltongue?”

“Nothing to know. Next…” As expected

, the same goes for the continued questions.

The shaman said to the troll who was asking the question.

“Anyway… I don’t think all the troops will be able to escape Hygeltongue without Emon’s border.”

“It’s the end….”

“I will stay.”

“… you?”

“yes. To buy time, Burtul must at least leave Hygeltongue as soon as possible. For the next era of Glacial Maw that will come someday….”

A troll named Burtul chuckled.

“The next era of Glacier Maw… That’s good to hear. But that won’t happen.”


“If I run away like this, where will I go? The glacier maw fights. “If we fight, it’s with all our might.”


Burtul stood up and said.

“If you decide to fight, don’t turn your back! “This is all I learned from my father.”

“… Let’s come up with a plan.”

“Yes… that should be it…”

Burtul looked at Yeva and Ishii for a moment and then closed his eyes.

“I don’t have the strength for the coming fight. “Kill him.”

“what? Now wait a minute…”

“No… I don’t want to die…”

The shaman nodded.


Glacier magic hovered in the shaman’s hand.

“It won’t be painful, humans.”




The crystallized wind flew towards Yeba like a cold wind blowing.


Ishii jumped like a fish and blocked Yeba’s path.


“… huh?”

Ishii, who had been waiting for death with his eyes closed, opened his eyes slightly. No matter how long I waited, the pain did not come.


A black shape hovered before Yeba and Ishii’s eyes. And in the hand of that black figure was held the glacier spell that the shaman had just cast.

“To be impatient….”

“What! Guard!”

Ishii and Yeba recognized the dark figure just from the voice.

It was snowing.

“I said Koreans are very affectionate, right?”

“Ugh… Snowfall… Please save us…”

Snowfall looked at Yeba and Ishii, who were covered in tears and snot, for a moment, then turned her gaze to Burtul and said.

“… What are you?”

“Inhabitants of the Global Village.”


“Let’s talk.”

“be not interested in.”

A smiling snowfall.

“Well… I guess I should be interested?”

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