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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 330

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Episode 330

[Ancient Glacier Spell: Midwinter is used.]

[The amount of ice gained from the ability increases.]

A chilling wind blew.

“How can you be the author!”

“A human uses the power of a heroic spirit!”

Everyone except Bronn was surprised when the Raven used an ancient glacial spell.

“What? “How could that guy…”

Bronn smiled awkwardly at Skola’s question.

“This and that happened. By the way….”

[Ancient Glacier Spell: Uses the Perennial Snow.]

[Each time the Glacier Spell is used, the Permanent Snow accumulates.]


“It’s really the same as Branca.”



Chrome lost the chain that was wrapped around him.

If there had been even a little delay, the magic power would have flowed back and he would have been swept away by the encroachment instead.

“Don’t be puffed up!”


Another chain appeared.

[Chrome uses magic encroachment.]

[Blocks the magic of the connected target.]

Chrom quickly swung his staff and sent a chain towards the raven.




A raven that easily throws away the chains.


But not all the chains could be removed.

“Giggle! “You got caught!”

Chrome thought that Snowfall was in danger, but that wasn’t the case.

‘I need to check more before I run into Irizard.’

If the power that Chrom wields now is Irizard’s power, learning more about it will be of great help in the fight against Irizard.

Therefore, Kang-seol buys time by deliberately giving one arm to the chain.

– Hmm… Is this the power of Irizard?

‘I think I can use the power of ice because of that guy.’

– Same idea. If it were Irizard, Branca’s power would also be blocked.

If he had been dealing with Irizard instead of the inferior Chrome, he might not have been able to use any spells.




An ice awl flew in, aiming for a night crow.


At that moment, an ice wall was formed blocking Snowfall’s path, preventing Awl from breaking through.


Kang Seol was still able to use Branca’s magic. It was also possible to use this power to subdue Chrome.

‘You can’t do that. ‘I need to find some more information.’

So, even though I could easily overpower my opponent, I grunted and used my magic power.




– …I get the idea.

In the meantime, Jamard sent good news.

– In times like these, the sources you have secured are definitely helpful.

‘What are you talking about?’

– Rotating snowfall. Spin it before the source freezes.


– … Do it yourself.



Jamard recognized the existence of the source more clearly than Kangseol. Because of this, we were able to cope with encroachment more skillfully.


In an instant, the source power spread to every corner of my body as if a blocked blood vessel was unclogged.

A tingling sensation came as if blood flow was returning to my body, which had not been able to circulate.

‘This was it.’

– This is definitely the power that eats up the shaman.

The power of Genshin, which the shaman cannot help but be defeated without even trying. If he hadn’t experienced the encroachment in his fight with Chrome in advance, he might have been helplessly defeated by Irizard.

“stop! “Stop fighting!”

Jakcha sensed something strange and shouted, but no one responded. In particular, Bram was watching the fight with a serious expression.

‘It’s not over yet.’

“Kiik! Where is this too…”


When Chrome tried to use the crystal ball to manipulate him, Kangseol couldn’t hold back any longer and rushed towards him.


‘… uh? It was originally this fast…’

Then an unexpected situation occurred.

It arrived right in front of Chrome at a much faster speed than expected.


The raven’s fist flew right in front of Chrom’s face.


The speed was so fast that even the snowfall was embarrassing. He quickly withdrew his strength when he saw Zakcha jumping towards him.

And instead, he acted to achieve his original goal.

[Temperament: Shadow Stealing activates.]





Before I knew it, General Zakcha had drawn his sword and was blocking Chrome’s front.

“I would have told you to stop…”

“Oh, that’s right. “I didn’t mean to kill you.”

The snow fell far behind without notice.

‘Jamade… you felt it too, right?’

– Yes, I never thought something like this would be possible.

Rotation of the source.

Obviously, that allowed him to make movements that were different from usual.

I feel like something is tickling.

I felt this way once before.

‘No way…’

It was similar to the tingly feeling Karen felt when she climbed over the wall while fighting the Yaksha.

‘Yeah… maybe.’

I didn’t know if this could be a clue to the next staircase.

While Kangseol was summarizing his enlightenment, Jakcha turned around and spoke to Bram.

“Bram, I don’t think this method is appropriate.”



Bram ignored Zakcha’s words for a moment, but when he shouted again, he approached him.



“Okay… looking for something suitable… what can you find?”



Bram’s size was so huge that it couldn’t even be compared to Zakcha.

“huh? “Tell me.”

“…Are you sane?”

“Tsk… are you out of your mind?”


Bram grabs Zakcha’s collar and pulls her up.

Jakcha looked calm even though his feet were off the ground.

“When did this Bram seem sane?”

“… Negotiations have collapsed. You’re kicking away Irizard’s grace. “I will definitely regret this.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”


Zakcha shakes off Bram, flaps his cape, and retreats.

“Going back!”



Chrome, who came to his senses, pointed his staff at Snowfall and shouted.

“Let’s wait and see, I’ll make sure you die a terrible death!”

“Okay, okay.”


As the moles hurriedly retreated, Bram approached Kangseol this time.




“I won?”

“That power…”

As ferocity flickered in Bram’s eyes, Bron quickly stepped forward.

“Brother, since the uninvited guest is gone, may we continue our conversation?”

“… Come to me when the sun sets.”




As Bram left the place with his warriors, Bronn approached Snowfall.

“Lucky for us. “I got a little taste of Irizard’s power.”

“It was encroachment… it was dangerous.”

“Hehehe… So, how do you feel about dealing with Genshin’s power, even indirectly?”

Kang Seol took out a crystal ball with a white bird engraved on it and laughed.

“It might be worth a try.”

[Successful in stealing the special item.]

[Special achievement ‘It’s a thief!’ Achieve.]

[Obtain the special title “Phantom Thief.”]

* * *

Before the sun sets, the party is assigned a tent that is too embarrassing to call a lodging.

Snowfall was assigned a place next to Yeba and Ishii’s tent.

There is quite a bit of time left before evening.


Snowfall, looking at the bluish crystal, confirmed the information on the crystal.

[Mysterious: Crystal of Dawn]

Class: Wonder

Appropriate level: None

Weight: 0.1kg

A crystal created by a legendary wizard.

After the wizard disappeared, his whereabouts were unknown for a while, but he appeared again in the world.

Special ability: Emits frigid power.

A very simple phrase.

As soon as Kang Seol held the crystal in her hand, she trembled at the huge energy she felt.

– I can feel it! I can feel it! It’s the power of Azran!

Even though no one called, I personally completed the verification of authenticity.

During the battle, Snowfall used Branca’s power to create ice that looked exactly like crystal. That was his intention from the beginning, but he pushed Chrome to swap the dawn crystal with ice that looked exactly like it.

‘I thought it would work… but it did.’

Zakcha intervened in a timely manner and Chrome did not notice this until he left.

Although the snowfall was taken with great effort, it has not yet been decided how to use it.

‘Even if I forge it and use it as a weapon, I have sorrow…’

Karen Jamad Karuna.

They all had decent weapons, and even if you made a weapon using crystals, there was no guarantee that it would produce better results than these weapons.

Because they were compatible with ice-related powers, Jammad, who could use ice magic, and Ur, who had the frozen truth, were suitable. However, Jamard’s main force was the power of the earth, and Ur could not wear equipment.

‘Give up making it with equipment. Then…’

He frowned.

“It means you have to swallow it…”

In fact, the way Azran used the Dawn Crystal was also like this.

He swallowed the crystal to strengthen his magic.

Of course, the crystal is larger than the throat, so it must have been melted with magical power.

“If you swallow it… who?”

Who will swallow it?

It was believed that Ur should naturally swallow the snowfall. He was also the one who inherited Azran’s power.

However, there was a reason why this was avoided.

‘I wonder what kind of trouble will happen again…’

Kang Seol once suffered from trouble due to the Yeongsaeng pills he took when he left the south a long time ago.

The relics left behind by the legendary 10 possessed extraordinary power, so even if it were snowfall, using that power without any problem was something that could only be dreamed of.

‘What if Ur swallows the crystal and comes back three years later?’

It was inevitable that such a terrible situation would keep lingering in my mind. Because I had a similar experience once.

– There is a way.

Ur presented a solution to Kangseol.

– It’s risky for me to swallow it and useless for you to swallow it?


– Then he can swallow it.


A number of clones were created in front of Kangseol.

A shape that looks exactly like him.


– Tsk tsk… It’s a simple idea.

The least risky action.

In fact, Ur was the summon that used all of Snowfall’s clones most efficiently.

Kang Seol hesitated for a moment and then moved all his clones.

All clones took the crystal into their mouths.


The crystal broke into pieces, turned into powder, and was sucked into the mouths of all clones.



[All the clones swallow the crystal of dawn.]

[Frozen by an unbearable force.]

Blah blah blah blah…

All the clones are frozen like frozen people. Kang Seol frowned.

“Is it a failure?”

– That’s not possible. Send him back. I’ll research how to use it.



Kangseol controls all the clones and sends them through the gate of nothingness. In fact, it was as if I had already reaped the rewards of this adventure.

After a while.

“Let’s go together.”


Snowfall headed to Bram’s residence with Bron and Burtul.

And I received an unexpected answer.

“Go back, Bron. “The frost demons cannot be together.”

“… what? “What now…”

“Say it again. Frostmaw… cannot be with you.”


It was a shocking answer.

‘Did Frostgwart have no intention of getting involved in this war in the first place?’

There is something unsettling about thinking that way.

Snowfall quietly observed the atmosphere.

“Is that so? Me, the one who banished you…”

“No, it’s not because of that. We…”

“You’re shameless, Bram.”


“After you brought pain to my mother with those hands…”

“Brutul! Don’t step forward! This…”

“You deserved to be exiled! That day… that day we…”

Kangseol raised one eyebrow.

“I trusted you…”

Bram responded to Burtul’s words.

That too violently.

“It’s just as they say… We have committed an irreparable sin, and it is a sin that cannot be forgiven.”

“then! “Isn’t it our calling to atone?”

Burtul smiled faintly.

“… I couldn’t escape.”


“The curse of the spirits… made it impossible for us to escape our bondage. “We…were still hungry.”


Kang Seol and Jamard seemed to know roughly how the situation was going.

‘Did he kill his own people out of bloodthirstiness? … That’s why I was expelled.’

– This is a common occurrence, but it often happens when a troll cannot escape the blood curse. However, the Frost Demon may have been greedy for too much power.

Snowfall shakes her head at Jamard’s whisper.

“… That can’t be possible. Didn’t they say there was definitely a way! “You asked me to give you time!”

Secrets are revealed as the story progresses.

It seemed like the banishment of Frostghost had already been discussed between Bronn and Bram.

“… Wrong. After Branca died, there was no shaman who could appease the spirits. They all died from the curse of the heroic spirits while attending a memorial service. Now…”

“Branca… Branca… Is it you again? “What the heck…”

At that time, Bronn muttered as if he realized something.

“Branca… Branca….”

And then poof! He turned his head and looked at Snowfall.


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