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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 340

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Episode 340

Adventure 33-(Special) ‘Forest No One Visits’

You were traveling south through the cold forest northeast of Pandea.

The person who approached you was a fairy woman whose name you did not know. The things we find out about her are very little things.

The story is that she is being chased by someone, with her life contained in a red prison.

She asked you for a favor. He wants you to help him shake off the pursuer’s pursuit.

An ominous sense of fate made you want to refuse her request, but the reward she promised kept you going.

It’s already too late to back out.

For her sake, we must give up the chase.

To do so, it would be best to head to the Forest of the Sleeping Ones.

Goal: Stop pursuit toward an unidentified woman.

CAUTION This adventure is very dangerous.

Please note that situations in this adventure change from moment to moment.

Current remaining time 「Unknown」


When Snowfall snapped her fingers, Coco’s new form moved as if it were flying and bit the other wolf.




‘…did you avoid it?’


Coco had one of the wolf’s torn off paws still in her mouth, and the attacked wolf was lying on the floor in pain.



An unexpectedly cruel scene was depicted, but Snowfall’s mood was not good.

‘It was an attack aimed at the neck, but how did you avoid it?’

It was something that could have happened if the opponent was a high-level magician.

But it shouldn’t have happened now.

Looking at the pack of wolves, they were wild animals that were everywhere. These guys live like hell in order not to invade the territory of demonic beasts.

However, it was ominous that such beings were at best able to avoid Coco’s attack even if it was only inexperienced.

‘Something is strange…’

Their blackened fur and red eyes were also annoying. It felt like it was contaminated with something.

Of course… that didn’t mean that the situation would turn around or that the future outcome would change.



Coco and Kukuru scattered at the same time and crushed the wolf pack.


He hit one guy’s head with his front paw and broke his neck.


larynx patter…

I scratched my stomach and made all the internal organs spill out.


Whoa whoa…

Snowfall stood still and observed the wolves’ last struggling movements. Other than that, there seemed to be no special issues, so it seemed like it would be sorted out soon.



Soon Coco and Kukuru, covered in black blood, returned.

The fairy didn’t help him even once.

The person in charge of escorting was Kang Seol, and it wasn’t a particularly difficult opponent, so it didn’t really matter, but it could have been helpful in the process of finding out what kind of person the woman was, but it was a shame.

Snowfall turned her eyes and observed the wolf carcasses.

‘Black blood… and all the internal organs are rotten.’

It’s incongruous.

With her hands wrapped in magical power, Snowfall was tearing through the wolf’s carcass.

The squishy sensation was extremely unpleasant, but I thought there was more to it.

‘… found!’


He took out a piece of stone of an unusual shape that was stuck near the heart of the wolf carcass.


[Intermediate insight is activated.]

[It is a substance that causes corruption.]


Kang Seol’s expression became serious.

It was after the word corruption appeared.

‘Was this related to corruption?’


It was a device that appeared throughout Pandea.

The power to pollute the very source of an object and turn it into an unclean being. That said, it was difficult to see it as all bad.

In fact, some classes used corruption to become stronger, and related equipment also appeared.

Kangseol In my personal evaluation, I judged that all of those jobs were flawed, as if a screw was missing one by one, but anyway.

‘It must be a bit of a pain in the ass.’

When such corruption appeared in an adventure, one had to brace oneself. When dealing with a skilled necromancer, it feels as if the opponent’s power is not decreasing, but when dealing with corruption, it feels as if the opponent’s power is increasing.

Maybe the entire forest could become the enemy.

‘First of all, take this with you…’

Just in case, it might be useful to keep it with you.

Before I knew it, a fairy came and spoke.

“It’s an unclean energy. The guy’s energy is clear. “Looking for me.”

“… Corruption Corruption.”

When Snowfall’s eyes turned to the fairy, the fairy muttered.

“He is a monarch, but there is no one who serves him. “Everyone is just controlled by him.”

“Hmm… I think I’ve heard somewhere that he’s a monarch with no one to serve…”

I couldn’t get any more answers.

The fairy quickly changed the topic.

“The corruption has caught the scent, and the chase will begin.”

“As long as it’s a wolf….”

“It’s not a wolf.”


“He will continue to visit.”

The fairy’s face approached.

“We will knock on the door to confirm your presence.”

A little closer.

“He will show up in person eventually.”

– I thought it was a horror movie;;

– It was still good though.

– Just like registered mail.

Despite the fairy’s shining appearance, all the words that came out of her mouth were dark sentences, so the conversation was not very enjoyable.

A woman who talks to others as if she is a superstition.

Kang Seol shook himself off, got up, and asked.

“…You don’t need a break, right?”

“I understand that it is necessary but not important.”

It may roughly mean that you want to rest, but you know that you can’t. Now I felt like I had a general idea of what her conversation style was like.

“Ha… Anyway, once we reach the Forest of the Sleeping Man, we will be able to avoid most of the chase. “Because it’s a place where, if you’re not careful, you could lose your life, let alone chase it down.”

“… I can’t feel safe.”

“… Even if we reach the Forest of the Sleeping One?”

“But lead me at least there. “We need a safe place.”

“If I lead you there safely, everything will be okay?”

“Yes, your role is over. “You can leave then if you want.”

You can leave if you want.

Ominous words like, “If you want to leave work, you can leave work.”

But I want to get off work.

Most people will probably choose to leave work at times like this.

‘They say that if I get there anyway, I can hear the whole truth.’

You can resolve any questions you have at the time, and you have the choice.

‘Now that I think about it, it’s easier than I thought?’

It was the icing on the cake to add something new to something that wasn’t a big deal.

‘Yes, sometimes things like this have to happen.’

It reminded me of adventures I had never been able to see without tears. Snowfall has obviously done more than compensated for it so far.

I wasn’t particularly dissatisfied with it, but it wasn’t enough to turn down the good fortune that came my way.

“Come this way.”

The Forest of the Sleeping One is a place he clearly remembers. It was a piece of cake to guide the route I had been on.

* * *

Clar …

everywhere was full of wolf crying.

An ugly-looking black orc approached the handsome man, who frowned and closed his eyes, as if making noise.

“It looks like it’s heading towards the forest.”

“… forest?”

“It looks like he is planning to go all the way to the Forest of the Sleeper and outrun the chase. It’s obvious. “It’s probably the best decision on the part of those who run away.”

“… It’s definitely annoying.”

The man did not know much about the Forest of the Sleeping One.

The same was true for the orcs he commanded.

“What should I do? “I’m chasing you right now, but…”

“It’s difficult if you go deep into the Forest of the Sleeping One. “Can you catch them before they get in there?”

“The messengers already sent will arrive soon. But… from what I found out by scattering the seeds, it looks like a new helper has appeared.”

“A helper?”

The man asked, tilting his head.

“Aren’t all the helpers that could be useful to her already dead? No, even if there was, I wouldn’t take part in this matter.”

You shouldn’t come forward.

Because daring to fight against him was something only a fool who lacked two lives would do.

“That… I don’t know the identity of the helper. The only traces and information left behind are that they are humans and trolls. The big worry is…”

Humans are a race that occupies the majority of the continent, but that is the strength of the group, not the strength of the individual.

Because of that, the black orc judged the helper to be insignificant. Even trolls were an inferior species by their standards.

However, contrary to his thoughts, the man in front of him continued his thoughts quite carefully.

“…What are your skills?”

“No major collision has occurred yet, so we don’t know for sure.”

“… I guess they sent it to someone whose skills would be recognized?”

“I was sent by the Ye clan as a violent and cruel guy. Probably as much as you would expect…”

The man briefly responded to the orc’s words.

“expectation? I have no expectations of you.”

“… yes?”

“You are just a tool for me to reach my goal and have no further value.”

“Yes, yes…”

The man who defeated the orc grinned.

It was a smile that seemed to enjoy the fact that work had become more of a hassle.

“A helper… interesting.”

* * *

The deeper we went into the cold forest, the darker the darkness fell over the forest.

I had been moving without sleep for two days already.

The fairy’s condition was okay, considering it had only been on the move for two days. However, she was impressed by Kang Seol’s superhuman stamina.

They finally arrived right in front of the Forest of the Sleeping Man.

Solving the problem to some extent.

“Ugh… Kehehehe….”

A black orc struggling with its neck trampled.

There were dozens of orcs similar to him scattered around.

Everyone died.



The orc was furious when he saw the shadow wolves biting the body of a dead orc.

The surroundings were dark and the only thing shining was the golden eyes that were looking at him.

“Hehehe… Hehehehehehehehehehe…”

They were annihilated.

By a monster who wields wolves.

Of course, that monster was Snowfall.

[The surviving orcs seem to have something to say. Maybe you can persuade him to get the information you want. What questions would you like to ask?]

1. Who sent it?

2. How far has the main unit come?

3. What is the size of the main unit?

4. Is there any important information you would like to hand over in exchange for saving your life?

You will hear the truth soon anyway.

“How far is the main unit?”

The black orc laughed.

“I can’t speak.”

“Who sent you?”

“… what?”

“Who sent it?”


The orc, who had already shed quite a bit of blood, laughed.

Just when Kang Seol’s mood was getting worse due to the inexplicable laughter, he opened his mouth.

“Tsk tsk… Did you just join in without knowing what you were involved in? “It’s a shame. I must have been a little disappointed because of his death.”

“… What do you mean?”

Snowfall showed confidence to the orcs.

“Before this is the forest of the sleeping. No matter who you are, you can’t take your time. Pursuit will also become difficult. “You can’t chase us anymore.”


“Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk…”

The orc’s reaction was strange.

“Out of the chase? Do you think that’s possible? “I guess I could ask my colleague there.”

The orc exposed his rotten teeth and called out to the fairy.

“Do you think the same? “Tantuinu.”

“Shut up!”

“Tsk… If I knew who you were, this person wouldn’t have helped you. And who you are with….”


The dagger flew out and pierced the orc’s neck.

“Tan… Tui Nu?”


Kangseol and Jamad chanted at the same time.


The more I thought about the name, the more a certain being came to mind.

‘Tantuinu! Unbelievable!’

Now I even know why she tried to hide her name.

She said…

“Tantuinu I kept my promise.”


“We arrived at the Forest of the Sleeping One. So now you have to tell me the truth.”

“… You can leave.”

“No, the answer comes first.”

Kang Seol politely said lightly.

“… young dragon.”

“… good night.”



Tantuinu’s body changed.

Scales instantly sprouted from her pearl-like skin, and new wing ridges formed on her arms.

And it grew to a size that was incomparable to its original appearance.

She ended up becoming a little dragon.

Snowfall clearly remembered Tantuinu’s name. For she was a descendant of Tancrid, Mother Earth.

“I’m sorry… human.”

“That’s why I hid my name.”

Now the dragon is being chased.

Who in the world is chasing the dragon?

I thought about it carefully.

‘You can chase Tantuinu? Who on earth….’

Why is Tantu-inu being chased and what is it carrying?

Naturally, my eyes fell on the red prison.

What we can find out right away is that it was a being trapped in a red gem, even more than the other person.

‘Clearly… it felt like Tantu’inu was having a hard time.’

Who is the being she serves, who is higher than Tantuinu?…

Then, like a thunderbolt, a name popped into my head.

“Oh my god…”

“This can’t be right…”

It seemed to be the same for Jamard as well.

With goosebumps all over Kangseol’s body and unable to say anything, Jamard asked as he slowly approached the red prison.

Boom… Boom…

“Tankrid… Mother Earth…”


“Is it you? “Are you saying it’s you who’s in it?”

Hum, hum…

The red prison vibrated.

Snowfall closed her eyes.

Perhaps this adventure will not end today.

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