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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 343

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Episode 343

Two more days after leaving the wetlands.

Most of Kang Seol’s strategies exploited the opponent’s loopholes and resulted in great benefits. However, as this process continued, fatigue accumulated.

‘There is no end to these guys….’

It might have been a wrong decision to think that the chase would end if we killed and killed each other.

‘But if I gain time here again…’

An underground garden of deep sleep.

You will be able to reach there well enough.

I was confident that if I reached that point, I would be able to virtually resist the chase. There are few people who know as much about that place as Snow Seol. Even if the opponent is Azanic, the Sky Dragon.


Kang Seol looked at the animals crouching around him. All of them are large beasts.

However, he fell into a long sleep and only snored even as the snowfall approached.

[The beasts sleeping here may be able to help fend off the chase. What would you do?]

1. Touch them to wake them up.

2. [Required: Jamut] Place the collected jamut on the altar.

3. Wake up by shouting loudly.

4. Leave it alone.

Snowfall took out the fruit jamut that she had prepared before coming here and placed it on the altar. The scent was so strong that it paralyzed their sense of smell, but a scent this strong would wake them up from their sleep.

It’s probably better to wake up to a good smell than to wake up because someone wakes you up.

After placing the fruit, Kang Seol and his companions step back for a moment and observe the situation.



The animals that were snoring and sleeping smelled the smell and jumped up.

“… Success.”

Snowfall shook her head at Tantuinu’s words.

“Wrong. “I guess I’ll have to pretend this plan never happened.”

“… what?”


The awakened giant beasts looked at each other, baring their teeth and claws. They fought against animals other than their enemies to get the fruit.

“…Why did such a reaction occur?”

Snowfall pointed to the nape of the beast’s neck.

“… That!”

The black spot on the nape of the neck gradually expanded and completely covered the animal’s body.


“It appears that the distance from Azanik has become closer. “We need to leave quickly.”

The fact that the corruption process is taking place nearby is evidence that the host, Azanic, is getting closer.

If I ran into him, it would be difficult to survive right now, so I had to get away quickly.

Pot-! Paaaa-!

‘Fortunately, the entrance to the underground garden is nearby. Just get there and everything will be resolved.’

I’m not sure if Azanik ever visited the Underground Garden, but I could fight him there.

So I spent another full day just running. Any trick beyond this is just a trick, and if Ajanik shows up in person, it will be a waste of time.

Their judgment was quite accurate.

The entrance to the ruins, hidden by tree vines, was revealed.

“Huh… Huh….”

“There it is! “Over there…”

As the fall got closer, they ran for more than half a day at a speed that was almost like a full sprint, and Kangseol and Tantuinu were exhausted.

“Can I get some rest if I go into the underground garden?”

“yes. Maybe a little…”

As I reached the entrance to the ruins, a choice came to mind.

[You have arrived at what appears to be the entrance to a suspicious ruin. However, the door was not open and it seemed like I would have to find some way to open it. First of all, a few things…]

It was then.

“Until there.”

It felt like someone was talking to me right next to me.

However, Snowfall, Tantuinu, and Jamard’s eyes were looking at someone far away.


Because an overwhelming presence was emanating from him.


“I need to give you some answers.”

A human with goosebumps and dragon eyes looked at this place and said.

Snowfall quickly examined his features.

He also had a pretty good eye, and no matter how far away he was, he was able to easily recognize features.

‘Tattooed on the left side of my face, scar across my nose. And huge black horns.’

It looked exactly like he remembered Ajanik’s human form.

Azanik asked them.

“But do you know what you are involved in now?”


“I asked.”


I felt a sense of intimidation.

Once Kang Seol realized that answering his question was a great strategy to buy time, she answered.

“I don’t know all the facts. But I know everything there is to know.”

After hearing the answer, Ajanik asked the next question with an expressionless face.

“But do you know what condition the girl you are trying to protect is now?”


Tantuinu clenched his teeth as if he was convulsing. Kangseol and Jamad were greatly shaken by Ajanik’s words. Their eyes landed on Tantuinu.

Tantuinu was completely white.

A natural question arises for Kang Seol and Jamard after seeing this.

‘Could there be something wrong with Tancred’s body?’

Jamard’s expression hardened.

It was as if the reason why she had to travel through the Red Prison was revealed through Azanik’s mouth, not hers.

In the darkness, only Azanik’s tattoo and eyes were visible. He was relaxed.

It was as if both sides had received an answer to the question just now. Tancred was not in a normal state and the newly joined helpers did not know that.

“Do you know its whereabouts?”

“… That’s it?”

Ajanik seemed to be irritated by Kang Seol’s question. Ajanik, who referred to it as ‘it’, seemed angry that Tancred’s assistant did not even know what ‘it’ was.

“Last time…”

While Ajanik was bombarded with questions, Kang Seol took the time to prepare something.

‘If you take a little more time…’

you can enter the ruins. Then we can get out of this crisis.

But Ajanik’s questions ended here.

“Do you think you can escape from me?”

“… well.”

Snowfall said as she repositioned the statue.

“I think it will be okay if I just get over this uncomfortable situation…”

“… Clean it up.”

Azanik stood up and gathered the flames in his right hand.


A feeling as if the space is being sucked in.

The extreme heat created cracks in his hands.

A crack appeared on my bright red arm.

Blah blah blah…


The surrounding terrain burns up in an instant.

No, would it be appropriate to say that it was burned?

In some ways, it is a power that is close to ‘extinction’.



everything happened in an instant.


be see the flames flying out as azanic’s right hand is shattered).

The flame burned everything it encountered.

The trees, the air, and the thoughts of those who encounter them.

An unstoppable flame that no thought can form.

‘Damn it!’

Jamard was the first to move.


Jamard’s spell that has not yet unleashed its full supreme power.


Ajanik let out a short exclamation, but the situation was not optimistic.


The rocks Jamard had created were instantly destroyed, and flames reached all the way to them.

Right then.


the red prison broke apart and a woman with huge horns hanging on both sides of her forehead appeared.


The flames were blocked by the force of the solid rock that Jamard would one day reach.

“Huh… Huh….”

A woman gasping for breath.

Jamard caught a glimpse of her.

“Tan… Creed.”

And I couldn’t hide my embarrassment.

The life energy was fading from Tancred’s body. Like a candle about to go out.



“You will get nothing from me.”

“… We’ll just have to wait and see. “Do you trust those weak beings?”

Tancrid’s falling body was supported by Tantuinu



This time, a second flame was gathering in Azanik’s other hand.

As long as Tancred is defeated, the next flame cannot be blocked. But there was no need to stop it.


Snowfall rearranged the last statue.

[You have unlocked the secret of the Underground Garden of Deep Sleep.]

[You are now standing in a field.]

[Be careful. The underground garden is the realm of sleepyheads, and no one can go against his will.]

Kugugugu Palace…

The door to the ruins opened, and a tremendous wind escaped from inside, engulfing the group.


“Hold on tight, everyone.”


Azanic extinguishes the flame as the door to the ruins that engulfed them closes.

He came to the entrance, looked at something for a moment, and muttered.

“… I bought some time.”

[You ran away from a powerful enemy.]

[Achieved the special achievement ‘Crisis Strike’.]

[Obtained the special title “Lucky Boy.”]

* * *



“Wake up Snowfall.”


Snowfall stood up at Tantuinu’s words and looked around.

The whole field was spread out.

Even though it was clearly underground, the sky existed and the sunset was deep.

‘It’s amazing… a space like this.’

It looks exactly like the setting seen on the game board.

Tantuinu asked him.

“Time… how much time do we have left?”

“About half a day… After that, the gate to the ruins will open again. “And I also have something to ask you.”

Kangseol gave the question to Jamad.

Jamard looked at the field for a moment and then asked Tantuinu.

“How much time does she… have left?”


“… answer me.”

Jamard was about to transform into an ugly face.

But someone’s voice stopped him.

“Don’t harass her, Jamard.”

“… Tancred?”

When I turned my head in the direction where I heard Tancrid’s voice, I saw a huge dragon lying down in the middle of the field. The sight of the sunset together was truly like a painting.

She had the appropriate size and power to the extent that it would not be awkward to call her an ancient dragon. Kang Seol and the others approached her.

‘Oh my…’

Kang Seol couldn’t hide his embarrassment.

The power I felt from her was very weak.

It was a serious difference from the Azanic he had just faced.

“Come closer, Jamard.”

“…do you remember me?”

Jamard approached her as if possessed. And I felt Tancrid smiling ever so slightly.

“Mysterious child. I can tell the future by looking into the eyes. “You were different.”

“It means that I wasn’t destined to live an obvious life.”

“… Maybe so.”

Tancred looks like it’s difficult even to keep his eyelids shut. But there was a story that had to be told.

“Azanik broke his silence.”

“Why is he targeting you?”


Tancred moved his large body and pushed what was in his arms out.

An egg, much larger than a normal egg, so big that Kang Seol could barely lift it with both hands, slipped out of her arms.

“Is this… your descendant?”

Tancred nodded.

“So what Azanik was after was your child.”

“Azanik wants to set the whole world on fire. “It is the only way for this world to be free.”

“… what? What is that…”

“Jamad, have you ever seen God?”

A somewhat absurd question.

Jamard responded to her words.

“If the primordial gods are also gods… then that can be said.”

“No, they are not gods. “They are just things that happened.”

“A… entity that occurred?”

“The same goes for all transcendents in this world, including me. They are beings who are served but are not particularly worthy. I have protected the land of Pandea from the moment I was born. But is it right?”


“If the right thing was done, who sets the standard? god? “Then who is God?”


“This was once my question, but now it has become Ajanik’s question. Azanik said that if there is a God, he will find out for himself why he does not appear and why he does not correct the suffering in the world. And…”

Tancrid lowered his head.

“I fell into the abyss.”


“He was in despair. It seems he realized that God is not interested in this world. That’s why they want to destroy it. Maybe to get their attention, maybe to be free from them.”

“… completely crazy.”

“It’s clear that he was buried in madness… but I couldn’t stop him. Azanik… the dragon of the sky is strong.”

“Is stealing your child part of the plan?”

“of course. It is our duty to pass the power on to the next generation. But Azanik didn’t do that. They did not create descendants. That’s probably why he was left in such a strong state.”

“What are you trying to do by taking your child away?”

“The descendants who inherit my power have great potential. Perhaps what Azanik wants is to become a god himself. Or… creating a god. “The exact intention is unknown.”

“Whether it’s the former or the latter, they’re trying to take advantage of your unborn descendants.”

Tancred smiled slightly.

“New life is the future. It becomes the driving force for the next generation to move forward. Azanik doesn’t know that he should trust them. Jamad, child of the earth. “I have a request for you.”


“Protect this child. “My breath will soon end.”

“Why… to me….”


The wind passing by the field.

The value embedded in it was refreshing, but at the same time, it felt vague.

“Jamade, you are stronger than any life I have ever seen.”


“It was like that in the past and it is like that now. And… it will be so in the dark times to come. Because you are like that…”

Tancrid looked at the snowfall.

“I guess a new opportunity has come.”

“Tell me, Tancred. “What should I do?”

“You already know the answer. Because he is the one who leads the times.”

The sunset is fading away.

The night sticks out its head.

“I have many memories of living this life as a guardian of the earth but not being able to accept it.”


“Lives that focus on small values under the excuse of possibility. “The answer is to just look at them without intervening… There were times when I couldn’t admit it.”


their an exhausted wind blew out from Tancrid’s nose.

“I’ve been watching you for a long time, Jamad.”


“Finally, when death approaches, I realize. Your life is valuable in itself. “My duty was not in vain…”

“This… I didn’t want this to end, Tancred. “I… I… didn’t want it to end like this!”

Tancred laughed.

If you see her, you will understand what kind of expression a dragon makes when it smiles.

“It’s not the ending. This is a process. My will will continue and be with your life.”

“No… no! I’m still… I’m still on the road.”

Jamard’s eyes filled with water.

Kang Seol had never seen him express such intense emotions.

“We will look at the world from the same perspective and have equal conversations! “I… I…”

Jamard clenched his teeth.

A pronunciation leaked out from the tusks.

“I wanted to be your…”


Tancred said with his head firmly on the ground.

“Jamade. We saw the world with the same eyes. It also existed in the world with the same meaning and always….”

Tancrid’s breath trailed off.

“We were friends.”

Jamard brought up a memory from a long time ago.

– If I go down that great path… then I can talk to Tancrid at any time?

– then.

– So we’ll finally become friends?

– Child….

She gave the same answer as before and now.

– I already consider you a friend.

Her heart was sincere.

“This land will always need a guardian. Jamard… If I disappear, the balance of the world will be upset.”

she said breathlessly.

“You… become the guardian of this land.”


Huh… Huh… As

Tancrid’s breathing became heavier, Tantuinu rushed over and held her in his arms.

“mother! mother!”

“I… I… I’m going to take a long sleep here now. “The fields and life… and the stars… Earth, please take me away.”


Tancrid didn’t move.

Jamard placed his hand on the bridge of Tancred’s nose.

“Mother Earth… no, my old friend Tancrid.”

Then he hit his head on the floor and bowed.

“Thank you for your hard work. “Rest in peace.”

Pusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshest possible possible…

Tancrid’s body became a halo of light and disappeared.

From then on, an enormous amount of messages came to Kang Seol’s mind.

[Earth Mother Tancrid ends her long life and disappears into the embrace of the stars.]

But there was no time to examine it all.



Jamard turned back and made eye contact with Snowfall.

Kang Seol faced emotions greater than the sadness in his eyes.

“No way… I can’t bear it.”


His emotion is not sadness.

“If I don’t pour out this anger…”

He was burning with revenge now.

“I can’t leave this place like this.”

Tantuinu approached and stopped Jamad.

“Have you forgotten your mother’s will? There is no way to fight against Ajanic right now! Hiding and gaining strength….”


“Even if the attack is successful, you won’t be able to escape! Then everything… all of Mother’s will will disappear!”

Kang Seol closed his eyes and remembered something.

“I remembered.”

“… what?”

“Maybe there is a way.”

This is not a process to gain reward or survive.

It was Jamard’s ritual to commemorate Tancred’s vain death. And Jamard had such a great trick.

“No, there is.”

[Enlightenment: The supreme state occurs.]

[If you meet certain conditions, you can immediately manifest the supreme power.] [The unexpected

adventure ‘Dragon’s Revenge’ occurs.]

[This adventure is very dangerous. ]

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