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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 48

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Episode 48:

What Kangseol held out was an antidote to shadow poison made from poisonous herb powder.

In fact, it is an item that only Kangseol can make, and its value must be determined by Kangseol.

Kibo was silent for a moment as he looked at the antidote he handed over.

“This thing… is it an antidote to shadow poison?”

“As you see.”

“The recipe… or rather, how did you obtain it?”

“Is it important?”

“No. It’s not important. “I made a mistake.”

Mira Yoo said to Kang Seol, surprised to see Kibo flustered for the first time in her life.

“antidote? “This is the antidote to shadow poison?”

“I’m sorry to ask the same question.”

“So Kibo can recover?”

“That’s a similar question.”


Like a granddaughter worrying about her grandfather, Yumi seemed unable to believe in the existence of an antidote. Seeing that, Kibo comforted Yu Mira with one hand.

“Mira, from now on, just listen.”


“Listen quietly, Yumira. It’s not your place. Or are you going to stay out?”


Kibo said in a stern voice. Mira Yu had seen Kibo exude this kind of energy a few times. Kibo at this time is really scary.

Mira Yu groaned and glanced at Snowfall. Kang Seol didn’t feel bad or any negative feelings about that action.

‘It looks like you care a lot about Kibo.’

It was a unique relationship.

The leader of the ruin hunters who rolled along with the woman who was Jeonja.

Kibo continued to teach Yumira, and she followed him without much doubt.

While Kang Seol was thinking about the relationship between the two, Kibo spoke.

“Is there anything you want in return? Could it be Gallotta’s tongue?”

“It has already been brought up as a means of trade. “I want something else.”


“It would be great if it were a treasure, a rare material, or information that could be of use to me.”

Kibo closed his mouth at Kang Seol’s words.

Something seemed troublesome. Then he sighed and spoke.

“We are also in a cold war with Heka, so we sold all the treasures we had collected a long time ago. Could you please look at the situation for a little bit?”

“Well… I think the favor has already been granted.”


“The fact that I trade this antidote with you is itself a favor to you.”

“Haha… That’s not wrong. Right.”

“what is this sound? Kibo?”

Kibo nodded heavily next to him.

Yumira couldn’t follow the conversation between the two.

“What this person says is true. Imagine what it would have been like if the opponent had gone to Heka with this antidote. “It’s Mira.”

“Oh, I see.”

“The other party is already considerate of us. That’s what it means to trade this product with us. By the way, what should I do with this….”

Kibo had already figured out Kang Seol’s intentions.

That he really likes Kibo and that he has already been kind to him.

‘But the favor ends here.’

If Kibo fails to see through the situation and makes a foolish move, the deal will go wrong.

“But everything I said earlier is true.”

“Are you saying you sold all the treasures you owned?”

“Yes, unfortunately, most of the treasures that can be used for trading are…”

What I mean by most is not everything. Still, there was still something left to trade.

Sigh –

Among the rings on all ten of Kibo’s fingers, the one with the darkest color was placed on the table.

“Kibo! “That’s…”

“I know, but I have no choice if I have to pay for the item.”

“It’s your symbol, but why…”

“I am the only one who can symbolize me. “This is just an object.”

Snowfall picked up a ring shaped like a wolf’s head.

[Wolf’s Warning]

Grade: Treasure

Appropriate level: 10 – 20

Resistance: 30

Durability: 68/68

Weight: 0.1kg

A ring handed down from a tribe that reveres the wolf god. It warns the wearer of danger if it has magical powers.

Basic ability: Strength +2, Dexterity + 3, Intelligence +1, Wisdom +8.

Special ability: When the wearer is in a dangerous situation, a wolf howl rings out.

‘It’s a warning power.’

It was a ring that was perfect for casters with low stamina to wear.

In the first place, it was difficult for the efficacy of accessories such as rings and necklaces to be superior to other major parts, so these powers were more useful in most cases.

– excuse me. Why do I keep giving treasure to this person?

– This is an issue we don’t know.

– Miraculous alchemy haha The antidote turned into a treasure!

– There’s even a lot of antidote left haha

– It’s crazy, even the ring is a treasure ㅡㅡ

– But I guess the effect of non-appropriation is enormous

– Wow?

– I was disappointed when I saw the treasure’s stats haha

– ㄹㅇ haha But surprisingly, there are both snowmen… Kangseol

smiled softly and squeezed the hand where the ring was placed. Kibo looked at it and asked.

“Are you…accepting the deal?”

“I like it.”

“haha! Hahaha… Treat it with care! “It’s something I’ve never taken off my fingers for 20 years.”

Next to me, Mira Yu was crying.

“That… I heard it was given to Kibo when he inherited the members…”


“Can I give you something like that?”

“My family is still alive. Moreover, I got a great opportunity.”


“It’s not the object that needs to be attached. It’s family. “You can always get the ring back with another treasure.”


Kibo glanced at the snowfall and held up the antidote.

“Then let’s see where it works.”

“However much.”


Kibo opened the lid of the antidote that Kangseol gave him and poured it into his mouth without a moment’s hesitation.


“Keuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush… I feel like my throat is on fire. “Even the strongest alcohol I’ve ever drank wouldn’t have been this strong.”

“Because it’s poison.”

Yu Mira jumped at Kang Seol’s words.

“what? what?”

Just as Yumira was about to pull the sword from her waist, Kibo answered her.

“Mummy, my head is pounding. “Please be quiet.”

“They say it’s poison!”

“No, seeing as it’s so painful, it’s not wrong… It’s definitely effective.”


Kibo’s black arms, which had been limp, slowly returned to their original skin color. The changes started from the elbows to the wrists and finally to the fingers.


Black, foul-smelling smoke disappeared beyond the window.

Mira Yu couldn’t keep her mouth shut about this whole situation with her eyes the size of coins.

“Oh my…is Kibo’s arm healed?”

“Haa… haa….”

“It must have been quite painful…”

“Compared to the pain of losing one arm. “If I cry this loud, no one will listen to me.”

Kang Seol nodded and stood up.

“Next is the exchange of treasures.”

“Oh yeah. However much.”

Rita, the auction house manager, was called in even though it was business hours and brought the two treasures under heavy security.

Shay’s grace is given to Kibo



Galotta’s tongue was handed to Kang Seol.

Rita saw this and held out two documents.

“You can each sign here.”

“Oh, and all fees will be paid here.”

Kibo readily announced that it would pay all transaction fees. Kang Seol had no reason to refuse so she nodded.

Kibo bit people when the deal went through. Once again, only Kang Seol, Yu Mira, and Kibo remained.

“Isn’t the deal over?”

“No, there is still one thing left.”


upon towards of of of of of of of of of of of of ofbol its of

Kang Seol twitched his eyebrows because he was in a very good mood. Then, he also slowly increased his momentum so that he could fight back.

“What are you doing?”

“I was just playing a prank. “But I’m disappointed because I’m not surprised.”

Kibo stopped being playful and spoke to Kangseol with serious eyes.

“Please help us in this fight against Heka.”

“I refuse. “I hate meddling in other people’s business.”

“Hmm… It won’t be easy, right? “This is the biggest incident happening in Nobira, so not even the bakery owner or the sewer rat will be able to escape the aftermath.”

“Have you finished what you wanted to say?”

“Why don’t we stop here? It was a good deal. “Can you tell me your name?”

Kang Seol was a little surprised that he hadn’t revealed his name yet.

“Call me Snowman.”

“Ah, Snowman. “We will meet again.”

“If only we had something to see each other.”

Mira Yu and Kibo left.

Yumira followed Kibo and kept stealing glances at Kang Seol as if she felt something was missing.

Yumira, who left Snowfall’s residence with Kibo, opened her mouth and shouted at Kibo.

“Why are you fighting that snowman? “You don’t have any power, do you?”

“…It’s scarier because you don’t have any power, Mira.”

Sweat was beading on Kibo’s chin as he spoke.

“Kibo kibo? What’s wrong with Kibo? also! It wasn’t an antidote! You son of a bitch! “Right now…”

It was natural for Yumira to be shocked when she saw this. But there was no turning around and running away. Soon Kibo explained the situation.

“It’s Mira.”

“Kibo? are you okay?”

“You’ve calmed down now. Huh…”

“What’s with all that sweat? “What’s going on?”

“Mira, sit down for a moment.”

The two stopped for a moment and sat down in a flower bed in a safe place.

Kibo spoke first.

“What makes ruin hunters different from others?”


“Yes, to be exact, it is the eyes and senses. “That’s why I took you away.”

“…Thank you.”

“When you first came here, you were filled with anger at the world.”

“I know. “I feel like I’ve changed too.”

Mira Yu remembers the day she first came to Nobira. Shops with their lights off in rainy weather.

Nothing was kind to her, and Yumira took that for granted. Because the world she was in was no different from the situation back then.

She was alone and screamed out that she was in pain as hard as she could, but no one listened to her except the fake people who were interested in her appearance.

It was Kibo who got her.

“Thank you for having me then. “If not, would I still be alive?”

“You would have survived. “The venom in those bloodshot eyes was so memorable…”

“Anyway, so?”

“The talk of luxury people compares Heka and me to a lion and a wolf. Well, it’s not wrong. Heka is tough and brave. “I lead a smaller hunting party, and I tend to avoid fights unless I have to.”

“Kibo is right. Heka is crazy.”

Yumira followed Kibo, thinking it was an absolute good thing. It still is. What Kibo said was absolutely correct.

“Kibo is the only person who dreams of a future with transferees. “He is the shepherd who leads us.”

“Hehehe… A passing dog would laugh because a wolf is a shepherd, you guy. “Stop painting my face with gold.”

“Really! Kibo is really amazing.”

Kibo sighed and spoke to Yumira.

“Mira, the reason I brought this up is no different. “I felt afraid of him.”

“that? Snowman or snowman or that bastard? What are you talking about?”

“Do you remember how I showed him off earlier?”

“Yeah, you said it was a joke?”

“No, I just dreamed it. But… my eyes and my senses warned me that the reason I was able to get to this point was. He’s dangerous. “You shouldn’t come close.”

“Are you just trusting your intuition?”

“There is also evidence. “You don’t find it strange that an individual without power in Nobira holds treasure.”


Kibo’s suspicions were natural.

Even in the ruin city of Nobira, treasure was distributed only by factions that operated large-scale ruin hunting groups. Most treasures were discovered by such hunting groups with great effort.

However, a man who fell from the sky trivially exchanged treasure and even cured Kibo’s serious illness.

It was already very contradictory to assume that he was an ordinary person.

“And I’m sure his treasures are much more than this. Just looking at his belt, it was a precious item I had never seen before. “More than this crystal ball I’m holding right now.”

“…Who could it be?”

“From now on, remember, don’t approach him carelessly.”

Yumi was just embarrassed because Kibo had never talked to her like this.

Kibo showed no interest in her reaction and continued talking.

“Mira, there is a reason why I take you with me to every important job and important event.”

“What is the reason?”

“A wolf pack does not follow the strongest wolf. “Follow the wisest wolf.”


“When the day comes when you will stand tall, remember my words. “You must build up enough strength to keep up, and build up enough wisdom to get ahead.”

“Enough to not fall behind… enough to get ahead…”

“Heka probably would have felt the same way even if she had faced the author. Whether it’s a lion or a wolf…”

Kibo trembled and swallowed at the energy hidden in Snowfall’s eyes and small body.

“After all, it is beneath humanity.”

“Is that why you thought so highly of the snowman?”

“You will find out soon enough.”

“By what means? “The deal is over, right?”

“After Rita told me about him, I mobilized all my intelligence networks to find out about this mysterious person.”


Instead of answering, Kibo instead asked a question to Yu Mira.

“You said that transferees can tell who is the strongest in Nobira, right?”

“Yeah, I told you that a while ago. Even though I got 350,000 points, I was pushed out of 5th place because of one strange guy… Huh?”

“Who was the strongest person there?”

“It… says it’s private?”

“The date the private message appeared exactly matches the date the author entered it.”

“Hey, it must be a coincidence.”

“I started with doubts at first. And now I was sure. I actually saw him. That’s why I’m saying it.”


Yumira was able to guess what Kibo was going to say from his attitude.

Kibo spoke as the word ‘no way’ was etched into her mind.

“He’s private. And Heka probably noticed it too.”

“Then what should I do? What if he falls for Heka?”

“Well… first of all, an all-out war will break out soon, so we need to prepare. “He will probably be the most important storm in this struggle. Let us hope that the storm blows in Lion’s direction.”

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