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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 77

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Episode 77


The transmission did not happen right away.

Snowfall was once again in a situation where she had to choose something in a dark space.

The work Chao instructed had to be done in a village located quite far east of Shadow Canyon, and naturally the expedition system was activated.

[You have arrived in a deserted village. The name of this place is Ttungeogeomi Village. It is said to be a small community established by slash-and-burn farmers. Only the smoke rising from the chimney tells us that people live here. You are suggested by a villager to take a rest here. How will you act?]

1. Accept the favor and undress as a woman.

2. Check to see if you can replenish food and supplies here.

3. This is the first favor I have received from a foreign country. Decline the offer, but leave with one of your belongings.

4. Suspicious. You try to embrace yourself as an outsider without being wary of it. I’m leaving here right away.

5. There is no need to scrape and create crumbs. Even if there are few people, there are easily more than 10 people. There were quite a few young men there, so we couldn’t act carelessly. First, pretend to accept the offer and examine the situation.

‘Oh, I’m stuck.’

Kangseol knew a few villages similar to this place.

A village in an area untouched by civilization.

When adventurers or outsiders visit these places, they are most likely ostracized. This is because there was a history of countless plunder.

Conversely, adventurers had to be wary of villages that welcomed outsiders.

‘For now, let’s go to number 5.’

I didn’t know what unfortunate things would happen if I chose number 4.

Since Kang Seol’s actual personality was similar to number 5, he chose number 5.


When I clicked on option number 5, the color of the options changed and all options disappeared.

A message immediately came to mind.

[That night, you witness a shocking sight.]

– Damn it! I knew it would be like this haha

– you got caught? Did you get caught? Did you get caught? Did you get caught? Did you get caught? Did you get caught? Did you get caught? Did you get caught? Did you get caught? Did you get caught? Did you get caught?

– Traditionally, villages like this are ominous!

The result was as he expected.

The village was hiding a secret.

Now perhaps that will appear.

Kang Seol looked at the next option that came to mind.

[Eternal immortality! Eternal life and immortality! Eternal life and immortality! People’s prayers can be heard from a hall deep in the village. That’s right. The village’s residents were irrational believers fascinated by an unknown being. You have secretly discovered the truth and now you must decide what to do.]

1. The ominous prediction was not wrong. Drop your luggage and run away. (All items in their belongings disappear.)

2. They do not yet know that their identity has been revealed. You will stay here a little longer and see what happens here.

3. [Required: Heretic Questioner] All who serve the evil gods under heaven will be destroyed. We will behead everyone in the village and hang them at the village entrance!

4. As soon as the sun rises, ask them about the god they serve. You should not be afraid of the truth. Rather, when you find out the truth, you may be filled with deep joy.

‘The options are crazy. The risks are too big.’

Option 1 was not considered at all due to risk, and option 3 originally required a different job, so options 2 and 4 remained.

‘If a forced conversion event happens on the 4th time, it’s over… so there’s only 2 left.’

Number 2 wasn’t a very good option either.

Perhaps at the end of this option, I might have to confront the residents. And since fanatics would only submit if their heads were cut, they could accidentally commit murder.


Anyway, Kang Seol thought that was something to think about later and chose option 2.

[You finally learn about all the horrors that happened in this village.]

[Mental fatigue accumulates.]

[Negative thoughts do not leave your head.]

[Status ailment: You are exposed to distrust.]

I received a mental penalty, but this is still enough. It was good. Anyway, we have reached the truth of the incident.

[Eternal immortality! Eternal life and immortality! The villagers brutally murdered the travelers who had stayed here and sacrificed them to the wrong god. This is something that no human being should dare to do, and you were shocked when you witnessed it. What should we do with them?]

1. These are people who have crossed the human line. Kill them all and burn them.

2. Even if they have crossed the line, do you have the right to punish them? It’s silent.

3. Instead of covering everything up, demand material compensation.

4. Report their ugly appearance to the lord of a nearby city.

Things were already progressing as they should.

No matter which option you chose, you couldn’t escape without any damage.


It would be right to act as you want.


Option 1 was dented.

After a while, a message occurred to me.

[There is no one alive left here.]

[The resident who was dying because of your actions left this last words.]

[‘The Apostle is coming. You will not be able to avoid death in the end.’]

[Karen is exposed to a status abnormality: nightmare.]

[Fatigue accumulates.]

[Obtain the Necklace of Distorted Faith.]

‘Phew…. this much. So, did you manage to stop it?’

The penalty was also well defended.

It was a bit annoying that Karen, and not him, got the penalty, but it wasn’t the worst since we got the equipment unintentionally.


[Unbelievable. What the man said was true. While Karen was hesitating, the entire mountain was filled with strange beings. While you were running away from them, you found yourself upstream with a strong current. Now you have to choose.]

1. With this level of current, you will be able to go downstream in an instant. If only I could swim.

2. Choose battle, leaving the water behind. However, it is unknown whether Karen will respond to the battle.

3. [Required: Light-related abilities] Prevent them from approaching with the power of light.

4. [Required: Frost-related ability] After attempting to cross the river, freeze the river to prevent them from approaching.

‘This is the fucking worst.’

Fortunately, number 1 was a good choice, but the other options were either impossible or close to gambling.

‘I know how to swim, but… there’s nothing I can do.’

Option 1 was dented.

A message came to mind.

[You were swimming frantically until you were swept away by the rapids and lost consciousness. I’m not sure where you are or how you escaped the threat, but it looks like you drank a lot of water. After losing consciousness several times, you finally got out of the rapids.]


The world was falling apart and Mr. Kang Seol’s body turned over as if he was drunk.

‘breath! ‘I can’t breathe…’

Kang Seol suddenly became very distressed.

“Cough… clack… clack…”

Water poured out of my mouth non-stop. More water continued to come out of his mouth than he had drank in almost a week.

“Haa… haa… this is crazy….”

[Arrived at an unknown place.]

[Accumulated fatigue weighs on my body.]

[My clothes are all wet. You need to warm up your body.]

[Status abnormality: Exposed to hypothermia.]

[You are mentally cornered. You may be exposed to another status ailment.]

[7 days and 12 hours have passed since arrival.]

‘Damn it, a week has passed?’

It was a negative effect of a long-distance adventure.

This terrible result was also the reason why adventures in similar areas were usually planned or connected adventures were planned.

‘What about adventure? ‘Are you sure you’re in the right place?’

Shadow summoning was also impossible.

My whole body was like wet cotton and not working properly.


I heard a shout.

If you encounter an enemy in this situation, you cannot be sure of victory.

“Am I over there?”

“Haa… haa….”

“Are you okay?”

A woman about Snow’s age appeared from the bushes.

Judging from the fact that there was a basket hanging from his wrist and containing various things, he must have come to dig up medicinal herbs or pick mushrooms.

Anyway, Kang Seol was very grateful that the opponent was not that threatening.

“Your body… your body…”

“Now wait a minute! “I’ll call someone!”


Kang Seol lost his mind like that.


Sigh. Sigh.

My eyelids went up like a joke.

He was now lying in a musty-smelling bed.

“Off…what is this?”

– I was tired;; ㄹㅇ Long distance adventure dog is dangerous

– what was that village?

– What are all the guys who chased after the village?

– Karen! What happened to Karen?



Snowfall continued to call out to Karen, who was clearly in the shadow space.

Karen, who hesitated for a moment, slowly appeared.

Karen, wearing the red dress he had bought her, was summoned to the bedside.


“What happened?”

“I do not remember?”

“I remember…”

Jizik… crackle…

The things that happened during the long distance adventure came back to me in fragments.

– Wow!

– Fire, fire… fire in my body…

– The Apostle will punish you! You…

For a moment, cold sweat rolled down Kang Seol’s face, as if she had stumbled upon something terrible.

“Whoops… whoops… whoops….”

“We burned the village.”

“It was a village of fanatics… Sigh… Huh….”

“So, why did this happen?”

“…are you suffering?”

Karen looked a little dark.

“Do you feel guilty?”

“guilty? “Isn’t it more of a disappointment than that?”

Kang Seol thought Karen was suffering from guilt, but that wasn’t the case.

“Why are people dying because of these ridiculous things?”


“I know that times have changed. But nothing has changed. “It’s the same as when it was Montra.”

Karen cried.

“The world is still cruel. I… I… Why did I come back like this? To see this?”


“I just… I don’t know. don’t mind.”

Karen was a newcomer who had just experienced the adventure of snowfall.

Although he was a veteran, he seemed very confused because he had to learn about the changed world from the beginning.

At a time when Karen was depressed, Jamard, who was staying in the shadow space, spoke.

“Hmm, how about we find out where this place is?”


“I kept watching to make sure nothing dangerous happened, but it seems I came to the human woman’s village.”

Jamard seemed to have been paying constant attention to ensure that the snowfall did not become dangerous.

Although I lost consciousness for a moment, I was relieved to hear that Jamard was watching for danger.


Click –

the door opened. The woman I had met at the water’s edge was standing there.


“Why are you doing this?”

“Who are you?”

“me? “Are you talking about me?”

“You are the only person or fairy here that I don’t know! … yo. this.”

The woman seemed surprised because Karen suddenly appeared in an unexpected place.

Karen quickly excused herself.

“Uh, I… I mean that.”


“A robbery! That guy… I guess you could say he was this man’s colleague…”

“A colleague? That’s a lie! “This man was alone!”

“I had to leave for a while due to circumstances. calm down.”

“Are you serious?”

The woman tried to get Kang Seol to confirm the facts.

Kang Seol quickly nodded.

“Phew… I’m… Oh my! “I was rude!”

“are you okay. Even I would have been surprised, that… human girl.”

“My name is Sarah. “Please call me Sarah, pretty fairy sister.”

“what? Kahaha! Did you hear? Did you hear? master!”

“You are the owner?”

“No, that… Snowman, a fellow adventurer who is close to me.”

Leaving behind Karen, who seemed to be introducing herself as a close co-worker, Kang Seol asked Sarah.

“Sera, my name is Snowman. “Excuse me, but where am I?”

“Oh look at my mind. Snowman, this is a water fog village north of Audenin. “They say it was named so because water mist spreads around the lake every morning!”

– It’s TMI…

– Since I was in LA, the water fog village has been…

– Sarah is so cool haha.

Kang Seol’s eyes hardened coldly for an instant. However, no one noticed his reaction because he soon smiled again.

“okay. That Sarah. “I think I need to change my clothes, so could you please leave for a moment?”

“Of course!” Change your clothes comfortably. “I’ll stay outside!”



Sarah hit her forehead against the door as she left.

– 10 points.

– It’s perfect. I’m going to go edit the fan art right now.

– Hahahahaha that’s a real rat.

After seeing that she had gone out, Kangseol took out Chao’s scroll from his belongings.

“…I think I came to the right place.”

The first sentence of the scroll began like this:

– Go to Water Mist Village, located north of the large city of Audenin, south of the east side of Shadow Canyon.

[The next adventure begins.]

[The twelfth adventure begins.]

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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
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Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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