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The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman Chapter 618

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Chapter 618

Raon left the dorm after completing all preparations to return to the family.

“Are you ready?”

Judiel and Jubel were sitting under a tree near the dorm, waiting, as if they had finished preparing a while ago.

“yes. “I didn’t bring anything in particular.”

Judiel smiled slightly, showing the small wrapping cloth he was holding in his hand. The expression is alive. Ever since she met her brother, she felt like her emotional dam had burst.

“I also brought nothing other than weapons and night clothes, so we can just continue like this.”

Jubel smiled awkwardly, pointing to his waistband where the dagger was hidden.

“Maybe because we are brother and sister, our smiles are similar. let’s go.”

Raon gestured to the two people and headed towards the village exit. Even before I could see the exit door, I saw the Sran tribesmen standing in a row.


Raon approached the leader of the Sran tribe, who was standing in the center of the tribesmen, and bowed his head.

“Thank you so much. “Thanks to you, I have a good rest.”

“You’re rested, right? “I saw only the right things every day.”

The tribal leader looked Raon up and down and laughed.

“For me, that’s relaxing.”

“Of course, spirit is the best. I still dream of you. “I will never forget the red eyes I saw that night.”

He shook his shoulders, saying he could still feel the momentum he had when he stopped the fight.

“sorry. At that time, I was in a hurry… .”

“No, thank you.”

The tribal leader shook his head while holding Raon’s hand.

“I was very excited at the time. If it weren’t for you, many of our children would have died.”

He said his sincere thanks and slowly closed his eyes.

“If you have any difficulties in the future, please contact me at any time. “If you call me, these guys and I will put everything aside and run.”

Chief Sran spread his arms and pointed at the entire tribe.

“What is that… .”

“We, the Sran tribe, never forget Eunwon. Thanks to you, everyone lives, so the entire tribe owes their lives. “I will help you even if it means putting my whole life on the line.”

“you’re right! Just speak at any time!”

“I will run even after eating!”

“I will go even after pooping!”

“Any time is fine, just tell me!”

The Sran tribesmen also raised their clenched fists as if they were determined to help.

“You don’t have to do that. I came after Judiel… .”

“Whatever the reason, isn’t it true that you saved us? Don’t be burdened. Because life is life.”

“hmm… .”

Raon shook his head. He told me not to be burdened, but it was so burdensome that his hands were shaking as he talked about his life.

“That is correct!”

A voice that seemed to shake the ground rang out from behind the village restaurant on the right.

Ogram kicked down the door and came out, chewing a piece of meat the size of a club.

“Federation Lord?”

-Hey, that one!

Lars’ eyes widened as he pointed at Ogram’s meat.

-My king wants to eat that meat too!

The guy hung on my shoulder, saying he wanted to eat the meat just as greedily.

‘Just stay still.’

Raon looked at Ogram after defeating Ras.

“What you said is correct… .”

“If you have been favored, you have to repay the favor, right?”

Ogram approached after tearing off a piece of meat the size of an adult man’s forearm.

“There is no need to refuse or feel burdened. “Because you’re just getting what you deserve.”

He smiled coolly and patted my shoulder.

“that’s right.”

Garona stayed next to Ogram and nodded. Even though he had bruises all over his face, he never lost his smile.

“Our Beast League has clearer intentions than any other force. “My brother saved the Sran tribe, so it’s natural for them to risk their lives for their brother.”

Raon took a step back and looked at the Sran tribe leader and the tribesmen.

As Ogram and Garona said, there was no false expression on their faces.

No matter how big or small, everyone seemed to genuinely want to help me.

“Of course me too! “I would sacrifice all my bones and flesh for my brother!”

Garona pounded her chest and shouted to call her at any time.

“Please bear with me.”

Raon waved his hands quickly and looked at the people standing across from him.

‘Are we connected again?’

Although it wasn’t intentional, it seemed like a coincidence led to a good relationship with them.

As Garona said, if I refused further, it would be a disgrace to them as well, so I made up my mind and came forward.

“thank you. “I will gratefully accept the favor of the Sran tribe.”

Raon lowered his head as he looked at the entire Sran tribe.

“Of course! “I think of them as brothers.”

The Sran tribe leader bowed his head and showed a flawless smile.

After exchanging greetings with the Sran tribe, Raon turned his attention to Jubel. The guy who understood the meaning of those eyes came forward.


Jubel bent his waist so that it was at a right angle towards the Thran tribe.

“I fooled you all. I have nothing to say. I’m really sorry!”


Chief Sran shook his head calmly. The other tribesmen also looked at Jubel with calm eyes, without showing any malice in their eyes.


Jubel’s eyes widened as if he hadn’t expected such a reaction.

“Anyone who lived like you would have lived like that. “Thank you for your courage.”

The Thran tribe leader approached Jubel.

“Next time, come as Jubel, not Philip.”

As he said that, he held Jubel’s shoulder.


Jubel lowered his head again. His shoulders trembled slightly and rain drenched the warm ground.


Garona came next to Raon and placed his arm around Raon’s shoulder.

“I heard that you have achieved great sea martial arts. Please tell me the secret!”

He raised his hand to ask. I don’t see anything like jealousy. He was really just asking for advice. Beyond his innocence, he was a person who made you feel at ease just by looking at him.

“Believe in yourself.”

Raon gave me the best advice I can give right now. Gyeokhaemu had to gain enlightenment on his own, so if he gave any more hints than this, he might not be able to achieve it in his life.


Garona tilted her head as if she didn’t understand.

“Brother! Easier! Easier explanation… .”

“You idiot!”

Ogram hit Garona on the head as she asked the question again.

“Kkueh… .”

Garona fell to the ground with a loud noise that sounded like a piece of iron being crushed.

“That bit of advice is enough. “There is no such thing as an easy way!”

Ogram frowned and draped the fallen Garona over his shoulder.

“It’s been a hard time.”


“My final piece of advice is that sometimes you have to take the difficult path to go further and deeper. Don’t be like this guy. and… .”

He took out a yellow piece of paper from his pocket.

“This is a letter to your matriarch. “Be sure to show it to him.”

“All right.”

I took Ogram’s letter and put it in my inner pocket.

“Then go.”

He waved his hand as if telling him to leave quickly.

Raon bowed his head to Ogram and then turned around. He shook his hands as he looked at Judiel and Jubel, who were showing smiles and tears, respectively.

“Let’s go back. To Sieghart.”

* * *

Rimmer stood in the center of the 5th training hall and pulled out his sword with his prosthetic hand. A completely different feeling than before. But my mind was hotter than ever.

I swung the sword lightly as if performing basic swordsmanship. The blade, illuminated by sunlight, fell down, creating a beautiful halo of light.

The wind that poured in after the sword left a deep sword mark on the floor.

‘Not bad.’

Rimmer licked his lips and added a little more aura to the mana circuit of his prosthetic arm. The wind energy contained in the Danjeon fluctuated and a powerful wind spewed out through the hand.


Once you get used to the feel, it won’t be much different from your original arm.

The prosthetic arm created by Encia had movements as natural as the original arm, and the use of wind energy was even stronger.

It seemed to be because the branches of the World Tree embedded within the arm amplified the energy of the wind.

‘I can’t believe it was such a good thing that I used my arms.’

I had no idea that unfolding my sword with my own hand would make me laugh so much.

They say that humans find happiness only when they experience loss, and that was true.

‘It’s not Yuji, but it could become stronger.’

At first, I was determined not to get in the way of Gwangpungdae, but after I got the prosthetic arm, the path to martial arts that had been blocked was slowly opening up. I felt like I could surpass my prime if I continued to practice like this.

‘They didn’t give it to me when I wanted it so much, but life is so amazing.’

When I wanted to gain something, I ignored it and gave up, and now I can see the light. The god of martial arts was very picky.


Rimmer narrowed his eyes and let out the wind energy concentrated in his hands as if it were exploding.


The green wind that bloomed above the silver sword blade passed through the sky and came down, creating a clear wind. It was a gentle breeze that cooled Gwangpungdae’s sweat-filled forehead.

Rimmer lowered his sword and smoothed the prosthetic arm’s shoulder. The connection part was soft, so there was no pressure at all. I felt like I would never have to take it off for the rest of my life.

‘I owe you a big debt.’

And that too for both of them.

I was just grateful to Encia, who made the prosthetic hand, and to Raon, who brought all the materials for the prosthetic hand.

Rimmer put his sword into its scabbard while thinking about what to do with the two people.


As I was catching my breath and stabilizing the Auror, the training room door opened and Dorian came in.

“Raon is coming back!”

Dorian smiled brightly, waving his hand to everyone in the frenzy.

“hmm… .”

Rimmer watched the suddenly darkening sky and quenched his appetite.

‘That guy. ‘I feel like I’m going to have an accident today?’

* * *

Jungmu Jeonju’s office.

Thump thump.

A harsh knocking sound was heard from outside the office of the head radio operator, which had a luxurious yet dignified atmosphere.

“Come in.”

Karun, the heavy warrior, put down his teacup and nodded.

Unlike the knock, the door opened cautiously, and his butler came in and bowed his head.

“They say Raon Sieghardt is making a comeback.”

“It’s pretty late.”

“There is a story that he learned martial arts from King Ya.”

“It’s not like a raccoon, and it looks like it eats up everything you give it.”

Karun tapped the desk with his long fingers.

“So I think you should go to Gajujeon now.”

“Is this a call from the matriarch?”


“It’s become a family event to invite him every time he returns.”

He frowned as if he didn’t like it at all.

“By the way… .”

The butler slightly rolled his eyes.

“Is it okay to just stay like this? If Raon Sieghardt says that Judiel was in the heavy radio division… .”

“You broke the link and erased all the evidence. “It’s meaningless to talk about it alone.”

Karun calmly shook his head as if examining the entire situation.

“And I think he won’t talk.”


“Raon Sieghardt values ​​his people more than anyone else. “It’s clear that he will quietly retreat because harm could come to those two.”

“that… .”

“okay. You’re making a deal with me. The deal is that we will bury this incident and not touch Judiel and his younger brother. He’s a smart guy, so he’ll know what to do.”

He calmed his eyes as if he had predicted all of Raon’s thoughts.

Karun emptied what little tea was left in his cup and stood up.

“Then go. “If you want to show that there is no problem, you shouldn’t change.”

“I will take you there.”

The butler opened the door to the office.

Karun put on a fancy uniform with Sieghart’s emblem on it and left the office. His eyes flashed coolly like an owl stalking the darkness.

‘Raon Sieghardt.’

That’s why you’re no good to me.

* * *

Raon turned his eyes to the left as he entered Gajujeon. He saw Karun standing in front of the pillar closest to the platform.

‘It’s peaceful.’

He was looking straight ahead with calm eyes, as if he had decided that I couldn’t say anything.

‘The thoughts are clearly visible. And usually you’re right.’

Because that’s the way to protect Judiel and Jubel.

‘But I’m not an ordinary human.’

I stood in the center of the family battle, determined to crush that annoying expression.

“See you, matriarch.”

I stood in the center of the family hall, knelt down, and bowed my head.

“Meet the matriarch!”

Judiel and Jubel, who followed behind, bowed their heads together. Fortunately, I was given training in advance and showed a proper example without being nervous.

“Get up.”

I raised my head at Glenn’s call. He lowered his gaze with a stiff expression, as if he were a mannequin.

“Raon Sieghardt.”


“You said you were training nearby, but why did you go to the place where the Sran tribe is?”

Glenn rested his chin on his fist and nodded.

‘Now I know what you mean.’

The meaning of that expression and posture was to tell the people here what they had been going through.

“Let me explain from the beginning.”

Raon lowered his head and pointed to Judiel behind him.

“I have a dedicated maid.”

“My name is Judiel.”

Judiel came forward and bent down.

“She has one younger brother from whom she was separated when she was young. I knew that and made a promise to her that I would somehow find her brother. She requested her information from the black market and was waiting… .”

Raon briefly explained what had happened so far.

“… That’s how I was able to come back with the two of us.”

After explaining everything, there was silence for a moment within the family hall.

“Big, make a promise, and keep your promise.”

Glenn quietly recited. The corner of his mouth shook as if there had been an earthquake, as if a strange memory had come to mind.

“It’s a very easy task, but it’s also a very difficult task.”

“you’re right!”

Aris raised her hand.

“In an age where promises are thrown away like devotion, there will never again be a man who follows through and keeps his maid’s promise to the end like that.”

She nodded loudly, as if proud.

“Personally, I think it’s meaningless, but it’s cool.”

“okay. It was a warrior-like action.

“It makes my blood boil to hear that you single-handedly stopped both the assassin and the Thran tribe.”

Other major and minor owners also smiled or raised their fingers as if they had done well.

“It was Sieghardt’s behavior as a prosecutor! “Of course, I didn’t make the promise myself!”

Balder nodded, saying it was a good thing, but it was something he would not have done.


“Good work. good job.”

Karun didn’t say anything, and Denier only showed a small smile.

“Kuhm! “It was definitely a personal matter, but since I gave a favor to one of the six emperors, I can’t say it’s not meritorious.”

Glenn cleared his throat and covered his mouth with his hand. At the same time, she spoke faster and, miraculously, her pronunciation was not slurred. Her mouth seemed to be wide open.

“To Raon Sieghardt… .”


Raon lowered his head with his hand on his chest.

“I still have something left to tell you.”


“Didn’t I tell you that my maid was separated from her younger brother when she was young?”


“There is someone else who did that. Hehehe!”

As he said those words, he covered his mouth, similar to Glenn.

“A scumbag who caused a brother and sister with good friendship to be separated… .”

Raon chewed his lip, expressing both anger and sadness. With tears in his eyes, he slammed his fists on the floor.

“Huh… .”

“eww… .”

Judiel and Jubel also knelt down, lowered their heads, and began to sob.

“Who is that!”

Balder raised his fist as if he was going to chase after him right away.

“I don’t know anything else, but I’ll take care of that guy!”

“You stay still, I will kill you.”

Aris gritted his teeth.

“Everyone shut up.”

Glenn leaned his upper body forward and furrowed his brows. She felt like a lightning flash was shining in his red eyes.

“Say it. “What kind of guy did that?”

“hmm… .”

He bit his lip as if he was annoyed and turned his gaze to Karun. Following that gaze, the eyes of everyone in the throne room turned to Karun.

Raon twisted the corner of his mouth as he looked at Karun’s suddenly distorted eyes.

-The devil of hatred has descended… .

Lars shook his head as he watched Raon forcibly narrowing his ocean-wide shoulders.

-Just put away the sword and act!

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