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The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman Chapter 659

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Chapter 659:

Raon left Ras in distress and looked closely at the message that appeared in front of him.

[You created the martial arts of Ascension, < Gwangpungryu >.]

[Received the recognition of < Wrath >.]

[With the effect of the title < Young Master > and the recognition of < Fury >, the martial arts of Ascension grows into the martial arts of Choi Sangseung.]

[You have acquired Garunua.]

[All abilities increase by 25 points.]

The flow of the wind current engraved in the mana circuit has caused a slight change.

The wind that arose on its own gently wrapped around the entire body as if it had life, and then roughly swept through the entire training room.

I still don’t know what exactly has changed, but I can feel that an important group of Gwangpungryu has risen to the next level.

What fills in what follows is the effect of increasing ability scores. The sensation became sharper, as if my muscles and bones had grown stronger and my skin had swelled.

As soon as it was called Gwangpungryu, it seemed like it was a good name to see the rewards pouring in.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the part about Gwangpungryu becoming Choi Sangseung’s martial art.


-Why are you calling me! You live in heaven!


I don’t know what Lars himself would think, but from my perspective, it could only sound like a compliment. I smiled awkwardly and pointed the message at him.

‘What does it mean for Muhak to become Choi Sangseung?’

-joy. The martial arts called Gwangpungryu that you created spanned the realm of ascension and supreme elevation from the beginning. That was the reason why King Bon said it was okay. However, because of your sloppiness, the last piece was a little distorted.

Lars slightly bent his round fingers and shook his head.

-Thanks to King Bon’s great praise, the distorted piece moved on its own and straightened into its original form.

The guy lifted his chin to show his gratitude.

‘The last piece…’

Raon activated the wind blow. No, as soon as I thought about it, the wind automatically rose up and wrapped around the back of my hand.

‘This is…’

I swallowed dry saliva as I looked at the wind that rose like a shield protecting the back of my hand.

‘Is it automatic sensitization?’

The most important thing I thought about while creating Gwangpungryu was compatibility with Gwangpungdae swordsmen.

I wanted to create an auxiliary martial arts program that would help them learn other martial arts skills and help them grow further.

It seemed as if the purpose remained the same and even achieved sensation and resonance to make the caster comfortable.

Now, once the wind wave is activated, the wind follows the caster’s body according to the caster’s will without any need for separate operation.

It was also the wind that was most suitable for that moment due to the effect of Garunua.

-A sharp wind blows when attacking, and a strong wind blows when defending. That too automatically. It’s so uneducated that it’s a piece of shit!

Lars suddenly shouted that he didn’t like it and furrowed his brows. It was nothing short of high praise.

‘okay. ‘It could be Choi Sang-seung’s martial arts degree.’

I thought it would be difficult to create a sense of martial arts with just one sword, but the system made up for that deficiency. It was no exaggeration to say that it was a coincidence.


Raon smiled at the message sent by the system.

-Not that guy! I have to say thank you to my king!

That was when Lars jumped up, waving his hands. The existing message disappeared, and a new message filled its place.

[The title < Young Grandmaster > is converted to < Grandmaster >.]

[All abilities increase by 5 points.]

[The grade of the attribute < Concentration > increases.]

[The grade of the attribute < Indomitable Will > increases. ]

-Stop giving it away! This guy’s stomach is going to explode!

Lars screamed, asking why he was so generous when he wasn’t even yours.

Raon smiled as he looked at the < Focus > attribute in the message.

‘No matter how much I think about it, concentration seems to be my best trait.’

The reason I often fell into selflessness and entered the realm of ascension was all because I had a high level of < Concentration > trait.

At first, I didn’t think it was a big deal, but now that I think about it, it’s an ability as valuable as the Ring of Fire.

‘It helps me in many ways.’

In fact, even if Lass wasn’t there, he would have become stronger because of his memories of his past life and the ring of fire.

However, it would have been impossible to reach the intermediate level of Grand Master like now, and he could have died during the mission. When I thought of that thought, I became grateful to Lars and the system.


Raon patted Lars’ round back with sincerity.

-What are you doing?

Lars was startled and took a step back. The guy turned his head like a cat and licked his back with his tongue.

-Why are you doing this all of a sudden?

“No, thank you.”

-Cancel it! Cancel it now! What kind of curse did you place on this king?

“It’s not a curse, it’s sincere…”

-Shut up! There’s no way someone like you could say thank you!


I just said thank you, but I couldn’t respond when it came out like that.

“What on earth do you think of me?”

Raon let out a laugh as he looked at Lars who was growling.

-angel! Elyos! Celestial God!

No, that’s a compliment….

* * *

Raon summoned all of the Gwangpungdae immediately after leaving the training room.

Burren, Marta, and Runan stood at the foot of the platform with the swordsmen, while Mark Goeton straightened his back on the platform.

Rimmer, who arrived late, lay down on the right side of the podium, his special seat, and yawned long.

Raon looked at the faces of the prosecutors one by one and then went up to the stage.

“Everyone probably knows why I entered the training room.”

Gwangpungdae nodded as if he knew of course.

“It was the invention of martial arts for Gwangpungdae. Luckily, that goal was achieved.”

Raon smiled slightly, looking at Gwangpungdae’s eyes sparkling with anticipation.

“You’re really crazy…”

Martha let out a laugh as if it was absurd.

“What kind of martial arts can you make in one week?”

“That’s right. “I thought it would take at least a month.”

Despite saying that it was hard to believe, Buren smiled enthusiastically. His eyes were emitting a hotter light than the other swordsmen.

“As expected, my choice wasn’t wrong.”


Runaan tilted his head as if asking what he was saying.


Burren waved his hand as if it was no big deal.

“What is the name of the new Muhak you created?”

Crane asked, raising his hand.

“It’s a wild wind.”

“Freak? Is it a storm again? “God doesn’t give everything. I don’t know about anything else, but my sense of naming is very poor.”

He chuckled and said that he knew nothing but a storm.


Raon nodded, twisting the corner of his mouth.

“Well said. crane.”


Crane widened his eyes as if wondering what he was talking about.

“It is difficult to get a sense of what type of martial arts it is just from the name Gwangpungryu. “It would be right to show it directly.”

While saying that, he raised his finger.

“Unique crane forward.”

“Oh my…”

Crane looked around with his chin shaking, but no one made eye contact with him.

“As expected, there is nothing wrong with what adults say. “The less said, the better.”

Dorian took a mask from his stomach pouch and covered his mouth.


Crane chewed his lip and climbed onto the platform. It was a walk that was weaker than that of a zombie.

“You don’t have to worry so much.”

Raon looked at the crane and waved his hand lightly.

“I won’t use flame or frost.”




Crane chewed his lip and pulled out his sword, as if he thought it would be worth it without using the flame and frost aura.

“I’ve improved my skills too! “Don’t regret it later!”

He shouted and kicked the floor.


Sharp sword energy erupted from Crane’s sword and was shot simultaneously toward the shoulder, waist, and thighs. Fast, yet flashy movements. It would not be strange to say that I grew up on my own.

Raon did not defend himself or use his aurors as he watched Crane’s sword attack coming at him quickly. I just raised my left hand.

As soon as I sensed the danger of the penetrating sword strike, wind surged from the back of my hand.

The wind shield filled with blue light exhaled a heavy breath.


Crane’s sword strike was unable to pierce the wind that surged from the back of his hand and faded away in vain.

Raon successfully defended himself and established the capital with his left hand. The wind that formed the shield gathered like clouds at the end of the capital, drawing a blunt club-like shape.

Ugh! Ugh!

Crane was hit in the stomach and fell to the bottom of the platform without any time to defend himself.


He screamed, clutching his stomach.

“It hurts even more! And what on earth was that wind just now?”

Crane struggled with his limbs, caught between pain and curiosity. Even though he was hit directly, he looked like he wasn’t sure what hit him.

“The auror didn’t move, so why did the wind and light….”

“The auror wrote.”

Raon looked at the crane and shook his head.

“Because I was activating the Wind Wind Style before you came.”

“Oh, I didn’t feel anything?”

Buren swallowed dry saliva and approached the podium. It seemed even more surprising because it had the same wind properties.

“Gwangpungryu is a little different from the martial arts we are learning now.”

Raon blew air over his fingers.

“This is a reaction rather than ignorance.”

“reaction? “Please explain in detail… yo!”

Martha pounded her chest in frustration.

“To put it simply, Gwangpungryu is an auxiliary martial art. An auxiliary martial arts training to make your swordsmanship stronger, faster, and more solid. However, there is no need to be aware of it.”

As soon as Raon finished speaking, the wind burning in his fingers turned into a huge waterspout and soared into the sky.

“As long as you manifest the wind wind flow, you don’t have to worry about anything else. “The wind will naturally assist your movements.”

“Well, is that possible?”

Mark Götten let out a sigh and his eyes trembled. It seemed like a shocking thing even to him who had encountered so many martial arts.

“It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. I used Gwanga Sword’s extra senses. Of course, it was also thanks to luck.”

“wait for a sec.”

Rimmer stood up and narrowed his eyes.

“There are many Martial Arts where the wind assists the Martial Arts. However, no matter how much it is said to be a martial art of rising, this is the first time I have heard of it being activated automatically, so it cannot be said that it is a martial arts class called Gwangpungryu….” “

Yes. “This is the martial arts of Choi Sang-seung.”

Raon nodded calmly.


At Choi Sang-seung’s words of martial arts, silence fell throughout the 5th training camp.

“Choi, Choi Sang-seung?”

“…Is our leader really crazy?”

Burren and Marta gaped as if they were dumbfounded.

“Choi Sang-seung…”

Even Runan must have been surprised, as the fierceness that filled her eyes melted.


“Two, the second Muhak created is Choi Sangseung?”

“Does that make sense?”

Gwangpungdae, who had come to his senses, could only mutter that it was hard to believe.

“Again, I was lucky. Even if we make it again, it won’t come out.”

Raon said it was really luck and waved his hand.

‘Because I didn’t actually make it with my own strength.’

The wind wave I created only reached the end of its ascent, but did not reach the highest level. It was thanks to Lars that Gwangpungryu became what it is today.


I blinked as I looked at Lars again.

-Such a lucky guy! Curse the king again!

Ras began chanting a strange spell to overcome the curse of the Elyos. It got annoying so I just left it alone.

“Creating Choi Sang-seung’s martial arts skills is not something that can be achieved by luck.”

Rimmer laughed and shook his head.

“If you think this is the end, it shows what’s next. “Now I don’t even know where your limits are.”

He blinked his eyes with an expression of boredom because he knew the value of Choi Sang-seung’s martial arts as much as his high level.

“I didn’t do it alone.”

Raon calmly closed his eyes and opened them.

“Dogeumjon’s martial arts books and the martial arts books given by the head of the family were helpful. And…”

He smiled slightly and looked at Rimmer.

“The vice-owner played the biggest role.”

“hmm? me?”

“I was able to build the pillar of Gwangpungryu thanks to the Vice Lord’s teaching and inspiration of Garunua. Without it, I would never have been able to build it. thank you.”

As he said that, he bowed his head deeply.

“…I see.”

Rimmer’s lips trembled slightly and then he smiled as if it was no big deal.

“Good work.”

When he waved his finger and was about to leave, Raon grabbed his shoulder.

“Where are you going?”

“to? Because it’s all over. “I’m at a gambling house…”

Rimmer swallowed dryly as he looked into Raon’s eyes, where coldness suddenly filled his eyes.

“There’s still time left.”

Raon smiled as he watched the setting sun.

“Let’s practice.”

“W-what kind of training is this! And in times like these, it’s normal to break up nicely!”

Rimmer scolded, asking if he had even seen the heroic story.

“I don’t know about heroic stories or anything like that. From now on, there will be no exceptions in Gwangpungdae.”

Raon’s mouth twisted viciously.

“We’re all staying in camp until we activate the Gwangpungryu!”

At those words, the complexions of everyone in the Gwangpungdan turned bright yellow.


“Um, all campers?”

“Isn’t it impossible to keep everyone in a camp until they learn the highest level of martial arts in the next year?”

“You could grow old and die here.”

“Yes, that’s right. He was that kind of person. The atmosphere was so good that I forgot about it…”

“Hey! Elf! “Why are you handing over Muhak to create another job?”

“Why did you give me inspiration?”

At the sudden notice, the Gwangpungdae rushed towards Limer, not Raon, and screamed evil.


Rimmer was in tears as he was being beaten by his students.

“Did I know that this crazy guy would create a top-class martial arts school?”

* * *

On top of Tiger Rock on Mt. Bukmang.


Roen looked down at the 5 training hall and let out a hollow laugh.

“I had high hopes that you would make a decent martial arts school, but I never expected it to be Choi Sang-seung’s military school!”

He nodded loudly, as if he was sincerely impressed.

“Choi Sang-seung is not the problem.”

Cheryl sighed and blinked rapidly.

“The method of invoking martial arts itself is so ingenious. It felt like a reinforced semi-automatic shield used by high-ranking wizards, but how could it be…

She asked with her mouth full, saying she didn’t know how she developed such martial arts skills.

“If you learn it properly, it can make a big difference in both defense and offense.”

Cheryl’s eyes sparkled as she said she was looking forward to Gwangpungdae’s growth.


Glenn looked at the 5 training hall, slightly bending his upper body and shaking his shoulders.

‘You like it as expected.’

‘of course. ‘How happy you must be that your grandson created Choi Sang-seung’s martial arts.’

Cheryl and Roen looked at each other and smiled as if they knew what Glenn’s face was like without having to see his expression.

“Matriarch. “How about calling Raon over soon and praising him?”

“you’re right. Choi Sang-seung’s martial arts skills are well worth it.”

The two came up with a new plan to narrow the distance between Raon and Glenn even a little.

“Damn it…”

However, contrary to the two people’s predictions, Glenn was pouring out anger with harsh eyes.

“Go, matriarch?”


Cheryl and Roen widened their eyes at Glenn’s unexpected reaction.

“Why, why are you doing that?”

“There is no way there is any problem with the martial arts created by Raon!”

The two people’s expressions became urgent because if they learn the wrong martial arts, their dantian and mana circuits could be damaged.

“That’s not it.”

Glenn chewed his lip and shook his head.

“It is uneducated that I have no choice but to admit. “He is not at all inferior to Choi Sang-seung.”

He acknowledged Gwangpungryu, saying he was a great martial artist.

“Then why…”

“Because I lost.”

Glenn clenched his fist until it made a crunching sound.

“You lost…”

“Raon said that a little while ago. “The person who helped me the most was that damn elf!”



At those words, a bewildered light filled Sheryl and Loen’s eyes.


Glenn chewed his lip while looking at Raon.

‘It’s amazing. ‘He’s such an amazing kid.’

No matter how transcendent a person he is, it is not easy to create Choi Sang-seung’s martial arts.

It’s hard to say that even he can do it now, but Raon created Choi Sang-seung’s martial arts in just one week.

I couldn’t help but be happy because it meant that there was another heavenly quality that was different from using martial arts.

However, something more upsetting happened.

‘I received the greatest help from Rimmer!’

I had predicted this situation ever since Raon said he had received Garunua from Rimmer.

I really wanted to go back and give him a better martial arts education, but such martial arts classes themselves were rare, and there was no guarantee that he would be a good fit for Raon.

In particular, the biggest problem was that there was no reason to provide compensation.

I was uneasy for some reason, but this is what happened in the end. My hands were shaking because I was angry that my name didn’t come out of Raon’s mouth in the end.

“Go, matriarch. “Don’t worry about it.”

“yes. “The matriarch’s name was also called, wasn’t it?”

Cheryl and Loen still looked dumbfounded, but shook their heads to somehow comfort Glenn.

“The world doesn’t remember second place. Only first place.”

Glenn gritted his teeth, looking at Rimmer, not Raon.

“Next time I will never lose!”


Cheryl and Roen’s eyes became bitter and cold.

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