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The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman Chapter 740

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Chapter 740

Glenn smiled even brighter as he looked at Raon, whose eyes were fluttering as if he was embarrassed.

‘This is my answer.’

I had a lot of worries.

Should I call Raon and ask him about the situation directly, or should I use the black market and the non-banquet to secretly investigate?

Aside from all that, I also agonized over whether I had the right to hear Raon’s situation.

After burning the Robert family, many thoughts ran through my mind, so I couldn’t even look at Raon properly.

‘I got the answer thanks to a simple guy.’

When I was unable to make a judgment about Raon, Ogram’s words awakened my dizzy mind.

When I heard Ogram’s declaration that he would believe in the child until the end, as Raon had saved his life, my dark mind brightened.

‘But I’m different from that idiot.’

Trusting the grandchild I accepted into my own hands does not mean that I will simply trust like Ogram.

It meant that I would trust him because he was a child I had been watching over since he was born.

You might think that Sylvia only came to the annex after 100 days, but she had been watching Raon ever since the moment he was called Sunshine.

I knew Raon better than anyone else because I was with him through his first cry, first walk, first laugh, first training, first sparring, first mission, and every moment of becoming a formal prosecutor.

‘Raon’s real talent is not martial arts.’

Raon is a strong-hearted and upright child, but he becomes weaker than anyone else when it comes to the weak.

Strong to the strong, weak to the weak. There is no one who suits the word ‘strong strong weak weak’ so well.

‘Thanks to this, Sieghardt’s reputation has risen beyond its prime.’

Raon’s performance added chivalry to Sieghardt’s impression of him as a vicious man.

Nowadays, rumors have spread that they are the most benevolent family on the continent.

‘If you don’t trust that kid, you can’t trust anyone.’

This is not about running away or backing down.

A child named Raon. It was just a basic act of trust in the grandson he had watched over his entire life.

“Everyone has secrets they cannot tell or things they are worried about saying.”

Glenn smiled slightly as he looked at Raon swallowing dry saliva.

“Me too.”

A past that only pursued war and military force, a sense of guilt toward Raon and Sylvia, and even a misplaced affection for the family.

My mind was filled with things I couldn’t reveal honestly.

“Raon. When you feel comfortable talking. And at the moment when all the facts can be revealed.”

Glenn held Raon’s shoulder and revealed a smile that erased the awkwardness.

“Come find me. “I will also tell you my secret.”



Raon paused for a moment, looking at Glenn, who was smiling comfortably, unlike when he was sitting on the throne.

‘I think it’s my first time seeing the head of the family smile like that…’

I saw Glenn laugh a few times, but most of the time it was a heavy or dry mockery.

I’ve never seen such a comfortable smile.

‘Do you really mean to believe in me?…’

As he said a moment ago, he seemed to believe in himself as a grandfather, not as the head of Sieghardt’s family.

Raon chewed his lips thinly.

‘What does this feel like…?’

The inside of my chest feels warm and tickles.

I covered myself with a warm blanket that had been dried in the sun, and a pleasant languor as if I was falling asleep filled my whole body.

However, I feel just a little bit frustrated. It wasn’t about Glenn, it was about myself.

‘Even if the head of the family believes me, I can’t explain everything.’

I couldn’t honestly say anything about being raised by Derus, dying and being reincarnated, or harboring the Demon Lord of Anger.

On the contrary, since I gained Glenn’s trust, I couldn’t stop talking even more.

His relationship with Sylvia may be broken, he may become distant from the people in the annex, and he may lose his comrades in the Gwangpungdae.

I couldn’t speak as I thought that my life as Raon Sieghardt could collapse.

However, when I stayed still even after seeing Glenn’s smile that said he would trust me, my heart ached even more.

-a little bit.

Lars calmly lowered his eyes.

-Tell me a little about King Bon.

The guy nodded, saying he thought he would be okay now. It seemed like he had the same thoughts as me.


Raon nodded to Ras and looked up.

“What the matriarch said is correct.”

I took a step closer to Glenn and moistened my lips.

“I can’t tell you when or how this bad relationship began, but I cannot live in a relationship with Derus Robert under the same weight.”


Glenn did not urge, but calmly nodded.

“It is true that I have other energies besides being a cartoonist.”

Raon looked at Lars floating in the air and let out a low breath.

“You may feel that it is a malicious energy, but it is absolutely not. “This is the strength of my friend, who is simple but loyal, and although insectivorous, cares for people more than anyone else.”

He said he was a friend and showed a sincere smile.

‘The word friend fits best.’

Thanks to Ras, I saw a wider world, thanks to Ras I was able to save many people, and thanks to Ras I was able to achieve half of my dreams.

The Lord of Wrath who came to me when I was young was a clear enemy, but the insectivore here now was my closest friend.

-Bo, why is King Bon a friend like you!

Lars shook his head with a red face.

-Huh! See, this king doesn’t raise any friends!

The guy was not a friend, but Suha turned his head and said he would accept him.

When I saw him shaking his shoulders, it didn’t seem like he was angry, but rather embarrassed.

“This is information I heard from a friend of mine, and it is said that the Elyos use something called divine power just like humans breathe. The reason Uriel was engulfed in golden light and ignored magic and auras was due to the ability called Holy Spiritification…”

Raon told Ra’s all the information he had heard about the Elyos.

“Thank you. “It will be a great help in the future fight.”

Glenn nodded to Raon with his back to the sea.

“At some point, I felt a mysterious energy coming from you. As you said, it was cold and cold, but at the same time it was straight and warm. “If I were your friend, I would definitely like to see you sometime in the future.”

He smiled slightly, saying that he would wait to introduce Lars.

“yes. “I will definitely introduce you.”

Raon said he would promise and bent down.

“okay. then.”

Glenn left the beach as if he had finished what he had to say.

“Let’s go back.”

He tapped me on the shoulder and walked towards the dorm first. He looked really comfortable, as if he had no regrets whatsoever.

“Thank you for your trust.”

Raon lowered his head towards Glenn’s back.


With a slightly trembling voice, I called Glenn by the title “Grandfather.”


Glenn stopped walking, groaning violently as if a knife had been stabbed in his back.

“Ha, grandpa?”

Raon hurriedly ran to Glenn and called him grandfather once again.

“That’s it! If you hear any more than that, you’ll die!”

Glenn waved his hand fiercely as if telling him to stop.

He covered the corner of his trembling mouth with his hand and turned his back.


Raon blinked as he looked at Glenn’s shaking legs.


Should I have called you grandpa yet?

I don’t understand Glenn’s reaction. I have no idea what’s wrong.

“I’m not going back now! “The meeting will be held again soon.”

Glenn said enough and disappeared from the scene.

‘Why are you doing that?’

-Raon Sieghart….

When Raon tilted his head, Lars turned his back and flicked his tail.

-Bo, my king will also be waiting! Even if something happened to you…

‘You want me to know.’

Raon looked at Lars and laughed.

‘I can’t stand it anymore, so I asked you to tell me everything and then…’


Lars shouted and turned his head.

-This King has the greatest patience in the Demon World! I can endure more than old Nadine Bread!

The guy raised his chubby fist, saying he would kill you if you spoke first.

-That’s it! Go eat something!

‘i get it. okay.’

Raon smiled and walked towards the direction of the restaurant.

-The king is in a good mood today, so I will tell you one big piece of information about Uriel. Oh, of course it’s definitely not because of your friend’s comment!

Lars rolled his round eyes and came to the side.

‘what is that?’

Raon pointed his finger at Lars.

-Let’s all eat and talk! First, let’s start with shrimp pizza!

Lars snorted, saying that food comes first.

‘It’s really annoying.’

Raon shook his head and entered the restaurant designated by Lars.



Rimmer, Cheryl, and Roen appeared above the sea water that Raon and Glenn were looking at.

“The head of the family calls Raon his grandson, and Raon calls the head of the family grandfather!”

Rimmer sniffled and chewed his lips.

“I have no choice but to die now! “It’s okay if I die like this!”

He rubbed his red eyes as if he was sincere.

“It took a long time.”

Cheryl sighed deeply and shook her hands.

“It takes other people over 20 years to do something as soon as they are born. “Ugh…”

She said she was tired and tapped her shoulder with her fist, but her complexion was brighter than ever.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been this happy.”

Roen smiled and nodded.

“Of course, it seems like the matriarch is happier than me.”

He clasped his hands together as he looked towards where Glenn had disappeared to.

“Still, it’s a little disappointing.”

Rimmer shook his head, brushing off the seaweed that was stuck to his forehead.

“What are you regretting?”

“It would have been better if I had just called him my grandson, rather than the grandson I took into my own hands.”

He continued, twirling his fingers.

“As you all know, the head of the family has cared for Raon from the beginning. “It was an opportunity to reveal it, but it was a waste.”

Riemer said he had to direct it himself and created a rectangle with the thumb and index fingers of both hands.

“Wasn’t it a regret that you didn’t hear Raon’s secret?”

Cheryl narrowed her eyes in surprise.

“You don’t have to tell any secrets.”

Rimmer shook his head resolutely.

“I trust the child named Raon. “That guy will become the king of Sieghart.”

He showed a sincere smile, showing more faith than Glenn.

“Now it seems like that wind wasn’t just a dream.”

Roen smiled and nodded.

“I believe in Raon too, but I’m a little curious…”

Cheryl twisted her lips, saying it was different from belief.

“You’ll hear it someday.”

Roen shook off the moisture as he went out to sea.

“Let’s go now. “The meeting will resume soon.”

“I guess so.”

“Ah, I lost track of time because I was seeing good things.”

Rimer and Cheryl also nodded and came out to the shore.

The three shook off the moisture from their clothes and entered the conference room where Glenn would be.

Glenn was sitting alone in the conference room, covering his red face.

“Matriarch. “You came early.”

Rimmer approached and smiled, pretending not to know anything.

“Did you guys enjoy it?”

Glenn narrowed his eyes as if he knew everything.

“As expected, you know.”

Rimmer was not embarrassed and raised his thumb.

“It was a lot of fun.”

“I liked it too. “I feel a little late.”

Cheryl quenched her appetite, saying it should have been a little faster.


Roen answered with a calm smile.

“I heard that the head of the family is also very shy. Every time I hear my grandfather’s voice, I’m told that I’m not good enough if I faint…”

“Rimer. ” A fishy smell stings my nose. “Wash up and come back.”

Glenn furrowed his brows as he looked at Rimmer.

“yes? “Just me?”

“okay. only you.”

“No, everyone went into the sea, so why am I the only one….”

“Because you’re the only one with a fishy smell!”

“Oh, it’s unfair! Always to me…”

“Shut up and get out!”

He kicked Rimmer’s ass and kicked him out of the conference room.



Cheryl and Roen kept their mouths shut for fear of sparks flying, so they didn’t say anything.


When Glenn sat down again after driving out Rimmer, the heads of the Five Emperors and the heads of the neutral forces, who had finished eating, entered the conference hall one by one.

“Then let’s continue the meeting. “Let’s not leave it until tomorrow.”

Chamber muttered that he should go to bed early to avoid damaging his skin and bit into a lollipop.

“Then, the rest of the agenda…”

When Roselyn stood up and was about to bow her head, Glenn waved his hand.

“Before that, tell me first. First…”

Glenn leaned his upper body forward and told Raon the information he had heard.

“Did you hear it in the meantime? “You’re short-tempered.”

Chamber laughed and waved his hands.

“So, the story about Raon’s power and Derus…”

“I didn’t ask about that.”

Glenn shook his head with peaceful eyes.


“Because I trust my grandson.”

He straightened his shoulders and said the same thing he said to Raon.

“Um, but…”

“If a problem arises because of that child, I will risk my life to take responsibility.”

Glenn laughed without regret, saying he would risk his own neck.

“That will be enough, right?”



Raon let out a tired sigh as he looked at the empty plates full of food on the spacious table.

‘Are you satisfied with this?’

Thanks to Lass, I ate all the seafood dishes in the restaurant. I was so tired from eating that I couldn’t even move my fingers anymore.


Lars forcibly lowered the corner of his mouth and waggled his tail.

-It’s near the beach, so the seafood is definitely fresh. It wasn’t bad!

The guy muttered that it was okay, unlike when he ate it up like a glutton.


“Did you eat all that by yourself?”

“I think your skills are greater than your swordsmanship, right?”

“There is nothing that is not surprising…”

People who recognized Raon said in vain that he had an amazing appetite.

‘Now tell me the information about Uriel.’

Raon grabbed Lars by the tail and dragged him onto the table. There was Derus’s problem, but I wanted to hear at least one little piece of information for Glenn.

-Isn’t there still ice cream left?

Lars shook his head, saying the calculations were not yet complete.

‘boring. really.’

Raon sighed and opened the box of beaded ice cream he had purchased in advance.

The spicy scent of mint chocolate came along with the white chill.


Lars was already familiar with the taste, so he licked his tongue in anticipation.

Raon took out a piece of mint chocolate and put it in his mouth. A taste as spicy and sweet as the scent enveloped my tongue.

-Off! This is it!

Lars clenched his fists.

-This is how I live despite your mistreatment!

The guy seemed so happy that even his shoulders were shaking.

‘Now say something.’

Raon gestured to Ras, whose chin was shaking in ecstasy.

-Hmm, it’s annoying, but I guess I’ll keep my promise.

Lars nodded and got down on the table.

-Did you see the horn hanging on Uriel’s belt?’

‘It’s so special that it’s hard to forget even if you want to.’

There were three horns hanging around Uriel’s waist, but their shape was strange and did not look like anything from the Elyos.

-The name of the trumpet is the end.

Lars’ blue eyes were slit to a frightening length.

-This is the trumpet that the archangels call when they destroy the world.

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