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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 122

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As I entered the revolutionary army’s garrison, I saw an altar richly decorated with red flowers.

‘Okay, first place roses to the east and camellias to the west. To the north, red tulips…

This was like a kind of summoning circle, so its form was very important.

I nodded slowly.

“It’s perfect. “There’s nothing to criticize?”

Old Man Varmil smiled proudly at my praise.

“If anything, it has to be like that. “It’s an altar where I put all the know-how from my 50 years of life as a priest into it, so that’s how it should be.”


You lived as a priest for 50 years?

“Phew, then you won’t have to get hit like no one else.”

“huh? Bamboo spear? “What is that?”

“There is such a thing. A life so full that you just walk around with your eyes open and a beautiful female knight approaches you. The priest and I will never know. Taahuheuk!”

“…A female knight? “Are you full?”

“I offer my sincere condolences, High Priest.”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“Lowering! “Why are you saying such a strange thing to the wrong person?”

Varmilo still looks like he doesn’t know what to say, and Carl’s face is red.

“haha. So you shouldn’t have trampled on the female knight’s innocence, right?”

“What are you saying I trampled on?”

After finishing teasing both people at once, I turned back toward the altar.

The altar decorated with blood-red flowers was both gloomy and beautiful.

This was the stage where the god Aolem would descend this time.

‘Great Altar of Vengeance.’

Offering a sacrifice here was the most powerful way to summon the god of vengeance.

‘It’s a completely different form of advent than the normal advent.’

When a god descends to earth, the amount of divine power he can use varies greatly depending on the method of his descent.

From a level that is no different from an ordinary human being.

‘…even the incarnation of a god so great that he can split mountains and divide the sea.’

For this reason, gods who wanted to descend usually chose the easiest method.

The method was to borrow the body of the most powerful priest and appear in a temple that was almost like his own home.

‘Just like the other day, Goddess Cysiris appeared before me in the body of Archbishop Philippa.’

In other words, it was about making the most of one’s ruling area.

The god who appeared in this way was able to exercise his divine power at a level close to its maximum.

‘About 90%?’

90% of the body!

It meant transcendent power that could overwhelm all human NPCs in this underworld.

It would probably be impossible for even the strongest people, including Emperor Bareshan and General Jerez, to face Advent alone.


‘Anyway, it’s just a meaningless numbers game anywhere other than a temple.’

No matter how great God’s 90% power was, it was no different from meaningless power since it could not be used outside the temple.

Therefore, it was the same here and now.

This was an empty plain with no temples, and even if a temporary temple were built, the enemies would rush in and destroy the outer walls first.

In conclusion, Advent using the temple could not be used.

It wasn’t that there was no other way.

‘If it’s a war, the gods will try to intervene with their eyes lit, so they’ve prepared a way.’

Human tragedy is the entertainment of the gods.

Therefore, the human battlefield was like a huge amusement park for the gods, and the gods would always descend, even if it was through other means.

It was to descend in the body of an ‘apostle’ whom I had impersonated before.

‘An apostle is a being who represents the ideology and will pursued by the god.’

Unlike priests who took refuge on their own, these people who were carefully selected by God were like walking temples.

So, if you use them, they become a means of being able to descend as much as you want in a field like this.


‘…A god who descends on an apostle cannot properly exercise his divine power.’

At best, the maximum was 50%.

Compared to descending from a temple, it is at a level that is far short.

‘In human terms, around 8 stars?’

It wasn’t even possible for him to keep pouring out that much divine power.

Every time the god used his power, the apostle had to endure the repulsion by receiving it with his life force.

To easily explain this side effect, it was similar to being overloaded by performing the roles of temple and priest at the same time.

If the God’s power exceeds that critical point, the Apostle’s body will explode.

‘So when God descends in the body of an apostle, he doesn’t even change his appearance and leaves it as is.’

This was to save the spiritual power consumed in transformation.

Advent using an apostle like this was ineffective.

So I dismissed this method as well.

‘…Now the revolutionary army needs a big, beautiful room.’

The emperor sits on the throne of Certion in the distance, intent on war and conquest.

‘It must be used as a weapon that kills with a single blow that can cause shock and fear to that guy.’

Only by demonstrating God’s destructive power to the world could the outbreak of war be postponed.

In other words, it sends the message that if either side attacks, there will only be catastrophe.

In order to do that, Aeolem had to descend and show an enormous, untouchable power.

So I planned this altar.

The plan was to summon a special event related to Aolem and make Aolem descend in a new way.

< Reveal the truth >

[Event] It is said that some gods can grow only by eating faith, but other gods can grow only by drinking blood that is thicker than faith.

Apostle of vengeance, offer up your vengeance and sacrifice. Then the cruel god of vengeance will come down to this land.

‘The explanation is a bit vague…’

This event was the only way to make the god Aeolem descend to 100% status, even if only for a moment.

‘And it is also a method that can only be used if several special conditions are met.’

Aeolem is the god of vengeance.

Therefore, what he loved most was naturally ‘the one who takes revenge.’

The more the avenger had a deep grudge, the more I liked it.

The stronger the object of revenge, the more I liked it.

Therefore, it was an event in which establishing the conditions was inevitably quite difficult.

However, I happened to have people who met these conditions at the right time.

…None other than Legion Commander Palamir and the slaves imprisoned in his underground camp.

They were the main characters of this event.

“Let’s get started.”

When I gestured, High Priest Varmilo nodded and the priests appeared with three people of a different race.

Among the slaves that Palamir had imprisoned, they were those who came forward to take revenge on him and were appointed as apostles by Aeolem.


I looked at their faces carefully.

First of all, a male elf with a beautiful face.

‘I think they’re probably a yellow elf of the level of a knight-in-training.’

Next are the half-human, half-dog beastmen with ears covered in red fur.

‘So, the female warrior of the Red Hounder clan? ‘They are incredibly persistent warriors.’

And last.

He was a young male dwarf who had not even grown a beard yet.


But the guy seemed anxious and his hands were shaking.

And that frozen expression.

‘This is a bit unusual.’

When I felt that, I couldn’t help but look at Varmilo for a moment.

“High Priest, will that dwarf be okay? “It seems like your condition is too unstable?”

Then Varmilo Dimarc scratched the side of his head and whispered to me.

“Hmm… that guy had a hard time until the end because he wasn’t able to stabilize himself well. But Aolem is the most interested, so there won’t be any problem.”

…Aeolem is interested?

“is it so? I understand for now.”

They said that the god who would receive the sacrifice liked it, but for now, there was no other way than to believe it.


The sight of those lining up in front of the altar was special enough to grab everyone’s attention.

They were all wearing the priestly uniforms of the Aeolem Church, and a powerful energy was rising from the god’s emblem on their backs.

‘…the power of Aeolem.’

That was divine power.

A powerful mystical power given directly by God.

This was evidence that they had just been appointed as apostles by Aolem.

The three people wrapped around it opened their mouths at the same time toward the altar.

“O divine Aolem, who touches perfect forgiveness without mercy…” “

We will become your apostles and forever sing the glory of vengeance and sing hymns of praise…” “

So you wish. “Please come down to this earth and give me just one word…”

The ritual for the advent of Aeolem began in earnest.

The soldiers who were watching the altar surrounding it all fell silent.


The direction of the blowing wind changed.

‘The atmosphere is no joke.’

I was watching the ceremony unfold, swallowing with my arms crossed.

Of course, I’ve only seen it a few times in games, but now that it’s become a reality, it’s so serious and reverent that it creates a lot of tension.

There were quite a few onlookers, but no one could speak.

And the expressions on the three apostles’ faces were just as cautious.

They performed the rites step by step, following the order taught in advance by the priests.

“So we offer you our grudges and our sacrifices.”

“I earnestly hope that you will appear on this earth….”

“…Give me just one word. Then, by your will, I will make this earth turn red.”

As soon as those words were finished, the priests appeared carrying something.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

That was Palamir Sodin, whose entire body was bound and his mouth was gagged.

‘Life is fleeting.’

As the commander of the 1st Corps, he enjoyed all kinds of authority.

In an instant, it turned into something so miserable.

“Hmm? Ugh! Sigh! “Ugh!”

The guy who was struggling while being held by the priests started yelling something at me.

Judging from the red bloodshot eyes, it looks like he has something he wants to tell me.

“What are we going to do, prince? “This might be the last time, so listening to his story for a moment…?”

Old Man Varmil expressed his opinion like that, but…

“No? why? “Are you busy?”

I shook my head vigorously.

“I don’t have any questions, so let’s just move on quickly.”

Palamir’s role now was that of a ‘sacrifice’ to be offered to Aeolem.

It was nothing more than an ‘object’ to be presented to God by slaves who had a grudge against him.

‘Things have no words.’

So, I completely ignored his shouting.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

“What kind of voice is this guy who treated other people like objects trying to speak out now?”

Human rights are also guaranteed to those who protect them.

So there was no reason for him to be considerate of that.

“Now, let’s go!”

I quietly motioned to the priests and Palamir was carried onto the altar.


In the end, Palamir sank down as if he had resigned himself.

There was something else that bothered me more than that.

‘That little dwarf.’

After Palamir was moved onto the altar, the dwarf boy was trembling and glaring at him.

The other apostles also suffered serious damage when they were held as slaves by him, so they did not look calm at all.


The dwarf boy was glaring at the guy with a particularly scary look.

The sight of life and anticipation pouring out from behind was truly eerie.

‘I see you keep putting your hand inside your chest and fiddling with it…’

Is he holding a knife or something?

‘I think something will happen as expected.’

I sensed this and spoke to Hael using communication magic.

-Don’t you think that dwarf kid is hiding something in his arms? Could you please take a look?

-Yes, got it. I’ll take a look.

-thank you.

Meanwhile, the ancestral rites continued.

The apostles walked slowly toward the altar, muttering prayers to the god Aolem.

Now was the final step.

All the apostles had to do was touch Palamir once to dedicate their revenge to God.

Then Aeolem will descend.

It was at that moment that Hael’s urgent voice reached my ears.

-Guilloshan! It’s a bomb! That kid is trying to set off a bomb here!

It’s not a knife, it’s a bomb?

“Everyone step back!”

I urgently deployed defensive magic and rushed at the dwarf boy.

‘Even if this bastard trolls, he will still do it!’

A useless suicide bomb attack…!

But at that moment.

“Wow, the summer air is cool for once!”

Something completely unexpected happened.


Even though the ancestral rites weren’t completely over yet, I could already feel the confused looks.

“Hey human prince! You come to work. “You cute and cheeky Shecky!”

Shin was holding the dwarf boy’s wrist and smiling heartily at me.

I slightly raised the tips of my eyes.

“…Aeolem? Is that you?”

“Yes, it is me. “You sheepshaki!”


“I wanted to see you dirty!Kkekekekeke!”

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