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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 129

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Episode 129

: The Problem of Swordsmanship

Two days later.

Rattling rattling.

Wagons were lined up and running across the plain.

Inside were imprisoned imperial knights who had become prisoners of the revolutionary army.

The rearmost carriage.


The four knights, whose limbs were bound by strong restraints, were now in a state of heavy silence.

Rodrigo Iesta.

Osorma Tanik.

Salet Firddin.

And even Kermal Karmodo.

They were the most senior among the captured knights, and so they were in a state of deep distress.

Two days ago, I fearlessly confronted the 3rd prince, but as the confrontation slowly approached, I couldn’t help but feel worried.

First of all, the pressure of fighting the prince as a knight of the empire was also stressful.

‘What should I say about this….’

My embarrassment about this situation was even greater.

‘…If we are defeated, you will send us back to the Empire and let us be executed? Where are all these extraordinary threats coming from?’

Kermal Carmodo quietly closed his eyes while sitting in a shaking carriage.

The seasoned knight commander was now thinking about the Third Prince Giloshan.

The prince, famous for his nickname ‘Pig Prince’, was known as the bastard of bastards who was confined to his royal palace and devoted himself to drinking, singing, and dancing.

In the first place, the derogatory name itself was meant to mock him for gaining a lot of weight.

However, the 3rd prince I met at the front was not a ‘pig’ at all.

‘…He wasn’t even a bastard.’

Although he spoke and acted like a bastard, Gilroshan was by no means a bastard.

He clearly had what he wanted and even had the decisiveness to push his opponents to achieve it.

If you were to call this an idiot, you should have questioned the intention of the person who said that.

In other words, he was a completely different person from what was known to the public.

‘But then he suddenly decided to deal with all of us…’

Why on earth?

Baron Carmodo was frustrated because he could not understand the true intentions.

Why on earth did Third Prince Giloshan make such a proposal?

Do you really just want to beat up the knights of the empire?

Or is it because you want to spoil the imperial family and the emperor like you said yesterday?


When Kermal Carmodo’s question was wandering in his mind without an answer.

“Do you think the Third Prince can defeat us?”


“…It is a reckless challenge. “He will fall by my sword.”

The other three were talking about the fight itself that was about to begin.

‘Osorma Tanik’, the assault leader of the Eastern Shield Knights, and ‘Salet Firdin’, the deputy leader of the Northern Mountain Knights.

The two drivers maintained a cautious attitude just like yesterday.

“You might be hiding something. They may have set a huge trap…”

“They are probably trying to take full advantage of the fact that we are currently in a situation where we cannot use magic power.”

The two knew from their previous experiences on the battlefield that the god of vengeance was closely related to Giloshan.

In addition, the 3rd prince himself had experienced that his inaction was greater than anyone could have imagined.

So, I was trying not to hastily predict Giloshan’s potential.

But on the contrary to them…

“…then you’re just a bastard prince!”

Rodrigo Iesta, vice-captain of the Southern Attack Knights, was stubbornly rejecting that cautious attitude.

“You don’t even need magic power! “If only I had a proper sword, he would be trampled to death like a bug!”

Rodrigo is furious with a very red face.



Seeing that, Osorma and Salet exchanged silent glances and fell silent.

In fact, it was a well-known story among nobles.

‘It goes beyond Sir Rodrigo Iesta’s dislike of the 3rd Prince to a feeling close to hatred.’

For that reason, Rodrigo participated in this expedition even though it was somewhat difficult.

…Rodrigo Iesta has reached the late 7-star level at the age of 33.

He was one of the talented knights with a promising future and was a capable soldier who held the position of vice-captain of the Advance Knights, one of the important forces of the empire, at a young age.

However, he also had one serious weakness: the existence of his younger sister.

‘You said your name was Elana, right?’

‘According to the comments of socialites, she was said to be a very beautiful girl, although her personality was a bit rough.’

According to what Osorma and Salet remember, ‘Elana Iesta’ was like a rising star in the Kerlion social circle.

She was such a beautiful young lady that many noble men expressed interest in her.

But that didn’t last long.

‘Is it true that you were on two sides with the 3rd prince even though you had a lover whom you had been dating for a while?’

‘So, I heard that the three of them had a three-way meeting and even punched each other…’

This was because she became involved with the 3rd Prince Giloshan and the not-so-beautiful rumors spread.

As a result, her evaluation plummeted, and Elana left the imperial castle Kertion and returned to her original territory and began to wander.

So Rodrigo, as his older brother, asked Gilroshan several times.

‘It was not that kind of relationship with Elana, and the story that has spread to the public is nothing more than a misunderstanding.’

This is how I asked you to express your position.

However, Third Prince Giloshan completely ignored it.

Instead, they just went out to the public as if they were enjoying such rumors…

‘I heard Elana also stayed silent, right?’

In a situation like this, it was natural for Rodrigo to hate the third prince.

Because of that bastard 3rd prince, my younger sister, who was popular in the social world, was forced into a corner of her room.

‘But there’s something a little strange here.’

Salet knew there was a puzzling point.

‘She’s an attractive noblewoman who received a lot of attention from the social world…’

Why did she get involved with the lowly Third Prince Gilroshan?

That was a little strange.

Just because he’s the prince?

‘I don’t know even if I know.’

In any case, for this reason, Rodrigo fiercely hated Third Prince Gilroshan.

Although he was a member of the royal family, he was now proclaiming that since he had met an enemy, he would cut him to death with a single sword.

Of course, he also suffered an injury to his mana heart and was unable to use the sword spirit created from magical power.

‘Sir Iesta is a strong enough swordsman even without using mana.’

No matter where or what kind of swordsmanship the 3rd Prince Giloshan learned.

Whether you wield the magic power that the current Imperial knights cannot use on your own.

No matter what you do or how you do it….

‘…it will be difficult to be Sir Iesta’s opponent on a one-on-one basis.’

Osorma was certain of this because he had the experience of being a senior and junior with Rodrigo during his time as a trainee knight.

So he was thinking that Gilroshan would have to use a trap or some other trick.

“I will definitely judge it that way because there is Lord Carlssilion next to the 3rd prince.”

“Yes, my thoughts are similar. Lord Tanik.”

“Lord Silion is a genius knight that even the imperial family pays attention to. “I don’t know why it’s stuck there.”

“That’s right. “The third prince’s chances of becoming the crown prince are virtually zero, right?”

Salet and Osorma talk a lot about the Third Prince Gilroshan.

“…Hmm! I guess this is it!”

It was at that moment that Kermal Carmodo, who had been silent the whole time, opened his mouth.

“Why are you doing that? Baron Carmodo?”

“Are you uncomfortable being tied up?”

“Should I ask the guard to loosen up a little?”

Kermal Carmodo was the oldest among these four and the only knight commander.

The other three people treated him with respect as if he were a very junior knight.

But Baron Carmodo quietly shook his head.

Now he was in a completely different state of mind.

“3rd Prince Gilroshan….”

Listening to these knights’ stories, I felt like I was finally getting a glimpse of the prince’s true intentions.

‘The reason why I requested a reckless fight against all the captured knights!’

…Maybe it was to capture their hearts?

Show your fighting spirit against these hot-blooded young knights!

‘To make him his own person like Carls Silion?’

In that case, the goal had to be only one.

“Could it be that the 3rd prince…?”

Are you aiming for the throne by consolidating your own base?

Are you finally belatedly entering the crown prince race?

“Baron Carmodo?”

The three young knights, whose words were unknown, were exchanging glances between their eyebrows.

“What did you think of that made you drink while talking?”

“What are you saying about the 3rd prince?”

In response to that question, Director Carmodo quietly scratched his head.

Because I didn’t know where to start explaining this.

“So, this is it…”

But Kermal Carmodo ultimately couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

The moment you open your mouth.


Because the carriage stopped.

At the same time, a loud voice shook the carriage.

“Now, you four, get down! Shan Alredro’s orders! “Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

* * *

I made this plan together with my clan members.

Actually, it wasn’t a very complicated plan.

In some ways, it was so simple that it made Carls feel uneasy.

“Sir, are you really going to fight head-on? “All 21 people?”


“…I won’t ask you why you have to do that. But it’s too dangerous! Of course, they say they hurt Mana Heart, but they all….”

“Yes, I know. Hey. Even though they don’t use magical power, they are all considered powerful swordsmen. So, you are trying to say that it is too dangerous for me, who is only a 4-star, to fight head-on, right?”

Then Carls fell silent.

Now he doesn’t worry so much when I try to do something.

That’s how much I started to trust my abilities.

“Then tell me your plan. “I will follow suit.”

“thank you.”

I slowly began to release what was in my head.

First things first.

“You need a decent-sized space. Even if it’s simple, I wish it had a maze-like shape. Okay, tell this to Vice President Kaid. “I will cooperate because you owe me something.”

There were several old military forts used by the revolutionary army near Halhendra Plain, so finding a location was not that difficult.

And secondly…

“We need a facilitator. You have to deliver them to me one by one, right? “One person at a time.”

Thoroughly hiding how I fight in front of me.

That was important.

Carls looked a little embarrassed.

“It won’t be easy to deal with them as they are not all that easygoing. “It would be possible for me, but I think it would be difficult for Lord Sui and Miss Hael.”

I also nodded at those words.

This was a situation that required a trustworthy helper who could reliably handle the imperial knights.

However, the roles of helpers were played by unexpected people.

“That would be fun! We’ll take care of it! Hahaha…!”

“Hey! “Why should I volunteer?”

“Then you’re not going to do it? “Aren’t those the eyes of someone who refuses?”

“…Say yes.”

After completing the evacuation of the station, Border Guard Commander Montana Walt and Titan Special Forces Commander Gilad Gordin came forward.

‘I thought it might be because Montana is kind to me.’

Surprisingly, I was a bit surprised that Gilad Gordin, who I had no close relationship with yet, would come forward.


Anyway, thanks to that, I was able to prepare for this confrontation with the help of the border guards and the special forces.

The third and final element was needed here.

“We will classify the 21 knights according to their main sword skills and make a list in order of strength.”

“You mean the list. All right.”

It’s about creating the optimal matchup just for me.

…The order of becoming stronger step by step, as if stepping on stairs.

If I did just this well, I could have a good chance of winning.

‘Above all, I can increase my level of achievement by eating experience points and improving my swordsmanship skills.’

And the result.

[You have defeated the Western Mobile Knights’ apprentice knight ‘Meldir Joice’!]

[Your level has risen!]

[You have defeated the Northern Mountain Knights’ second-class knight ‘Hans McCullan’!]

[Congratulations! Comprehensive skill ‘Frontier’ The achievement level of ‘swordsmanship’ has risen to 5 stars!]


‘…It is done.’

In just half a day, I defeated 5 young knights, raised their level, and even succeeded in making Frontier Swordsmanship to 5 stars.

This was possible because the opponents were not much different from me in level.

It will become more and more difficult as time goes on.

And in the order of the last four people….

‘You will not only have to use swordsmanship, but you will also have to use all of your spiritual magic and fate card skills.’

But it was worth a try.

[You have currently defeated 5 out of 21 opponents!]

[Victorious over all of them to complete the destiny quest ‘…until you get hit!’]

“Now, next!”

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