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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 166

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Episode 166

Toward the Beast Tribe


The crown prince quietly nodded.

“According to what the Lord said, there is nothing strange about Gilroshan right now. “You mean that?”

“Yes, Your Highness. Our majesty is smarter and sharper than ever. This cannot be anything other than the red robe of our empire.”

Carls bowed his head deeply towards the empire’s second-in-command.

“Puhuh, the red robe of the Empire…?”

Lukashan chuckled.

“Okay, I understand. That thunder-naked guy is out and about, but there’s no problem. “It’s truly fortunate.”

He stood up with a smile whose meaning I could not guess.

And as he passed by Carls, he spoke quietly.

“Then I will tell your Majesty so. As I heard from Sir. accurately.”


“It’s been a long time since you returned to the imperial palace, so take a good rest. Although this situation, where the imperial family travels dangerously abroad, is causing various problems…” “…!

“Still, His Majesty will not hold you responsible. So, you can rest assured.”

Crown Prince Lukashan left Duke Fenn’s room, waving the hem of his cloak embroidered with the empire’s guardian dragon, Ellahorten.

And those left behind fell into silence for a moment.

Carls was feeling uneasy for an unknown reason.

‘Deteriorating memory?’

…Why on earth are you asking that?

Although he said there was no problem in front of the crown prince.

When I think back, my master has completely changed since the kidnapping incident.

There is no other way to express it, it was as if Gilroshan had become a completely different person.

The 3rd prince, who had overcome the danger of death, became as cheerful as when he was in the Boy’s Palace, and his speech was full of composure….

‘More than anything, he became stronger.’

The helpless appearance in the imperial palace was everywhere.

He has transformed into a strong warrior who throws his whole body to overcome any crisis that comes his way.

There were times when Carls, looking at his lord like this from the side, found the change surprising and incomprehensible.

But I tried to bury it.

I was afraid that if I questioned it further, this miracle would disappear like a mirage.

‘…Because I don’t care what kind of person you become.’

To Kals, Third Prince Gilroshan was his eternal lord.

So there was no need to be suspicious no matter what changes occurred.

And fortunately, Giloshan’s awakening was not a vain mirage.

Even after leaving Aurax, his master remained an eloquent and courageous warrior.

‘You’re also a conman who boasts genius skills.’

So Carls didn’t have any doubts.

It was a completely natural thing for a servant of his master.

However, Prince Lukashan asked a strange question.

-Gilroshan, was that guy’s memory intact?

Thinking about it again, it was an extremely suspicious question. It’s as

if he’s waiting for something to go wrong with Gilroshan’s head…

‘…or predicting that it will happen soon.’

Is there some kind of curse?

As the crown prince, there would be no reason to be wary of the 3rd prince, so it couldn’t have been quite a petty mentality.

Maybe there was something more he couldn’t guess.

‘Okay, I’ll have to talk to Lord Sui again about this issue later.’

Tyrvaen Sui, who returned to the imperial palace, was once again taking on the appearance of an old witch as before.

Since he has returned to his original form, he must be feeling comfortable…

‘But why did he stop speaking after changing his form?’

Ever since Tirvaen took on the appearance of an old witch, she had been frowning as if she did not like something.

So Carls was tilting his head inwardly.

‘…I’m dying to be transformed again after such a long time.’

In fact, the young witch, who found the transformation inconvenient, was sighing deeply.

From long ago, Tyrvaen was a witch who knew that this transformation magic was something she had to do, and she stubbornly kept it that way.

Just as he learned from his teacher and mother, Jeondae Tyrvaen.

But once that stubbornness began to break, it became completely uncontrollable.

‘Haa, it’s become so comfortable to be in my real form…’

First of all, I was uncomfortable with the transformation magic, which took up a lot of my magic power.

I also learned a little bit about how freeing it is to be your true self.

Although I was still hiding my age and true name, it was so much fun just to show my true face and spend time with my peers.

So the young witch began to wish in her heart.

…I want to regain my true self.

I came to think that I wanted to reveal to the world my true name, which I had forgotten for a very long time.


Suddenly, that guy’s words came to mind.

-Master, you’ve had a ‘taste’ of it once, so it probably won’t be easy.

That’s what Gilroshan said when he entrusted the letter to Tyrvaen right before returning to the imperial palace.

-I tasted it? What flavor are you talking about?

-You could say it tastes like a fresh face.

-…Face? When did we eat food like that? What do you mean it’s not easy?

But at that time, Giloshan did not explain and just smiled.

So Tirvaen still didn’t know what the taste of raw face meant.

‘It’s strange. ‘Why did those words come to mind now?’

Anyway, she had just returned to the imperial capital Kertion to deliver two letters from Gilroshan.

The Third Prince had written letters to all three people, and now Tyrvaen was scheduled to deliver the first letter.

“Well then, I guess Lord Silion’s business is over.”

The Sword Master, who had been silent the whole time after the Crown Prince left, raised his dull gaze and looked at the witch.

“Lord Sui has some business for me.”

She nodded.

“Yes, I have brought you a secret letter from the 3rd Prince.”

The first recipient was Shedrick Fenn, commander of the Imperial Knights.

The meeting with Crown Prince Lukashan was an uninvited guest who appeared on the news of Cals’s return, and this was the real business.

“My Majesty ordered me to receive an answer from the duke.”

Giloshan is still his student, but he is also a prince who inherited the imperial lineage…

“Please accept his handwriting.”

His letters must also be honored according to imperial etiquette.

Tirvaen politely took out Giloshan’s letter from his pocket and handed it to Duke Fenn.

The duke’s expression, which had been like a stone, became a little strange.

“Your Majesty the Third Prince sent me a letter?”

It was a questioning expression that made it impossible to guess what purpose this letter might contain.

And after a while.

“…His Majesty Gilroshan is playing a prank on me. “I had no idea he was like this…”

Shedrick chuckled as he put down Giloshan’s letter.

Carls was quite surprised by that sight.

‘Is this your first time seeing the leader smile so loudly?’

Shedrick Fenn was a person who rarely revealed his expression as the leader of the Imperial Knights who assisted the fearsome emperor.

Therefore, the change just now came as a surprise to Carls, a member of the knights.

“Then what is your answer?”

Tyrvaen urges Shedrick to answer.


The duke was lost in thought for a moment and then came up with a somewhat unexpected story.

“Do you two know how I became a duke?”


“…Of course I know.”

How Shedrick, who was just an ordinary commoner boy, became a duke of the empire.

This was thanks to the fact that he showed demonic talent in all sword skills from the time he was a mere soldier and became the youngest sword master.

Emperor Bareshan, who appreciated his talent, made Shedrick an imperial knight and chose him as the sire of the first princess.

‘The status of duke was granted to Shedrick so that he would have a status befitting that of a princess.’

This was the unprecedented career path taken by the empire’s strongest sword master.

Shedrick nodded.

“This is the achievement achieved with just this one sword. “It certainly is.”

It was truly unprecedented and something that even the humblest person could be proud of.

But now the duke was looking a little sad.

“But the funny thing is that I am called the ‘spear’ of the empire.”

…Three sword masters of the Baltic Empire.

Shedrick Fenn, the ‘Spear’ of the Empire.

Elon Royte, the ‘secretary’ of the Empire.

Fox Buarez, the ‘Shield’ of the Empire.

“I don’t know how it may sound, but I am not the ‘sword’ of this empire. In fact, there is no ‘sword’ anywhere in our empire.”

Apparently there are three sword masters who have reached 9 stars.

…Strangely enough, the ‘sword’ of the Empire does not exist.

“Do you two know the reason?”

Kals and Tyrvaen shook their heads with bewildered expressions.

“You may not know. But surprisingly, His Majesty the Third Prince knows this very well.”

Shedrick Fenn laughed quietly.

“And you are stimulating me with your extremely skillful writing skills.”

…an old sword hanging on the wall.

“Why not become the ‘sword’ of the empire?”

The great sword master’s eyes were thinking about something that happened a long time ago.

* * *

The reason there is no ‘sword’ in the Empire is very simple.

‘It’s all because Emperor Bareshan is a bandit.’

He is a staunch magical supremacist.

And he was sitting on the throne of all people ruling the Baltic Magic Empire.

‘So you just do whatever you want.’

The arrogant emperor thinks that his empire does not need a sword.

‘…actually, that can never be possible.’

Knights and swords were, of course, essential elements in governing the country and fighting foreign enemies.

However, the arrogant emperor did not place a ‘sword’ on the empire as a symbolic meaning.

So, Shedrick Pen, Elon, Royte Fox, Buarez were called ‘Spear’, ‘Dagger’, and ‘Shield’ respectively.

And I used that point as bait and threw it.

It was an attempt to shake up the situation in the imperial palace and make things go as I wanted.

‘Maybe Shedrick or Fox would react right away.’

In the original work, the two people were sensitive to the title ‘Sword’ and there were events related to it.

So I had no doubt that Shedrick Penn and Fox Buarez would do as I expected.

‘Instead, the Marquis of Reuth is a bit of a variable…’

Well, since we sent Carls, it will work out somehow.

Since I wrote it well enough for people to understand, I think the Marquis will act on his own terms if he is not an idiot.

…Anyway, that’s it.

“Well, the atmosphere in the city is unusual.”

This was what Kermal Carmodo, disguised as an old merchant, said to me.

“…I see. “Something definitely looks a little strange.”

I narrowed my eyes and looked at the port city.

As Kermal said, the current atmosphere in the port city of Harenks was unusual.

“Everyone move quickly!”

“If everyone does not cooperate, they will be punished instantly!”

This is Harenx, a port city whose main business is trade.

So, it was a place where foreigners and their cultures mixed together in the city, creating a free-spirited yet chaotic atmosphere….

“We will commandeer the necessary supplies!”

“All men, this way!”

“Women and children over there, stand against the wall!”

Soldiers with weapons were shouting and controlling people.

For that reason, the current atmosphere in the port city of Harenks was so cold that it was frozen.

“ah. “This is…”

I was confused for a moment, but fortunately, I had some idea of the current situation.

‘A large ichthyosaur-type monster has appeared?’

They were controlling the situation in order to jointly subdue a huge monster approaching from the sea.

‘The entire city becomes one team and joins forces.’

Although it may have seemed coercive, this was the port city’s wisdom in dealing with a situation that could have resulted in great damage.

And the Blue Flame Knights and I got caught up in this situation at the right time and our path forward was blocked.



I nodded.

“I have to eat ichthyosaurs and go.”

The best restaurant in the game has appeared.

Still, it was something that couldn’t just pass by.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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