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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 180

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Episode 180

: An unexpected choice

A black night where not even a faint shadow can be seen.

Conversations were taking place in secret, with voices often lowered.

“Princess, an operation has been prepared for the eastern objective.”

“Same goes for the western goal.”

“We previously finished installing explosives on the southern target as well.”

“The North is also fully prepared.”

“…Okay, let’s get started.”


After quietly talking, the five people dispersed again.

Cross again the forest that opens its dark maw like the chasm of hell.

The goal was to complete the mission in each area.

One person remained there.

“Now the fireworks display begins…”

Eve Wyler muttered like that and developed her skills.

[Auxiliary skill: All-night eye]

As the vision before my eyes became brighter, the space that had been filled with darkness was clearly revealed.

Four buildings secretly located in this deep mountain valley.

These were the warehouses where Therian Wyler, the current Archduke Wyler and her eldest brother, stored his military supplies.

Eve and her band of followers infiltrated the facility to destroy it and inflict damage on Therian Wyler.


The moment when a flashing red signal soared over the ridge.


bang! Kwaaaaaaaa!

Explosions went off one after another.

In order to destroy all four buildings, Eve had led the blood band and had planted dozens of bombs.

‘Originally, in < The World Where God Left >, only one building containing important supplies was exploded and the rest were attacked and occupied using troops…’

This is not a game.

Eve didn’t have enough troops now, so she had to blow up the remaining buildings so they couldn’t use their supplies.

Because information was sorely lacking, the process of planting the bomb was extremely dangerous.

‘But I have to do it.’

…Because that was the lesson.

‘Even if I can’t do as well as Gilroshan, I have to try to keep up.’

Gilroshan did not shy away from a fight.

Even in a situation where a difficult path and a safe path were presented simultaneously, I chose the difficult path.

As a player, the choice seems quite natural.

‘After losing Marie and Sarkas, I just ran away like a scared puppy…’

Gilroshan was shaking this world by making a completely different choice from hers.

‘Even though there is no way to see the way, it must be confidence that you can pioneer your own way.’

She belatedly accepted that mindset.

Likewise, he returned to the Duchy of Wyler to regain his way.

And now the process was underway.

‘I will become Archduke Wyler.’

Until now, all I had done was run away.

But now, I planned to compete as a legitimate candidate for the Grand Duke Committee, survive, and take that position.


The moment when the last bomb installed in the storage unit exploded.

[Scenario quest ‘Helpless Army’ is completed.]

[The hidden goal ‘Complete Destruction’ has been completely achieved!] [

Quest completion reward will be given.]

[Your level has increased!]

System messages appear, confirming the completion of the mission. informed.

“Princess, it’s a success!”

“All targets were completely destroyed.”

The members of the Hyeolrangdae who returned, leaving behind the buildings burning brightly and lighting up the mountain valley, also delivered good news.

Eve nodded to them.

“Thank you everyone for your hard work.”

With this, Therian Wyler lost an important military warehouse.

“Then we will retreat.”

“Move power.”


A loud bell ringing, signaling a belated alarm, rings from the destroyed warehouse.

While listening to that sound, Eve was checking the rewards in her inventory.

‘S-Class Destiny Card Draw Ticket.’

And he grinned as he thought of someone who needed this more than him.

I don’t know when we will be able to meet again.

No, it was hard to even guarantee whether we would be able to meet again alive, but…

‘I’ll save this one thing, Gilroshan.’

With that promise, Eve walked into the dark forest.

* * *


I was sitting across from Gener and scratching my chin.

In fact, it was a car that I felt a little embarrassed about.

‘I didn’t know this guy would turn out like this?’

The Generchong manager, who lost Roho and Argi yesterday, left without a word.

This is because we belatedly realized the power of the blank check we had previously agreed upon and fell into confusion.

He was in a corner without realizing it….

‘He realized that even if I asked him for 3,000 gold coins as a ransom, he had no choice but to accept it.’

But Genere showed up today and said something surprising.

“700 gold coins. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more to it than that.”

[Unexpectedly, negotiation with a friendly NPC failed.]

[The other party proposed new conditions. Would you like to accept it?]

…700 gold.

That was the first amount I asked for before the sparring began under the guise of checking my level.

‘And during the negotiations, the conditions changed and I decided to get a blank check by defeating the two people?’

But Genere actually showed his courage and came out.

Even though there was no alternative after losing Roho and Argi, it was like being left in the dark.

‘Ha, this is ridiculous. ‘Did this gentleman eat crow meat?’

I was about to scream out loud because I couldn’t understand the situation.


Is that something like that?

I finally realized Gener’s intention and burst into laughter.

I gave it a day, and it seems like it’s been a while since I’ve come to think of it.

It was simple.

‘Yes, you are illegal immigrants anyway, so where can you go without a pass? Is it common for everyone to be driven to the edge of a cliff? ‘Is this what you thought?’

In other words, we will take full advantage of the fact that Gener himself has given us a temporary pass and is allowing us to stay here.

Here, if I don’t become a great warrior for 700 gold…

‘I’m sure they’ll retrieve the temporary pass, right?’

Even though he lost Roho and Argi, he was showing off that he still had such a powerful weapon.

…It’s fun.

You have more courage than you think.

‘You’re dumber than I thought again.’

This is not being able to see ahead.

Even so, I was secretly leaning towards the buffalo tribe rather than the snow tiger tribe.

‘But you treat me like this…?’

It was like being slapped in the face when I wanted to cry.

Yes, thanks to you, I won’t feel any remorse.

“Fine, then.”

I simply accepted Gener’s offer.


The guy reacted in surprise, probably because he expected me to raise even 100 gold.

But soon he smiled and nodded.

“ha ha ha! The ball is so refreshing! Anyway, thank you for responding. “If you help me make this matter go well, I will compensate you so you won’t be offended.”

…The compensation is crap.

In my head, I began to think in earnest about a plan to stab the Snow Tiger tribe in the back.

‘Okay, the last minute of the tryout would be good.’

At that time, I was thinking of giving some taffy to Genere.

‘Something very big and beautiful.’

* * *

The House of Representatives selection contest is just two days away.


Cheonri-eung is already able to fly in the sky.

As expected from a young animal, it grew quickly, and it was also thanks to Fabian’s utmost care for it.

So, Fabian, who was reporting Cheonri-eung’s growth results to me, had an overwhelmed expression on his face.

“Thank you, master.”


“For allowing me to feel this proud feeling.”

Fabian, standing in the center of the hunting ground, put his finger to his lips and made a sharp whistle.


Then, young Cheon Li-eung’s flight direction suddenly changed.


It began to dive to the ground with a loud cry.

It rushed towards its target at once, as if it were a ray of lightning striking the ground.

Then it grasped its neck tightly with its claws and immediately floated upward.


I couldn’t help but let out a low exclamation at the sight of the monster seen far away.

“That’s an adult goblin, right?”

Then Fabian nodded with a fatherly expression.

“Yes, that’s right. “It is the biggest target that can be hunted right now.”

An average full-grown goblin would be about the size of an elementary school student.

However, Cheonri-eung easily lifted it and flew up.

‘He plunged his blade-sharp claws into the nape of the neck and cut off its life in an instant.’

[Your Cheonri-eung has defeated the ‘Immature Goblin Scout’!]

Because it grew quickly, its combat power was superior to that of dragons born at the same time.

‘Of course, they will catch up soon….’

Since this is a good start, Cheon Li-eung will soon be able to become a great force as well.

“You raised me well. “You did very well.”

“thank you.”

When I nodded, Fabian lowered his head with an expression of emotion.

As he said himself earlier, he felt quite a bit of pride in raising Cheonri-eung.

And it was the same for Manuel.

The guy who was raising Terkiod, not Dongyong, wasn’t even showing his nose to me these days.

When I had time, my top priority was to look for food for hatchlings…

When I encountered Vinokaras, I was busy asking for advice on growth.

‘I heard you are very sincere?’

Of course, for me, it was a welcome role as a babysitter.

In any case, Terkiod is my dragon, and its growth is still steadily occurring without my intervention.

‘At first, I wondered if it would be okay because he was so afraid of dragons.’

But it seems it was all for naught.

Actually, the problem was on the other side.

…the last dragon.

There was no news of the third dragon entrusted to Junipero so far.

I don’t know why, but the egg still showed no signs of hatching.

I looked at it several times to see if it was really a dead egg.

‘There was always a vital response.’

Although it was very faint, there was clearly a reaction from the living inside the eggshell.

Since Vinokharas and I checked together, there could be no mistake.

‘And yet there is no sign of breaking out of the eggshell…?’

< > This is something that has never been experienced in the original game.

So I became more and more concerned.

I began to mobilize the information books I had in earnest.

First of all, Destiny Codex.

‘Full search for reasons why hatchlings hatch late.’

The results of the codex were somewhat unexpected.

[Collecting information on young specimens of the magical creature ‘Dragon.’]

[1 Class C Destiny Card is required to view.]


Unlike when I wrote the Destiny Codex, I had to think of Oh Chang-ryeol most of the time.

‘A C-grade piece?’

This time, the results were very beneficial.

I was lost in thought for a moment.

“That makes it even more suspicious…”

Doesn’t this mean that this isn’t really all that great information?

‘Did I miss something?’

Feeling at a loss, I began to search through Giloshan’s knowledge.

And surprisingly.

“…Could it be? Could it be this?”

I was able to get a small hint.

What if this information discovered in Giloshan’s knowledge is accurate and my assumption is also correct?

‘The last one will be the gold dragon.’

I could foresee it.

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