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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 187

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Episode 187


“…That’s how it happened. “Isn’t this an unusual history?”

When Gener’s explanation was finished.

‘Hah, that was something like that…’

I was so dumbfounded that I was laughing.

Let alone whether I can trust everything Gener says now.

First of all, it is said that ‘Shark’ was originally a member of the Seolho tribe.

This means that when he was born, he was in the territory of the 5 Beast Tribes.

However, they soon had no choice but to leave the Beast Tribe and move into the territory of the revolutionary army.

‘Because the madness of the mixed-blood Orcs has begun to manifest itself seriously.’

In order to treat the symptoms, a tranquilizer refined using advanced magic was needed…

Unfortunately, there was a severe shortage of wizards studying that field among the beast tribe here.

‘That’s right, especially in the field of magic potions, the beast tribe is the worst among the three major powers.’

Because there was a shortage of supply, the prices were exorbitant, and even if the money was resolved, the supply policy was not stable.

So Shaq left the Beast Tribe and took up a position in the Revolutionary Army, looking for a guardian to help him.

‘This is Montana Walt, the head of the border patrol.’

He became Shark’s guardian, and the Walt family gave Shark the surname ‘Lovren’ and made him a vassal, attempting to raise him as a bodyguard for the family’s successor, Hexter.

I nodded.

‘It’s funny, there was this behind the scenes.’

This is content that does not appear at all in the original work of < >, as well as in the setting books or derivative novels.

So it was a fact that even I had no idea about.

‘But now Shark has returned to his hometown, the Beast Tribe.’


Because I cured the madness of a mixed-blood orc.

I was liberated from the Walt family by obtaining the ‘Orc Warrior’s Soul Stone’.

The tranquilizer given by the Walt family was merely a fever reducer that temporarily calmed the symptoms of insanity.

The soul stone I rescued was the perfect cure that permanently eliminated Shaq’s mania.

The disease called madness of mixed-blood Orcs itself was a disease that occurred because the essence of humans and orcs mixed within the individual was not homogeneous… ‘In the

process of absorbing the soul stone of an already balanced Orc warrior, mixed-blood Orcs also suffered in their own way. ‘You will be able to find the balance.’

And now, thanks to the power of that Orc bloodline, they are showing explosive growth.


I felt strange again.

I never imagined that I would meet this guy in the Beast 5 Tribe camp.

‘Shark Lovren… No, you’re just saying that Shaq is his real name?’

Originally, in the game < God Forsaken World >, ‘Shark Lovren’ was only a one-time quest NPC.

As a quarter orc, he suffers from mania and asks the player to find the soul stone.

Once the player achieved that, he disappeared without any regrets.

In the original, it was an NPC with exactly that role.

‘But it unfolds like this.’

The fact that he disappeared without any regrets was just a story in the game.

After curing his mania, Shark returned to the Beast Tribe in search of his roots.

He gave up the surname ‘Lovren’ that he had received from the Walt family and came back on his own path.

And he continued to grow as he was quickly recognized as an outstanding warrior.

Now he was aiming for a position as a member of the House of Representatives representing the Five Beast Tribes.

Strange feeling.

‘…I added Shaq to the party out of necessity and I just kept my promise.’

Unexpectedly, his fate changed.


Gener took a swig of beer.

“Oh, come to think of it, Shark sometimes says that.”

He spoke to me in a passing tone.

“There was a time when I received a favor that I could never repay, but I was in such a hurry at the time that I couldn’t even properly say thank you to that person.”


“I think it’s a story about a benefactor who cured mania. Even so, he is a quiet and blunt orc, but the fact that he speaks like that…”

“It must mean that he really considers him a great benefactor.”

“Yes, that’s right. Isn’t it thanks to that that he is performing well in the House of Representatives selection competition? Ha ha ha ha ha!”

I quietly sipped my beer, leaving Gener laughing excitedly.

My mind was becoming particularly complicated.

What on earth is an NPC?

‘What is this world again?’

The game system and Destiny codex I am using.

Godsoft Goddog DeadGod….

And the great one.

“…What is it all?”

It felt like questions that I couldn’t answer at the moment were creating a violent whirlpool in my head.

* * *

Game 2 came immediately.

‘Team Ukoha of the Desert Snake Tribe.’

According to the original work, this was a team that should have won the House of Representatives spot in the Northern region’s selection competition.

But now they were included in the southern bracket, and now it was their turn to meet me.

I nodded while looking at the bracket.

‘So, you defeated the team from the Buffalo tribe and came up?’

The Golago we met as we entered Port Eru.

The team the warrior was taking care of was defeated by Ukoha’s team.

‘Well, since there is a repechage contest, it is not that there is no opportunity to push the Buffalo tribe to the seat of the House of Representatives…’

That was only possible if the Buffalo tribe achieved some level of success and was able to advance to the repechage contest.

“Do your best, Mr. Gorilla.”

Anyway, there was something else that was most important to me.

The task was to find the God of Erasure hidden among these warriors.

‘Well, first of all, it wasn’t Nut from the field mouse tribe.’

There are now two candidates remaining.

‘…Ukoha or Eikir.’

If neither of those are the case, the problem gets a little more complicated.

In order to find Kali hidden elsewhere, a different method had to be used and it was bound to take more time.

Of course, I had prepared a plan for that situation as well.

We know that the situation will not work out exactly like the original game, so we prepared in advance.

‘Even so, there is a high probability that one of the two is Kali’s hidden body.’

Kali, who has a strong desire to win, instinctively prefers to surround herself with strong warriors.

At present, it is unknown who is the strongest among the young warriors of the Beast Tribe.

‘…Clearly one of the three, Nute Ukoha Eikir, will be the strongest.’

Among them, Nut was eliminated by me, so there are only two left.

Of course, it may be that I believe this too strongly.

‘Because a variable named Shaq has already appeared next to me.’

The current Shark is probably not much different from Nut of the field rat tribe.

So, it was worth considering the possibility that the God of Erasure resides in Shark as well.


‘No, not Shaq.’

Now I could confidently say that Shaq does not have the god Kali in him.

If you think about it, it was very simple.

‘Well, first of all, Shaq spent quite a long time in Auraks, the capital of the revolutionary army, right?’

And Aurax was the city where the headquarters of the Aeolem Church and the Cysiris Church were located.

‘The Great Church of Vengeance. The Cathedral of Deception.’

It is a place where two temples stand proudly, as if bisecting the city.

That also meant that it was a place directly influenced by the power of the two gods.

In other words, it is a place where the residents of the heavenly world come and go like their own front yard.

‘This is a place that Kali, who wishes to stay in hiding, would naturally want to avoid.’

So, logically speaking, my conclusion was that Shaq could not have the god Kali.

‘If Kali had been hiding from Shark, she would have attacked me long ago demanding a fight.’

God is not very patient, but there was no way he would just leave me alone right next to him.

…And another one.

In that sense, defeating Ukoha and Eikir was a very important task.

‘Even if there is no god in those two people…’ Since

he will be able to attract the attention of Kali, who has a strong desire to win, he will definitely see some results.

There are now about 30 minutes left until the battle begins.

‘Do you think Hael and the Blue Flame Knights are doing well with what I asked them to do?’

If you think about it, it’s not that difficult, so there won’t be a problem.

At that time, I was lying in my room in the Warrior’s Tower, tapping my toes.

“That wizard?”

Kadira had suddenly appeared.

“I’m sorry, but I have something urgent to tell you.”

“to me?”


After the first game against the Nute team, she succeeded in talking to me.

But even so, I was still scared, so I would quickly walk away after saying only the necessary words.

‘But you’re saying this urgently?’

This must be some very important business?

I nodded, covering myself with my bubble cloak.

“say it. “Because I won’t eat you.”


“Can you eat me?”

“Stop telling terrible jokes!”

Kadira, shivering, quickly revealed her business and disappeared.

“…Yes, that’s right.”

After hearing those words, I had no choice but to get up.

What the female warrior who was extremely afraid of me said was as follows.

-The Warchief wants to see our team in person. So the schedule for the next game was changed.

…Modrin, warchief of the five beast tribes.

She said she would meet us.

‘This is also an incident that does not exist in the original work.’

I don’t know what it is, but there must be a reason.

-The game starts in 3 hours and the warchief has decided to build the stadium himself. So, please come on time.

If so, this was an order that could not be broken.

‘Imperial Revolutionary Army Beast Tribe.’

Giant powers dividing this continent into three.

Among them, I was finally able to meet the highest leader of one faction.

‘I’m a little nervous about this.’

The emperor of the empire is the strongest wizard.

Just as the head of the revolutionary army was a disaster in itself and a weapon of war… the

warchief of the beast tribe was also a warrior so powerful that he could be counted on one hand among humans.

So naturally, tension was bound to arise.

But at the same time, I felt a little excited.

‘Because this is not a place to meet enemies.’

And above all, it is ‘modrin’.

She was a very special NPC.

Unfortunately, she was also the misfortune of being killed by a scream along with the 5 Beast Tribes…

‘Even when she left, she was a very angry woman who killed countless 8-star wizards and knights of the empire.’

Maybe he could become the emperor’s rival.

Of course, there was no such incident in the original work.

Because this is not a world where everything goes according to the original.

‘…You can change it.’

I left the Warrior’s Tower while reflecting on that fact.

* * *

Certion, the capital of the empire.

The office of the leader of the Imperial Knights.

“Captain, a message has just arrived from the imperial palace.”

“Say it.”

Shedrick Penn was receiving a report from his deputy.

“The news is that His Majesty the Emperor has accepted the request of the Marquis de Fox Buares. As a result, the Marquis de Boares took command of the Special Operations Knights under the Second Imperial Palace.”

“Is that what happened in the end?”

“Yes, this clearly divides the factions. On His Highness Prince Lukashan’s side are wizards, including the magic tower lord of the Five-Colored Spire, and major and minor ministers of the Ministry of Palace Affairs…” “…On His Highness

2nd Prince Lapishan’s side, there are two sword masters and field commanders of the military department. ?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“You could say it’s a battle between swords and magic.”

“It is said that because of this, the atmosphere in the imperial palace has completely turned to thin ice in just a few days. The competition for the crown prince has begun again…”

Duke Fenn nodded quietly, agreeing with his lieutenant’s words.

And I thought to myself.

‘But this is all Gilroshan’s trick.’

Gilroshan, the 3rd prince, escaped from the empire and disappeared, and is now ridiculed as a ‘vagrant’ rather than a ‘fool’.

In fact, he was the one who created this turmoil that hit the imperial family.

“My head hurts…” The

Imperial Sword Master touched his forehead and was deep in thought.

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