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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 196

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Episode 196

: Three-way battle

I was fed up.

‘I lost quite a bit…?’

Oh my god.

‘How can a human say such lame lines?’

It was enough to give me goosebumps.

However, Eikir had a happy expression on his face as if he was satisfied with his acting skills.

“…I surrender.”

“I also.”

Soon, the other two warriors of the mountain goat tribe also abstained and withdrew.

It seemed that Eikir had already told the story.

As a result….

[You won the third match.]

[Check your reward.]

[Your level has increased!]

The match is over.

At the same time, the space surrounding us began to change.


The space system that had been separated to be used as a stage for confrontation was returned to its original state.

“What is it?”

Kadira is embarrassed by the sudden end of the game.


But Shark just looked at me blankly, looking not very perturbed.

As if he had expected this to happen.

Did you notice something?

But the quarter orc turned its head away as if it didn’t want me to read its expression.


It was something unknown.

Anyway, now it was finally time to face Warchief Mordrin.

A female warrior who, although she does not know it herself, embodies the strength of a god in her body.


Her son, Eikir, was giving me a meaningful look.

The eyes are full of tension.

‘Does this mean it’s starting now?’

I nodded slightly.

‘Yeah, you better be careful. Because the god Kali is more powerful than any other god.’

You can’t see my expression because of the bubble cape, but…


Eikir took a long, deep breath and straightened his posture.

And then slowly lowered both hands down.

Because I cut off the pole, he now lost his weapon.

Literally, red hand and empty fist.

But the fact that he didn’t have a weapon wasn’t that big of a problem.

Even though Eikir is a master of the so-called ‘Blue Dragon Spear’…

‘Because the purpose now is defense.’

This guy was also a warrior with top-notch defense.

If necessary, you can instantly take out your shield from your inventory and use it.

Previously, I had ordered this from Eikir.

-Don’t even think about striking back at God. Endure while defending unconditionally.

Soon, the god Kali will exercise his control over Modrin and reveal his curiosity to me.

Although Kali had been asleep for a long time…

the main body did not descend directly.

‘Since it has descended on a 9-star apostle, its power must be enormous.’

It will definitely showcase combat power beyond human limitations.

‘It’s probably one step further from the 9-star level, which is the limit for NPCs…’ If we

consider it by the standards of an average player, it was roughly around level 70.

Of course, the calculation could not be considered perfect because there were many variables between the NPC and the player, such as possession of destiny card characteristics and skills.

But one thing is certain.

‘…This is someone I can never handle on my own.’

0% win rate.

To estimate a little more, even if I used up all the power I had, it would still be close.

‘If you make a mistake, Vinokaras or Hael could be in danger.’

Of course, the Blue Flame Knights will also not be able to be preserved completely.

So, I had to give up the idea of a head-on confrontation.

…Even if it’s not from the front, there are other ways.

I’ve been thinking about the ‘side path’ ever since I noticed that Modrin may be inhabited by the god Kali.

‘You have to find the weak point and attack it.’

Kali is the only god among the heavenly gods who does not rely on faith.

Therefore, it was difficult to find weaknesses as a god.

But what about the weaknesses we have as humans?

‘You can find it easily and quickly.’

Once Mordrin becomes a half-human and half-god, he will reveal a shockingly violent and harsh personality.

But despite this, she would still be a ‘mother’.

This was because human personality remained until it was completely eroded by Kali as divine power ran rampant.

‘Before she was the chieftain of the beast tribe, Mordrin was a mother who had the utmost love for her son.’

In the original game, Eikir’s death caused him to turn his eyes and rush directly to the front lines of the war.

So what if you have Eikir as an ally?

‘It can reduce the rampage of demigods to some extent.’

Even if Kali tries to focus on the fight as a god, Modrin will interfere with that as a human and a mother.

This is exactly why I brought Aikir into it.

‘A battle with the strongest god hidden among the strongest humans.’

Now the curtain was about to rise.


Eventually, the spatial world was completely merged.



Me and Eikir were making eye contact with her.


Eikir clenched his large fists so hard that they turned white.

It felt like his tension was reaching my cheeks.

But Modrin smiled.

“It ended up like this. Congratulations on your victory, Descendants of the Blizzard.”


“As the warchief, let us hold a victory celebration. “You can eat and enjoy as much as you want.”

I was embarrassed.

This is because the mood of the Modrin facing him was unexpectedly calm.

‘what? Is there something strange?’

If I remember correctly.

‘Humans imbued with Kali are bound to start moving forward immediately.’

The moment when the goal that the awakened god is aiming for appears before his eyes.

It was normal to immediately show one’s winning spirit and challenge the opponent to a competition.

But now Modrin was acting in a completely different way.

“As the warchief, I will also send words of congratulations to the warrior Eikir, who humbly accepted the victory. “Let’s do our best in the repechage match that will follow soon.”

…I was just casually saying what I had to say.

What situation is this?

‘Surely I was mistaken?’

I felt a chill down my spine.

I felt a fierce gaze pouring from Eikir, who was standing next to me.

It was an unspoken pressure to explain the situation right now.

But even for a moment.

“Now then, let’s proceed with the schedule for the selection competition separately.”


“First of all, I will convene an emergency meeting of chieftains regarding what happened at the border. “Everyone go away.”


Warchief Mordrin takes his gaze away from me and turns away.


It seemed as if something sparked from that very sight.

‘What is that wavelength…?’

I opened my eyes wide.

‘It’s divine power. ‘Of course!’

There was no need to ask Vinocaras.

Having experienced Kishiris and Aeolem, I knew about the unique power patterns of the heavenly gods.


I was confident that my sense of perception had also become much more sensitive and delicate.

It was clearly the power of God.

Even the small chiefs next to the war chief were tilting their heads as if they sensed something strange.


Eikir, who was opening his flounder eyes next to me, also changed his expression.

“There’s something strange about your mother.”

Although he knew very little about divine powers or magic.

“I have an eerie feeling that I have never felt before…”

I felt it through instinct.

So you’re saying he’s an animal warrior after all?

“Follow me quietly.”

I gestured towards the exit door and slowly started walking ahead.

And soon I was able to hear from Genere about an incident that occurred during our game.

“There are intruders on the border…?”

…You’re hitting a goal.

It was news that gave me very mixed feelings.

‘Did you give it to the dog because it made porridge?’

Or should I just say thank you for buying me some time?

In fact, several very welcome system messages were flashing before my eyes.

These were messages about the magic that I had modified the code for.

[The evaluation of the unconfirmed comprehensive technology ‘???’ has been completed.]

[The grade of the comprehensive technology ‘???’ is ‘EX’. Congratulations!]

[The ‘Creator’ bonus is granted to the power of the skill.]


The magic that was obtained from the evil dragon’s nest was called ‘spirit magic’ and supplied pure magical power to my mana heart.

However, the power of the magic itself was disappointing.

[As the creator of the technology, you can rename the technology.]

[Please name the technology.]

‘This magic is now mine.’

I succeeded in taking that magic to the next level and making it my own.

‘First, let’s give the new magic a name…’

I’ll have to use my brain a bit to figure out the situation.

About the incident where the aggro of that demigod suddenly went to the wrong place.

* * *

It was said that traces of the intruders were found in two places.

The first is the eastern coastal area of Evris, which was in contact with the revolutionary army’s control.

The second is along the Yufra River in the northwest, bordering the territory of the imperial army.

The problem was the size of the trace.

All of the defenders guarding the border were killed or maimed.

‘And yet no traces of the battle remain…?’

It was said that no warrior even saw the intruder.

It was literally ghosts coming over.

I sighed deeply at Genere’s words.

“That’s why the warchief is so upset.”

“What? “What is it?”

“You don’t have to know.”

In any case, it was completely understandable that Modrin’s attention turned to Kali.

Thanks to me wagging my tail like crazy to get Carly’s attention.

‘The thirst for fighting must have been boiling like soybean paste soup in an earthen pot.’

It was as if strange things suddenly appeared and destroyed the miso soup.

An unidentified enemy who invaded out of nowhere and wiped out the border warriors without leaving a trace.

Even if it were me, I felt like I was going to have a seizure because I wanted to go catch them.

And there was another problem.

‘Certainly not, right?’

Although it is only a guess at first, there was something to be said about the intruders.

…The pursuers of the Empire and Revolutionary Army are right after me.

The imperial knights sent by the emperor had already appeared in Aurax.

I managed to shake it off, but there was no way it wouldn’t show up again.

And there was a high probability that the revolutionary army was also chasing me.

They took the imperial army prisoners under their jurisdiction under my command and escaped without permission.

‘I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they formed an assassination team again and came after me.’


I was suspicious that the intruders who had taken Modrin’s interest like this had come in because of me.

But on the other hand, it could also be thought of positively.

Even if that wasn’t the case, I needed some time.

‘Maybe there will be a way to use it to my benefit.’

Right now, I don’t even know what kind of guys came in, but the first thing I had to do was figure out the situation as much as possible.


After organizing my thoughts like that, I made a request to Eikir.

“Please keep an eye on your mother’s movements. Right now, Warchief Mordrin is like a time bomb.”

Then Eikir nodded with a heavy expression and disappeared.

You probably feel like your blood is drying up.

And as I sat in the Warrior’s Tower, I began to think about the magic.

A magic system that I modified and created.

We decided to call it ‘Eternal Heart’.

[The unidentified comprehensive technology ‘???’ will be named ‘Eternal Heart’.]

[The new name may have an impact on the identity of the technology.]

A guidebook for ultra-level extras

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