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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 209

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Episode 209:

Fighting and waiting,

coo coo coo coo….

The sound of horses’ hooves was hitting the Makadi citadel city like a whip.

The Blue Flame Knights run tirelessly towards the northern wall.


“Full speed!”

The knights, with their wedge-shaped formations, seemed to have become one tank.

Beast warriors appeared from all over and took up defensive positions to block the knights’ path.


“Team 2 is in charge of this breakthrough!”

“Two trillion! Break through obstacles with maximum power output!”

“Everyone at full power! At top speed!”

The knights riding the unicorn threw themselves into the center of the camp without any hesitation.

At first glance, it seemed reckless.

However, the leading knights in charge of breaking through were confident of victory.

“For Emperor Gilroshan…!”


what? I never asked you to do something embarrassing like that.

‘Well, whatever.’

The knights’ confidence was thanks to the new skills I developed.

[A new tactical formation is applied among your followers.]

[Attack Formation: Triple Advance]

[The destructive power of the tactical formation ‘Triple Advance’ is strengthened by the characteristics of the fate ‘Advanced Demon Knight’.]

‘Triple Advance’ Advance.’

This was a new skill I acquired from the skill tree when I reached level 40.

< Triple Advance >

[Attack Formation] The magic link of the charging cavalry is made up of three layers to instantly increase the solidity of the formation.

Special: 25% increase in attack power and movement speed of large formations.

Here, ‘cruelty’, one of the demon knight’s characteristics, was applied.

This characteristic has the effect of increasing attack power by 1.5 times when the player controls knight attribute followers as a commander.

As a result.


The Blue Flame Knights pushed forward, attacking the beast tribe warriors who were blocking their path.



The bulky warriors, boasting bronze-colored skin, bounced around helplessly.

“…Oh, that’s awesome.”

To be honest, I was a bit surprised too.

Therefore, the beast tribe elders commanding the defense could not help but be even more surprised.

“What! “That!”

“If things continue like this, everything will break through! Let’s change our ways!”

They hastily changed their strategy.

Rather than blocking the knights running at full speed from the front, use a rope to pull them down from their horses.

The idea was to attack the horse itself and throw the rider off the horse.

But that too was in vain.

“How dare you! “We belong to His Majesty Gilroshan!”

As the ropes flew, the knights struck them all down while swinging their sparkling sword spirits.

-Everyone deploy barding!

-If you fall behind here, you might become horse meat for the big master!


The unicorns unfolded their own shields to block the attacks.

Defenses were deployed throughout Makadi to stop them, but they were all useless.

“Who can stand in the way of our 3rd prince?”


The Blue Flame Knights raced like crazy toward the northern wall without slowing down at all.

“Screw everything for my sake!”


And I concluded a beat late.

“hey! You crazy bastards! “Are you deliberately opening your mouth to make fun of me?”

Laughter broke out among the knights.

“Ugh, didn’t you figure it out too quickly?”

“what a waste! “I could have said one or two more words!”


“These crazy people…!”

For some reason, I thought it was strange that they mentioned my name at the end of every sentence.

It was probably as if he was relieving the frustration that had built up while entering the territory of the Beast Tribe and secretly hiding his identity the whole time.

My name is being shouted everywhere.


Aren’t these really crazy people?

“Don’t be too angry with the lowly knights.”

Salet Firdin, guarding the rear of the knights.

She was looking up at me from the Vinocaras and smiling.

But I couldn’t laugh.

“What are you talking about? “Do you think I’m not angry now?”

I expressed my dissatisfaction towards the female knight.

“You’re just fooling around when you need to be alert! Do you think I can take responsibility if all of your things fly away? Did I tell you earlier? “You can’t tie the neck!”

Although I didn’t show it on the outside, I was actually anxious.

I was worried that I would lose even one of the knights.

It had to be that way.

At first glance, the escape from Makcardi was going smoothly.

…Because the reality is a little different.

-master! 150 meters northwest! A group of what appear to be shamans are approaching!

Hael, who had a mental connection with Cheonrin, continued to send me information about the area.

‘A bunch of shamans?’

An opponent that would inevitably be difficult for us, whose magic power had weakened after Tyrvaen left, to deal with.

Of course, even though Vinocaras was there, I couldn’t leave everything to him.

I immediately gave instructions to Director Carmodo.

“leader! Take a detour to the east alley! And then I sprint until I reach the next main road.”

“I understand, sir.”

I was adjusting our course by synthesizing the situation in this way.

I was making my way through the city as if I was walking on a tightrope.

It was thanks to Cheon Li-eung.

It’s like having a high-performance, eco-friendly reconnaissance aircraft in the air.

So this kind of maneuver tactic was also possible.

But Salet quietly smiled at me.

“Don’t you know?”


What? What don’t I know?

“You are our pride. And knights like us live with that pride as if it were our lives.”


The female knight who cut down a beast warrior that came out of nowhere spoke in a calm voice as if nothing had happened.

“So now the knights want to brag. “Our ‘lives’ are here together.”

…It’s life.

I felt like something was going on, but I tried to suppress it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. “Where are the idiots in the world who brag about their lives?”

Fortunately, our escape route was coming to an end.

The north gate of the fortress city seen in the distance.

Once you pass through that gate, you will find a dense forest unique to the southern region.

Even if there were more chases, it wasn’t that difficult to beat them.

But Hael told me the sad news.

-Lord lord! A huge number of defenders are blocking the castle gate!

The northern gate was already tightly sealed.

The beast tribe warriors were waiting for us in perfect formation.

Based on our travel route so far, we predicted that we would pass through the North Gate.

‘Okay, so you can catch it anyway as long as you properly block the exit hole, right?’

That was what I expected too.

So I thought of a few countermeasures in my head.

‘First of all, there is a way to make Vinokharas use the Dragon Eye Opening Eye one more time…’

There was also a way to use the Sword Master running in from afar.

Gilad Gordin came back and started yelling at me.

“Holy shit! Shouldn’t you take me with you! “You damned prince!”

What does this guy mean?

I frowned and responded.

“You really have to hurry up! “When have you ever seen a fight wait for a person?”


As I instructed, the Revolutionary Army’s Swordmaster appeared with Roxanne Sciorra at his side.

“Huh, he was a guy who knew how to say things like that? “That’s surprising.”

He caught up to the rear of the Blue Flame Knights with surprising speed.

‘Okay, this is how we have to break through the castle wall.’

I decided on a way to get out of the Makadi citadel city.

It was a secret plan that had been prepared in advance for the fight against Kali, but was not used in the end because the conditions were not right.

A level 2 skill of Magitronic magic.

‘…zone of fire.’

This was clearly a type of defensive magic, but depending on how it was used, it could also be a powerful attack card.

< Area of Fire >

[Defensive Magic] Can dominate and explode metal substances in the soil over a certain area.

Special: Cannot be used in areas without metal substances.

‘To put it simply, it creates a minefield in an instant.’

However, in order to showcase this technology, preparation was needed first.

There had to be sufficient metal material within the scope of use.

That’s why I quietly opened my mouth to Vinocaras.

“Come on, Piyong. Shall we try ‘Stealth’ for the first time in a while?”

* * *

“Oh brothers!”

Kadira of the Snow Lake tribe was reunited with Roho and Argi.

“I heard you had a lot of trouble with Khadira, right?”

“…I heard the story roughly.”

The two people had no choice but to be confined to a hospital bed after being severely defeated by Schaffen Seid.

But they recovered at an amazing rate.

And we had just entered Makadi.

The reason why Rojo and Argi came all this way as the House of Representatives selection competition was coming to an end was simple.

‘Schaffen Seid….’

‘Let’s see how far he goes.’

The idea was to see for themselves how well the stranger who defeated them and competed in the selection match performed.

When I heard that he had defeated Aikir of the mountain goat tribe and took first place in the southern region, it felt like the sky was falling.


‘Now I wonder if the elders are only looking for Daejeon Temple.’

However, as soon as they entered the fortress city, strange news was delivered.

-Schafen Seid is not a northern wizard, but a pirate conman!

Because of that stranger, an explosion of unknown origin occurred in the chieftain’s residence in the center of the capital… There

was even talk that Shapen Seid should be imprisoned immediately and the selection match for the southern region should be held again.

-Roho and Argi should immediately join Kadira and prepare for the repechage battle.

It was a message that had just been sent by Elder Genere, who had abandoned the two like devotees.

“Honestly, I’m not sure what’s going on.”

“…It won’t be a bad thing since we’ve regained our original position.”

That’s how Rojo Argi Kadira became a team again.

-All warriors of the Snow Lake tribe currently staying in downtown Makadi must gather at the north gate!

They were gathered at the northern castle gate by a sudden summons.

They were embarrassed.

“What what?”

“Schafen Seid is on the run?”

“…So you’re coming here?”

The three people, who belatedly realized the situation, looked at each other in bewilderment.

“I’m embarrassed. Until yesterday, I was a stranger who was praised as an invincible hero, but suddenly I wonder what this is all about…”

Among them, Kadira was feeling a little uneasy.

After going through three matches, I got a little bit of a feel for what kind of person ‘Schafen Seid’ is.

And it was difficult to understand why such a strong person needed to become a fraud.

But the other two were different.

“Wow, this opportunity has come! “The goddess is looking after me!”

“…I have to be fully prepared.”

Rojo and Argi just thought they had an opportunity for revenge.

They did not feel anything strange in this series of strange events.

And that moment came quickly.

“excuse me! “The strangers are coming!”

The front of the beast tribe camp seemed to be in turmoil for a moment.

Coo coo coo coo coo….

The sound of loud horses’ hooves was transmitted through the earth.

Unidentified strangers who came through Eru Port and were disguising themselves as members of the empire.

They were running towards the north gate.

The tension between the beast tribe warriors was tense.

“Prepare for battle!”

“Everyone raise your shields!”

With their backs to the castle gate, they swallowed dry saliva as they imagined the coming conflict.

But somehow the collision did not occur.

“Whoa whoa!”

The strangers who were riding on horseback suddenly broke their noses and stopped their advance.



And they were looking this way from a distance.

As if watching.


Kadira reflexively tried to use her detection skills.

However, Roho and Argi acted faster than that.

In fact, this was the case for all beast tribe warriors who had their pride hurt while watching the stranger’s activities.

“Why? Are you scared?”

“If you won’t come, we will go!”

“Take them all off their horses and cut off their wrists and ankles!”

They shouted violently and took steps towards the strangers.


That was exactly what Giloshan, sitting on the wall, wanted.

The prepared skills were immediately deployed.

[Defensive Magic: Fire Zone]


Binge drinking that cannot be described.

Along with that, the beast tribe warriors were swallowed up in the flames.

“Three goodness.”

Kadira, who remained at the back of the line, could not help but open her mouth.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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