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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 211

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Episode 211:

Fighting and Waiting

Just as dragons belong to dragons.

Magic originally belonged to the demons.

‘The devil’s clan….’

The inhabitants of the barren demon world.

They were beings that were targeting the human world at will.

So, we created a ‘passage between worlds’ that can travel between the demon world and the human world.

Among humans, he seduced those who could not control themselves and made a soul contract with them.

In that way, by offsetting the inevitable storm, a small causal gap was created so that demons could stay in the human world where they were not supposed to reside.

‘And another thing the demons were wary of.’

They were the gods of heaven.

The gods maintain their divine power through the faith provided by humans.

But how would humans react if they were attacked at random from the demon world?

‘The temple was destroyed and the believers died.’

There is a possibility that there will not be a stable supply of faith.

It was natural for the gods to rebel.

From their perspective, it was a risk factor that could cause the rice bowl to break.

‘It’s possible that a war could break out between the demon world and the heavenly world.’

Therefore, rather than recklessly invading the underworld, the demons tried to appease the humans.

First, teach them the magical powers they have.

Furthermore, they mixed blood with humans to create mixed blood…

and even created an area where demons and humans live mixed.

And with that as the center, they tried to make the human world a colony of the demon world.

The destination I was heading to now was a place where this ancient history was hidden.

‘…Khaibar Plateau.’

It was the destination of a destiny quest related to Hael.

For that reason, I had to endure my companion’s complaints and complaints.

“Damn it, why are you there?”


“Can’t we go somewhere else? “If you want to taste the damp mist, there are plenty of other places, right?”


“Hah, it seems like my knees, which were injured in the cold weather that long ago, are already feeling sore. “Didn’t your royal family teach you things like respect for the elderly?”


I wish he would just shut up.

How can I make that guy shut up?

“You, an imperial citizen, have no idea, but that plateau is a strategic location for our revolutionary army, so there was frequent training, right? So I know that place well….”

“Oh, a little!”

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer and interrupted my companion.

“…Hey Captain Gordin. “I think I’m misunderstanding something right now.”

“What am I?”

“None of us ever asked you to come with us. So you can turn back right now and go back to your warm home in Auracus. “Please go away!”

But Gilad Gordin crossed his arms and sneered.

“Hmm, you can’t do that. “Even though it’s like this, I also have a mission.”

I found that really absurd.

mission? Did you say mission?

“No, what on earth is that mission? If you need anything from me, let me know! “You have to say it to know!”

I felt like I could do anything if I could just get this leech-like guy off.


“The contents of my mission are secret. Because it’s a ‘secret mission’?”


A very fun, cool, and even sexy statement.

“Did you ingest something radioactive or something? Why do you do that? really?”

“radiation? What is that? “Is it delicious?”


This leech was a sword master, so there was no other sharp method.

So I had no choice but to walk with Gilad Gordin.

“Now that your destination is Kaibar Plateau, let me tell you a few anecdotes that I experienced when I was a company commander.”

“do not do that.”

“Let’s see.” So, this is a story from about 30 years ago…”

“Oh please.”

I felt like my ears were bleeding and looked around to see if there was any place to hide.

But unfortunately, there was nowhere for me to hide.

The space we are walking in now.

This place was in the middle of a forest as wide as the sea.

[Enter the special place ‘Sea of Trees.’]

The ‘Sea of Trees’ embroiders the middle part of the southern part of the continent.

It was a huge forest that players usually called ‘tree sea’.

Actually, except for Captain Gordin being noisy, I was quite impressed by this place.

‘If you actually look at it, it’s not an ocean, it almost looks like space…?’

After escaping from Makadi Fortress City, I and the Blue Flame Knights immediately entered this forest.

Then the beast tribe warriors stopped pursuing us.

It was just as I thought.

This forest, which extends all the way to the Madness Mountains, was like a maze made up of large trees tens of meters tall.

It’s also a very complicated maze.

Since I was well aware of some of the elements that served as a guide, I didn’t have to worry about getting lost.

But other than that, this forest was a place that made people tired.

‘The leaves are blocking the sky like a ceiling, so I can’t even see a single cloud.’

It was a forest densely packed with trees, like a matchbox full of matches.

It was not easy to find the direction of the road here.

Not only is the sun not visible, but similar scenes are repeated over and over again.

It was quite natural for a person’s sense of location to become blurred.

‘…It would be the same even if these trees were ordinary trees.’

Even the trees that made up this forest were not ordinary trees.

On the outside, it had an ordinary appearance, no different from just a tree.

‘In fact, they are monsters that eat away the mental power of people who enter the forest.’

In the original < Shin.Ver.Se > game, players passing through this forest could experience their magic gauge gradually decreasing.

It was because of the trees containing the dark demonic energy flowing from the Madness Mountains in the distance.

NPCs were also not free from its influence.

‘The player’s party members also gradually became slower at walking and less talkative.’

Something that annoys the player more than anything else.

It was a suffocating silence.

There were times when players carrying out quests for the 5 Beast Tribes camp had to wander through this forest to find items or specific locations… Each time, the players

hated the silence to the point that they turned on the voice messenger separately and chatted.

That’s why this ‘Sea of Trees’ had a strange power.

But it was different now.

“…So me! First, I approached those black things, pulled out my knife, and said this. ‘Hey, what are you guys? ‘Don’t touch our kids!’”


“So? What happened next?”

“And then there was the stabbing! People called demons never fight losing battles, right? But you attacked me! To this Gilad Gordin!”

Because of the noise of Gilad and my knights, there was no room for silence.

‘Is this okay?’

…I don’t know.

The Blue Flame Knights were wary of him for a day when they heard that he was the Titan special commander of the Revolutionary Army, and soon they became friends and were chatting together.

“Wow, this guy knows the power of words! “Is it pretty?”

Even Vinocaras was chattering along with him.

‘Look at his personality…’

Gilad Gordin’s friendliness was unrivaled.

Then, a strange thought suddenly crossed my head.

Is that guy…?

‘Are you doing this on purpose because you know the secrets of this forest?’

The question arose as to whether he was making noise on purpose for the sake of me and the Blue Flame Knights.

‘Then I’m very grateful.’

But that feeling disappeared as quickly as melting snow.

“Is it because you talk too much? “I’m starting to feel hungry.”

Gilad Gordin found a tree stump to sit on while walking down the street.

“Hey prince!”


He suddenly sat down with his hips pressed against me and stopped me.

“Let’s just set up camp and make a fire! “Let’s grill some meat.”


It was a ridiculous sound.

“Who is this guy who controls the camp? “I haven’t lost yet!”

I wanted to rush in and rip off all of that beard.

But I couldn’t do that.

“Who can do whatever they want? “Of course, you can eat as much beef as you want.”

“beef? “What is that…?”

“Come on, knights of the empire! Everyone, sit down! “Would you like to taste the beef?”


Captain Gordin, who had used the inventory magic, started taking out huge chunks of meat.



At the same time, the eyes turned bright and bright, all looking back at me.


The greedy dragon is openly drooling.

I stopped sighing.

“Okay, bake it. Bake.”

The Sword Master’s beef was impossible to beat.

* * *

Crack, crack.


As night fell, the bonfire slowly died out.

Everyone in the Blue Flame Knights was fast asleep, except for the watch team who had laid an ambush in the forest to guard the outskirts.

“As you said, master, I checked Roxanne Sciorra’s condition.”

Only Hael and I were warming up by the fire and talking in low voices.

Roxanne Sciorra, Archwitch of the Chromatic Spire.

She had almost disappeared into nothingness by the power of Kali and had not yet recovered.

Because she couldn’t even come to her senses, she was carried all the way here by the unicorns.

“It is clear that he is recovering quickly physically, but for some reason he is not conscious.”


“yes. And if you try mental sensing, you can read some of the emotional changes. What can I say? “I feel like I am unable to accept something and am in a state of great despair.”

“It is great despair.”

I thought I knew what it was.

‘It won’t be easy to accept that we lost Ye Ji-an overnight.’

Instead of disappearing, Roxanne survived by giving away her ‘eye of wisdom’.

I thought that perhaps the loss had acted as a psychological shock and I was in a state of not returning to consciousness.

“Then what should we do with this…?”

I was deep in thought.

Depending on how you listen to it, it may sound mean.

Now she was a burden to me.

It was impossible to continue carrying Roxanne, who had lost her mind.

Now our party will escape this sea of water and enter the Madness Mountains.

I was planning to enter the hidden dungeon ‘Cave of the Dead Goat’.

‘The Dead Goat’s Cave is a fairly dangerous dungeon.’

That dungeon was as difficult as Gerard Gunther’s mansion I visited earlier.

Therefore, it made no sense to bring in an unconscious patient.

‘It’s a dungeon with separate entrances and exits, so you can’t have them wait outside…’ It’s a

difficult situation.

Then there was only one conclusion.

“…I have to send it back to the empire.”

The idea was to have female knights, including Salet Pirdin, take Roxanne to a nearby imperial city.

Even in small cities within the imperial territory, there was at least one apprentice wizard stationed there, so it was not difficult to hand her over.

“I’m sorry, but there is no other way. “That’s the best thing for now…”

When I came to that conclusion.


Hael was looking at me blankly.

A calm look in her eyes that was uncharacteristic of her.

“what’s the matter? Hael?”

I tilted my head and asked back.

Then Hael averted his gaze and quietly muttered.

“Master, I mean the Khaibar Plateau. “Can’t I just go?”

“…What does that mean?”

Khaibar Plateau.

It was a place where her own secrets were most likely hidden.

But you don’t want to go?

“what’s the matter? What’s going on?”

I tried to ask Hael why.


“…No, master. It was just something I said once. “Please don’t worry about it and forget about it.”

Hael forced a smile and stood up.

And then he quickly got into his sleeping bag.


what? Why is it like that?

I think you were trying to say something?

Left alone, I felt uncertain.

‘Are you confused?’

However, since I did not have the skill to read Hael’s inner thoughts, there was nothing I could do about it.

And I had one more thing to worry about.

“…Resume card selection.”

It was the choice of the fifth fate card.

[The selection of fate cards resumes.]

[The player checks the character’s fate.]

It was time to resume the main event that had been postponed for a while.

I rubbed my palms together and looked up at the shining night sky.

“It’s a game of luck and skill…”

What kind of cards will come out?

* * *

At that time, Hael was thinking.

‘I’d rather be unconscious.’

Something I just couldn’t bear to tell the owner.

It was shocking news.

The closer you get to the Kaibar Plateau.

‘…I feel like something is starting to pop into my head.’

There were scenes that came to mind in a blur.

In that memory, the voice of a man whom Hael had never heard before was also heard.

He replaces the disappeared god….

Fight hard…. The destruction that is scheduled….

…cannot be resisted. Someday….

‘Is this really my memory?’

The content was intermittent, so I couldn’t understand it properly.

The delirium may have simply been caused by the strange magical power of this forest.

But Hael was afraid.

‘What will happen to me when everything is revealed one day?’

Can I still call Gilroshan my master then?


Homunculus, a demon and fairy, was so ominous that he could hardly sleep.

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