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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 233

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Episode 233

Strength and Power

…Level 48.

This was the price I paid for fighting endless battles in the darkness of Eurovis.

It was amazing growth.

Although it is said that there was an experience bonus that only applied in that special area.

‘Still, the amount of experience required for the current level is not small. It looks like you’ve done quite a bit of hunting.’

Fortunately, because I hunted in a trance, I wasn’t particularly bored.

No, it would be more accurate to say that I did not notice the passage of time.

The Heviod in his hand was even expressing regret.

-I wonder what it would have been like if we had surpassed that limit once again… It’s a little disappointing.

…If I surpassed that limit one more time, wouldn’t it be the Jordan River?

‘Anyway, level 48 can be said to be the level of a mid-level player…’

That’s the story of the original < Sin.Verse > game.

The reality I faced was a little different.

‘…rather, it’s more than that.’

The information window containing character status showed stats that far exceeded those of mid-level players.


< Gilloshan Elo de Balt >

Title: Mad Conqueror of this area

Fate: High Magic Judge (S) Noble Gladiator (A)

Level: 48

Strength: 138

Intelligence: 119 Stamina:

106 Charisma

: 137

Overall: 510

Remaining points : 9

‘…crazy. My overall stats have already surpassed 500.’

This is my first time seeing something like this.

If someone saw this stat, it was enough to raise suspicion that he was a hacker.

If we think about the original game < The World Forsaken by God >, the current level of growth was virtually impossible.

As the level increases, the experience required for growth increases, but the stat growth rate also becomes slower.

Accordingly, it was natural that the stat threshold proportional to the character level was also lowered.

‘There is no official ceiling, but players still roughly understand the limits.’

Usually, when the level approaches 50, the character level is multiplied by 9 to determine the limit.

So my maximum overall stat is around 430.

In fact, even if it exceeded 4.2 million, it was at a level where you could hear it being a swindler and a scam.

However, it exceeded 500.

‘It wouldn’t be enough to say that this is a complete change.’

Other stats also increased a lot, but above all else, the intelligence stat, which was at the most miserable level, seemed to have increased significantly.

Actually, while I was racking my brain, I even created a new magic myself.

There would be nothing more unfair than that if you had an intelligence stat that was inferior to ordinary.

‘Every time I use Eternal Heart, my intelligence increases. ‘It’s already happened like this.’

I don’t know exactly.

But perhaps the system in this world worked by reflecting my various achievements in my stats and adding them up.

‘And some I can choose myself.’

However, I don’t know why the charm stat, which doesn’t do anything in particular, is as good as the strength stat.

‘…Is there some hidden charm somewhere in this body?’

Anyway, all the remaining bonus points were used to increase the endurance stat.

[Endurance increased by 9!]

The final overall stat was 519.

It was the stat level of a player close to level 60.

Some monsters and quests were literally chewable.


Dragon Lord Eurovis warned me in a harsh voice.

‘If I cannot make the true power of the Destiny Codex mine, I will be defeated.’

The true power contained in this Book of Destiny.

‘The power of fate.’

Now it was time to make it mine.

– Here you go.

A dark flash of light poured out from Eurovis.

* * *

The Dragon Lord’s space movement magic led me to another place.

The place we arrived was a cliff with strangely shaped rocks stretching out under a sky full of dark clouds.

Above it, a strangely shaped temple stood precariously.

“This place…?”

I opened my eyes wide.

“How is it? “Is this a place you know?”

Before I knew it, the Dragon Lord, who had transformed himself into a half-blood Orc again, was smiling.

I nodded silently.

At the same time, messages appeared before my eyes.

[You have entered the special location ‘Thirteen Demon Temple’.]

[This location is in an incomplete state for unknown reasons. Be careful not to fall into the space crack.]

…13 Demon Temple.

‘This is how you come here.’

It was a time when I met ‘Card Cheater Chero’, who had just entered Auracus.

-Ha, indeed! One day, I will definitely have to throw all of these away at the Thirteen Demon Temple!

Chero casually mentioned this place and I freaked out.

13’s Demon Temple was deleted from the official version of the original work.

In other words, it was a place that could only be entered in the beta version of < The World Forsaken by God >.

‘At the time, I didn’t know anything about it and liked it without knowing anything about it, thinking that it might even contain some elements of the beta version…’

Looking back now, that was a very meaningful hint.

…an unidentified person who remains in modern times.

I still don’t know if it’s the ghost of the Gremieu he drank or a Dimension clone.

But he was definitely part of Gzermiu.

‘That demon temple must be like my old home.’

Whether or not Chero remembers that place properly is a separate matter.

If I think about it again, the fact that Chero is an NPC who guides the function of the fate card was itself a form of foreshadowing.

Now that you think about it, what on earth are the God Soft guys who made this game?

Could it be that the missing Great Personality took action from outside the dimension?

‘…That doesn’t make sense.’

My headache hurts.

I was confident that I knew the world better than anyone else…

but now it seems there are more things I don’t know.’

In the end, it seemed that the truth of all this would be revealed only when we reached the end.

‘Yes, then there is nothing we can do about it.’

With that in mind, I silently followed the Dragon Lord.

Steep stairs going up a cliff.

“Now what about here? “Do you feel anything here now?”


At Eurovis’ words, I looked back at the cliff.

It was the car I was wondering about.

‘If you were going to climb the cliff through the stairs, you could just teleport up the cliff from the beginning…’

Why do you have to set your destination at the bottom of the cliff and take a useless walk?

That’s what was surprising.

‘But can you feel anything here now?’

As I climbed the stairs, I took another close look at the cliff.


A rocky cliff submerged in flowing fog.

The moment I put my hand on that surface.

“uh? “What is this magical power?”

That’s it from earlier, right?

‘…A strange magical power burst out from the Destiny Codex when I told it to prove its strength.’

A magic wave believed to originate from the power of fate.

That was felt all over this cliff.

“what? Could it be that the power of fate resides here too? “It is a great power in name and appearance, but isn’t it too common?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

As I looked up at the cliff with skeptical eyes, the Dragon Lord burst into laughter.

Then he touched the cliff and explained.

“This cliff was made from a meteorite that came from another world. And the same goes for that employee.”

“A meteorite from another world? “Are you saying it’s a substance from another dimension?”

“Yes. Gzermiu used this rock cliff to forge his power into a weapon. And in the process, some of the power remained here. So to speak, there are traces left behind.”

Ah, so you can feel this wave of magical power.

Eurovis’ words did not end there.

“And he refined it and made it his own house. This cliff. That temple. It’s all Gzermiu’s work. What is it like? “It really sucks, doesn’t it?”

Ha ha ha ha ha!

The laughter of the Dragon Lord teasing an old friend.

But I couldn’t laugh along.

As I rested my hand on the cliff, I was able to understand why Gcermiu had built that ugly temple on top of this cliff.

“…This is a magic immunity effect.”

I bit my lip.

As someone who had used Gilroshan’s body to look into his memories, it was a magical effect that I could not have known.

“yes? “Am I right?”

“Oh, did you know that too?”

“know. “It was because of this effect that Gilroshan suffered a lot.”

When I thought about the past of the guy who had been stigmatized as the ‘badass third prince’, I felt my stomach turn.

Eurovis explained simply.

“It is as you said. “Meteorites from other worlds have an immune response that essentially repels the action of magical power… and Gzermiu took full advantage of that.”

“Why did it have to be that way?”

“Because, now and then, there are scoundrels everywhere who seek the power of the Godhead. “Isn’t that already the case just by looking at the guys in the heavens?”


It was probably a measure to protect himself and the power of fate that Gzermiu carved the meteorite of this other world to create the Demon Temple.

Because of this magic immunity, movement magic did not work properly, so even the Dragon Lord had to walk up.

‘He is truly a thorough demon.’

Anyway, it is said that Gzermiu used these rocks to forge his power into weapons.

So, through the same process, I would also be able to learn how to handle the ‘Power of Destiny’ contained in the Destiny Codex.

“Wow, it’s been a while since I came up in a form that wasn’t my body, so I’m out of breath. In the past, I really didn’t break a sweat. “I’m getting older.”

“…Seeing the Great Ancient Dragon making jokes about his age makes me think that this is something I will live to see for a long time.”


Eurovis laughs in the voice of a half-blood Orc.

After I pointed out the existence of the Power of Destiny, the Dragon Lord somehow became more talkative.

He raised his hand and pointed to a small temple standing on a cliff.

“This ‘Temple of 13 Demons’ built by Gzermiu.”


“Here you will cultivate the power of destiny. Prepare for battle.”

At Eurovis’ words, I swallowed dry saliva.

‘Then can I just go in through that door?’

Usually, quests related to these buildings take the form of ‘overcoming stairs.’

It was a type of quest in which the player obtained rewards prepared for each section each time they passed the maze inside the building.

‘Then I’m glad.’

Even though it was in beta version, I had visited this temple a few times.

Thanks to this, I was able to recall the approximate structure of the temple.

‘Then you won’t get seriously hurt.’

With that in mind, I naturally tried to enter the interior of the temple.


“…No, you don’t have to go in.”

Eurovis caught my steps.


I stopped walking and looked back at him.

‘Then what are we supposed to do here?’

The doubt was immediately resolved.


The cliff began to shake with a heavy roar.

I felt a chill on the back of my head and looked back.

The rock temple was moving.

No, he was raising his huge torso.

“That giant…?”

I just stood up and it felt like the top of the cliff was full.

It was then that the system messages came to mind.

[A new quest ‘Supreme Power’ is given.]

[From now on, you will have 13 opportunities.]

[Use the given opportunities and the advice of your helpers to defeat your enemies!]

[Due to restrictions, attacks using magic are prohibited. It can be offset or neutralized.]

[Expected reward: Power of Destiny (Limited)]

At that moment, I felt a black shadow cover my head.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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