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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 253

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Episode 253:

The Demon Clan

The moment when a terrible explosion exploded.

I deployed the Grand Mage’s defensive magic widely.

Because I had to avoid being swept up in the explosion I induced.

[Defensive magic: Reverse control of flat space]

If this had been a normal explosion, I would have been in danger too.

However, this was an explosion caused by the ignition of highly concentrated magical power stored inside the stone pillar.

Therefore, the transcendent level great mage’s ‘reverse control of flat space’ was suitable to block this explosion.


But I felt a little dispirited.


A huge storm of flames clawed at the surface of the shield like an angry beast.

Directionless flames were roaring right in front of us, as if chaos itself had erupted.

Then, it spreads out in all directions like rain flowing down an umbrella, following the protective shield I have spread.

Magma, threatening to cause fatal injuries just by brushing against it, was engulfing everything.

A disaster that literally shakes the entire Demon City.

“oh my god. Was this what you ordered? Crazy prince! “It’s too dangerous!”

Gilad Gordin, who returned to the ground, screamed at me.


Kermal Carmodo was watching the explosion with shocked eyes.

Everyone was like that.

My companions, who felt the power of the explosion, were all speechless.

Surprisingly, among them, the first to come to his senses was Carls.



He crushed a hellhound that came out of nowhere and nodded at me.

“Let’s keep going. “Once is not enough.”

Once is not enough.

Yes, I guess so.

“…let’s go.”

I started running again.

Now, only one stone pillar has exploded.

Considering the number of demons currently defending this demon city, once was not enough.

Let’s see.

‘Okay, should I blow it up three times?’

Then you probably won’t be able to come to your senses.

We must attack the city itself to make the demons’ pursuit and offensive more relaxed.

‘The more I do that, the more likely my knights will survive.’

Of course, it wasn’t something that could be solved this way.

Because causing an explosion was just buying time.

…In the end, I had to end this situation.

I could only save them after solving the fate quest.

The system message also said so.

< True God's Creature >

[Destiny Quest] The appearance of a creature of unknown origin in this world was something no one expected. Go to the Khaibar Plateau and investigate it.

Past Goal: Obtain the power or weapon to destroy Belalux

Current Goal: Infiltrate the Demon King’s Palace in Belalux and investigate the ‘secret about blood’

Next Goal: Not yet known

‘Enter the Demon King’s Palace.’

Two towers visible in the distance.

That was my destination.

* * *

Couuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuing one

after another, shaking the very foundations of the demonic city.

“Damn it…”

Bersig frowned and cursed.

The situation was more serious than I thought.

The chain of collapses of stone pillars started by someone was causing devastation throughout the demonic city.

The loss of stored magical energy was a loss, but the fact that the entire Belalux was thrown into chaos was fatal.

‘The defense system has taken a hit.’

Due to the explosion, the magic particles inside the city began to fluctuate.

Even communication with the chase team working to hunt down the intruders was cut off.

Unless you were a fairly high-ranking demon, long-distance communication magic was impossible.


Versig clicked his tongue and thought.

‘Well, it’s good that you followed Roy’s words.’

Just before the explosion began, he had sent a demonic messenger to the two demon kings to report in advance that the situation was unusual.

If we hadn’t moved early, it might have been a meal to quell the anger of the demon kings who returned late.

For now, I had to do what I could until the demon lords returned.

It was about defending something that was most important in the city.


“yes! Count Bersig!”

“Call all the troops and gather them near the Demon King’s Palace! “Until other orders come, we will first focus on protecting the ‘Fountain of Blood’!”

“All right!”

Bersig’s adjutant disappeared with a loud reply.

Then, the Count headed to the Demon King’s Palace and cast a communication spell on Leishach.


-What’s going on?

“I don’t know exactly what these rats are, but it would be best to defend the ‘Fountain of Blood’ first. So, your defense knights should also gather near the Demon King’s Palace.”

-…That’s an unusually good idea for you.

“A proud woman dares the former vice-captain of the Demon God Knights.”

However, at the Countess’s long-awaited praise, Bersig chuckled as he walked towards the Demon King’s Palace.

-I think it will take some time for me, so get your security knights into position first.

“It exploded slowly.”

-I can’t help it. Because the explosion messed up the chain of command.

Unlike Bersig’s Security Knights, who had already come near the Demon King’s Palace to send a messenger to the Demon Kings.

Leishach’s Defense Knights were still staying on the outskirts of Belarux.

Therefore, there was a lot of work to do and the movement of troops was also inevitably delayed.

“Okay, we’ll leave the door to the Demon King’s Palace open, so come back as soon as possible. “You know what I mean?”

-of course.

Bersig frowned at the Countess’s casual answer.

“hey. You definitely forgot, right? The one installed by the demon lords to prepare for an external invasion…”

-I know ‘that magic’ well. So you don’t have to explain.

“Okay, I just need to know.”

-Hurry up and move.

Then, communication suddenly stopped.

“Tch, you’re a beautiful woman.”

Bersig grumbled and thought about it.

‘That magic’ installed by the two demon lords.

‘…Derkirakt’s awl.’

When the demon city of Belalux is attacked from outside and there is a possibility that the demon castle may fall.

It was a huge magic created with the purpose of escaping the entire Demon King Castle.

It was a ridiculous plan to use this entire city built underground as a power source to send the entire Demon King Castle to the surface world.

Once the magic begins, the inside and outside of the Demon Castle are cut off.

Then, magical energy is sucked in and an explosion occurs, devastating the entire city.

And the principle of using the driving force generated in the process to send the Demon King’s Palace out.

Of course, there will be no need to use Derkirakt’s awl.


‘Once it’s activated, everything that doesn’t enter the Demon Castle will die.’

That is why Bersig asked Leisach to return as soon as possible.


Bersig, who was thinking that far, swore once again.

‘I can’t believe you’re even thinking of using Terkirakt’s awl just because a few rats came in. ‘It’s absurd.’

Now the Demon King’s Palace appears closer.


The Demon Count, looking at the two majestic towers, had a strange thought.

‘Could it be that the leader of the invaders is a traitor to the demons?’

Although they were using human knights, it could be done using mind control techniques…

and they were keeping their true identities secret.

And he destroyed the stone pillars that supported the city and stored magical power, throwing all the demons into chaos.

‘…This is impossible without knowing the structure of Bellalux, right?’

If you think about it, destroying pillars with defensive devices was not an ordinary task.

Because of this, Belalux was in shambles, and it was even predicted that there was a possibility of evacuating the Demon King Castle using hidden magic.

It’s amazing.

‘I don’t know what kind of bastard is here, but I will eat you whole.’

With that promise, he stretched out his hand toward the entrance to the Demon King’s Palace.


It was at that moment that a strange gust of wind blew from somewhere.

‘huh? ‘What’s going on in the underground city?’

A sharp flash of light came from behind.

Bersig couldn’t avoid it.



With a silent scream, the strong demon’s body was pierced in vain.

And after a while.


The demon count’s palm touched the entrance to the demon king’s palace.

The door opened quietly and had no choice but to admit the uninvited guests.

* * *


As I stepped into the Demon King’s palace, I frowned for a moment.

…a musty and sour smell.

It was because of the stench that stung the tip of my nose, like a sign of some kind of ominousness.

“It smells like blood.”

Director Carmodo opened his mouth.

“It also smells like very old blood. “It’s giving me a headache.”

“Sniff. And I can sense some other smells too?”

“The smell of silvery-white pomegranates, which are said to be used by evil things in the demon world when dealing with human blood…”

When Leader Gordin and Tyrvaen joined in, it seemed like an outline could finally be seen.

‘Yes, this is the place.’

Current goal of the Destiny Quest ‘True God’s Creature’.

‘Investigating the secrets of blood.’

This seemed to be the stage.

Perhaps that blood refers to new blood.

“Cluck, cluck, cluck!”

It was at that moment that the demon I was holding coughed and opened its mouth.

“Hey human kid. What are you?”

The guy with a hole in his chest was spitting out blood while making a sound.

“Do you think you can break into the Demon King’s palace like this and get away with it?”

That was a cliché line that made me want to confiscate the snout for the first time in a while.

I smiled and answered.

“no. So, I’m going to get rid of the Demon King’s Palace later.”


“If the Demon King’s Palace disappears, wouldn’t there be no intruders?”

“What a crazy guy… Cough!”

A demon man coughing up blood with an expression of exasperation.

I knew this guy.

‘If you’re a player of the original, you can’t miss this guy.’

< Bersig >

[Character] Count of the Demon World. He is the vice-captain of the Demon Knights belonging to the 13 Demon Temples and is a high-ranking Demon who ascends to the position of Demon King using a powerful magic called ‘Transformation of Predation’.

Bersig was one of the most famous members of the Demon World.

The magic he wielded, ‘Transformation of Predation’, was so brutal.

The player who overcame that and defeated Bersig could become a candidate for the new Demon King, thanks to a very interesting development that followed.

Of course, I have fought him several times and even ascended to the position of the Demon King.

So I couldn’t help but wonder why he was here.

‘Why is the vice-captain of the Demon Knights here?’


A question is a question, and I defeated him with a single sword.

There was no need to drag it out for a long time.

After using the newly contracted wind spirit to trick the guy who was trying to enter the Demon King’s palace without any defense.

[Attack Technique: Dragon Curve Wave]

One shot of the destruction ray that even Sarkas Epsilon could not avoid was enough.

This was the quality of a great mage.

And I had just entered the Demon King’s palace using that guy’s palm.

“Damn. I can’t believe I’m being used.”

Bersig was desperately gritting his teeth to express his anger.

“Maybe I should have just cut off my wrist and used it.”


This Demon King’s Palace had quite an in-depth defensive spell, and there were two ways to enter and exit.

Or bring the demon’s body that still has warmth.

Or break down the door itself.

Here I used the former.

‘Actually, it would be quieter and more convenient to just cut off the demon’s wrist, but…’

I had my own reason for saving Bersig and dragging him in.

As I looked around the inside of the tower submerged in black darkness, I asked the Count of the Demon World a question.

“Where are all the homunculi you make?”


Then Bersig’s expression as he looked at our group began to distort strangely.


The guy immediately burst out laughing.

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