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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 290

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Episode 290:

At the Front (5)


“To the northwest as fast as possible!”

I watched the legion move.

I briefly explained it to the Marquis, but in fact, there was more than just a scalpel teleportation facility in that forest.

Strictly speaking, the teleportation facility was an ancillary facility and the real one was separate.

‘Inside the forest, there is a magic research facility built by the revolutionary army. Even in the original work, it wasn’t clear exactly what the purpose was.’

In any case, it was clear that the research was important enough to require scalpel teleportation.

In conclusion, the teleportation facility could only be used if the area near the facility was cleaned up.

So my mission was to enter the center of the forest and make it possible for scalpel teleportation.

It will be a race against time.

The bombing operation will begin after the revolutionary pursuit force has been sufficiently lured away.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve conquered a dungeon.’

I got on the horse Carls was driving.

It was at that time that unfamiliar flags caught my eye.

The Rescue Knights and Griffin Rangers were hanging flags with blue flames on their backs.

Carls approached me and smiled.

“It’s my work, sir.”


“It’s a blue flame. I made it like that just to make it feel like a eunuch. “Isn’t it pretty cool to see everyone raising a flag together?”

So is it the Blue Flame Corps?

It was an appearance that reminded me of the Blue Flame Knights I had led before the return of fate.

I chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s cool. Awesome.”

“thank you. “I thought you would like it.”

My knights who once gave up their lives for me, but now they have forgotten me.

It won’t happen this time.

* * *

News arrived that the 3rd Prince’s army had begun to move.

But the crown prince and the White Lightning Corps did not move.

From that appearance, 2nd Prince Lapishan was feeling quite embarrassed.

‘Guilloshan is really acting alone and you are completely ignoring it.’

If the war continues like this, we will face the worst possible ending.

The empire had no choice but to shed hot blood.

The second prince’s mind was spinning.

‘The way to minimize losses is to fight under my brother’s command, even if I am alone. That way, even if a problem arises on the Giloshan side, we can deal with it.’

Although his pride is hurt, he falls under the crown prince.

It wasn’t that special because Lapishan had always thought that Lukashan would ascend to the throne anyway.

Aside from the fact that he was the imperial grandson, it was natural for him to become the emperor’s sword as a knight.

But strangely, that voice lingered in my head.

-Brother, let’s join forces with me.

A bold suggestion, as if he had completely forgotten that he had always been afraid of his older brothers and used extreme honorifics.

-I will help my brother defeat Lukashan and take the throne.

Giloshan touched Lapishan’s deepest psychology.

It was the desire for the sword that my father and his fathers had.

-Think about it carefully. Who should hold the ‘Blood Star’ so that this empire and continent can be at peace?

Crown Prince Lukashan was an outstanding wizard who had proven his talent since childhood.

And the Baltic Magic Empire was ruled by wizards, inherited from generation to generation.

But in fact, there was no such rule anywhere in imperial law.

It was only possible because everyone was born a wizard.

‘No one has decided that way. Then, wouldn’t it be okay for a magic swordsman, rather than a wizard, to inherit it?’

A time when the revolutionary army was on the move and the entire continent was in war.

Perhaps it would be right for someone who knows how to wield the Blood Star properly to take the throne.

‘But to do that, I have to point a knife at my brother…’

This time, Giloshan’s voice seemed to hit my ears.

-Hey guys. This is a competition.

But Lapishan hesitated.

It was because of the memories and experiences of being inferior to Lukashan in terms of magical abilities from the beginning.

Nevertheless, the lingering thirst for the throne was tormenting him.

It was right then.

“Sir, the enemy just started moving.”

Elon Royte.

One of the great sword masters the empire boasts of.

The Marquis, who entered the barracks, saluted with a sharp gesture.

Lapishan asked a question after receiving his salute.

“What does this move look like? Do you have any doubts?”

“I don’t know exactly, but it seems to be in response to the movements of the Third Prince. “Judging from the fact that the Blue Flame Corps began its action immediately after it began moving northwest and dispatched fast-moving cavalry soldiers, it appears that they are trying to preoccupy something.”

“Preempting something?”

“yes. Otherwise, it’s a movement that’s difficult to explain. There seems to be some secret in the advance route taken by the Blue Flame Legion.”


“It’s just a guess on my part. Please just keep this in mind.”

The guess of an old man with long experience in the frontier could have been a prophecy in itself.

Lapishan, who knew this well, unfolded the map and looked at the direction in which Giloshan was advancing.

But I didn’t see anything special.

The Blue Flame Corps was moving along a path that did not have any strategically important highlands or resources.

There is just a fairly large forest standing there empty-handed.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do.”

“What should I do? Shall we take action too?”

Strategic actions on the battlefield must always be reciprocal.

If you move from that side, moving from this side was the way to ensure the minimum safety.

However, the situation is such that one does not know what to do.

“No, our Legion does not move accordingly.”

“…All right. Lowering.”

A faint look of concern flashed across Elon Royte’s face at the policy of no response.

Lapishan also read it, but did not know the exact reason.

However, I was just puzzled as I saw the Marquis’s face change quickly when I told him about the strategy I had been thinking about.

“Instead, please prepare a separate team. “So that if there is a problem with Giloshan, we can launch a rescue operation right away.”

“All right. “We will form a separate unit with support from the most outstanding knights and wizards skilled in space movement.”

“Yes please.”

The war on the Halhendra Plains began with Giloshan’s sudden action.

Lapishan, who could not predict at all what the outcome would be, closed his eyes in silence and was lost in thought.

* * *

“I see a forest of degradation!”

“As I said, prepare for defense through guerrilla warfare.”


The horse ridden by the Marquis de Buarez rushed out quickly.

A forest that looked like a turquoise castle was getting closer.

I opened my inventory.

I needed a way to observe the revolutionary army, which would have sensed my movements by now and responded.




-Yes, I am listening. father.

It was Terkiod.

The guy who had been sleeping for a while woke up and was able to learn ‘word transformation’ from Vinokharas and use it.

But the way he spoke was a bit strange.

-I have one thing to do.

-Please take it down. I will risk my horn and my heart to carry out your orders.

It is ‘Black Flame Dragon’.

Terkiod, a red dragon who shed his Holy Dragon form before finding the Temple of Quatras.

This guy has been reborn as an individual with the scent of a middle school student.

Everything was unnecessarily serious and heavy.

I didn’t even know why the cute and cuddly boy in his hatchling days had become like this.

-From now on, stay as high in the sky as possible and watch what is coming from the west.

-Well sir. And will it be destroyed? Vinokharas’s sister recommended using the dragon’s breath to defeat any enemy…

-No, for now, just use the invisibility magic you learned from Vinokharas and watch. And relay the situation to Carls on the ground. That’s enough. Don’t do anything else.

-What you’re saying is to hold your breath and wait until the perfect moment comes. I’ll keep that in mind. My father’s plan will be completed perfectly without any errors.


It felt like watching an American drama with overly translated lines properly dubbed.

Anyway, I sent Terkiod flying into the sky.

As soon as it came out of the inventory, it immediately became invisible and flew up into the sky.

Now it’s Tyrvaen’s turn.

The strategy had already been fully explained to her, so there was no need to say anything else.

-Be careful, Master.

-Don’t worry about that…

I’m worried.

Tyrvaen’s face was so bloodless that it looked pale.

It was because I had ordered a large-scale spell to attack this entire forest.

‘Flame Shower’ is the strongest attack magic she can use at the moment.

It must also be struck in the widest possible scope.

‘The little witch who has not yet reached star 8 must squeeze out all her magical power at least twelve times.’

It was only natural that casting would take an enormous amount of time.

It was also essential to draw and use a magic circle while carving the formula into the ground.

It will undoubtedly be dangerous and arduous work.

But I was sure.

‘If we can unleash the Flame Shower properly this time, Tyrvaen will also be able to jump to the next level.’

Unlike Kals, who grew as a knight by leaping over many stairs, Tyrvaen did not gain any particular enlightenment.

Perhaps, guilt toward my teacher remained in the consciousness left behind by Gilroshan, so I also surrounded her.

So, if there was no change in the little witch…

‘I guess I’ll just close my eyes and give her the ordeal.’

For that reason, I gave her a difficult task.

Tyrvaen was left alone on the outskirts of the forest.

You will borrow a cloak of barrier from me, hide your appearance, and prepare to rain down a torrent of flames.

-I believe it, Master.

-It’s all natural. Believe it!

Even though his voice is trembling, he won’t make a mistake because he has inherited experience and knowledge.

Meanwhile, the Blue Flame Legion seemed to have been sucked into the dense forest of Halhendra.

“All knights, spread out and form a defensive formation!”

“yes! “Captain!”

“Griffin Rangers, prepare for guerrilla warfare! Find an area to take cover in advance and set a range so that your movements do not overlap!”

“yes! “Marquis!”

‘It’s reassuring.’

Finally, it was Carls’ turn.

Unfortunately, my faithful bodyguard had to remain by the side of the Marquis de Buares.

Its role was to prepare for battle while communicating with Terkiod.

I told Fox Buarez that Carls had the observation artifact I was using.

This was to avoid revealing the dragon’s existence.

-Still, just in case, you have to ask Terkiod to come down and fight. know?

-I know it’s bad. If something like that happens, you have to take out your Ferrarindio and fight.

If things went wrong, I had to lend a hatchling’s hand.

It was best not to let that happen, but we tried to plan as much as possible.

There was a lot at stake in this fight.

Eventually, the place appeared.

“Whoa whoa!”

The Marquis, who was running ahead, pulled the reins and stopped the horse.

His eyes scanned the tall building.

A building so overgrown with vegetation such as ivy that its original shape is almost impossible to see.

“Here it is.”

“That’s right. I will go in and restore the facility. Until then, lure the enemy in and draw them in.”


The Marquis de Buares turned around with a sigh and a brief look.

It was an unspoken language.

‘Let’s meet again alive.’

Is it a jinx of its own?

Even though a fierce battle was ahead, the Sword Master silently left the way he came, as if nothing major had happened.

Now I’m left alone.

As I got off the horse and took a step, a system message appeared.

[Entered the dungeon ‘Laboratory where entry is prohibited.’]

This was a magic laboratory whose identity was unknown even in the original work of < Sin.Verse >.

But the moment I walked inside, I felt a sense of déjà vu.

‘Huh? Where does the smell of blood come from…?’

But it wasn’t ominous.

It was a vague feeling that maybe I could achieve a big goal here.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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